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Non Biblical Manger Scenes

Many "Manger Scenes" have something Un-Biblical about them, what is it?

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 ---Dan on 12/18/17
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There was ALWAYS legalized gambling in the US...
--Cluny on 1/10/18

Yes, you are correct.

I forgot about cities like Deadwood, Dodge City, and Tombstone.

However, these games and others like them were not the mega-million dollar lotteries we see today.

My complaint is the devil-may-care attitude of everyone to these lotteries and gambling casinos. It seems every state has a lottery and now, every state has casinos.

Why do we continue to "legalize" things that are killing our citizens?
---Mark_Eaton on 1/11/18

Church History lesson.

Originally there was ONE Feast of the Incarnation which took care of everything from the Annunciation to the Virgin through the Nativity, Adoration of the Magi, all the infancy and childhood events of Christ's life, and His Baptism.

It was observed on 6 January.

Eventually it got split into several commemorations on different dates.

The Armenians continue the original custom of 6 January only, for everything.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!
---Cluny on 1/11/18

Now they want to legalize pot because of all the TAX revenue it will give states...
---kathr4453 on 1/10/18

As you said, another bad idea.

The tax revenue is supposed to persuade voters like me. But, as many here know, I am an NA and I know all about weed.

Legalization increases use, increases addictions, increases people using while operating motor vehicles, increases lethargy and apathy of people, increases use by children, increases hospitalizations, increases birth defects and medical conditions, and increases stress on law enforcement.

These issues outweigh any increase in taxes. Besides, more taxes means more government and I want less government.
---Mark_Eaton on 1/11/18

\\Lotteries were the beginning of legalized gambling in the US. \\

Actually, many pre-revolutionaryand 19th century churches were built by lotteries.

There was ALWAYS legalized gambling in the US until individual states started outlawing it in the late 19th eatly 20 centuries. So this is pretty late in our country's history.

I will admit my personal discomfort with industrial strength gambling such as lotteries and casinos.

Christ is baptized! In the Jordan!
---Cluny on 1/10/18

Mark_Eaton, my kids are in their early 40's now, and I'm not sure how this program works....but I do know here in GA we are hearing the same issues you sited, about how much worse off the public schools are that was suppose to get all this money. I knew when they were trying to sell the idea, it was a bad idea.

Now they want to legalize pot because of all the TAX revenue it will give states...but I say that too is a Bad idea. It's not worth it. Maybe they are trying to give away College educations with that too to charm the ignorant.....and I wouldn't apply or take that money either. To me it's dirty money.
---kathr4453 on 1/10/18

BUT because I don't believe in the Lottery, or even play the lottery my conscience would not let me take the money.
---kathr4453 on 1/10/18

Totally agree. Never played in my entire life, never will.

Lotteries were the beginning of legalized gambling in the US.

I live in NC and we recently created a lottery (2005). During the campaign, the lottery boasted that it would increase funding to schools. Great idea, many thought. However, when the lottery went into effect, all the funding that was currently going to schools stopped, and only the lottery funds went to schools. The funding for schools actually dropped and the prior funding was moved to other "priorities". What a bunch of lies!
---Mark_Eaton on 1/10/18

Nicole, So you think working as a nun for room and board saved the government money because they collected NO taxes on your NO PAY arrangement? Wow, what will you come up,with next? The Government did not put you through school SO THAT you would join a Catholic Orderthey kicked you out of and help relieve them of any financial aid ...such as Medicade...which these orderes DID COLLECT from the Government...but cheated you your pay...

So I guess all single people paying taxes also paid for your free education they did not get....stealing from them to? YOU stole Nicole when you accepted other peoples money They did not give you. You took stolen money.....makes you every bit guilty as the government.
---kathr4453 on 1/10/18

Nicole, because you feel single people pay higher taxes , is no excuse to rationalize something that is not there. There are millions of singles also being taxed who DID NOT take stolen money from the Government. I had a "choice" NOT taking Lottery money for tuition for my Children's college . Yes they qualified, and I could have used it, BUT because I don't believe in the Lottery, or even play the lottery my conscience would not let me take the money. That was MY "choice". It was not FORCED on me. Whatever I chose not to take went to hopefully school lunches for poor children. Did you take because the program was for POOR Kids? If you say NO, then you could have taken out a student loan like the millions of others.
---kathr4453 on 1/10/18

Kathr: Exactly HOW did thenGovernment get their money back?//


I am not married and have no children.

I can't claim anyone. The Government is having a fields day with me.

Besides, the Government SAVED thousands of dollars when I took cared of SICK DYING patients (around 50 people) for free.

Saving the Government hundreds of thousands of dollars over 6 years.

Remember end of life health care costs the MOST.

//it was money STOLEN from taxpayers.//

If I didn't get a productive degree you would be correct.

BTW, the Gov STOLE the money not me.

They just gave the stolen money to me.

Please keep it straight.
---Nicole_Lacey on 1/9/18

Exactly HOW did thenGovernment get their money back? Was it a Government Student loan you had to pay back? You claimed because it gave you a job, your taxes paid it back....WRONG. Unless there was a special deduction in your paycheck BESIDES your normal taxes withdrawn that specifically paid back that loan. Otherwise you were given money both Dems and Rep earned the Government took and gave to you for some special program ....

