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What Is The Judgement

How is it that some Christians don't believe in the Judgement, when the Bible clearly teaches it?

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 ---Jerry6593 on 5/23/17
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Jerry, the man was mentally ill. And it's because of all this hate talk from your click labeling people, grouping people, name calling etc who feeds into the minds of the mentally ill. It could have been just as easy the other way around. We have seen Republicans actually showing violence towards others. This one sided truth is really getting old, and even the most respected Republicans are now coming to grips with their own guilt in this hate talk, and admitting so PUBLICALLY. SO PLEASE .....YOU STOP IT AS WELL. You as a Christian should know better.
---kathr4453 on 6/18/17

JERRY. Lefties, such as the DEMs, are increasing their abuse, violence, terrorism because people are finally standing up against the PC bullying and Fake News that the Left has been pushing for the past few decades.

The Left are frothing with hate now because conservative patriots like Trump, Pauline Hanson, Geert Wilders, etc have arisen as a threat to the Lefts divisive agenda.
---Haz27 on 6/18/17

ax: You must be blind. The violent political mayhem being perpetuated in the US today is 100% Demoncrat. The baseball game DC shooter was a typical Bernie Sanders liberal Demoncrat - bat guano crazy.

---Jerry6593 on 6/18/17

AXE. You miss the point.
Conservatism = less government.
BUT Socialist/Communist Left = ever increasing government control over speech, thought, life. Totalitarianism.

Consider Lefts genocidal, totalitarian record (Stalin, Hitler, Mao).
Islam's record as genocidal totalitarian tyranny is same.

The Left & Islam have proven they shoud be barred from political authority, to save mankind from their trademark genocide, persecution, excessive restrictions to freedoms.

Rom 12, again you fail to grasp spiritual truths. But to use your error as an argument, then Left are guilty as they exacerbate poverty, family breakdown, crime through their push for welfare dependency (a tool to further their political power).
---Haz27 on 6/17/17


Only if Republicans are. (After all, fair is fair.)


You rightists want to bar leftists from political authority. Left wants to bar the right. What objective criteria can one use to determine who is right? One side wanting to disenfranchise another has been the cause of opression, persecution, and genocide throughout history. Trump's son said Democrats who oppose him "aren't really people". Treating your enemies with contempt violates The Golden Rule - do YOU enjoy being treated with contempt, and as a non-person? I think not.

Romans 12? Republicans want to cancel food stamps and Meals on Wheels, and are responsible for Flint's toxic water.
---StrongAxe on 6/17/17

JERRY. Good question about DEMs & guns. Considering Lefts historical record with lies, totalitarianism, genocide (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc) the more appropriate question is should the likes of DEMs be barred from political authority.

KATHR. Trump rebuts deluge of hate, lies, innuendo, which are trademark tactics of Left. Left in Aust did same to Pauline Hanson 20 yrs ago.

The Left today should be opposed just as strongly as Lefts Stalinism, Nazism, Maoism should be opposed. Oddly Leftists try every deceitful argument possible to persuade conservatives to not oppose Lefts evil agenda.

Romans 12 calls to overcome evil with good, by offering food/drink (Christ, 1Cor 10:3,4) to hungry/thirsty (the lost).
---Haz27 on 6/16/17

I wonder how Haz27 cares to trample there verses? Trump has spent 150% of his time trying to avenge himself. We see it is not working. Trump does not know how to humble himself before the Lord and Let the Lord avenge him, if he has in fact been a victim of fake news. ALTERNATE FACTS began the Trump administration, as FAKE FAKE FAKE FACTS. AKA LIES, NEWS, ETC.

Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.

20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him, if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
---kathr4453 on 6/16/17

Should Democrats be barred from gun ownership?

---Jerry6593 on 6/16/17

Samuelbb7. You fail to understand who are the naked, hungry, thirsty, stranger, sick, etc in Matt 25. Hence you fail to recognize what determines who is sheep and who is goat.

But if we were to use your mistaken view of Matt 25 then clearly the Left such as the heartless DEMs cause so much harm to the poor that they would fit your view of goats.

Unlike you I hear both sides. The Left's Fake News cannot be avoided as the Left dominate the media, Hollywood, universities, institutions, internet, etc. But I search out the conservative side of debate also.

