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Blogs Problems

Just wondering moderator(s)...Is something wrong with the main page for blogs? It appears differently than in the past. Many recent blogs are not showing up while many blog titles appear more than once. I thought it might be the computer I was using but tried a different one and it was the same.

Moderator - We just had some major changes to the site. Would you please give me some examples so we can investigate? Thanks!

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 ---chria9396 on 9/26/17
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Many recent blogs are not showing up while many blog titles appear more than once.
---michael_e on 2/17/18

About half of the blogs have been finished for months
---michael_e on 2/16/18

What is wrong with these blogs?

Ever since CN went to a SSL-secured website, the corrupted blogs are dominating the landing page of this site.

This has happened again.
---Mark_Eaton on 11/9/17

What is so important about the Accounting Of Your Taxes, Commandments From Jesus, Is Disaster Looting Sinful, Is DACA Legal, Who's The Elect,
Saturday Is Day To Worship, I Like A 16 Year Old Girl, Tithe To Abused Animals, Who Is The AntiChrist, Can Religion Save Me, Pope Francis Prayers, America's Historical Monuments,
Can Angels Have God's Grace, What Is Vain Philosophy, Tearing Down Statues, God Does Not Love Me blogs? They are taking up 16 spaces on the recent comments blogs list when no one as commented on them recently.
---jjosef on 10/24/17

How come the blog about 'Salvation by works,or not' keeps disappearing?
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/18/17

ChristiaNet blogger by clicking this link. Currently jerry6593 has 187 votes. The higher the number of votes the more helpful this blogger is considered by the Christ

Jerry, I just pulled this up. CN did not change you to did when you started using a capital J and not a lower case j for your name.
---kathr4453 on 10/4/17

Blogs disappears on me. The 'United States of America' went missing for a couple of days. I accidently found it when I clicked on 'View recent blogs.'

Plus, the most recent posted blog in a topic isn't showing under the list of blog topics. I have to click on it to see the latest posting.

Also, if I hit the back space arrow on my computer my written preview block goes blank.

---Nicole_Lacey on 10/4/17


You wrote: It was that darn computer again.

As they say, to err is human, to forgive divine, but to really foul things up requires a computer. :)

BTW, how did you ever get 1460 votes? That's 10X what everyone else got.

It's built up slowly over time. I don't know. I guess people may just like the way I write? I tend to have an inferiority complex, so I don't understand why people like me, but I eventually stopped worrying about it and learned to accept it as one of life's small gifts. I've been here for a long time. Not quite 10 years, but Google finds posts at least as far back as 2008, so it's been close.
---StrongAxe on 10/4/17

Jerry, I think StrongAxe, Cluny and Kathr are one of the oldest bloggers on CN.

StrongAxe can be VERY convincing.

He had a couple of good point. I even voted for his blogs twice in the past as for Cluny as well.

I even voted for Kathr once. I can't remember for what reason, but whatever she posted it was pretty good.

I have voted for you as well. I am sure only on common sense and political postings. We differ on Faith matters.

Anywho, I STILL can see past StrongAxe's fancy words and cunning debate style. :D
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/4/17

Thanks StrongAxe. It was that darn computer again. BTW, how did you ever get 1460 votes? That's 10X what everyone else got.

---Jerry6593 on 10/4/17


I don't understand what's happening to you then, because I always see 25 posts on the blog list. Moderators rarely reply on these blogs, even if addressed directly, although they sometimes do so. On this blog, for example, a moderator did not reply directly, but did so indirectly by modifying the blog topic to add his own comment.

I have never seen any way to directly contact moderators. Every time I post, I'm required to supply an email address, but the only thing that seemed to be used for was advertising.
---StrongAxe on 10/3/17


I am using firefox.

Right now only 2 current blogs are listed normally, the third one down closed on Sept 18. There are more than 2 blogs that have been active since the 18th,.

Moderators have not responded. I can't recall when I last saw a moderator on cnet. There is no longer a direct link from christianets main page, also accessed above by the Mall tab.
---chria9396 on 10/3/17


You wrote: Speaking of missing.... Why was my "helpful blogger" score reset from about 150 to 0 about a year or so ago?

Blogger names are case-sensitive. "Jerry6593" has 10 votes, while "jerry6593" has 186, and his last post was on 8/16/16. I would guess that you started capitalizing your name then.
---StrongAxe on 10/1/17

Moderators, can you display any answers you might have to any of the questions already asked in this blog?
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/1/17

Why is the number of blog entries per subject now missing from the main page. It was the only way to tell if a blog was still active.

Speaking of missing.... Why was my "helpful blogger" score reset from about 150 to 0 about a year or so ago?

