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As Lenin Said Useful Idiots

When are we going to have Marches to hold Government Officials at their words?

Kids are marching today to take my right away when 5 different Government Agencies dropped their balls not me.

As Lenin said "Useful Idiots".

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 ---Nicole_Lacey on 3/24/18
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NICOLE. Good point about the Left's disgusting facade in using naive youths to deceitfully portray their supposed concern for lives in their attack against 2nd Amendment, whilst the Left heartlessly murder innocent babies through their push for easier abortions.

The Left today are little different to their genocidal predecessors Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.
---Haz27 on 4/9/18

NICOLE. The totalitarian Left see everybody, including children, as belonging to the state, just as the Fascist Mussolini and the DEMs 2012 DNC said.

This explains why the heartless Left manipulate, pressure and use naive youths to further their Marxist political agendas, such as March for lives.

Socialism is evil as it's record proves. Socialist Lefties like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Mandela, Tito, Castro, etc, and now even today with today's Lefties at the forefront pushing for easier abortions/murder, and for mass Muslim, etc immigration with the terrorism, rapes, crime and racism that their supremacist cultures brings.
---Haz27 on 4/8/18

StrongAxe: Why do you think controlling our children is such a bad idea?//

Because they are NOT your children.

The Obamas made think so, but they can't even raise their girls right. They won't give their daughters Twinkies, but will give them marijuana.

//The Bible commands it: Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child..//

I am sure the Bible assumes you are training your kid.

//Ephesians 6:4:
And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath://

Note the word 'your' in front of the word 'children'.

//Children are right to be provoked to wrath when adults think their lives are less important than guns.//

So what is so important to Leftists to give them right to KILL children in the womb?
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/8/18

NICOLE. Good point.

AXE. Its bad when naive children are being brainwashed, manipulated, pressured, and selfishly used by heartless Left merely for their own political agenda.
"March for our lives" is an example.

We see same from Leftists in U.K where thousands upon thousands of girls around 11 to 15 years old were raped by Muslim rape gangs, whilst police, media, politicians willfully ignored it.
This child rape was allowed to continue because the political Left did not want to arrest Muslim rapists as that would impact on their Muslim voter base they rely on.

Recently a heartless Leftist politician tweeted that child rape victims should all stop complaining, for the sake of the Left's diversity agenda.
---Haz27 on 4/8/18


Why do you think controlling our children is such a bad idea? The Bible commands it:

Proverbs 22:6:
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Romans 1:28-30:
... God gave them over to a reprobate mind, ... disobedient to parents ... (also 2 Kings 2:23-25: Elisha, the mocking children, and the two bears)

But that is also not absolute:

Ephesians 6:4:
And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Children are right to be provoked to wrath when adults think their lives are less important than guns.
---StrongAxe on 4/8/18

Haz: Like the fighting of Catholics vs Protestants, Islams Sunni vs Shia, 1930s Germany had NATIONAL Socialist NAZIs vs INTERNATIONAL Socialist Communists.//

You left out the BIGGEST fight among the list.

Children VS Parents.

As in Cuba, North Korea and China.

All Communists, Socialists and the Left in this Country go after FIRST in order to control the population is the CHILDREN.

That's why Lenin calls them 'Useful Idiots' when the children become teenagers. They are big enough to protest and cause mayhem.

Thus 'March for our lives'

They don't realize they are marching for the opposite if their request comes true.

They will NOT be able to protect their lives.
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/8/18

AXE. As I said before, family infighting for political dominance.

Like the fighting of Catholics vs Protestants, Islams Sunni vs Shia, 1930s Germany had NATIONAL Socialist NAZIs vs INTERNATIONAL Socialist Communists.

The NAZIs won hence Marxists understood they should leave Germany or else suffer the same persecution, death, imprisonment, etc that they would have inflicted upon NAZIs had Communists won.

Totalitarian ideologies are renowned for getting rid of opponents once they take power.

And if Russian Communists are taken as a guide then one might conclude NAZI rule was likely less murderous than Communist rule would have been (e.g Russian Communists murdered about 7 million Ukrainians in less than 1 year).
---Haz27 on 4/7/18


Why would Marxists need to flee from Germany, if Germany was already heading in the same direction? You make no sense.
---StrongAxe on 4/7/18

AXE. Again you rely on misleading Marxist revisionism that deflects from Socialism's Fascist variant.

Fascists saw state could not run industry as well as invested owners, therefore the corporatism, but under ultimate direction of the state.

Socialists like Mussolini, Hitler, also saw NATIONAL Socialism was preferred by peoples over Marx's INTERNATIONAL Socialism.

Within Socialism there are variants just as we see various Christian denominations.

I remind you Marxists fled 1930's Germany and set up Frankfurt school in USA. There they infiltrated universities pushing their deceitful critical theory programs, etc, to undermine USA. And their Marxist goals have been exposed in FBI book "The Naked Communist"
---Haz27 on 4/6/18


Your error is conflating two different things - libertarian vs. totalitarian and left vs. right. Fascists opposed liberal democracies for being libertarian, not for being right.