I suggest you step out of the Leftist echo chamber and denominational echo chamber. Trust in Jesus, not in man (Isa 2:22)
---Haz27 on 6/16/17

Haz. This is a site to discuss the Bible and what is going on in Christianity.

Not to give political rants about things you don't know except from far right new sources.

I trust in GOD. Let us read the Bible and follow what it says.

Read Matthew 25. Those who treat the poor badly and claim to follow GOD. Are the goats. Not the sheep.

Jesus love your enemies. Not hate them.

---Samuelbb7 on 6/16/17

NURSE. The Guardian is renowned as far Left Fake News. You might as well be reading Mein Kampf if you're that into relying on the Left's distorted Socialist perspectives.

You should have taken the red pill. It's far better to embrace truth than the Left's Fake News.

Fact remains the Heartless Left push for baby slaughter, deviancy for school children, welfare reliance creating poverty, family breakdown, crime, especially amongst blacks & Aboriginals.
As for "asylum seekers, these economic migrants are known for even going back to the country's they allegedly fled, FOR HOLIDAYS..LOL. Some have rorted our welfare system for years and then join ISIS boasting about how the gullible West financed their hidden agenda.
---Haz27 on 6/15/17

Haz27, I've stated before...with your analogy you make Jesus a sinner because our sin was placed on Him.

But that is not true either.

You think because he lied to the Holy Spirit that that was a DIFFERENT KIND OF LIE? A more serious lie. Now Lies and sin come in categories with You? Lying is lying HAZ. Trying to split hairs and find loopholes is your kind of twisted thinking that is beginning to show in all your posts.

When we lie to one another as Christians, we are also lying to God. PERIOD. Why? Because we are IN CHRIST. We defile the whole BODY OF CHRIST, where Christ is the Head of the Body, and we are members one with another.

Move on HAZ, We will NEVER agree.
---kathr4453 on 6/15/17

---Haz27 on 6/13/17

Haz, I reject your premise. Deliberately generating hate? Pushing for baby slaughter?

What I see is ultra right wingers who ignore the suffering of children, the poor, attempt to usurp the right of voters. You castigate the left while the right is doing the same then claim the left is worse than the right??

As far as Australia's politics: An interesting article in the Guardian. "it (the right) promotes a reactionary trinity of discourse: anti-asylum seeker, anti-ABC , and anti-anthropogenic global warming. The right is also attempting to assert the primacy of the individual by attacking disadvantaged minority collectives, such as refugees or Indigenous Australians." Fits you perfectly.
---NurseRobert on 6/15/17

Kathr. Acts5, note issue is they lied to God, not men, testing Spirit of Lord.

Re sin, you failed to answer my posts.
If you sin (transgress law, 1John 3:4), that means you're under jurisdiction of the law (Rom 3:19) for self righteousness, & thus not under grace (Rom 11:6).
If you sin you're of the devil (1John 3:8).
If you sin you never knew Christ (1John 3:6).
If you sin you're slave of sin (John 8:36).

Do you sin?
Or are you free from law (Rom 8:2,33 & 10:4) and saved by grace?

We're either righteous OR a sinner. 1Pet 4:18
if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?
Note here 2 groups.
Group 1: Righteous/Saved
Group 2: Ungodly/Sinner.
---Haz27 on 6/15/17

Haz27, I do not argue left or right , but just use scripture to support. Since you cannot support your LIE, then please apologize.

Also if you think you got the last word on Finish it in June, you didn't.

Lie all you want Haz27, believing it will never be brought to your charge In heaven , HOWEVER, we have seen how God deals with Christians HERE and NOW who PUBLICALLY humiliating those who continue in their sin. Acts 5 shows God does in fact DEAL with Christians who sin....either death, lost ministries, public exposure of those who are hypocrites IN THIS LIFE. And loss of rewards will speak volumes in heaven. No lie or sin will be rewarded. your understanding is very SHALLOW.
---kathr4453 on 6/15/17

Kathr. We'll have to agree to disagree, as I've seen quite a few examples from you where you believed and argued in support of the deceitful propaganda of the Left.

I've even challenged you several times about the deceitful Leftist propaganda that you trusted and argued in support of here.
---Haz27 on 6/14/17

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Haz27, again bearing false witness...called lying is a sin. Repent of that sin Haz27. I Do not talk politics on the left or right here Haz27 EVERYONE who knows me knows that. I discuss scripture. And I also use scripture to point to SIN,and scripture to point to Jesus Christ and point to the CROSS.