If it wasn't a student loan...which all loans have to be paid back was money STOLEN from taxpayers.
---kathr4453 on 1/9/18

KATHR: you stated you went to College on a GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, which is stealing money from people and giving it to you, who did not earn it.//



The Gov didn't get Jerry or your permission before GIVING me YOUR MONEY to pay my tuition. THAT'S STEALING!


Just because the Government does it and calls it another name you don't think it isn't stealing?

//You CANNOT PAY THAT BACK , just because you now pay taxes. Your taxes are based on your earnings, like everyone else.//

WRONG! I went to a community college 90-94, total cost to the Gov was $15,000!

Government got that money back 15 years ago and now STEALING my money for other people for Christmas bonuses
---Nicole_Lacey on 1/9/18

Cluny: Guess what, Nicole?

Byzantine Catholic churches follow the same lectionary as the Orthodox. Now what?//


What do you mean 'now what'?

Because they follow the Orthodox means the Gospel is wrong?

The Vatican also has the Magi at their Nativity scene display, but they are NOT claiming the Magi ACTUALLY visited the same night Jesus was born.

I have the Magi in my Nativity Scene as well, it keep them together because I like them together even through I REALLY KNOW it isn't Biblical correct.

The Gospel is clear, the Magi visited Jesus in a HOUSE not a stable.

Are you claiming otherwise?
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/26/17

\\But it doesn't mean it is correct. \\

Guess what, Nicole?

Byzantine Catholic churches follow the same lectionary as the Orthodox.

Now what?

Christ is born! Glorify Him!
---Cluny on 12/26/17

Cluny: FWIW, in Orthodoxy, the Gospel at Divine Liturgy is the story of the Magi.
The Announcemeent to the shepherds is at Vesperal Liturgy on 24 December, and their adoration of the Christ Child is read at Matins.//

But it doesn't mean it is correct.

The Gospel is clear.

The Magi were not present at the same night Jesus was born.

The Angels told the Shepherds that Jesus was born and where He was located.

The Magi had to ask and follow a star to find Jesus.

They found Jesus in a house not in a stable.
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/25/17

FWIW, in Orthodoxy, the Gospel at Divine Liturgy is the story of the Magi.

The Announcemeent to the shepherds is at Vesperal Liturgy on 24 December, and their adoration of the Christ Child is read at Matins.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/25/17


Praying for everyone on CN at Midnight Mass tonight!

God Bless!
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/24/17

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The Troparion (main hymn) for Nativity.

Your Nativity, O Christ our God,
Has shone upon the world the light of wisdom.
For at it those who worshipped the stars
Were taught by a star to worship YOU,
The Sun of Righteousness.
And to know You, the Orient from on high.
O Lord, glory to You!
---Cluny on 12/23/17

Dan, you are correct the Magi were not there when Jesus was born. But you are only citing Luke.

I am only aware of the Magi story in Matt not Luke.

Matthew first uses the words 'born' and 'newborn' which might have confused some people Matthew 2:1-2.

The words changes from newborn to child during their search according to Matthew.
They saw Him as a Toddler (child) and in His house. Matt 2:10-11

Interesting, only Mary is mentioned as being present when the gifts were offered not Joseph. Matt 2:11
(Perhaps noting King and Queen Mother as in the OT)

But the Magi gifts are still within the Christmas Season.

We really don't know how many Magi came with gifts. We just assume 3 because of the 3 gifts.
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/22/17

Will it keep someone from being saved? No, of course not! But for those who want to know the truth of God's Word, there were _no_ "magi" anywhere near to the 'Christmas Scene' when shepherds and angels worshiped the newborn Jesus. Read LUKE! It's very clear.
---Dan on 12/22/17

In any case, we need to make sure there is nothing mangy in us. But in us we need to be the nativity scene of Jesus, by loving and caring the way God wants >

"And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you." (Ephesians 4:32)

I remember that the three magi came from a distance, and arrived a while after Jesus was born. But, in their hearts they would desire to be present at the nativity. So, spiritually they could be present . . . like how we can be there, by imagining being there and wishing we could have been there (c:

We can be with Jesus by loving the way Jesus was loving us by coming to this earth. So, thank You, Jesus, and happy birthday ! ! !
---Bill on 12/22/17

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Dan said, " Many "Manger Scenes" have something Un-Biblical about them, what is it?"

Is this a POP quiz?

There may be different people and/or creatures in the scene. Some show the three Kings, some show lambs, goats, cows, donkeys, even angels. All of these ARE Scriptural.

The only thing I could think of that would NOT be Scriptural would be a figure of Calvin, or any of the Reformers standing there denouncing the whole scene as unscriptural.
---Monk_Brendan on 12/18/17

Sometimes they show the three Magi, and sometimes they don't.

It's debatable whether they were at theHoly Nativity or not.

In the Orthodox tradition, they were.

But this is hardly a doctrinal issue.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/18/17

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