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Pray For President Trump

Pray for President Trump.

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 ---christine on 5/20/17
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A CIA member wrote book "The naked Communist", decades ago revealing how CIA found the Communist's goals were to infiltrate media, Hollywood, universities, schools, politics, even churches, etc, with the aim of brainwashing and manipulating society.
They called this the long march through the institutions.
Even academic David Horowitz, a former Communist following in his Russian Communist parents footsteps to undermine USA until he saw the light, speaks of the Communist's open agenda to brainwash and manipulate society.
Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, also warned of Communist Left undermining the West.

Sadly, Leftists here are proof of this Communist brainwashing.
Trust in God, instead of the Left.
---Haz27 on 5/27/17

AXE. Yet again you make allegations based on misreading my posts. Is it deliberate? "Idiot" was the label used by Yuri Bezmanov who I quoted.
Fact: ad hominem is the mainstay of Leftist attacks against any who will not submit.
Your consistent silence about such obvious facts against the Left only suggests your consent to their evil.

BTW, you quote scripture without understanding. Who are the hungry, naked, sick that God refers to?

NURSE. Again you divert away from the real issue about the DEMs guilt as leader in promoting abortion/slaughter of babies. Like I said, your priorities are distorted by your faith in your Leftist puppet masters.
You quoted Mtt 7:5. Well done! But do you even understand it?
---Haz27 on 5/27/17

Nurserob. I suggest you read my posts properly instead of making false claims. I described DEMs/Leftists, as greater evil, and REPs/conservatives as lessor evil.

Whilst its good to see you quote scriptures to try to prove to me that you can, I suggest you ask Jesus (our teacher, Matt 23,8) for understanding.

Consider the fact scripture is SPIRITUALLY discerned, 1Cor 2:14.
For example, the will of God that Christians obey is we believe on Jesus (John 6:40), our sanctification, that we abstain from fornication (1Thess 4:3). Can you see how these 2 scriptures explain the exact same will of God, but in different ways?
I suggest understanding scripture should be your priority, instead of being a loyal Leftist apologist.
---Haz27 on 5/27/17

NurseRob. Again you present your diversions to protect your beloved DEMs and their heartlessness towards innocent babies.

---Haz27 on 5/26/17
So you're going to deny that there are right wing conservatives that support a womans right to choose? Or that there are Democrats that are Pro-Life?(look up Democratsforlife)

You need to stick to fixing the land of Oz, you have no clue what is going on in America right now.
---NurseRobert on 5/27/17


Ad hominem LEFTISTS?

Who here uses pejorative ad-hominem terms, spew verbal vitriol, call people names ("idiot"), demonize entire groups of people (i.e. more than 50% of the population) ("demoncrat")? All extreme right. I don't recall anyone here from the left stooping to such juvenile personal attacks. Perhaps you could enlighten us?

I suggest you guys get serious about things that Jesus ACTUALLY taught (loving your enemy, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, etc.), instead of being apologicsts for evil heartless Republicans, and hurling as many stones as possible to "exterminate evil". Let he who is free of sin throw the first stone. And guess what? I don't think that's you.
---StrongAxe on 5/27/17

Samuel: You are regurgitating the old "Jesus was a Democrat" ruse cooked up by the leftist propagandists. Jesus never endorsed the confiscation of funds from the populace by force of arms for the benefit of the poor. He encouraged the free giving to others and to the church - exclusive of the government. That is the only way he can bless the giver. No one is blessed by God in the confiscation of their assets. Such a concept is foreign to the Bible as well as logic.

---Jerry6593 on 5/27/17

Samuelbb7 said who will be the ones setting up to help the Antichrist. Those who wish to tell others what to believe and force their beliefs on them

The obvious answer to your question is it's the Leftist/DEMs, especially as they're allies with antiChrist Islam. BO even legitimized designated Muslim terrorist groups like CAIR, whilst avoiding secular Muslims trying to reform Islam.

Its Leftists who drive the oppressive tyranny of Political Correctness that enforces it's thought/speech control upon society through its dominance of Fake News media, universities, institutions, etc.

Whilst we agree God is love, your politically motivated feigned expressions of "love" suggests you're deceived.
---Haz27 on 5/27/17

You really do amaze, Haz. DO you cut and paste your answers? You do the same as you accuse others of doing, yet call them hypocrites. What you call "diversion" is showing what a hypocrite you really are.

You blame the left for all of the ills of the world, but refuse to accept your conservatives are just as bad.

It's something watching you bob and weave around the questions asked of you, never actually responding, but trying to turn it around.

When I read your posts, Matt 7:5 comes to mind. Your beam must be large indeed.
---NurseRobert on 5/27/17

Has 27, you might want to put a lid on that attitude for a while. If Hillarie's son in law suggested a private communications avenue with the Kremlin you would be screaming and shouting from the roof tops. BUT, the fact is Trumps son in law DID, and that is NOT FAKE NEWS. Just more HYPOCRISY ON YOUR PART. But till this is all over, if you want to keep your head up, CHILL OUT. Nixon lied....yes Republicans CAN lie and break the law and NOT GET AWAY WITH IT. NIXONGATE WAS NOT FAKE NEWS.