I call you our because of your name calling, and making blanket statements without any proof or back up.

I stated God is neither Democrat or Republican or does He advocate NATIONAL PRIDE.

So along with this AND giving you BCV, you still FAIL to read and comprehend what others are saying.

---kathr4453 on 6/14/17

Kathr, your record here on CN has consistently been one of loyally defending the Left, regardless of the FACTS of it's position on baby slaughter, it's divisive identity politics, it's agenda of deviancy for school children, and
its agenda for increased poverty, crime, family breakdown and debt through ever increasing welfare dependence, etc.

Calling you out as an obvious "Rusted on voter" (a term we sometimes use in Australia) for the Left that you are, is not "stretching the truth", as you misleadingly claim.

I don't apologize for exposing the truth about the evils of the heartless Left. Truth is not "name calling" as you misleadingly claim.

---Haz27 on 6/14/17

Haz27, who is "WE all know.".? Stretching the truth again....called lying is a sin Haz27. I try to see things through Gods Eyes, meaning through scripture comparing spiritual with spiritual.

Your continual calling names of others is losing its bite and bark. It's the same ol same ol pointless insult you think holds some sort of truth and power .....but it's becoming a big joke.

Calling anyone names because they disagree with you is moronic and childish, and sin Haz27.
---kathr4453 on 6/13/17

Kathr. We all know you see the world through LEFT tinted glasses. You're swayed by their deceitful propaganda & virtue signalling.
But many of us see right through the lies from the heartless, power hungry, totalitarian Left. God sees through it best.

Jesus said in Matt 10:16
I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves
Whilst that was a warning to disciples having to deal with anti Christ haters of their time, it's similar today as it's the hateful, anti Christ Left who likewise are wolves condemning, persecuting and trying to deceive Christians.

I don't know if Trump is truly Christian. But if he is then he cannot be charged with sin (Rom 8:33).
---Haz27 on 6/13/17

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So Haz27, ok so are you suggesting because Trump claims to be a Christian that he is sinless? Adultry, etc is no longer a sin if a Christian commits it?

Let's examine the FACTS and NOT through the right or left lens of someone's tinted glasses. Even if you choose NOT to carefully look, doesn't mean God looks through YOUR lenses. We need to learn to look TNROUGH HIS EYES, WITHOUT letting our personal agenda get in the way.
---kathr4453 on 6/13/17

NURSE. I see the Left as GREATER EVIL, hence my stronger criticism.
Maybe you too would be more critical of the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, than of Margaret Thatcher.

In Australia I'm critical of our prime minister Turnbull who leads the LNP (equivalent to REPs). But almost half the members of his supposed "conservative" party seem true conservatives hence the LNP is the lessor evil compared to the far Left ALP and the lunatic Left Greens.

Its the far Left DEMs & our ALP etc who are deliberately generating hate, division, violence in society through identity politics, etc. They also push for baby slaughter, degeneracy for school children, etc.
What's odd is that you defend the Left in spite of this.
---Haz27 on 6/13/17

---Haz7 on 6/12/17

And this is where your argument fails. I don't defend any party. You have issues with anyone who doesn't believe as you do. Oh, you love to argue that all parties are bad, but I have NEVER heard you criticize the conservatives like you do the liberals, but no problems.. it is who you are.

And no, unlike some on this site, I have never attacked someone based on their denomination. People worship as they do. I was just interested.

I am curious as to what makes you such an angry old man.
---NurseRobert on 6/13/17

AXE. Have I boasted about myself like you did saying "I'm too forgiving...."?

And where have I reacted like you and NURSE, so eagerly defending major political parties (especially the baby slaughtering, divisive, degenerate DEMs)? I've described on several occasions the major parties as the greater evil (e.g DEMS, and our ALP & Greens) and the lessor evil (REPS & our LNP).

The heartless Left's push for welfare dependence is renowned for destroying families and increasing poverty.

As for first & last, see 1Cor 15:44-49 to see that the first (elder/Esau) is physical, and last (younger/Jacob) is spiritual.

NURSE. I'm non denominational. Were you hoping to attack me based on denomination?
---Haz7 on 6/12/17

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How is it different from you+Jerry's display of mutual praise and conceit?

