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What About These Guys

What are your thoughts about the people you see on TBN and Daystar, (ie) Matt Crouch, Creflo Dollar, T.D Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, etc.

They threaten to have people KILLED, who expose them and their corruption?

Don't believe me just because I said it. GOOGLE Their threats!

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 ---Rob on 10/3/15
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I've been wondering what will be their next scam and scheme.

Daystar is telling people if they want a plot of land in Israel, they must first send Daystar at least $1,200.
---Rob on 2/8/16

Good point Nicole.

Amen Rob.
---Samuelbb7 on 12/12/15

let us not judge him, let Jesus do it, amen, he will have to face Jesus onre day.
---stacy on 12/12/15

Brian Carne claims to be a Prophet of God, who appears more, and more on TBN and Daystar.

In 2012, Carne was a guest speaker at a congregation in the city where I live.

A person questioned the teaching of Brian Carne. Carne and the so called Apostle of the congregation had their GOONS assault the person and throw them out, while the people in the congregation CHEERED!
---Rob on 12/11/15

Rob, when are we personally responsible for our own actions?

Isn't there a problem if I think I can pay for Salvation AKA happiness?

I refuse to accept Jesus' Command and pick up my cross DAILY.

I pay for diet fads because I DON'T want to lose the weight the cheap and correct way. Cheap due to eating less. And it is free to walk outside or inside a Mall.

Why do we place other events or things higher than God?

Jesus said DAILY because HE knows us.
Every morning I have to agree to continue to follow Jesus.
Every night I have to agree to stay with Jesus.

The Cross is heavy and I CAN'T pay anyone to carry it for me.

Sadly people are tricked because they are looking for an easy way to Salvation
---Nicole_Lacey on 11/25/15

It's amazing how those you see on these networks claim to be men and women of God, yet they do many of the things Christ Himself rebuked the Pharisees of doing.

It's also so very sad how they tell outright lies, yet so many people will stand up and shout Hallelujah Amen, and Praise the Lord!
---Rob on 11/22/15

It does not only not look right. It is wrong.

To steal from the poor and keep it is the work of those who serve Satan. Not GOD.

My Sister believed in their lies and refused proper medical care and died from curable cancer.

How many thousands of others have they murdered this way?

Yet they claim to serve GOD.

They are like the men who murdered Jesus. All the time claiming to be holy.

Read Jude.
---Samuelbb7 on 11/19/15

Today, I decided to watch Daystar to see what is their latest scams and schemes.

What was up with Rod Parsley telling people if they want to see family friends saved, they need to send him (Rod Parsley) money.
---Rob on 11/18/15

They DON'T need all that money Rob, they WANT it because they are greedy and dishonest and by doing what they do they bring shame on real Christians because many do not understand the difference.

God will deal with them when and in whatever way is appropriate.
---andreea on 10/31/15

I wonder why TBN say they need people to send them so much money, when they re-broadcast the same programs over and over again.
---Rob on 10/30/15

Rob, don't get so upset.
The people on TBN and Daystar are not showing a good example and this is the reason they are questioned.

But, the Catholics have the same problems.

A Priest doesn't look right in a BMW either.

Think about it.

Now there isn't a rule saying a Priest can't be in a BMW (Unless it is a Religious Priest who have taken a Vow of Poverty).

That's why Pope Francis is fussing at all our Church Leaders in Mansions and riding in car worth more than most people's home.

It just doesn't look right.
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/23/15

Both TBN and Daystar say they are helping to spread The Gospel of Christ and build the Kingdom of God.

Yet they provide a haven and venue for those who over and over again have been proven to be FALSE TEACHERS, and MINISTERS and SERVANTS of SATAN! They are not sharing the GOSPEL of CHRIST, but are sharing the DOCTRINE of DEMONS!

These people are EVIL and RUTHLESS. Many, many times I heard them they didn't care if a person are down to their last dollar, they better send it if want to receive from God! I even heard Juanita Bynum tell people she didn't care if their babies went hungry, they had better send their money!