Fascists believed in corporatism - all sectors of the economy controlled by privately-held corporations. This is the essence of capitalism, and DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to communist state ownership.

All four combinations are possible. Libertarian+left=socialism (Sweden). Totalitarian+left=communism (U.S.S.R.). Libertarian+right=capitalist democracy (pre-depression U.S.A.). Totalitarian+right=fascism (WW2 Italy). If you compare these, the part of them that is evil is the totalitarian part, NOT the left part.
---StrongAxe on 4/6/18

AXE. I quote ex Marxists as they warn of Marxist aims, tactics.

Giovani Gentile was the founder of Fascism. Gentile opposed Liberal Democracy of USA due to it being individualistic (too centered on liberty, personal rights). He preferred a democracy where individuals willingly subordinate themselves to the state.

Gentile, like Marx, wanted to create a community resembling family.

Mussolini said All is in the state and nothing human exists or has value outside the state

Note similarity to DEMs 2012 DNC claim The government is the only thing we all belong to.

Sadly you've been conned by Marxist revisionist lies deflecting from failures of Socialism under it's variants Fascism, Nazism, Communism.
---Haz27 on 4/6/18


And you ignore it when I counter YOUR arguments with facts.

Mussolini was a NATIONALIST, not a national SOCIALIST. Why do you keep quoting Marxists and ex-Marxists to prove your point?

You tend to misuse scripture out of context.

And you don't? Again, try looking at yourself in a mirror once in a while.
---StrongAxe on 4/5/18

AXE. You've been brainwashed, as Yuri Bezmanov said. I've countered your arguments with facts, whilst you avoided and deflected from my points.

Mussolini was NATIONAL Socialist. He did NOT oppose Marxist Socialism.
As I said, Lenin even praised his fellow Socialist Mussolini when he came to power in Italy.

The lies you've been told originated from German Marxist Socialists who came to USA and set up the Frankfurt school, which infiltrated universities where they spread their lies about Nazism and Fascism, as well as introducing critical theory aimed at undermining USA.

BTW this topic was about "useful idiots".
FYI I quote God's word more than you do. You tend to misuse scripture out of context.
---Haz27 on 4/5/18


Look in a mirror. No matter how many facts YOU are presented, you parrot the same propaganda.

The term "Fascism" originated from Italy, based on Mussolini's parties (1915-1945), also called Italian Nationalism, and National Syndication.

Italian Fascism OPPOSED liberalism. It OPPOSED Marxist socialism. It believed in respect for tradition (a CONSERVATIVE ideal). It was based on three principles: order, discipline, and heirarchy (all CONSERVATIVE ideals). In contrast, Marxism is egalitarian (all are equal rather than some above others).

It's curious that you are constantly quoting former Marxists, but I almost never hear you quoting Jesus. Why is that?
---StrongAxe on 4/5/18

AXE. Sadly you're proof that Russian KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov was correct.

He said that no matter how many facts are presented to "brainwashed useful idiots" for the Marxist Left, they will never accept reality.

Other former Marxist activists like academic David Horowitz similarly speaks about those brainwashed by the far Left.

But it was worth the exercise to see the lengths you would go to in rejecting reality.
Your Marxist puppet masters would be pleased.
---Haz27 on 4/5/18


As long as you keep mindlessly parroting the same tired propaganda and are totally unwilling to listen to any evidence to the contrary, there is no point in discussing anything with you on this subject, and since you seem to drag this subject in to almost every discussion on almost every other topic, it seems totally futile to discuss anything with you at all.
---StrongAxe on 4/4/18

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AXE. Mussolini's Fascism is a collectivist ideology and thus Left. Communist Lenin even sent a letter to Mussolini praising his fellow Leftist.

Whilst totalitarianism is also seen in old political systems like Islam and monarchies of the past, but in regards to the recent political paradigm over the past century or so we see Leftists are clearly totalitarians, whilst Conservative Right are for LESS government.

You always try to excuse and deflect from the Left's totalitarian nature.

The fact that you conveniently ignore the repressive PC Left's dominance over the megaphones of society (similar to how Orwell's Big Brother dominated thought/speech too) suggests that you actually want this Orwellian Big Brother society.
---Haz27 on 4/4/18


No. Totalitarianism is total suppression of individual rights at the expense of a state that has all the rights. That several totalitarian regimes on the left were like this doesn't change the fact that there were many right-wing totalitarian states as well. Mussolini's fascism was on the right, as were thousands of years of Chinese despotic emperors. Learn some history. Marxism is repressive and evil because it's totalitarian, NOT because it's left. Left wing extremism is evil and toxic. So is right wing extremism.
---StrongAxe on 4/4/18

AXE. Totalitarianism is of the Left.
Conservative Right is LESS government.

Totalitarian Left dominate megaphones of society (media, Hollywood, universities, politics, Facebook, Google, etc), and considering the repressive PC tyranny we've seen from the bullying Left, its obvious Orwell's 1984 Big Brother tyranny fits Left's identity.

Famous Leftists like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot are also proof of the totalitarian, repressive Big Brother Left.

BTW, if you really can't see how Marxism is behind so many problems then you're brainwashed.