As I often say, I do NOT agree with all "the left" does. But it's sad YOUR rightist puppet masters have such a hold over you that you always run to their defense, regardless of many policies THEY have that diametrically oppose teachings of Christ. (Not all, but many). As you judge, so shall YOU be judged.

It's the hypocritical RIGHT's greedy leaders who vote to cut funding for health care and food for the poor, while voting themselves multi-million dollar subsidies and tax cuts. Trump cut Meals for Wheels "to save the taxpayers money". BS, as it costs $3M/year for that, while he wastes $3M/TRIP to golf at Mar-a-Lago.
---StrongAxe on 6/12/17

Haz, what denomination are you?What type of church do you attend?
---NurseRobert on 6/12/17

AXE & NURSE..LOL..your display of mutual praise, conceitedness, etc is too funny.

Sad though that your Leftist puppet masters have such a hold over you that you always run to their defense regardless of their heartless baby slaughter, hate, divisive identity politics, degeneracy agenda for school children, etc.

AXE, again you fail to understand first & last. Your understanding even seems somewhat consistent with man's Socialist/Communist con of rich serving poor (in spite of the hypocritical Left's greedy leaders always becoming the rich when they install their genocidal anti Christ totalitarian regimes).

Again, think SPIRITUAL and not like natural man if you want to understand scripture (1Cor 2:14).

---Haz27 on 6/12/17


I do too, but I just find it difficult in my nature to entirely give up on people. Some might say I'm "too forgiving", but from Christ's perspective, how much forgiveness is too much?


"first will be last" consistently refers to the natural order (those who expect to be superior) being deliberately inverted - older serving younger, rich serving poor, etc. In this case, those who expect to be saved aren't, and those who don't expect to be saved are.
---StrongAxe on 6/11/17

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Strongaxe.. Why do you persist with Haz and Jerry? All they have is insults. There is NO Christian love in them.

They both remind me of the grumpy old guy who sits on his porch yelling at people to stay off his lawn. I feel sorry for both of them.

---NurseRobert on 6/11/17

AXE. It's not difficult to get understanding.
Your take on Matt 25 is Atheists, Muslims, who are anti Christ, are sheep based on attaining some nebulous minimum standard of compassion.
And this in spite of scripture shows it's SPIRITUALLY naked, hungry, stranger, etc, = UNSAVED. Thus sheep are clearly believers who preach gospel to unbelievers.

Likewise first & last refers to first & last Adam, elder serves younger, Esau/Jacob. Study to see it speaks of flesh serves spirit.

The political scale has moved so far Left over past decades that left of center is far left by standards of years ago. Our supposed conservative party here (the LNP, similar to REPS), is so Left that its left of center.

---Haz27 on 6/11/17


Again I suggest you ask Jesus, our teacher (Matt 23:8, 1John 2:27) for understanding.

I have. The problem with asking God for things is that different people ask the same questions and appear to get different answers, and there is no objective way to determine who is right. Clearly, msot of them must be wrong.

I am somewhat left of center, but NOT a "lefty". I also have many beliefs that are right of center. However, you and Jerry appear to be incapable of thinking of anyone as having anything other than steretypical black-and-white beliefs. Reality is more nuanced.
---StrongAxe on 6/11/17

AXE. As thief on cross ONLY had BELIEF in Jesus (our works, John 6:29), and no deeds of compassion, then again we see your doctrine that Atheists can get to Heaven just based on some nebulous minimum levels of compassion, is not supported in scripture.

I see you also fail to understand what the FIRST and LAST symbolizes in scripture.
Again I suggest you ask Jesus, our teacher (Matt 23:8, 1John 2:27) for understanding.

JERRY. True. The Left are bigoted haters, deliberately fracturing society with their identity politics.

NURSE. Your always eager to defend your heartless Left puppet masters, rather than putting Jesus, the word of God, first.

CLUNY. Axe is a Lefty as his narrative proves.

---Haz27 on 6/11/17

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Jesus is speaking in spiritual terms in Matthew 25, in regard to the sheep and goats. The sheep feed spiritual truth to the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, etc. Truth from the word of God, while the goats feed them with lies they have learned elsewhere, "feed my sheep". John 21:14-19.

"And these (the goats) shall go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into life eternal" Matt 25:46. The righteous know the truth and share it. Righteous?...yes, that is what Jesus called them, not me.

The goats think they have the truth but they are blind and naked and miserable, etc. Rev 3:14-22.

