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Husband Stops Affair

Tell me how to get my husband stop affair with woman he sneaks out about one or twice a month to be in adultery with her, the Pastor has talk to him.

Biblical advice,help!

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 ---Lami9364 on 2/3/16
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Apologize Bro.Strongaxe,put in answer your reply.Anyway if they allow me he been reprimand by the Overseer.I think he slept at her apt.again last night.The Pastor and all have told him you have a good wife,settle down.get right.He claims he spiritually unable to make mistakes he thinks he better or something..I pray for him.
---Lami9364 on 2/13/16

You say that the pastor has talked to him about it. There is a biblical procedure for dealing with sin, described in Matthew 18.

If a brother is sinning, there are four steps to correcting him.
1) one or two others should speak with him about it privately. Having the pastor speak with him does this.
2) if that doesn't work, the elders should speak with him privately.
3) if that doesn't work, the matter should be brought openly before the whole church body.
4) if that still doesn't work, the church should treat him as a heathen and non-believer.
---StrongAxe on 2/12/16

Hello,Bonnie yes,you are very correct.I believe with God to me nothing is impossible,when you been where I have been I am very patient and I told him we going to be together till the day the Lord calls me home.He admit his error yes we going for counseling in.jesus name.thank you very much.
---Lami9463 on 2/11/16

Hello I believe this is very difficult to go through. I would never want to be in your shoes. You must want your marriage to work and that's why it's hard for you to leave him. I know of some men who never change and some who do. I know this will take a lot of prayer and consecration to God. Following his word and being an example to him. Only God can put conviction in his heart for his wrong.
---Bonnie on 2/10/16

Thankyou,Bro.John,I don't like to argue I am a housewife I do not talk much at all.I know we all got maybe different custom
custom I was going to add yes I will talk to the fon you gave.I am sorry if anybody mad.I do not have friends.I always obey my husband.He is goin to be ok I thankyou I love him.I got faith he will come to.his senses.Thankyou again kind sir.
---Lami9364 on 2/5/16

To Bro.John I hope you got my response,yes I think now it's been a long time Focus on.the Familywith Dr.Dodson yes I got the #you gave here.I will for sure be calling them.I do not wish discard with no one.We just pray for each other I don't know what others are going through so I can't judge.
---Lami9364 on 2/5/16

Hello,again Brp.John thankyou
I found them online sending me all info.they have as you said counseling for long time can be for up to 23weeks or more.I sent them Email they sent me info.immediately.Peace to all.In short I will say to all here.I do not control my husband we don't do that the Lord will & can do anything.leave you all in peace..
---Lami9364 on 2/5/16


Once again, sorry to hear of the pain, disappointment, and the devastation you are feeling over how your husband is treating you Ma'am, I really am sorry to hear of this...

I also want to apologize for the cold-harsh-insensitive-unloving-Unbiblical Responses you have received from some on this blog.

I would like to ask you to contact focus on the family ministry call them at (800) 232-6459 or google there website.

Also, family life today 800 358-6329 or google there website.

Ma'am, here you will find people who care about you and how you feel. They will listen to you and will give you the best help you need at this time.

Forever in my thoughts and prayers,

---john9346 on 2/5/16

\\Tell me what you think I need to change??\\

Since I don't even know you, I have no idea.

I'm sure your friends, however, could give you a list of a few things to work on--IF you really want to know.

Now, did you come to these blogs for advice, or for a shoulder to cry on?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/5/16

Lami. You wanted Biblical advice. The Bible says that the younger women should learn from the older women. As an older woman and a pastor's wife for many years I have advice for you. Stop talking about your marriage to everybody including people you do not even know. You cannot control anyone else including your husband. You asked advice, but when Cluny gave sound advice you got your feelings hurt. My second advice for you would be to grow up.
---KarenD on 2/5/16

To Bro.Cluny,you really hurt my feelings,just because he being
for whatever reason I love him & yes,broCluny I have faith it's going to turn.around.I stand on Bible teaches we know God can change him,I don't understand why you rake me over the coals,I'm wait'n on God to intervine he can change we married till death part.I told him.Tell me what you think I need to change?? Bro.Cluny please..thanks.
---Lami9364 on 2/4/16

\\Biblical advice,help!\\

Lami, are you looking for a Bible verse to use as a magic spell to get your husband to stop his affair?

The Bible is NOT a grimoire, though many confessing Christians seem to think it is. Just what do you think "Claim the promise!" means, anyway?

The only way you can use the Bible to change anyone is to use it to change YOURSELF.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/4/16

You're welcome Lami, and remember, he is your husband, not hers.
---josef on 2/3/16

Really good feed back! Pastor has talk to him,he often now hides from the Pastor.He's acting strange he feels some sort of attachment with her,her husband is very ill.My husband is a doctor.So,it seems started their relationship...I believe 100% in prayers. Couseling has done no good for him...I will be fasting..,praying...thankyou
---Lami9364 on 2/3/16

The only one who can get your husband to stop this affair is your husband, or possibly the other woman.

All you can do is pray.

You might want to consider what this other woman might have that you don't, or what she is doing that you won't.

I know in these sad stories, there's usually blame on both sides. So it was with my own parents.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/3/16


Sorry to hear you are having to go through this...

Sounds like it is time for you to give him an ultimatum say something like, "If you are going to continue to commit adultery, you can not live here." or "I think we need to separate until we can do better in our marriage."

I would recommend you call 8002326459 to speak with some Licensed Family Counselors to guide you in appropriate steps.
---john9346 on 2/3/16

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"Biblical advice,help!" Lami, your husband, like most, probably thinks himself to be a free moral agent. Although "peoples lives are not their own, [and] it is not for them to direct their steps. There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." However, you will never be able to convince Him or anyone else of that. What he does or does not do has to come from within him. You have obviously voiced your hurt and disapproval. Therefore, biblical advice would be,"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Pro.3:5,6 Believe it.
---josef on 2/3/16

Lami: What did your pastor say to him? Were you present? Was the pastor's words Bible sound? Do you agree with what the pastor said or are you seeking other options, if there are any?
---Leon on 2/3/16

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