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Born In The 1950's

I was born in the 1950's. This a challenge. I can share Horror Stories, because I am left handed. I was called Demon pissed and face many challenges and to adjust to living a right handed world. To this day I have to deal with some of the very things from the 1950's. Why is this?

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 ---Rob on 11/8/15
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On the first day of my first teaching post in 1965 the headmistress walked into my very first class and grabbed the pencil out of the left hand of a boy and placed it into his right hand, scolding him for doing what he'd done. I asked her why she had done that. Her answer "Well no-one can write with their left hand, can they?" "Well, I've managed perfectly well for the last 22 years" I said. She hated me for that.

These were children with special needs and I'd have expected her to be delighted that he could write at all.

I moved to another school one term later.

Her attitude was archaic and I never had that problem as a child. Many of my family, before me and after me, are left-handers.
---Rita_H on 3/12/16

Interesting most of the men that were in my family were left handed..only one time my brother got whoop for his being lefthanded the math teacher had a hatefull mind about it.She mistreated my brother alot.People did a lot of crazy stuff even in the '50
---Elena95555 on 3/12/16

It is better to be left-handed than to be left-winged politically.

---jerry6593 on 11/18/15

Like many words in the Bible, that word is a cuss word today. My point was that the moderators could have corrected the post to say demon possessed as it was meant to say.
---KarenD on 11/16/15


You wrote: It would really be great if the moderators would correct foul words in these questions.

This was a typographical error, but the word you object to is used frequently in scripture itself (KJV):

"Any that pisseth against the wall" is a euphemism for "any male", in 1 Samuel 25:22, 25:34, 1 Kings 14:10, 1 Kings 16:11, 21:21, and 2 Kings 9:8, and also even worse in 2 Kings 18:27, Isaiah 36:12.

While we might find the words of the Bible personally distasteful, we cannot legitimately call them "foul" without calling the entire Bible into disrepute, now, can we?
---StrongAxe on 11/12/15

Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded, every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss.

Judges 20:16 KJV
---john1944 on 11/11/15

Great Cluny, thanks for the correction. I shouldn't have punished Birmingham for the small town I went to school in Alabama.

Maybe their budget was too small.
But, I did witness left handed kids told to use their right hand or at least try, but it stopped around the 4th grade.
---Nicole_Lacey on 11/11/15

\\I was born in 1971 and I remember the left handed kids being forced to use their right hand in Alabama. \\

I was born in Birmingham, AL in 1950, and this never happened when I was in school. We had lots of left-handed kids.

I remember the "writing books" showing the proper way of placing the paper and writing on the black board for southpaws.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/10/15

Rob, I was born in the 1940's and in all my life I never heard of such a thing. What I did hear is that left-handers were very much in need in many sports.
Demon possessed just because you were left-handed is terrible. Where do you have to deal with those kinds of things at the present time? Where are you from? Maybe in some countries people do believe in that. The world is so corrupt that all sort of believes run abound. Kneeling and praying to a statue of someone is also weird but that happened many times in Scripture concerning Israel.
---Luke on 11/10/15

Rob, where are you living?

I was born in 1971 and I remember the left handed kids being forced to use their right hand in Alabama.

But, in the Military schools they had left handed scissors for left handed kids.

The handler was painted green.
There were about 2 or 3 green scissors in the jar of scissors. That was in the late 70's.

But it is 2015.
Who is harassing you because you are left handed?

I have been told that left handed people are generally smarter. Higher IQ's

Give examples of the stuff you have to deal with TODAY.

If you don't mind.
---Nicole_Lacey on 11/10/15

KarenD, I try to proof read my post. Sometimes I miss things.

I meant to write POSSESSED!

I apologise to you and others for my mistake.
---Rob on 11/10/15

It would really be great if the moderators would correct foul words in these questions.
---KarenD on 11/9/15

THis might be an area of forgiveness you need to focus on.
---Scott1 on 11/9/15

Sinister actually means left-handed, you know.

Dexter means right-handed. People name boys Dexter.

My father, born in Europe in the late 1800s, was left-handed and made to use his right hand in school. He dealt with it and became ambisinistrous.
---john1944 on 11/9/15

Are you talking about dealing with bad memories and sequelae of this mistreatment in the '50's?

This may need professional help to fully overcome, and not just prayer, either.

Or are you saying you're still called demon-possessed because you are left-handed?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/9/15

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