---barb on 6/11/17


Your responses keep flinging mud - by using emotionally-loaded terms like "leftist", "commie", "fruitcake". Such language detracts from rational discussion by trying to sway readers by inflaming their emotions to the point where they ignore actual facts. It is frequently used by children who have not yet learned to discuss things rationally. Adults know better. Please grow up.

You put labels on people (like "leftist"), and judge them entirely based on that stereotype. I am somewhat left of center, not a "leftist". I am conservative in some areas. Learn to see past the stereotypes.
---StrongAxe on 6/11/17

Sorry pal, but it is you leftist, commie, socialist, progressive fruitcakes who fractionate society with your group-think, hyphenated designations, race baiting, etc. Get a clue, will you?

---Jerry6593 on 6/9/17

funny coming from someone's who denomination is mostly lefties....
---NurseRobert on 6/10/17


Those very words condemn you as the judgmental one.


A vile Samarian or atheist with compassion was better than a holy Jew or Christian without it. Jesus said Sodom would bear witness against the inhospitable, and the first would be last and last first. Many think they know what it takes to get to heaven, only to discover too late they are dead wrong. Many will say, "Didn't we do many wonderful works in your name?" and Jesus will say "I never knew you!"

Matthew 25 sheep were judged on their compassion ONLY. NOT their theology or beliefs. Good Christians would KNOW Matthew 25, and would NOT need to ask, "when did we give you water?" because they would already know.
---StrongAxe on 6/9/17

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\\Sorry pal, but it is you leftist, commie, socialist, progressive fruitcakes who fractionate society with your group-think, hyphenated designations, race baiting, etc. Get a clue, will you?\\

Have you no shame?

Jerry, I happen to know StrongAxe personally, and he is not a leftist, not a communist, not a socialist.

Calling people names is a frequently used tactic by the left to silence those with whom they disagree--exactly what YOU are doing.

BTW, would not groupthink tend to UNITE society, instead of divide it into factions (or fractions)?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/9/17

ax: "That's because you pre-judge people based solely on their surface labels."

Sorry pal, but it is you leftist, commie, socialist, progressive fruitcakes who fractionate society with your group-think, hyphenated designations, race baiting, etc. Get a clue, will you?

---Jerry6593 on 6/9/17

AXE. I see you failed to recognize that the sheep believed on Jesus, as we are commanded to do.

Instead you based your interpretation on compassionate behavior only (which is a variable). In other words you argue that an Atheist, or muslim ,etc, who deny Jesus as the Christ, are saved purely based on what measure of compassion they showed throughout their lives.

Sorry, but that contradicts God's word.
I suggest you sincerely ask Jesus our teacher (Matt 23:8) to give you understanding, as you obviously don't have any grasp of Matt 25.

My advice is that you do a word study on words like naked, stranger, prison, sick, spiritual food and drink, to help you grasp Matt 25.
---Haz27 on 6/8/17


Exactly! Note that the sheep in Matthew 25 were confused as to why they were chosen. Good Christians would not be, because they would KNOW Matthew 25. So this MUST refer to people with compassionate hearts but without the benefit of Christian theology. ANYONE who gives someone a glass of water for his sake will have his reward. The goats were people who believed they were saved, but weren't. (Elsewhere, he rejects those who say, "didn't we do great works in your name?").

Basically, Jesus is saying he prefers compassionate unbelievers over so-called Christians who lack love. He judges people based on their love, NOT their theology.
---StrongAxe on 6/8/17

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AXE. You may emphatically insist that your understanding of Matt 25 is the only true account, but that does not make it so, especially considering that non Christians also offer such physical help to the physically needy.

How would your understanding of Matt 25 differentiate Christians from non Christians, when they both do the same physical deeds?

But scripture is SPIRITUALLY discerned (1Cor 2:14) so we had best cross reference with other scriptures to see what God describes as the naked, hungry, thirsty, strangers, etc.
---Haz27 on 6/7/17


You may interpret Mt. 25 that way if you like, but that's not what Jesus said, nor what he meant. He said, "I was hungry and you fed me. I was naked and you clothed me." These are physical needs. During his sermons, Jesus gave physical fish and bread to his followers. While there are references to "spiritual food", there are no similar references to "spiritual clothes". Naked is literally, physically, naked. If someone is starving to death, telling him to just come to church to hear a sermon is the depth of hypocrisy.


it's hard to see how a left-winger could hold that view

That's because you pre-judge people based solely on their surface labels.
---StrongAxe on 6/7/17

AXE. If you're not mixing grace & works, then that's good. Maybe our previous disagreements have influenced your perception of my post, but I did say " IF you are steering towards mixing....." . Scriptures warn often against mixing works & grace so clearly it's a leading threat to our salvation.