We are instructed feed the poor, and provide for widows and orphans. These people are doing the opposite.
---Rob on 10/22/15

These people say they need to receive money so they can spread the Gospel of Christ, and build the Kingdom of God.

Yet, they are spreading a different Gospel, padding their pockets, buying themselves mansions, expensive cars, and private jets!
---Rob on 10/16/15

Yes, Nicole, that is helpful. I addressed this because rob's comment caused me to wonder.
---santimoy.kumar on 10/12/15

Christians do not have common superstitions.

Different people have different superstitions based on their background.

Christians can have them. They are a little like traditions.

Most cause no harm. Some do have some basis in facts.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/13/15

Nicole, can you tell me some of the superstitions?---santimoy.kumar

Sorry, I believe your question can be addressed 2 ways.

Are there many superstitions amongst Christians?---santimoy.kumar

1st way I was thinking about your question was addressing in the Pronoun:

Does Christians believe in superstitions even when their belief system tells them not to believe them.

Example: My grandmother a Christian believes you must catch a hanging spider with brown paper bags. Why? I never asked.

2nd Christian superstitions as a verb.

Example: Rubbing a religious article such a prayer cloth or statue thinking it will give you graces in place of Jesus as the deliver of Graces.

I hope I explained myself.
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/12/15

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Nicole, can you tell me some of the superstitions?
---santimoy.kumar on 10/12/15

// Are there many superstitions amongst Christians?//
Not "Christians" but surely among religious church people
---michael_e on 10/12/15

Are there many superstitions amongst Christians? ---santimoy.kumar on 10/11/15

Yes, which is a NO NO.
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/12/15

Are there many superstitions amongst Christians?
---santimoy.kumar on 10/11/15

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I often wonder if people know before being cast from Heaven, LUCIFER was called DAYSTAR, Isaiah 14:12-14!

I also wonder how many people know the STAR which is in the Daystar logo is called a PENTAGRAM, which is a symbol of Satan!
---Rob on 10/11/15

It is good to react with indifference to both abuse and flattery and then to respond with compassion.
---santimoy.kumar on 10/10/15

Do not let them divert your from your path.<---santimoy.kumar

How do you know if you're on the right path? ---Leon

Leon, I am happy.---santimoy.kumar


Short, Sweet and to the Point! God is Happiness.

Don't let anyone steal your joy, because they are not happy and want others sad as they are sad.

You can see those on CN who are happy, content and confident in Jesus.

You can also see those who are mad, sad, petty and jealous of others on CN.

They call names and even lie.

Watch, there will be a certain person who is going to distort my other posts and attack me.
She or He just can't resist themselves. A angry person.
The person identity starts with the letter 'M'.
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/10/15

Leon, I am happy.
---santimoy.kumar on 10/9/15

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///Every religion has its charlatans. Do not let them divert your from your path.
---santimoy.kumar on 10/5/15///

How do you know if you're on the right path?
---Leon on 10/7/15

Rob, they are Christian entertainer. A true Christian doesn't follow them completely.

They Watch them on today because they are too lazy to go to church.

Before the attacks comes, pay attention:
Laziness isn't BEDBOUND.

The definition of laziness is something that is a person is capable of doing but REFUSES to do it.

I can enjoy Osteen, but I know when he is off basic or wrong. His other teaching is on facts of life.
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/5/15

Every religion has its charlatans. Do not let them divert your from your path.
---santimoy.kumar on 10/5/15

Matthew Crouch's baby was aborted for the sake of the ministry.
---Jeff_White on 10/4/15

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I googled for the threats. Only found one by a person not mentioned in this list.

I did find lots of reports of their corruption and extravagant live style. Also where they called some of their critics Antichrists.

But no death threats.

---Samuelbb7 on 10/4/15

Religion has always killed any & everyone in its path whether one is for or against it. World religion is the counterfeit of having a relationship with the true & living God. Religious leaders are at best pulpit pimps & ringmaster pastors.
---Leon on 10/3/15

Since I don't waste my time watching TBN, I have no opinion of them.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/3/15

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