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The Great Falling Away

Do denominational "churches" misrepresent God? Are they the cause of the Great Falling Away? Why have denominational "churches" - baptist, catholics, lutherans, methodists, orthodox, protestants, etc. - gone terribly wrong?

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 ---Steveng on 12/31/16
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There could be a number of reasons. One of them is because they are accepting unbiblical, secular influences into them. That is the Leodician church. So instead of being "a light" to the unbelievers, they are becoming "a black-light" of unbelievers.
---Ianns on 11/30/19

No, it's denominational religion. The various concepts, precepts, false doctrines and traditions of man that makes the Word of God ineffective In the lives of its members. This is the famine that constitutes the famine of the end times. (Amos.8:11). It is this lack of proper teaching that causes the Great Falling Away from the faith Jesus is seeking when He returns. It is these divisions which lead to controversy, discord, arguing, even contempt among brothers and sisters in Christ rather than the love that Jesus commands. Will He find faith in the earth, or will He find most worshipping the beast?
---joseph on 6/21/18

//Why have denominational "churches" .... gone terribly wrong?//
Religious people live in ignorance by ignoring Bible doctrines, rightly divided.
God's will today is stated to be that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2:4). Requiring study (2 Tim 2:15).

None of us know everything and God still revealed truth for us to understand.
But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. 1 Cor 2:10
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Tim 3:16
---michael_e on 12/26/17


You wrote: For you and I we know they're not married.

How, exactly, do YOU defined "married"? States that permit common law marriage accept it as a valid form of marriage. Since they have the right to define what is legal in their jurisdictions, while you do not, they win that argument.

If you insist on going by the Biblical definition of marriage, however, where does the Bible define how two people get married? Nowhere is any kind of "service" or "ceremony" described. All marriage in the Bible is, itself, common law - i.e. a marriage of a consensual contract entered into by two people empowered to make such contracts (e.g. groom and bride, groom and bride's father, etc.)
---StrongAxe on 1/4/17

I do not think that denominational churches have gone more wrong than other churches or more wrong than non-denominational, or interdenominational churches. The better churches are closer to Bible teaching. But churches get away from Bible teachings. There is not a church fully aligned with the Bible. More sermons are not well Bible rooted. The best churches often offer is worship music and some times encouragement in involvement. I have not been satisfied with most church experiences. But I enjoy good worship music. I think that churches little offer the Bible and little offer prayer.
---mike4879 on 1/4/17

I never went to a Catholic schools. Can't you tell by my Grammar?

You are mistaken.
You are going under the assumption of what 'Church' means to you.

I'm speaking about the legal term of 'Church' set by the Apostles, not set by Christians today.

I myself call Baptist and Church of Christ Churches only because I understand you all don't really know what the term means. Plus out of charity.

It isn't any different than when people claim they're married.

Some say they're married, but after some further questions you find out they've been living together for 25 years without a marriage service.

For those folks some States call it common law marriage.

For you and I we know they're not married.
---Nicole_Lacey on 1/4/17

It's sad so many people are deceived into believing they are the CHURCH, when they are full of PAGANISM and IDOLATRY!!!
---Rob on 1/4/17

There are about 781 Orthodox Denominations.

There are About 242Catholic Denominations.

So, catholics and orthodox have their splits/divisions like everyone else.
---john9346 on 1/3/17

Nicole, sorry to disagree with you. The Orthodox and the Roman Catholic churches are denominations. They became denominations as soon as many churches became universal. At the time there was many other churches who did not become a part of the marriage between the churches and the Romans. Later the Orthodox broke away from the Catholic Church or the RCC. They too are made up of many churches calling themselves Orthodox. The same holds true with the Pentecostals, and others. So you are wrong again. I bet they did not teach you that at Catholic School.
---Luke on 1/3/17

Steveng, only the Orthodox and Catholic Church are considered to be 'Churches'.

They are NOT a denomination.

To be a Church you have to have a valid Priesthood.

Baptist, Methodists, Lutherans, and etc. are denominational.

That's like calling all Jewish Synagogues Temples.

There is ONLY one Temple.

Only Priests could serve in the Temple.

But everyone were allowed preach in the Synagogues.
---Nicole_Lacey on 1/3/17

cluny states, "Since Orthodoxy is the same as primitive Christianity, we have nothing wrong."

Orthodox in its various denominations doesn't represent "Primitive Christianity."
---john9346 on 1/2/17

The falling away is not caused by denominational churches, but the times we are living. Every person has the exact same Bible as men have had for a very long time. Every man will be held accountable for either obeying or disobeying the Word of God, and WONT be able to blame it on the devil or their denomination.

I believe God has put a LIGHT in every denomination, that is very spiritual people to be a light. So Steveng, rather than segregate yourself....why not be that LIGHT you so feel churches need. Hiding your light under a basket or only showing it to other light bearers in your underground church profits no one , not even you.
---kathr4453 on 1/2/17

I guess my place of Worship is terribly wrong because during Worship and Bible Study we actually go through Scripture verse by verse.
---Rob on 1/2/17

The blog question is terribly disingeunous - it takes as a given fact that all those groups HAVE gone terribly wrong. Such a discussion is, on its face, meaningless - until it has FIRST been established that this is, in fact, the case.

Before one can even begin to discuss this, you should FIRST create a blog asking "Have the denominational churches gone terribly wrong?" Only if such a blog reaches an affirmative conclusion can one reasonably consider this one.
---StrongAxe on 1/2/17

gone terribly wrong?
---Steveng on 12/31/16

Please tell us how we have gone so terribly wrong. What have we done that is wrong?

We have loved God, loved others, and served our community.

We preach Jesus and Him crucified. Our motto is "Inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ" and we do all in our power to fulfill that motto.

Our body is comprised of people from 31 different countries.

I am tired of you accusing my body of believers in being wrong.

You, Steveng, are a hypocrite.

Put up or shut up.
---Mark_Eaton on 1/1/17

Since Orthodoxy is the same as primitive Christianity, we have nothing wrong.

The real question is how has the worldly denominational "church" of Steveng gone terribly wrong.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!
---Cluny on 12/31/16

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