As for James 2 on works, it refers to feeding (preaching gospel) the spiritually hungry (the lost) who lack Christ, our spiritual food (1Cor 10:3,4), and clothing (preaching gospel) the spiritually naked (the lost) who lack robes of righteousness, garments of salvation (Isa 61:10).

Matt 25 separation of sheep & goats is likewise spiritual (1Cor 2:14) i.e preaching gospel to the lost, as scriptures confirms.
---Haz27 on 6/7/17

ax: Loved your treatise on the end justifying the means, although it's hard to see how a left-winger could hold that view (e.g. "social justice redistribution").

You said: "False Christians are hypocrites who claim to be godly, yet actively disobey what Jesus taught".

Jesus taught:

Mat 5:17-19 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven

---Jerry6593 on 6/7/17

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Axe. I see you hinted at the (heartless) Left's concern (virtue signalling) for Muslim refugees, with reference to good Samaritan, in your political jab.
But consider Matt 10:5. Jesus told disciples to avoid Gentiles & Samaritans?
I suggest you ask God for SPIRITUAL understanding (1Cor 2:14).

You should consider that Muslim refugees persecute Christian refugees such that they avoid UN refugee centers.
Consider also far more refugees can be helped for the same cost by keeping them in safe zones in middle east, than by bringing them to the West just to satisfy narcissistic Lefties.

As for who's the strangers Matt 25 speaks of, it's THE UNSAVED who are STRANGERS from covenants of promise (Eph 2:12,19).
---Haz27 on 6/7/17


Jesus taught the two greatest commandments are love God and neighbor. He specifically illustrated the second with his Good Samaritan parable. Before that, Samartan was a pejorative, referring to heretic foreigner scum (like what many Americans call Muslim refugees). Since, it means someone who sacrifices of himself to help all strangers.

We are not saved through faith+works, and I never said we did. Reading your prejucices between the lines again? However, James tells us our works demonstrate our faith.

False Christians are hypocrites who claim to be godly, yet actively disobey what Jesus taught (e.g. love your neighbor). Note Jesus's final judgment in Mt 25 is based SOLELY on "love your neighbor".
---StrongAxe on 6/6/17

AXE. The commandments Christians keep are seen in 1John 3:23, John 3:16, Jon 13:34. They are:
1:Believe on Jesus
2:Love one another (love does no harm to another)

What laws do you refer to in your post claiming that pretend Christians supposedly break?

If you're steering towards a mix of grace and works of the law, then beware you might fall into that pretend Christian category you spoke of.

We cannot mix grace and works (Rom 11:6).
Christians are married to Christ (Eph 5:31), one spirit with the Lord (1Cor 6:17), therefore you should not spiritually fornicate with another (Hagar, who is symbolic for righteousness by deeds of the law, Gal 4:21-24).

We should not be like the foolish Galatians (Gal 3:1-3)
---Haz27 on 6/6/17

Josef: "...I'll ask anyway. What makes one blog question of more importance, or of more relevance than the next?"
Personal perspective may be all that makes one question or response more important than another when a matter of opinion. However, retaining truth is best.
"Are the questions retained on this forum based solely on the participation of the respondent" I can't speak for moderators, but In past when blogs were deleted I had thought that some response(s) may have been thought of as offensive. yet what offends one, another may find helpful or at least simply not taken offense to,... . In developing true understanding, some discussions are beneficial
---Chria9396 on 6/6/17

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I think our biggest danger isn't from non-Christians, but from people who claim to be Christians, but clearly aren't, because their actions go against everything Jesus taught. These people seriously believe they are doing God's work while at the same time, they break all of his laws with the excuse that doing so is justified. In The White Queen, a miniseries that deals with reign of Henry VII, the queen mother has murdered several people, including children, calling it God's work, because she believe her son is God's choice for king, and any act, no matter how heinous, is justified when you're on the side of God. Spanish conquistadores similarly rationalized raping and pillaging the new world in the name of God and Queen.
---StrongAxe on 6/6/17

Wow! Are we all in agreement then that one who claims to be saved may not actually be?