The reference to bullying was contrasting the Left's trademark bullying with their constant victim hood tactic.
My point is you've imitated the Left's victim hood tactic.
---Haz27 on 4/4/18


Please explain, then, exactly WHOM am I bullying? If calling you on your hypocrisy is bullying, then you might as well call Jesus a bully, because he did that to the Pharisees all the time.

The "totalitarian Left" is not arguing with me here. YOU are.

I think for myself. I agree with the left on some things and disagree on others. I agree with the right on some things and disagree with others. You, on the other hand always parrot right-wing sound bites (e.g. calling everything "Marxist").

What was dangerous about 1984 was that the society was repressive and totalitarian, NOT that it was left. Totalitarian right societies are just as bad.
---StrongAxe on 4/3/18

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AXE. Again you resort to the bullying Left's victim hood tactic. You might want to reflect on this as an indication of how much the Left actually controls you.

A fact that you conveniently remain silent on is that the totalitarian Left, that you consistently support, dominates the megaphones of society, i.e media, Hollywood, universities, politics, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thus the difference between us is you repeat what the Orwellian Big Brother Left who controls thought/speech wants you to think, whereas the likes of myself have searched further to find facts and alternative views.

Orwell warned of a future like his 1984 novel. The fact the totalitarian Left dominate so much it's clear who your Big Brother is.
---Haz27 on 4/3/18


Have YOU considered how YOU constantly support the Right's propaganda here? Remove the beam from your eye before criticizing the specks of others. In these discussions I criticize policies. You criticize ME.

YOU constantly use jingoistic words like "deflect", "authoritarian", "deceitful", "abusive", "poisoned", "Marxist", etc. in almost every sentence you post in almost every blog. Who is the one spewing propaganda here?

Google is just a search engine. It doesn't create information, it just points to other people who have it. If you think it's biased, use another. The information they all point to has the same provenance, regardless of who directs you to it.
---StrongAxe on 4/3/18

AXE. Considering Orwell's 1984 with its authoritarianism, thought control, etc, have you considered how you consistently support the authoritarian Left's propaganda here?

Leftists dominate media, Hollywood, universities, politics, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, much like Orwell's Big Brother did.
And the Left's deceitful, abusive attacks through these powerful institutions has even poisoned the minds of many over the Left's long oppressive PC tyranny, much like Orwells 1984 2 minutes of hate.

Considering the authoritarian Left's dominance over public debate/thought is similar to that of Orwell's 1984 authoritarian Big Brother government, I suggest you take time to consider NICOLE's Blog Topic quote from Lenin.

---Haz27 on 4/3/18

AXE. You need to get away from the far Lefts Fake News, Snopes, Google, etc.

Prof Swanson studied BOs Social Security gun ban and found it takes away gun rights of a large category of individuals without any evidence they pose a risk of harm to self or others.

He summed up BOs ban saying Social Security beneficiaries with psychiatric disabilities who are assigned a money manager for their disability benefits would be reported to FBIs background check database as ineligible to buy guns.
He also said there were other categories of people BOs policy should have banned but were not.

So the problem remains of BOs policies that created negligent culture within authorities who are supposed to protect us from KNOWN dangers.
---Haz27 on 4/2/18

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No. It highlighted them out for higher SCRUTINY - that is, their situations were examined more closely to see whether or not it would be safe to allow them to own firearms - it was not a blanket ban. However, since those protections have been removed, now it's possible for both people with harmless mental illnesses and people with dangerous psychoses to possess guns.

There are many different kinds of mental illnesses, varying from mild (fear or heights) to severe (sociopathy) just as there are various kinds of physical illnesses. It's wrong to treat them all as dangerous, and it's also wrong to treat them all as safe.

Under Trump's new policies, ALL dangers are now ignored.
---StrongAxe on 4/2/18

SrongAxe: Because most teachers don't WANT that extra responsibility either.//

No choice. No one asked me if I wanted the responsibility?

Besides, are you saying they would rather see children die BEFORE defending them if giving the choice?

//Security guards are equipped for dealing with troublemakers,//

What kind of trouble warrants a gun involvement?

Really? My kind of Troublemaker is someone breaking classroom's windows. Climbing flag poles and displaying stupid stuff.

I don't want the Officer to Shoot the kid for that stuff.

But I expect the Officer to shoot at the person SHOOTING at other people.

Again, please tell me why you think they gave Peterson a gun?

Please answer.
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/2/18

AXE. Left's Fake News has conned you.
That Bill against BO's Social Security Gun Ban was aimed at preventing IMPROPER adding of names to NICS database. It does not remove info from the system.

BO's ban stripped 2nd Amendment rights of those with mental health issues WITHOUT ADEQUATE DUE PROCESS.
It prejudiced, and also inaccurately stigmatized those with a mental health disorder as violent.

Clearly not all mental health sufferers are violent. Citing actual research,
Prof of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Jeffrey Swanson said people with mental illnesses are no more dangerous to others when they have equal access to guns

The problem lies with BO's policy that allows KNOWN dangers to be ignored.
---Haz27 on 4/2/18


In the most recent budget, Republicans made cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, so many people who used to be covered for mental health treatment are no longer eligible for it. Also, a year ago, those same Republicans repealed Obama's rules that made it difficult for mentally ill people to obtain firearms. I guess they must WANT crazy people shooting the place up. Does this mean the Republicans are on the left, because they are messing things up?