Trumps Twitter rants are for all to see. The man is not FIT to run this country. Let Pence take the reigns.
---kathr4453 on 5/27/17

The hypocrisy of the ad hominem Leftists here is so alike that of the Fake News Left. It's sad to see they quote scripture they don't even understand.
You guys are like the natural man 1Cor 2:14 speaks of. Jesus, our teacher (Matt 23:8) gives spiritual understanding to those ready for it, yet Sam, Axe, Nurse are like those in Matt 13:13 seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear.
Is that why you dont answer my questions Nurse?
I suggest you guys get serious about Christianity, instead of being apologists for evil heartless DEMs.

BTW, Nichols is repentant of the harm he caused USA when he was a DEMs insider and now seeks to undo what he did. Its no surprise that the DEMs would lie about him in revenge.
---Haz27 on 5/26/17

Samuel: I can't believe an SDA Christian would support the party of Satan (Demoncrat).

---Jerry6593 on 5/26/17

According to a 2014 Pew Research Center study, 45% of SDAs are either democrat or lean democrat. Only 35% are either republican or lean republican. 19% are independent or report no political leanings. Only 37% claim conservative views, with the rest being either moderate or liberal.

So, either there are a whole bunch of people claiming to be SDA and "supporting Satan" or you're standing on the wrong politica side of your denomination.

Tell us, in your opinion, just what has Trump done for this country - other than embarrass us?
---NurseRobert on 5/26/17

NurseRob. Again you present your diversions to protect your beloved DEMs and their heartlessness towards innocent babies.

But the fact remains it's the DEMs (and the Left throughout the world) who are always at the forefront pushing for easier abortion/slaughter of babies.

There's no way to hide this fact, no matter how hard you try.

It's sad that you're so determined to defend the indefensible heartlessness, deceit, hate and bigotry of your Leftist puppet masters, yet you have no understanding of the few scriptures you do offer in your attempt to prove to me that you do quote scriptures sometimes.

Clearly your priorities are very distorted.
---Haz27 on 5/26/17

Jerry. Have you noticed how Leftists here all ignore the atrocities committed via the DEMs, such as approx 3000 babies per day in USA being aborted/slaughtered?
---Haz27 on 5/26/17

Of course, you can definitely say, without equivocation, that all of there were done by democrats? Of all the abortions in this country how many do you think were performed on right-wing women? None? Thats what you would have us believe. Without citing a single statistic, do you really think all women who had those abortions were liberals?

When you stand up for complete education, when you stand up for readily available birth control, all proven to decrease abortions, then you get to take the moral high ground.
---NurseRobert on 5/26/17

Jerry I am an independent voter.

Thank you Strong ax.

I am retiring soon and Social Security will be my main income. In the New Budget the Republicans are working to steal from the poor so as to give to the rich. My Wife has a preexisting condition and cannot work. I don't make enough to pay for private insurance. Which will go up 10 times the current cost.

Read James again Jerry. Who are the ones who steal from the poor?

The Republicans claim to be Christians. But they will be denied and set with the goats according to Matthew 25.

Also remember Jerry who will be the ones setting up to help the Antichrist. Those who wish to tell others what to believe and force their beliefs on them.

GOD is love.
---Samuelbb7 on 5/26/17

Nichols was a marketing director hired by Clinton in 1988 and was fired after making over 600 calls in support of the Contras on Arkansas's dime. He is a right wing conspiracy nut who claimed to be a hit man for Clinton, 2 years later changed his tune, saying he was on pain pills and didn't really mean it. He also said he might support Hillary because she was tough enough to combat Islamic terrorism. Yeah, quite the credible source.

---StrongAxe on 5/26/17: Again, with the ad-hominam attack? Its all he and Haz have, let it go..

Haz, still waiting for an answer.
---NurseRobert on 5/26/17

Jerry. Have you noticed how Leftists here all ignore the atrocities committed via the DEMs, such as approx 3000 babies per day in USA being aborted/slaughtered?

These Leftists have such a strong emotional attachment to the DEM's that they willingly ignore any atrocity the DEMs are responsible for regardless if it's even the slaughter of 3000 babies per day.

Have you heard that former Clinton advisor, Larry Nichols, has warned that the Leftist thugs (just like Hitler's NAZI Brown shirts) are gearing up to increase their violent protests to put further pressure to end Trump's presidency.

This former DEMs advisor even admitted that he had developed these tactics the DEMs use from the Leftist Hitler's Mein Kampf.
---Haz27 on 5/26/17

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You wrote: I can't believe an SDA Christian would support the party of Satan (Demoncrat).

Again, with the ad-hominam attacks. Are you CAPABLE of arguing issues rather than throwing mud???

Compare Republican policies in light of Jesus's Final Judgment in Matthew 25:

I was hungry, and you took away my food stamps. I was sick, and you took away my health care.