Let Jesus be the Righteous Judge (2Ti 4:8)

---Jerry6593 on 6/6/17

StrongeAxe : What you said is true, Hence: Lord, Lord, On the Last day - Matthew 7:21 - Strong delusion - 2 Thessalonians - More so because were probably in this time right now, If you notice, when I post, It is a verse or verses that work in with the Blog, or to contradict something or something, someone said, That I think is wrong or misunderstanding , or to make some one Think, Sometimes am corrected, My comments are usually follow by a question mark, Leaving it to the reader to contemplate,
---RichardC on 6/5/17

You are correct Strongax.

In Matthew 25 there are people who come up to Jesus thinking they are saved. But Jesus will say they work iniquity. That they are not saved. Even though they point at the works they have done which they think show they are saved.

Those who are saved must be Born Again of the Spirit and have their eyes on Jesus and love is their guide from the Bible.
---Samuelbb7 on 6/5/17

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True, but this it not always helpful. Also, "God will send them strong delusion so they would believe the lie".

People who are truly saved will know it. Some people who are unsaved, but have some spiritual discermnent, will also recognize this. However, people who are strongly deluded will think they are saved, even if they are not - so their experience, from a subjective perspective, cannot be distinguished frmo those who are truly saved. Thus, the personal experience cannot be relied on as an absolute barometer of truth.

Mormons teach that one should seek the inward witness of the Holy Spirit to tell one if the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. Millions of Mormons have that witness, but are wrong.
---StrongAxe on 6/5/17

Judge themselves worthy ( I am saved ) - A person can Know if they are saved -

Romans 8:16 - The Spirit itself beareth witness with our Spirit, that we are children of God,
---RichardC on 6/4/17

Dear Joseph sir,

1. Please provide the context of what you are alleging here (name of post, statement, and date).

2. Provide your response to me on the "Finish It Here Blog." the one for June.

3. I've noticed your lack of or not at all citing verses in ownership such as chapter and verse... is this intentional??
---john9346 on 6/3/17

John, this is for you, in response to a statement by you, addressed to me, you know the one. If we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins. The soul that does ought presumptuously,.... the same reproaches the LORD, and that soul shall be cut off from among His people. Because he has despised the word of the LORD, and has broken His commandment, that soul shall utterly be cut off, his iniquity shall be upon him. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. Those who reject Him are referenced in 2Thes 2:7-12.
---Josef on 6/2/17

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Do some Christians try to be their own judges by judging others' right to enter heaven? Or just as blasphemous, do they judge themselves as worthy ("I am saved") and cut God out of the judging process?

---Jerry6593 on 6/2/17

judgment day is when you die on earth the second judgement is when god will judge the living and dead the final judgement that's when the beast and false prophet will be thrown in the lake of fire with the sinners. the people that is in hell will go back to hell people in heaven stays in heaven(second judgement)
---carme655 on 6/2/17

Like the Olympian gods, they rarely deign to answer questions pertaining to how these blogs are run, especially questions of the form "why...".
---StrongAxe on 6/1/17

I've been posting, on and off, on CN for over 10 years. I've noticed blogs disappear if they become overly contentious.

I have also noticed selective postings in that some moderators will no allow postings that disagree with their particular beliefs (that has happened to me in the past).

There are also key words that will block a post though it can be difficult to figure them out sometimes.

But don't worry Haz and Jerry, I will keep posting my left leaning thoughs..
---NurseRobert on 6/2/17

Blogs appear to be retained here so that people can read them, even after posting is not allowed. The moderators appear to delete some blogs for various reasons (sometimes when they're not even full), but they never say why. Like the Olympian gods, they rarely deign to answer questions pertaining to how these blogs are run, especially questions of the form "why...".
---StrongAxe on 6/1/17

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I agree Chria9396, it is puzzling. If it was a space issue it would seem that the logical thing to do would be to delete the ones that are full and cannot receive any more responses. This question will likely not be addressed, but I'll ask anyway. What makes one blog question of more importance, or of more relevance than the next? Are the questions retained on this forum based solely on the participation of the respondent.
---Josef on 6/1/17

"How is it that some Christians don't believe in the Judgement, when the Bible clearly teaches it?"