Because most teachers don't WANT that extra responsibility either. Why do YOU want to lump even more burdens on them?

Security guards are equipped for dealing with troublemakers, NOT troublemakers with assault weapons. That's what SWAT is for!
---StrongAxe on 4/1/18

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AXE. I recall an issue being raised in Aust when our useless, costly gun laws were introduced. Mental health criteria had changed to keep mentally ill potentially dangerous people out of institutions. A case was highlighted of a guy who realized he was getting worse, tried to get himself committed but was rejected because he did not fit the new mental health criteria. That guy later brutally murdered his brothers fiance.

BO also made changes allowing more of the dangerous mentally ill, etc, to remain in society.
BO also got FBI to soften its scrutiny of Muslim supremacists, (after all Islam is religion of peace...LOL) which resulted in Boston bombing in spite of warning from Russia.

Like JERRY said, the Left mess things up.
---Haz27 on 4/1/18

StrongAxe again, the School Broad CHOSE to spend the so called 'STRAPPED' money on school buses for on a one day POLITICAL march instead.

We are not firefighter either but we STILL have a plan to protect and evacuate students/patients. Yearly bomb threats, tornado and other weather dangers.

I don't understand WHY you do not want the Teachers to be prepared for a crazy Shooter?


The only thing that STOPS a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

//Peterson wasn't SWAT. If they want SWAT-style protection, they will have to pay for SWAT-style protection.//

Then why did they give Peterson a GUN in the first place in protecting the School?

To stop a kid from chewing gum in the classroom?
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/1/18


Instead of attacking how *I* react to such threats, why don't you tell us how *YOU* would react to them, with in the limits of the law?
---StrongAxe on 3/31/18

Haz: "U.K even has thought police"

Isn't socialism great? They are also cracking down on Muslim hate speech in the Axe's native Canada. Isn't it strange how lefties like to visit someone else's home and then mess it all up?

---jerry6593 on 4/1/18

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AXE. I'm surprised you quoted Orwell's 1984 considering the Authoritarianism that is so trademark of the Left.

Renowned Leftists such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, are classic examples of 1984 authoritarianism.

And now even today we see Leftists dominating media, Hollywood, universities, politics, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, all pushing for ever more Orwellian Big Brother persecution of thought & speech that does not comply with Marxists political correctness.

Hence we see the likes of Orwellian ministry of Truth, Fake News CNN, etc, pushing debate away from the real problem of negligence by FBI, police, mental health, school admins, in stopping a KNOWN danger from proceeding with his forewarned massacre.
---Haz27 on 4/1/18

JERRY. True, BO & DEMs have students deaths on their hands. Thats one reason (apart from Marxist goal to discredit Constitution) why Fake News CNN, etc, deflect debate to blame NRA and guns.

AXE. Youre contradicting yourself again. You excuse negligent authorities with we cant be arresting people making threats to massacre others, but then you also say such threats should be taken seriously. Huh?

Check out YouTube Stefan Moyleneux. He explains DEMs policy that created this neglect which allowed for KNOWN dangers to be ignored.

BTW, its obvious the totalitarian Left are the 1984 thought controllers.
U.K even has thought police prosecuting wrong think (e.g criticism of Islam, or jokes, etc).
---Haz27 on 3/31/18


What could they have legally done? I don't know how it works in Australia, but in the U.S., you're innocent until proven guilty, and they won't arrest you on mere suspicion of "bad thoughts" unless they believe they have a good chance of winning a conviction for an actual crime. I would be very afraid to live in a country where the government can arrest anyone on any pretext because they might possibly be dangerous. Have you read 1984?

why would you think I need to ask you whether KNOWN threats should be taken seriously?

Again, you leap to false conclusions based on faulty logic like I just mentioned. Because I agree with some left policies does not mean I inherit all the baggage you dump on the left.
---StrongAxe on 3/31/18

Haz: It is B. Hussein Obama, and his leftist holdovers who have children's blood on their hands - not the NRA.

---jerry6593 on 3/31/18

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AXE. I have repeatedly made the point over many posts about the KNOWN threat of Cruz, and how the negligent authorities ignored the many warnings about him.

I also added how Russians had warned FBI about those Muslim brothers (Boston bombers), and how FBI likewise ignored these warnings.

My point was very obvious, which you now seem to agree with.
But you replied in your post "We don't arrest people based merely on suspicion".

Considering your constant support for the harmful agendas of the Left, and considering your quote above in the context of my point about negligent authorities ignoring KNOWN threats, why would you think I need to ask you whether KNOWN threats should be taken seriously?
---Haz27 on 3/30/18


You wrote: Again we see your view is same as DEMs that those with mental health issues, or Muslim terrorists, making multiple threats or boasts to massacre others, should be ignored until they actually carry out their massacre.

Once again, you end an otherwise well-reasoned response with an ad-hominem attack. Are you incapable of NOT doing that once in a while?