"Blessed are the peacemakers". What does that make those who take food from the hungry so they can give more to the military?

Trump is selling off nature preserves and dismantling the EPA, which is, in fact, PHYSICALLY destroying America. Trump has done more TO our country in a few weeks than any president in history.
---StrongAxe on 5/26/17

Samuel: I can't believe an SDA Christian would support the party of Satan (Demoncrat). Your posts here sound just like the Communist propaganda spewed from left-wing propaganda mills like MSNBC. Obama tried his best to destroy America (because he hates OUR country). Trump has done more for OUR country in a few weeks than Obama did in 8 years.

---Jerry6593 on 5/26/17

Samuelbb7. You conveniently ignored that Trump wants to make America great again, bringing back jobs and prosperity that DEMs and globalist elites (and even some REPs) had been dismantling in their efforts to tread on the poor, destroy families, destroy Christianity, destabilize society, etc.

Oh...and don't forget that the DEMs have long pushed for easier abortion/slaughter (as if 3000 slaughtered babies per day in the USA isn't bad enough), and also for LGBT degenerate indoctrination forced onto school children through Common Core (in Australia its deceitfully called "Safe Schools" program).

Sammuel, I suspect you have been brainwashed by the Left's Fake News media. You should trust in God instead.
---Haz27 on 5/25/17

I pray for Trump but I could not vote for him.

He is helping find ways to cut short the lives of 2o million people. He is helping the rich and treading down the Poor.

James speaks of the rich stealing from the poor.

So the choice was between a hypocrite who abuses women and wants to steal from the poor. Or the Democrats who let the women make up their own mind.

Both are bad. Which is worse?
---Samuelbb7 on 5/25/17

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strongaxe states, "Obama and Clinton lied occasionally."

Sir, what's occasionally 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 times a lie is a lie isn't it?

This is Logically Inconsistent...

So if Party A murders occasionally and party b murders 3 times why would you give party A a pass when they both have committed the same crime?

This is "Illogical."
---john9346 on 5/25/17

strongaxe states,
"Spiritually discerned," leaven, sin, etc. are concepts that do not define WHAT they are."

Sir, have you not read 1 Cor 5 where definition is laid out as well as 1 Cor 6 clearly laid out.

The entire Mosaic Law clearly define sin my friend...
---john9346 on 5/25/17

AXE. Leftist says Left is Christian, in spite of Left's genocide, degeneracy, hate?...LOL

I would show love of babies facing abortion by NEVER voting for political parties that support such murder.
Your refusal to answer suggests you did vote for the DEMs with their baby killing platform.

Spiritually discerned?
Born again=born of water/spirit, John 3:5 (so don't think like Nicodemus).

A Nicodemus will think 1Cor 5 is physical.
Instead think spiritually (1Cor 2:14, Matt 13:11). Who is the woman (Hagar=works of law, Gal 4:24), the father (devil, John 8:44), leaven (doctrine of works, Matt 16:6,11), and then you might see. We must not mix works with grace (Rom 11:6). Its spiritual immorality.
---Haz27 on 5/25/17


Obama and Clinton lied occasionally. Trump lies CONSTANTLY (during the debates, almost one lie per minute). He said no politician in HISTORY was more mistreated. Come on!

Mark Eaton:

This congress's record is so heinous, many now actually fear for their lives because of public outrage THEY themselves provoked.


How would YOU show your love to them?

Christians' socialism was LEFT - just not EVIL left. Not all left is evil.

Spiritually discerned, leaven, sin, etc. are concepts that do not define WHAT they are (i.e. "sin is bad" in no way defines WHAT is actually sinful).

*I* never said ANYONE should be eliminated. *YOU* said the LEFT should be eliminated!
---StrongAxe on 5/24/17

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Kathr. Then according to your understanding of Matt 25 the DEMs=nation and thus will be brought to account on judgement day for their many evils (such as abortion/slaughter of millions of babies), and on an individual level those who voted for DEMs with it's genocidal, degenerate platform will also be implicated in the DEMs crimes.

BTW, did God make a mistake when He described Esau and Jacob as nations in Gen 25:23?

Israel being Jesus brethren?
But physical Israel are uncircumcised, just like Egypt, Edom, Moab, etc (Jer9:26, Rom 2:28). Physical Israel was cut off (Rom 11:21-23).
Jesus even told the Pharisees of Israel that they were of their father, the devil (John 8:44).
---Haz27 on 5/24/17

strongaxe states, "You singled out Obama, Clinton, and Hillary,"

Sir, I didn't singgle them out I was pointing out your "Double Standard." because you attacked President Trump for lying when Mr and Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama have done the same exact thing...

Here is what you stated, "Lies come from ANYONE self-serving. Trump spouts them all the time. (No politician in HISTORY has been abused more? Really?!)
---john9346 on 5/24/17

Or were you just being dishonestly opportunistic
---Haz27 on 5/24/17

I love the way you obfuscate. I asked you a simple question, you have now responded to me twice, both times evading the question. If you have time to respond at all, why not just answer the question?
NURSERob. Good to see you quote a scripture. Why only do it when I make an issue about it?

