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Arrested For A Spanking

What are your thoughts about a mother in New Orleans, being arrested because she spanked her three children after they burglarized a neighbors home?

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 ---Rob on 6/23/16
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I would have spanked them too. If the children are not physically damaged by her spanking them, then what crime did she commit in spanking them?
---mike4879 on 1/5/17

Does anyone see the trend?

Since parents have been taking Dr. Spock's advice about not spanking the child that since the 1960s, and every generation thereafter, children have become more unruly, more violent, and against authority. We now have grown children in college that protest every little thing including dress codes. And if they don't get their way, they protest. Microaggression has surely take root in the world.
---Steveng on 7/3/16

SisterNicole, you make a really good point,she was.kinda strange to me,she has her boyfriend she sure didn't protect me from.him,my older cousin who I thought was my he saved me as a child from being molested by her boyfriend.So yeah you right.Thankyou Sis.Nicole.
---Elena_95555 on 6/25/16

My mother frequently took out her frustrations by beating me.

Once when I was 14 she came tearing after me with a studded belt.

I simply grabbed it. I was not going to hurt her, but I wasn't going to let her hit me any more, either.

And she didn't after then.

Then she started mental and emotional manipulation, but that's another story.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/25/16

Elena, I am sorry your step mother didn't spank you with love.

Not because she spanked you, but because she did it without love.

You are WONDERFUL in forgiving her, trying to understand her.

My father spanked us with his belt.
At the time I thought he was mean. Some spanking were just because I went inside people's home without their permission. A BIG NO NO.

Now I understand. My father couldn't tell me the possible dangers I placed myself. Molestations, kidnapping or killing.

Once inside their house, I was out of my father's reach and in the mercy of others.

Spanking was the ONLY reasoning tool that kept me from entering homes without my parent's permission.
---Nicole_Lacey on 6/24/16

Hello,Bro.Leon be honest with ya,I think alot has to do with She was not loving.maybe becuz
I was used to it but I think she felt I was a bad child she was mean also,I was not her real daughter my real mom was her half sister who she hate also my dad hated her so she never
not affectionate But I think she has her moments she demand respect i was a bit to handle I became hard would laugh it all off..kind being like her hard Core...I loved her in my way.we were not close.sad to say...
---Elena_95555 on 6/24/16

///When I was about 7 0r 8 Mom used a switch to whip me but the catch was I had to go out into the yard and pull my own switch,funny now,it wasn't then.---Darlene_1 on 6/24/16///

Darlene: I can relate. I also had to go outside & select a "super green switch" for my own whooping. The thing about being switched is, first, hearing the whistling sound as it cuts thru the air on it's way to the legs & buttock. Then the firey stinging bite as it made contact with flesh. After the punishment was administered, I had whelps on my bottom as a lingering, reflective reminder of my sin & a conviction to not do that again. No lasting scars nor flesh or bones were broken & after a few days the whelps were gone. :)
---Leon on 6/24/16

"When I was about 7 0r 8 Mom used a switch to whip me but the catch was I had to go out into the yard and pull my own switch,funny now,it wasn't then.
---Darlene_1 on 6/24/16"

That seemed to have been the norm in our day:o) And we were best to make our selection count, or we would seriously regret hers:o)
---joseph on 6/24/16

When I was about 7 0r 8 Mom used a switch to whip me but the catch was I had to go out into the yard and pull my own switch,funny now,it wasn't then.
---Darlene_1 on 6/24/16

I as a young girl I saw a mom take a Match lit it and put in her kids mouth! That really is evil...I left them kids house and I remember saying my self something really bad gonna happen there If the mom don't get Her self together!!! That was horrible to see..Oh my God..
---Elena_95555 on 6/24/16

///... my mom...was a serious disciplinarian[.] she used to "whoop me every single day!"...She kept me from a lot other kids [who] did not have no home training. Thank God she was hard on me...---Elena_95555 on 6/24/16///

Elena: What warranted your being whooped "every day"? Were you a severely unruly child? If not, what do you think motivated her to beat you?
---Leon on 6/24/16

Hello,brothers & Sisters,I recall being a little girl well my mom who raised me as her own,she was a serious disciplinarian she used to "whoop me every single day!"
But I.believe she did some good because I always been.pretty honest and I had always look out for the less fortunate God has been good to me.She kept me from a lot other kids did not have no home training.Thank God she was hard on me.amen.
---Elena_95555 on 6/24/16

If we had more REAL mothers like this and less liberal meddlers, we would have less criminals. The boys will heal from their discipline but they would not heal from a life of crime. I say she is a hero.
---Jerry6593 on 6/24/16

I believe that well meaning child abuse laws have limited the the parents ability to discipline their children, taking authority from the parent and empowering a child's misguided right to rebel to his or her own detriment, as well as the detriment of society. Because taking control from the parent and handing it to the law enforcement agencies only results in the use of unjust biases in the enforcement of that law. Which results in things like imprisoning parents for correcting their children, only to eventually lock up their children, prejudiciously, for the consequences of that lack of discipline. However this is just par for the norm of this discriminating, wayward, system.
---joseph on 6/23/16

Rob: Even though the Baton Rouge mother said she used a belt, it was reported she may have used a RCA connector cord to discipline her boys. While I don't believe the Bible "rod of correction" disciplining method of children sanctions lacerating or the breaking of skin, bones, etc., I think, perhaps in the heat of the moment, the mom likely grabbed what was a convenient instrument of correction (instead of a belt) on her boys. In that regard she was wrong even though her boys clearly earned & deserved to be corrected. I think the lesson here is to keep your head, take your time while lovingly dishing out parental discipline.
---Leon on 6/23/16

Cluny, the ages of the three boys are 10, 12,ad 13.

I sure hope you don't defend the boys and are against the mother.

When I was growing up, I was disciplined many times, including spanking, by my parents when I did something wrong.

To this day, I thank my parents for their discipline and training. It kept me from ever going to prison!
---Rob on 6/23/16

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How old were her three children?

Was she arrested for spanking them, or because she was liable for their misconduct?

I'm a little puzzled at how a child young enough to be spanked as a punishment can commit burglary.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/23/16

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