I NEVER said threats should be ignored. I think they should be taken seriously, but you wouldn't know that, because you never asked me. Instead, you pull innuendos out of thin air, relying on false equivalence arguments that make just as much sense as "Apples are red. Apples are fruit. Bananas are also fruit. Therefore, bananas are also red."
---StrongAxe on 3/30/18

AXE. Check Canadian author Stefan Moyleneux. He explains the DEMs policy that created the incompetence, negligence within FBI, police, mental health, school admins that ignored the repeated warnings about the real threat Cruz posed.

Under the DEMs similar occurred where FBI was directed to stop applying rigorous scrutiny to Muslim threats. Hence, when Russia warned FBI about Muslim brothers who posed a real terrorist threat, the FBI ignored this warning, which later resulted in Boston bombing.

Again we see your view is same as DEMs that those with mental health issues, or Muslim terrorists, making multiple threats or boasts to massacre others, should be ignored until they actually carry out their massacre.

---Haz27 on 3/30/18


What, exactly, would you EXPECT FBI and administrators to do? This country has a legal principle called "innocent until proven guilty". We don't arrest people based merely on suspicion.

DEMs policy created this culture of incompetence and negligence amongst authorities who are trained to protect society from KNOWN dangers.

Just WHICH Democratic adminstration policy did this? Republicans have been in control of the U.S. government for much more of the last half century that Democrats have. Also, if you look at all the criminal indictments, trials, and guilty verdicts of officials of administrations in the past half century, there are dozens of Republican ones, but only a handful of Democratic ones.
---StrongAxe on 3/30/18

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AXE. At last you're beginning to show a hint of accepting the truth, and even keeping to topic.

You said watching for shooters requires a much higher level of vigilance than most of us are trained for

Well those who ARE TRAINED, such as FBI, Broward police, mental health, school admins, DID KNOW about the dangerous threat Cruz was, and they did NOTHING to stop this KNOWN danger that Cruz presented well before his attack against Parkland school.

DEMs policy created this culture of incompetence and negligence amongst authorities who are trained to protect society from KNOWN dangers.

---Haz27 on 3/29/18


The school boards you expect to say "no expense is too great" are so strapped for money they can't afford school supplies. Where is that money going to come from? Congress? Think again, since they even think school lunches are a waste of money.

Abuse is not something you have to watch out for and defend against every second. If it happens, the lives of many people don't depend on whether or not you can act within the next second, as it does with shooting. I understand we all need to be vigilant, but watching for shooters requires a much higher level of vigilance than most of us are trained for.

Peterson wasn't SWAT. If they want SWAT-style protection, they will have to pay for SWAT-style protection.
---StrongAxe on 3/29/18

AXE. You're the one who referred to the Left's Google claiming to not be able to find Ben Shapiro on school students being pressured by Leftist students and Leftist teachers (child abusers).

I have less difficulty than you in finding it. I just look beyond Leftist Googles top ranking search results of Leftist web sites of hate, lies, bigotry.

Clearly you don't want to hear truth about school students opposing the Left's political march, and the manipulative child abuse from Leftist teachers.

And it's clear from your deflection you don't want to be confronted about the DEMs policies that created the incompetent police, FBI, mental health, school admin, that allowed for the KNOWN shooting danger to Parkland school.
---Haz27 on 3/29/18

StrongAxe: Baltimore ALONE use $100,000 to bus the kids to a march

How many SUPPLIES do you think $100,000 could have provided for the kids just in that city?

Besides are you SUGGESTING any amount of money is too HIGH to protect the children?

//Teachers are trained and paid to TEACH, not keep one eye on the door and a finger on the trigger.//

WRONG! They are mandatory abuse reporters just as I am.

//Cops aren't coming because politicians aren't willing to PAY for that,//

Keep up. Peterson was PAID ONLY to protect the school and EVEN he refused to go inside the building he was PAID to protect.

Along with 3 other Police Officers we trained and gave them a FREE GUN who ALSO REFUSED TO GO INSIDE
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/29/18

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Trump promised to drain the swamp, but put self-entitled billionaires in charge of key cabinet positions.

If you don't like Google, post YOUR unbiased searches to prove your point.


Who will pay for gun training? School districts are so strapped they can't even buy school supplies. Teachers must buy them from their own pockets (and with the new budget, those aren't even tax deductible!)

Teachers are trained and paid to TEACH, not keep one eye on the door and a finger on the trigger. That's what SWAT teams are trained and paid for.

Cops aren't coming because politicians aren't willing to PAY for that, but ARE willing to dump extra responsibility on already underpaid teachers!
---StrongAxe on 3/29/18

StrongAxe: Teachers aren't trained in combat either,//

You keep saying that but you are wrong. The Teachers with guns will be (if not already) trained in combat.

Better the a ADULT Teacher than a much of 7 year olds. Who is the ADULT in the room?

//nor paid to put their lives at risk, so why don't you think bringing pistols to a machine gun fight is NOT equally outrageous?//

Because your suggestion that you leave the Teacher and the kids valuable AGAIN as lamb to be slaughters is grossly outrageous!