---Jerry6593 on 10/1/17


What browser are you using? Firefox works for me.


I mentioned this several years ago. Last year, I mentioned another problem, and a moderator said they no longer had a programmer on staff, so problems will likely never get fixed.

This likely due to a sloppy internal database implementation, using semicolon separators. E.g. if a database record is "date:user:blog:message", colons would be a problem.

I found another site with this problem years ago. Both sites "fixed" the problem by converting semicolons to commas. A better solution would convert them to a non-printing character, then back to semicolons for display. (Years later, that other site didn't fix it either.)
---StrongAxe on 9/30/17

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Moderator, I reported that this site does not record a semi-colon as a semi-colon, but it always has printed a comma. Let me now test if this still happens, using Colossians 3:15 which has a semi-colon before "and be thankful." >

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful." (Colossians 3:15)

In my writing box, I wrote a semi-colon before "and be thankful."
---Bill on 9/30/17

Refreshing the browser is not helping. A few days ago I responded to an old blog "Works pleasing to God". Only the 5 most recent blogs appear on the page, that one does not, and since it's an old blog it's not found in the "view most recent blogs" tab. I noticed this when someone elses reply to an old blog disappeared from the list even though their response was made more recently then some responses to blogs lower down on the list.

Also note that starting with the sixth blog and down to the bottom of the page, there is no category such as salvation or number or replies, but there's a comma.
---chria9396 on 9/30/17

Sometimes you need to refresh the page. Web pages that change frequently are supposed to tell browsers that they need to be refreshed, and they usually are, but sometimes you have to refresh manually anyway. I've noticed that with specific blogs here, most of the time, new posts show up, but on occasion, they don't, but appear after I refresh the page.
---StrongAxe on 9/29/17

Josef is right, there are times it doesn't show the latest postings, and at time some blog topics doesn't show at all.

This blog topic disappeared for several hours until now.

Sometimes all the blog topics are weeks ago and I have to refresh just to get the current blogs to appear.

I have several blog topic appearing twice, but I can spot the old ones because the top postings is old
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/29/17

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"It only shows the 25 most recent posts. Strongaxe that's my point, it doesn't show "the 25 most recent post". If you don't see that on your screen, then you can not answer the question i'm asking. I appreciate your attempt.
---Josef on 9/29/17


As I said, the main blogs page does not list the most recent BLOGS. It lists the most recent POSTS, in order from the most recent backwards. It only shows the 25 most recent posts. If some blogs have much activity, the posts on those blogs will dominate the most-recent-25 list, and others will fall off the bottom. If you want to comment on blogs specifically by name, click on "View Recent Blogs". If you want to comment on all blogs you comment on frequently, bookmark your own page.
---StrongAxe on 9/29/17

I understand all of that Strongaxe. What I don't understand is why full blogs are remaining on the main page (the page one is brought to when opening the Christianet blogs) while the most recently addressed ones are being dropped from the page? Change is only being shown on the first five blogs, the ones from there down remain the same, and most of them can no longer be comment on. Perhaps you can explained why this is happening?
---Josef on 9/28/17


There is one page that shows the most recent posts on all blogs. If multiple people have recently posted on a blog, that blog will show up multiple times (e.g. the "antichrist" blog). If nobody has posted recently, that blog will fall off the bottom.

Press "view recent blogs" to get another page that just lists the blog titles. The "antichrist" blog only shows up once there.

Josef: the "vain thinking" blog is there too.

The easiest way to keep track of your blog posts is to click your name to bring up a page with your posts, then bookmark it, and always start at that page. You can also do this to follow someone else.
---StrongAxe on 9/28/17

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Notice that the most recent comments on the "vain thinking of men" blog has been drop from the recent blogs in leu of full blogs like "Accounting Of Your Taxes", "Commandments From Jesus" etc.
---Josef on 9/28/17

I've noticed that the "Who is the anti-Christ" blog appears twice on the main blog page recently.
---ObamasBoy on 9/28/17

Yes Strongaxe. I've tried clearing the history, cached images, and files. I've done a restart, and I've even tried doing a complete computer shutdown and re-entering the sight anew. As far as I can tell, the problem is not with this computer.
---Josef on 9/28/17

Josef and Chria: Have you tried pressing the REFRESH or RELOAD button on your browsers?
---StrongAxe on 9/28/17

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Moderators the main page does not reflect the most recent comments in the order in which the comments are/were made. As Chria has said, older versions of the same blogs are simply repeating, and full or stagnant blogs remain visible while the blogs with the most recent comments are dropped in their stead.
---Josef on 9/27/17

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