I quote scripture when I feel its appropraite. Why does it bother you?
---NurseRobert on 5/24/17

Yes Haz27 the verse clearly says NATIONS. And yes, those who were put in charge of Kings etc , will give an account for their leadership. Just as individual people will be judged, individual Kings, Presidents etc will also give an account.

Nations only has one definition, and has not changed its definition because Haz27 wants it to.

Will Trump be judged on his treatment for the poor in America, while thinking giving to other poor Nations ( charity begins at home) billions of dollars will get kudo's from God? God is not interested in Hypocrits. If I treat my family badly while being generous to my neighbor' only done for SHOW.
---kathr4453 on 5/24/17

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Also Haz27, that verse also means how the Nations treated Israel and the Jewish people who literally are Jesus Brethren.

But that is for another discussion.

Will Hitler have to answer for his antics......absolutely.
---kathr4453 on 5/24/17

Kathr. Matt25: 31-46 ....nations...??
Does that mean Esau and Jacob were physical "nations" (Gen 25:23), and not individuals, or symbols of flesh verses spirit?

Interesting how you think a physical nation can be judged on judgement day considering it's changing leaderships, attitudes throughout history, and changing borders through war.

I agree, we don't agree in understanding of Matt 25.

BTW, the bigoted Left have controlled public debate through their dominance of mainstream media, universities, institutions, etc, and have been hatefully DEMONIZING opponents for decades.
But this time people are standing up to the Fascist Left's PC tyranny of bullying, etc more so than in previous years. Get used to it.
---Haz27 on 5/24/17

It's a fact during the Reagan administration IN ORDER to raise money for arms is when crack cocaine became very big in the cities
---kathr4453 on 5/23/17

A totally discredited conspiracy theory.

Discredited by PBS FrontLine reporter Craig Delaval "Cocaine Conspiracy Theories & the C.I.A in Central America" and many other stories in WAPO & NYT.

There was no connection to the CIA and drug trafficking.

While no administration is perfect, I am proud that I voted for the Reagan & Bush administration. They got us out of the grip of a dead economy and strengthened our influence abroad.

People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.
---Mark_Eaton on 5/24/17

AXE. True CNs word/post limits are difficult. It's even worse when debating multiple opponents.

But you still haven't answered my question about how would you show your love to babies to be aborted/slaughtered, etc?

Man's Socialism is Left. Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism, DEMs, etc are Left.

Christianity's socialism is of God. There's no equivalence with man's destructive, genocidal socialism.

Pretty obvious, except to a hardline Leftist, I guess.

I see you don't understand 1Cor 5. What do you think "spiritually discerned" means (1Cor 2:14)?
And what is leaven (1Cor 5:7)? That might help you on your study.

BTW, are you saying Bill Clinton (adulterer, thief, liar, etc) should be eliminated?
---Haz27 on 5/24/17

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The problem I have with you Haz27, is your DEMONIZING everyone here who refuses to DEMONIZE others based on your personal beliefs. I said both DEMS AND REP have issues. So like all Neal Bortz , Bill O'Riley talking heads types, YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHERS, but contunue to call others names and go on with your ranting and raving. YET here we have these supposed MORAL EXAMPLES who we know now for years have been sexual Preditors assaulting their female employees. FACT.

So please don't insult others here Haz27. America is NOT Australia, never was and never will be.

Also We have a statue that says " give us your poor..downtrodden etc....." What a joke...
---kathr4453 on 5/24/17

Also Haz27, Matthew 25:31-46 is the JUDGEMENT OF NATIONS.

THere are many judgements , and this one in Matther 25:31-46 is specifically to the NATIONS as a whole. Individual,Christians are responsible for spiritual needs. HOWEVER NATIONS ARE NOT. why...because Nations as a whole are not Christian. We are NOT and never were a Theocracy.

So again I don't agree with your interpretation of Matthew?

Even Israel as a Godly Theocracy helped the poor?

Ok,Haz27, just how many millions Do you have stashed away.....and can you be sure that won't turn to rust? You really must read James.
---kathr4453 on 5/24/17

Kathr. To use your words the problem I have with HYPOCRITES, you proclaim to be Christian yet you demonize the REPs (the lessor evil) whilst supporting the greater evil DEMs regardless of their lies, corruption, LGBT agenda, degeneracy towards children, its hate, racism, sexism, abortion/slaughter of millions of babies, etc.

The Left/Globalists dominate the mainstream media, universities, institutions, etc. Even with Trump in office, he struggles to undo the evil Left's corrupt control over so many institutions.
And that's assuming Trump is not on the same team as the globalists/Leftists or being manipulated by them.

NURSERob. Good to see you quote a scripture. Why only do it when I make an issue about it?

---Haz27 on 5/24/17


So when I don't immediately answer, you automatically accuse me of ducking? I have repeatedly said the 125 word limit makes it difficult to comment on everything said, let alone answer additional questions.