How do you think the Teacher is going to STOP the shooter

Beg? No, you will be happy you had training and capable to take him down.

---Nicole_Lacey on 3/28/18

AXE. To the Marxist Left (like DEMs, etc) anybody right of them is EXTREME right fringe.

Google (like Fake News CNN, NYT, etc) is controlled by EXTREME Left fringe, hence its search results can never be trusted as it prioritizes EXTREME Left fringe above conservatives in search results.

I suggest you dig deeper beyond Googles biased search rankings to find Ben Shapiro YouTube videos online.

The swamp cannot be drained as quick as you falsely claim. In Australia, for example, we have a so called conservative government (controlled by Leftist faction), and it cannot drain the swamp of institutions etc controlled by the EXTREME Left fringe, even after several years.

BTW, your posts suggest youre EXTREME Left fringe.
---Haz27 on 3/28/18


Blue Mountain School District in PA. You're right to be outraged. This is like bringing a knife to a gunfight - no contest. Students are not trained in deadly combat, nor should they be put at risk to save money. Rocks will cause MORE injuries during non-shootings.

Teachers aren't trained in combat either, nor paid to put their lives at risk, so why don't you think bringing pistols to a machine gun fight is NOT equally outrageous?


Trump is putting alligators in charge of the swamp. Overnight? It's been over a year!

Google: Shapiro student complaints
I find student complaints ABOUT Shapiro, but no complaints TO him. Why is that? Besides, Breitbart is on the EXTREME right fringe.
---StrongAxe on 3/28/18

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StrongAxe, did you hear about the Idiot who said he was going to hear small children and their children with a 5 gallon bucket of rocks against a Shooter?

Now this is my question:

Which kid has to sacrifice his or her to throw the FIRST STONES against the Shooter?

Because you and I know the first 3 to 10 kids are GOING DOWN before the Shooter is stoned to death.

How dare this Idiot demands CHILDREN engage a Shooter because he doesn't want to arm the Teacher.

---Nicole_Lacey on 3/28/18

AXE. You can stop the pretense Axe.
Trump's still draining the swamp. The impact of DEMs harmful policies still lingers, as seen with the Parkland school shooting. It doesn't change overnight as you falsely suggest.

Fact remains the DEMs Marxists constantly discredit Constitution, trying to dismantle 1st and 2nd Amendments.

The Left dominate mainstream media, universities, schools, Hollywood, etc, and this is why their propaganda and attacks against 1st, 2nd Amendments, etc, dominate in public debate.

Public figure and lawyer Ben Shapiro is just one example I know of who has received numerous communications from students commenting about being pressured by Leftist students and Leftist teachers (child abusers).
---Haz27 on 3/28/18


I ask again: as Republicans control House, Senate, Presidency, and Supreme Court, why are Democrats STILL blamed for government incompetence? When will Republicans take responsibility for their jobs?

You lionize 2A rights, yet dismiss EVERYONE who uses 1A rights to say anything that might be remotely construed to disagree. You imply everyone who agrees with you is entitled to his opinion, but everyone who disagrees, calling them Marists. This tactic is the ESSENCE of propaganda - epitomized by those same Marxists you claim to loathe.

Many students WANTED to march, but were prevented by school administrations that blocked doors. Can you cite ANY evidence of "many" students being pressured?
---StrongAxe on 3/27/18

300 million gun own in America

One man with a gun can control 100 with out one - Viadimir Lenin
---RichardC on 3/27/18

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AXE. DEMs, Left's Fake News, etc have been blaming legal gun ownership (Marxist goal to discredit Constitution), trying to deflect from real cause, that of culture of incompetency DEMs policy created that led to the cowards of Broward, Sheriff Israel, FBI, mental health, school admins, etc to fail to protect.

I'm surprised you would try such a poor straw man argument about freedom of speech for marching students, when such threats comes clearly from the Left (consistent with Marxist goals).

Many students complained about being pressured to attend that march. Leftist teachers (child abusers), etc, created a school environment where students opposed to the Left's political march were pressured into silently complying.

---Haz27 on 3/27/18

Teachers with Guns...sounds like a good idea if they have a military or police background. But in reality, how many do?

Military folks are conditioned to quickly overcome fear in order to engage a combatant. But a teacher?
I know if I hadnt recieved this training in the Marines...I doubt I would have the fortitude to act.
---David on 3/27/18


That legislators in Florida decided it was a good idea to arm teachers doesn't mean teachers like it. It's assing the buck - instead of hiring security guards at extra expense, make already-overburdened teachers do it.


Why do you adore 2nd amendment rights of gun owners, but not 1st amendment rights of students? A great things about America is freedom of speech - something viciously stifled by communist countries you claim to loathe. Why do you criticize exercising those rights?

Who runs the House? Who runs the Senate? Who has the Presidency? Who has the majority in the Supreme Court? Republicans 4/4. How long will the Democrats be blamed for everything that Republicans are running?
---StrongAxe on 3/27/18


At least 10 states already allow staff and teachers to carry or have access to firearms: Ohio and Texas being two. Texas public school systems have been quietly arming teachers and administrators for more than a decade. Two weeks ago, Florida approved a program to train and arm teachers.
---Steveng on 3/26/18

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AXE. Again you try to deflect from blog topic.

