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Daughter Is Pregnant

My 35 yr old daughter was separated a year and just had divorce finalized. Now she is pregnant by her boyfriend. Dont know how to deal with this as a Christian would. Im very upset.

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 ---Gail on 5/3/17
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Are you upset she's having a baby, or upset that she had sex?

I hope you're not secretly wishing she'd have an abortion.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/16/17

All you need to do is love her. whats done is finished and she just needs prayer and your Christian support. Honey will catch more Bees than lemons will and prayer still moves mountains.
---Darlene1 on 5/15/17

There are only two things you can do: 1. pray for her & 2. Make yourself available to her. Other than those two things do nothing. She is 35, so your input is limited to being their for her. Only if she asks you for advice should you give it. Just make sure is knows she can seek comfort from you. Do not judge her or you will just "drive" her away.
---WIVV on 5/7/17

Nicole....Thank you for your explanation.
---KarenD on 5/7/17

//St. Monica received both her son St. Augustine and his concubine (who had a child by him) into her home.---Cluny

Cluny, you should have explained better.

Karen, Augustine was not a Christian and was 19 years old. His mother wanted him to marry another women.

Augustine wasn't even a Christian at the time.
His Mother was Christian and His Father was a Pagan.

She was kind to the Concubine because she was a Christian and not because she condoned her son's actions.

Augustine wasn't a Christian until the age of 31 and made his famous statement to God:

"Too late have I loved You!"

Augustine wrote 'Confessions' and acknowledged his sins esp. having a concubine as being wrong.
---Nicole_Lacey on 5/7/17


You pass quick judgment without knowing details.

Ancient Rome had several different legal forms of marriage. Connumbium (from which we get "connubial bliss") was reserved for the upper classes. Concubinium was a lesser form of monogamous marriage that was available when someone from a higher class married someone from a lower class. It had nothing to do with prostitution.

Note also that King Solomon had more concubines than wives, and God called him the wisest man who ever lived. God did criticize him - NOT for this per se, but because it swayed his heart to his wives' gods.

Monica's attitude was loving and forgiving (Christian), rather than judgmental and condemning (Pharisaical).
---StrongAxe on 5/7/17

Cluny....Those facts suggest to me that St Augustine and St Monica were no saints.
---KarenD on 5/6/17

As a Christian, I would support my daughter in any way that I could. Accepting the mistakes she makes in life, as God has accepted the mistakes I have made in life.

Forgiveness is the key, to the future of your relationship with Daughter and Grandchild. If you do not forgive you will become hardened, and you will not have a future with daughter or grandchild.

I would also suggest this forgiveness come by way of a hug and assurance, that you will be by her side as she goes through this very difficult time.

King David made a similar mistake, and yet from that mistake, God created King Solomon. Reading (2 Samuel 11 & 12) may help to give you a different perspective.
---David on 5/6/17

In case you didn't know it, St. Monica received both her son St. Augustine and his concubine (who had a child by him) into her home.

And she was a Christian.

What does this suggest to you?

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/5/17

Jesus spent much of his time hanging out with prostitutes and thieves and all kinds of other people we would classify as "low lifes". He didn't obsess over judging them. Rather, he just saw them as people who needed love and redemption, and treated them as such, without judging them. We need to do the same.
---StrongAxe on 5/4/17

You pray for and support your daughter and love her.

Then you love her child, who will be your grandchild.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/4/17

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