Socialism is LEFT. Early Christians were socialist, and thus LEFT. Deal with it.

Sorry. I misread your comment to NurseRobert as "Leftists rarely quote scripture".

1 Co 5:13? As Trump is an adulterer, liar and thief by his own words, why don't you put him out?


You singled out Obama, Clinton, and Hillary, but Trump lies much more than any of them, so often that he can't avoid lying about things that are obvious (e.g. persecuted more than ANY politician in HISTORY?!).
---StrongAxe on 5/24/17

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NurseRob. You do realize that CN does not revolve around you, don't you? Or were you just being dishonestly opportunistic taking advantage of my debate against 3 Leftists with the restrictions of CN's word and post limits, (as well as my work schedule)?

Anyway, I already told you Leftists admit to Leftist media lying, although most media Leftists would never confess their Fake News culture of deceit. Your argument suggests that you might even think the Fake News Leftist media are in fact, somehow honest...LOL.

Good to see you at last quote scripture (after being prompted by me though). Why is that? But do you even know what 1Tim 2 means? Who are the kings in authority? What are we to pray for? BTW I pray for all, lost and saved.
---Haz27 on 5/24/17

Kathr. Your post said of D & R to be the GUILTY GOATS Matthew 25.

2 problems I find with this.
1: You implicate DEMs and all who vote DEMs supporting their abortion/slaughter of millions of babies, amongst many others evils.

2:Scripture is SPIRITUALLY discerned (1Cor 2:14) so why read it in physical terms as a natural man would?
After all even the lost feed the physically hungry, clothe the physically naked, etc.
Instead the hungry who Christians bring food/drink (the gospel) to are the lost, lacking Christ our spiritual food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4). The spiritually naked we clothe (bring the gospel to) are the lost who lack the robes of righteousness, the garments of salvation (Isa 61:10, 1Cor 5:3).
---Haz27 on 5/24/17

strongaxe states, "john9346: YOU intimated lies were the exclusive domain of the left, which is hypocritical, as Trump lies more than all of them.

Sir, not sure what you are trying to say hear explain yourself??

Sir, did you understand my statement??
---john9346 on 5/23/17

AXE. I note that you didn't answer my question as to how would YOU show your love towards the babies meant for abortion/slaughter, or for the lost who the totalitarian Left want us not to preach gospel to? I guess that would require you to condemn the DEMs, and we can't have that, can we.

As for the Socialism of the likes of the DEMs verses the Socialism of ancient Christians, it obvious there's no equivalence. Your argument is like an equivalence between Nazism and family.

Again, I suggest you read my posts properly. I was speaking to NurseRob as one who rarely quotes scripture.

What's your thoughts on 1Cor 5:13 about putting out (or as you would say, "eliminating") the evil person from church?

---Haz27 on 5/23/17

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the likes of evil Saudi Arabia, Muslim brotherhood, ISIS, etc, which BO, Hillary, etc worked with.

---Haz27 on 5/23/17

Like I was saying Haz27, Trump just cut an arms deal with EVIL SAUDI ARABIA.....hummmmmmm some say may be illegal. Here's the problem I have with HYPOCRITES......if something is done by the's Evil, BUT IF THE SAME THING IS DONE BY REP.....its. " well, ya know...bla bla bla , yea, but bla bla bla excuses".

What say you NOW? If I'm not mistaken the REP, like the Bushes have always had a relationship with Saudi Arabia. A questionable one at that.
---kathr4453 on 5/23/17

Ahh Haz... so good to see your rants again. Once again, I see you failed to answer the questions.

Pray for Trump? 1 Tim 2:1-2 says we should give "supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings"

Daniel 2:21: He changes times and seasons, he removes kings and sets up kings,

Regardless of how corrupt Trump may be, regardless of the deviant things he has said, we are still told to pray for him.

This of course, leads me to ask, Haz... did you pray for Obama?
---NurseRobert on 5/23/17


If "Obviously Jesus", why advocate ELIMINATION of your enemies, the left?

Calling yourself socialist, Christian, etc. doesn't make you one. Communist "Democratic republic of" is propaganda - they aren't democratic at all.

Early Christians kept possessions in common - ULTIMATE left.

I quote scripture frequently.

Many Republicans ADMITTED deliberately duplicitous policies (e.g. voter registration).

Republicans turned to new strategies to get ANY vote, and seducing the Christian Right was how they regained power after the 1960s.

john9346: YOU intimated lies were the exclusive domain of the left, which is hypocritical, as Trump lies more than all of them.
---StrongAxe on 5/23/17

Kathr. I suggest you put your trust in God, instead of evil Leftists.

Even in so called conservative parties there's many with evil intent.
There's also other parties like wealthy globalists George Soros, etc, who create wars, collapses, civil unrest, etc (such as Ukraine civil war, BLM racist Communists, etc). And don't forget the likes of evil Saudi Arabia, Muslim brotherhood, ISIS, etc, which BO, Hillary, etc worked with.