Satan's deception has been taught and received, by some, as truth.
---Josef on 6/1/17

I apologize for posting in this blog but The finish it blog is full, and several others are sadly missing which I would have liked to possibly respond to. There were some good comments, and I do appreciate those. Why deleted, God only knows, but some blogs were one on Wisdom, Read/study scriptures,Kingdom of God and heaven, Not want to live forever. Puzzling seeing that some other things have been permitted.
---Chria9396 on 6/1/17

But Judgement has not happen Yet ?

Now : There is a judgment day, The conclusion of this world, But Judgement for people who die before this, seems to be at time of death, If not, would Not Hebrews 9:27 Read something like - After this Judgment Day , It doesn't ! It says - After this the Judgment - That would mean immediate - I find 9:27 very obvious - So when the Bible talk's about the last day - Time of death - or - Final day of the World ?
---RichardC on 5/31/17

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Samuel: I think that many of our Christian friends do not want to admit of a judgement because they realize that, as in our day, judgement is referenced to a pre-determined set of laws, and these they don't wish to acknowledge because such laws (and one in particular) conflict with their man-made doctrine.

---Jerry6593 on 5/31/17

GOD knows the answer. But judgment has not happened and will not until the world ends.

Act 24:25
And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time, when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee.

Rev 14:7
Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

This has not happened yet.
---Samuelbb7 on 5/29/17

Judgement has not been rendered to all ?

Has it not in some sense, it was, right from the beginning ?

Isaiah 46:11 - Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying my counsel shall stand, and I will do all of my pleasure,

Revelation 13:8 - And all that dwell on earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the Book of life of the lamb slain, from the foundation of the world,
---RichardC on 5/28/17

ax: "Yes. NOT "the books were opened, and the Ancient of Days sat and pondered them for a few hundreds years."

Keep reading.

Dan 7:22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High, and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.

Judgement has not yet been rendered to all.

---Jerry6593 on 5/28/17

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Hebrews 9:27 - And it is appointed unto men once to die , But after this the judgement:
---RichardC on 5/26/17


You wrote: Dan 7:9,10 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, ... the judgment was set, and the books were opened.

Yes. NOT "the books were opened, and the Ancient of Days sat and pondered them for a few hundreds years before rendering judgment".
---StrongAxe on 5/26/17

cluny: "Particular Judgement immediately after death--yes."

Chapter and verse please. Strange that Christ would say that He's coming back to "bring His reward with Him" if the judgement was made at death. Reward is a part of judgement, as it is today with both investigative and sentencing phases in trials.

"SDA's Investigative Judgement--no."

How about GOD's Investigative Judgement?

Dan 7:9,10 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, ... the judgment was set, and the books were opened.

---Jerry6593 on 5/26/17

Christians don't believe in the judgment because they have already judged themselves as saved or born again. Jesus very simply and clearly tells us that it is His Words that will judge us and if we do not believe them (His Words) those same words, the Words that He has spoken, will judge those who rejected them, in the last day. John 12:44-50. This is the white throne judgment.

When He appears in the clouds, He knows who His sheep are and His sheep know Him. And He will separate the sheep from the goats, the sheep have been judged already, so yes, in that sense there is a judgment occurring in Heaven right now where the High Priest makes atonement for His Kingdom.
---barb on 5/24/17

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Jesus said he would return to judge the living and the dead. The Bible says his coming will be visible by all, as lightining from the east to the west - i.e. sudden, dramatic, and visible by all. This contrasts with the false SDA teaching of "investigative judgment", where Jesus "came back" in 1844, but because nobody saw him do so, it's rationalized that he's busy in heaven, taking his time, reading through lots of books. I wonder how this can ever end, because while he's busy reading all the old books, new ones are continuously being written. If it takes him ANY appreciable time to read them, this process can NEVER end (i.e. look up Zeon's paradox, and Achilles and the Tortoise).
---StrongAxe on 5/23/17

Jerry, I can just as easily ask why some Christians (and they are a minority) don't believe the bread and wine become the true Body and Blood of jesus, when the Bible clearly teaches it.

Christ is risen!
---CLuny on 5/23/17

Depends on what kind of Judgement you mean.

General Judgement at the Parousia--yes.

Particular Judgement immediately after death--yes.

SDA's Investigative Judgement--no.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/23/17

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