Incompetent authorities (thanks to DEMs where the ultimate blame lies) created the environment that allowed Parkland shooting.

The cowards of Broward, Sheriff Scott Israel, the FBI, school admins, mental health, etc all failed in their duty to protect schools.

The heartless Leftists, and their Fake News media propagandists opportunistically use naive youths to further the Marxist agenda to attack the 2nd Amendment.

Many youths at schools were being pressured, bullied, etc to attend Left's political march.
Sadly Leftist teachers often resort to child abuse to manipulate and bully school kids.

---Haz27 on 3/26/18


Are you capable of discussing rationally without constantly using emotionally-loaded yet factually void terms like "heartless", "fake news", and "useful idiots"? Jesus warned about calling others "fools".

What IS the "real problem"? How will the "right end such shootings"? By arming teachers, requiring they them to shoot the same students they teach, and make life-and-death decisions during panic, when even trained police have trouble? Do you know any teachers willing to take on such responsibility? I don't. All the ones I know think it's nuts.

You pontificate about America's problems, even though you don't live here or interact daily with people who do.
---StrongAxe on 3/26/18

StrongAxe: Google: do guns prevent crime
First hit is Scientific American article: "More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows"//

Goggle and Youtube are already being accused of choosing and deleting information for the public.

The Federal Government ALREADY put out their FACTS proving that when there are more guns the crime rate goes DOWN.

Rice told her father's story on the View how guns saved Black families from the KKK.
And how the NRA were the ONLY group helping Blacks.

I told you that also happened to my great father as well.

As a woman I know my gun PROTECTS ME.
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/26/18

NICOLE. Parkland shooting survivor, student Kyle Kashuv also agrees with you.
He said: we've seen on so many different levels that the COWARDS of Broward failed, the FBI failed, Sheriff Scott Israel failed. So many different multi-layered levels failed in Parkland.

Sadly the heartless Left do not want to end such shootings. Instead it's all about political advantage for the Left. DEM's, Fake News CNN, etc will not allow public debate to focus on the real problem as that is not helpful to the Left's political advantage.

As for the "Useful idiots" march, no surprise that far Left groups like Planned Parenthood and (the NAZI collaborator) George Soros-funded Move On were behind the Left's propaganda march.
---Haz27 on 3/26/18

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The only reason I mentioned phones at all is because YOU first said: Because you all LOVE smart phones and CAN'T live an hour without it's usage.

I DON'T love smart phones and I spend very little time on phones, so that's two lies in one sentence. Where do you get this stuff?

Timothy McVeigh?

As I said, ANYTHING can be used by a weapon. Cars are SPECIFICALLY built to drive from point A to point B, with many safety features to reduce chances of killing. Guns are SPECIFICALLY built to fire projectiles that hit and destroy things and people.

Google: do guns prevent crime
First hit is Scientific American article: "More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows"
---StrongAxe on 3/26/18

School shooting was the fault of DEM's.
BO brought in the DEM's quota system in dealing with dangerous students, which led to the negligent/incompetent culture within schools, mental health, police, etc that led to the shooting.

And now we see heartless DEMs lying, and even manipulating naive students, just to further their own selfish Marxist agenda.

The heartless Left throughout Western nations are just as bad. The recent news in U.K of even more child victims of Muslim rape gangs brings the estimated total to near 1 million.
Of course Leftist politician demanded these rape victims should remain silent about being raped by Muslims, for the sake of the Left's divisive agenda of diversity and mass immigration.
---Haz27 on 3/26/18


School shootings are happening ALL OVER, not just in Florida, so it's relevant to you and me. Large number of shootings despite tighter gun laws in Chicago is NOT true all over, so it's NOT relevant to you and me. See the difference?

No, it's not JUST 17 children in Florida. It's Columbine, and Sandy Hook, and Parkland, and... and... and...

HOW many mass shooings and bombings have illegals done in the past 10 years? All mass school shootings were by male white Americans.

A nut in Las Vegas killed almost a hundred people with a gun. Next week, a nut in New York killed almost ten people with a car. See the difference?
---StrongAxe on 3/25/18

StrongAxe, So since knives KILLS 5 TIMES more than guns, you better start screaming to ban knives.

//HUNDREDS of cell phones are used for terror (only 0.0001%).//

Millions of guns today but only 0.0001% use to kill people outside of self defense.

I didn't say you talk a lot. But, Terrorists never used the flip phone for communication not 1 minute. It's used to detonate a bomb.

//Guns have one function: to kill.//

Wrong. Brandishing a gun most of time prevent a killing.

//Cars have one function: to travel - NOT TO KILL.//

WHAT? Have you forgotten Timothy McVeigh?
The Truck wasn't used for traveling.

//Guns kill MORE innocent people than they stop crimes.//

Again how do you know?
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/25/18

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StrongAxe, You are also not from Florida either that I know, and it's not stopping you from commenting on it either.

Please help me wrap these questions around my head: 17 Children are killed so you all demand tighter gun control.