All these various players are working towards their own agendas. Ordinary people like us see some of their destructive agenda, but we need to remember that these Leftists, Globalists, Islamists, etc are all muppets deceived by Satan. The real battle is described in Eph 6:12
---Haz27 on 5/23/17

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It's a fact during the Reagan administration IN ORDER to raise money for arms is when crack cocaine became very big in the cities, totally debilitating the black community. I call that MASS MURDER. This is all documented. War mongers are Republicans who LOVE WAR, AND ANY EXCUSE TO GET INTO WAR,for the purpose of monetary gain one way or another. I call that MASS MURDERERS. Murder takes many forms. BOTH D and R will stand in JUDGEMENT BEFORE GOD.....and found to be the GUILTY GOATS.
---kathr4453 on 5/23/17

AXE. you asked Jesus said "Love your enemy". Hitler said "Exterminate your enemy". Who do YOU follow?
Obviously Jesus.

As for Hitler he's a SOCIALIST Lefty (like the DEMs). No informed Christian follows the Left considering their heartless genocidal record, etc.

So how would YOU show your love?

Would you follow the Left's PC thought/speech control and withhold the gospel from the lost because we should not offend Muslims, etc?

Would you show your love for the unborn babies, waiting to be aborted/slaughtered, by not voting for the likes of the heartless DEMs, nor remaining silent at their abortion/slaughter?

How would YOU show your love in these examples?
---Haz27 on 5/23/17


Sir, thank you for the information you are providing keep up the good work sir...

What you state about the democrats destruction of the Black Ethnicity is sso so "Real." my friend...

What the democrats have done to destroy a Singgle Ethnicity is, "Disgraceful, sennister, and inhumane."
---john9346 on 5/23/17

Haz: These socialist lefties have been historically called "useful idiots" by their socialist dictators. What we see here is history repeating itself.

---Jerry6593 on 5/23/17

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NurseRob, CN's Leftist who rarely quotes scripture. I was wondering when you'd show.
FYI, various Leftists have admitted to deceit from Leftist media. You really need to step out of that Leftist echo chamber

In Australia the Leftist ABC constantly lies. The ABC even gets fellow Leftists to audit it to con taxpayers that it's not biased...LOL.

STRONGAXE. You quoted a Leftist version of political compass.
Here's facts. Hitler was SOCIALIST (that's Left). He admired Marxism and Mussolini's Fascism, but he thought he could do better.
NAZI = SOCIALIST German Workers Party.
Socialism, Communism, Fascism, are collectivist ideologies, which is of the Left.

You too need to step out of the Leftist echo chamber.
---Haz27 on 5/22/17

AXE, when Civil Rights Act passed, the DEMs turned to new strategies to try to get the black vote.
Lyndon Johnson said "I'll have them ni**ers voting Democrats for the next 200 years".

Note the Left's damage to black people since then. Welfare destroyed black families. PC policing in black neighborhoods increased crime.

Same in Australia. The Left's push for welfare dependence devastated Aborigines leading to crime, substance abuse, violence, etc.

KATHR. The heartless Left are liars. Remember how you even believed the Stolen generation lie?
That lie is responsible for Aboriginal deaths today. People will not adopt Aboriginal youth in neglect/abuse for fear they'll be implicated in another stolen generations.
---Haz27 on 5/22/17

I believe just like our native Americans, in the beginning, many children were put in schools where they were made to look like the English, take English names, forbidden to speak their own language etc, is also something that happened to native people of Australia. To say...oh that is a dem lie made up this or that, only tells me Haz27 YOU refuse to believe the facts. The English in their type of take over of lands always treated the native people as less than..... HURRAY FOR GHANDI. You remind me of those folks who are holocaust deniers.
---kathr4453 on 5/22/17

strongaxe states, "Lies come from ANYONE self-serving. Trump spouts them all the time."

Sir, did Mr. Obama not lie?? Did Mr. Clinton not lie?? Did Mrs. Clinton not lie??

Its hypocrisy to condemn one side when the other side does the exact same thing. a pass...
---john9346 on 5/22/17

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I believe right now is the moment when Americans who love this country must fight... If we don't the forces that you mention will be successful.

President Trump must learn and I think he is starting to get it that he must absolutely surround himself with people who believe in his vision for this country 100%.

President Trump reminds me of Martin Luther the Reformer...

You have to walk through Hell to get to heaven being a reformer to reform...
---john9346 on 5/22/17

GOD protect President Trump. Give him your love, power, wise knowledge and strength, in Jesus name, Amen
---christine on 5/22/17


Forget ancient history before 1960. Recent voter registration laws: illegal voters are in the tens to hundreds, while legitimate voters disenfranchised by such laws are in the thousands. These laws' ACTUAL purpose is to take swing districts from mostly poor brown Democrats and give them to rich white Republicans.

The Left are evil? AHCA will deprive TENS OF MILLIONS with pre-existing conditions (cancer, asthma, diabetes) of health care, many of which KILL without treatment. Will they say, "Hitler killed millions, and Trump tens of millions"?

"drained of the evil Left"?! Jesus said "Love your enemy". Hitler said "Exterminate your enemy". Who do YOU follow?
---StrongAxe on 5/22/17


"All X are Y" is very simplistic black-and-white thinking. Reality is more nuanced.

Even "left vs. right" is one-dimensional. Socio/economic views are more complex. Consider the Political Compass model. Economic are left/right, social is top/bottom (i.e. Authoritarian vs. Libertarian). Socialists (Sanders) and communists (Stalin) are top left. Conservatives (Reagan+Thatcher) and fascists (Hitler) are top right. Gandhi is bottom left. Tea Party (Ayn Rand) is bottom right.

Lies come from ANYONE self-serving. Trump spouts them all the time. (No politician in HISTORY has been abused more? Really?!)
---StrongAxe on 5/21/17

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AXE. You've been conned by the DEM's lies. The only Dixiecrat to switch after the 1964 Civil Rights Act was Strom Thurman. All the other Dixiecrats remained in the racist DEM's.

The fact remains DEM's are historically the party of segregation, slavery, racial terrorism (KKK was the domestic terrorism arm of the DEM's), and the racist DEM's have NEVER apologized for this.

The reality is the Left always lie. For example Mandela was a racist, murderous Marxist terrorist. The so called Aboriginal Stolen generations is another lie that is currently causing deaths. The list just goes on.

The Left are just plain evil. The sooner the swamp (throughout the West) can be drained of the evil Left the better for mankind.

---Haz27 on 5/22/17

Haz: "Leftists are evil, and that's why they hate Trump and Christians so much."

Exactly. And also why they seem to love invading hordes of barbaric Muslims. Maybe it's because they they also love the murderous Communists (who killed over 100 Million innocents last century).

I don't think it is possible for a REAL Christian to be a decadent, Democrat, leftist, liberal, baby-killing, LGBQT-promoting moral degenerant.

---Jerry6593 on 5/22/17

John9346. I hope you're correct that things will settle once the truth prevails against the Left's lies. But as the corrupt Left dominate so many institutions, unless Trump can drain the swamp throughout the West, then I doubt the truth will prevail. I suspect we're approaching the end times that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:21,22, and there is nothing that Trump can do if that's the case.

The totalitarian Left have a proven record of evil, as seen under genocidal Leftists like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. And now, once again, we see history repeating itself and the evil Left are agitating to destabilize societies again. But this time the world is smaller and the weapons far more advanced and devastating.
---Haz27 on 5/22/17

Leftists are evil, and that's why they hate Trump and Christians so much.

---Haz27 on 5/21/17

Such hyperbole..

Tell us, Haz.. Do you think the "leftist" media is lying about Trump... What lies are those? Please impart your wisdom..

Trust Fox.

But I have with my own eyes
---Samuelbb7 on 5/21/17

Fox is the only news outlet who actually argued in court that they have the right to lie to their viewers..
---NurseRobert on 5/22/17

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StrongAxe. It's the Left today who push a divisive platform where they disenfranchise people based on race, gender and religion. The Left's divisive identity politics created the racist BLM, gender division through feminism, religious conflict using their racist Muslim mates.

In Australia we recently saw the racist Left at a uni where pupils were barred from a computer room as they were the wrong skin color (they were white). These pupils were then terrorized by the racist Marxists controlling the (anti) Human Rights Commission simply because they ridiculed on FB the racism at the Leftist uni.
Fortunately the public backlash was enough that the corrupt Leftists at the (anti) Human Rights Commission had to rule in the students favor.
---Haz27 on 5/22/17

Most journalists are Leftists, hence the Leftist bias in most of the media. This is due to Humanities studies at universities attracts mostly Lefties, and most uni lecturers are Marxists intent on brainwashing pupils, even encouraging violent activism of the likes Hitler used through his NAZI Brownshirts.

The political volatility, violence, lies that we see in USA predominately comes from Leftists, and is even funded by the likes of the NAZI collaborator and billionaire, George Soros.

Leftists are evil, and that's why they hate Trump and Christians so much. It's unlikely Trump will win against the Left as they hold too much power through the media and institutions, etc. But then Jesus warned things will get worse.

---Haz27 on 5/21/17

Samuel states, "Why should I trust Breitbart which supports the Klan?"

Sir, can you please provide evidence of this accusation?
---john9346 on 5/21/17


Southern Democrats (dixiecrats) were racists up until the 1960s. When Democrats embraced civil rights, dixiecrats quit en masse and became Republicans - the Republican party we know today.

The Party of Lincoln championed racial freedom and Democrats created KKK - 150+ years ago. Today the roles are reversed. KKK are staunch Republicans, and Republicans are the ones who consistenly push laws that largely harm or disenfranchise people based on race.

Instead of draining the swamp, Trump is making alligators run it.


Exactly. Trump lies CONSTANTLY. Recently: "No politician in history has been treated worse than me".
Except Lincoln, 2 Kennedys, MLK, Gandhi, Aquino, Mandela, ...
---StrongAxe on 5/21/17

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haz27 states, "Trump is facing even worse attacks."

Yes he is, but you know what? He will prevail...

There will be a settling down of the upheaval in this country andall the "Falsehood." will be exposed for what it really is...
---john9346 on 5/21/17

Haz27, the KKK from the beginning have been through many changes, just as the D and R. George Wallace was a Southern Democrat. Completely opposite to let's say JFK a Northern Democrat. So in all fairness, to slam democrats in America, as if they were all one is ignorant. The Baptists being many many sects, do not all agree and are not all the same either.

Southern democrats like George Wallace were white supremacist. Not all democrats are white supremacists.

Your history down under is not the same as ours. BUT we know all over the world racism exists, with R and D, Christians and non Christians alike. It's a PRIDE AND ARROGANCE and superior ISSUE OF SELF,in ones heart CALLED SIN...not a political one.
---kathr4453 on 5/21/17

Samualbb7. Whilst I agree we don't trust those who constantly lie, it seems to me you're trusting the liars.

The ever deceitful, corrupt DEM's have long had strongest Klan links. The KKK was founded by DEM's, and in it's history to progress in the DEM's you had to be in the KKK.

The likes of CNN, etc, always lie to further the Left's Fascism.

It's the same in Australia. The ABC is our largest media, and it's taxpayer funded thus it must abide by charter obligations on balance, impartiality.
Instead it's dominated by Leftists who fraudulently misuse our taxes to disregard these obligations and as the Leftists hold so many positions of authority here it's protected from prosecution.

BTW, you misunderstand James.
---Haz27 on 5/21/17

Pray what? My prayer is he knows and realizes he is not qualified and graciously steps down. He has no FILTER and that I always knew would get him in trouble. Sorry, but things are so dangerous these days, there is no time for a rookie. Being President IS NOT A BUSINESS. HE DOESN'T OWN AMERICA WHERE HE CAN DO AND FIRE WHEN HIS EGO OR TEMPER GET IN HIS WAY. Narcissism IS a mental disorder. Let the VP move up, and Trump and family move on. It's never going to get better. His timing , no common sense, lack of filter, twittering rants, is ALL we hear about. I'm sick of all of it. And the healthcare thing ...another MESS.
---kathr4453 on 5/21/17

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You know Jerry, wanting Trump out is becoming more and more something REPUBLICANS WANT. He is just NOT WORKING.
---kathr4453 on 5/21/17

It is my duty to pray for Trump just as it was the duty of Christians to pray for Nero.

While Trump is not as bad. He is stealing from the poor to give to the rich. As James speaks of which will happen in the last days.

The problem is who do we trust. Many look at CNN and others and say don't trust them. Trust Fox.

But I have with my own eyes and ears heard fox change the news to benefit the pro Nazi's and white only people.

I watch 13 News and Read the Houston Chronicle. They have both told the truth no matter what. Why should I trust those who I have seen lie? Why should I trust Breitbart which supports the Klan?

My faith is in GOD not politicians.
---Samuelbb7 on 5/21/17

Jerry. True. The cultural Marxists have succeeded in their "long march" through the institutions (media, universities, some churches, etc), just as Communist icon Antonio Gramsci called for.

Australia's former conservative Prime Minister was toppled 2 years ago thanks to an unrelenting fake news campaign by the deceitful Leftist media, etc, just as Trump is also facing.

Interestingly Lord Monckton (former adviser to Margaret Thatcher) had warned beforehand that the United Nation and Leftist media were out to discredit and remove our PM from office as he opposed their global warming scam at the Paris conference. The UN and their Leftist gestapo succeeded.

Trump is facing even worse attacks.
---Haz27 on 5/21/17

Hi Haz. Long time no hear from. I long for the old days when everybody knew that Communists were evil. Now in the US most of the millennial snowflakes think that Communism is cool. They (the Commies) have kept in the background, quietly taking over the media, the school system and the entertainment industry just as uncle Karl Marx had ordered.

The greatest legacy of Donald Trump will be his destruction of the monopoly held by the hypocritical news media. Hallelujah!

---Jerry6593 on 5/21/17

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Considering the Leftist dominated Fake News media attacks against Trump, and from the yet to be drained swamp, he's clearly facing the worst attacks any president has faced.

Tammy Bruce, a Leftist activist, wrote about the Left's dominating abuse 20 years ago. Her book, "The new thought police. Inside the Left's assault on free speech and minds", exposed how Bush was attacked whilst the DEM's got favorable treatment.
Of course Tammy was attacked by fellow Leftists because she had exposed how they dominate narrative through the fake news media, etc.

We saw the same in Australia. The Left dominate the media, etc, pushing their fake news, hence our former prime minister was forced to resign under the pressure.
---Haz27 on 5/20/17

My first time,can say I certainly agree! Cluny,thankyou
---Dynasty on 5/20/17

St. Paul tells us to pray for kings and all in authority. I imagine that applies to praying for presidents as well.

I really voted for Pence, as I strongly felt that Trump would not finish his first term.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/20/17

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