Questions: Why are you all NOT placing the SAME concept when mass shootings and bombings as occurred in the last 10 years by Immigrants and Illegals with tighter border security?

Stopping the Visa lottery?

Stopping certain people from dangerous Countries?

74 killed from just 4 incidents I can recall.

9/11 killed thousands by Illegals.

Immigrants isn't an Right and definitely NOT for Non-Americans.

BTW, people use CARS to kill people. Just saying.
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/25/18


Children SHOULD be taught facts and history.

ANYTHING can be used as a weapon, but it should only be banned if it's a SIGNIFICANT danger. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of cell phones are used for communications. HUNDREDS of cell phones are used for terror (only 0.0001%).

Guns are one-on-one weapons. Assault weapons allow one person to kill many in a short time.

Regardless of what you call it, *I* spend minutes on my phone each week, not HOURS each day, as you claimed.

Guns have one function: to kill. Cars have one function: to travel - NOT TO KILL. There is no Eleventh Commandment. Thou Shalt Not Travel. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

Guns kill MORE innocent people than they stop crimes.
---StrongAxe on 3/25/18


FACTS are irrelevant because Lefties KNOW Kids are NOT taught history. WHY? Because Lefties made sure they were and are in charge of the education of children.

Japan didn't invade inland for the same reason.

StrongAxe: Cell phones, like cars, have MANY uses,//

For 40 years cell phones ONLY had ONE function! Yes 40 years. Watch Perry Mason, he is using a cell phone in his car. Next Terrorist used the phone for KILLING people as the 2ND FUNCTION.

As you call ALL GUNS assault weapons I call phones smart phones.

Terrorist DO NOT use smart phones for bombs.

They used FLIP PHONES.

BTW, please tell me WHAT other FUNCTION does a car have besides going from point A to B?
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/25/18

I don't care HOW the NRA PROTECTS my NO.2 right.

As long as it is protected. That's why I am a member. I PAY them to protect my Right

Of course the gun manufacturers donates to the NRA. That's logical. If my Right is taken away they lose money.

If ACLU isn't doing it's job, CNN, FOXS, MSNBC etc would be out a job as well.

BTW, please CITE the case lawsuit of misuse guns.

I believe you are making stuffs up again?

//What is an AR15 if not an assault weapon?//

NOT an assault weapon, but a needed gun for law abiding Citizens against NON LAW ABIDING Citizens. (even non Citizens).

A simple gun isn't good enough if 10 men are attacking me. AR=15 is needed.
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/24/18

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You wrote: Why are you NOT demanding to BAN cell phones?

Cell phones, like cars, have MANY uses, most of which don't involve killing people. Guns have ONE use. To kill.

Because you all LOVE smart phones and CAN'T live an hour without it's usage.

Wrong again. Don't you get tired of randomly assuming things about people based on no evidence, and then accusing them of it? I don't even own a smart phone. I have an old fashioned flip phone. I average a few minutes a week of voice messages, and maybe a dozen text messages.

No Marches for Chicago's Kids. I wonder why?

Ask the people of Chicago. I'm not one, and neither are you.
---StrongAxe on 3/25/18

I know in the minds of many Americans, we defeated Hitler in WW2. When in fact, Russia delivered the biggest blow to Hitlers desire of conquest.

When Hitler planned his Russian invasion, he could not have taken into account, that everyday Russians were now armed to the tooth, which was not the case in WW1, when Germany killed millions of Russian civilians. The Russians losses were staggering!

This caused Hitler to underestimate Russian forces by millions, due to their armed civilians population. The Germans soon discovered the Russian forces outnumbered them 10 to 1, but by was too late.

If gun control had been in place in Russia, I believe Hitler may have succeeded.
---David on 3/25/18


No, since the second amendment says nothing about assault weapons.

If you want to see where ANYONE's true loyalties lie, follow the money. Where does the NRA get most of its money? Not from members. From gun manufacturers.

Note that the NRA lobbied heavily for laws that protect gun manufacturers from lawsuits when guns are misused. Not gun owners. Not gun dealers. Only gun manufacturers. Why is that? Because that's where their true loyalties lie.

100% of Americans are in FAVOR of banning hand grenades as well. Your point?

Because neither of us thinks everyone should have grenades, but YOU think we should have assault weapons. What is an AR15 if not an assault weapon?
---StrongAxe on 3/24/18

StrongAxe, cell phones are used by terrorists ALL THE TIME to detonate bombs.

Why are you NOT demanding to BAN cell phones?

It can saves thousands of lives.

Cell phones are NOT protected in the Constitution.

It wouldn't be HARD to have them banned.

It isn't a RIGHT to have a cell phone.

But, I think I know WHY you are not angry with cell phones.

Because you all LOVE smart phones and CAN'T live an hour without it's usage.

So you all ONLY care about certain gun shot killing in certain areas.

Children have been dying from guns for decades.

No Marches for Chicago's Kids.

I wonder why?
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/24/18

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StrongAxe: NRA is not responsible for Cruz, but IS responsible for the "protect our guns at the expense of our childen" gun culture, as it funnels MILLIONS into campaign funds to push its own agenda.//

It's OWN agenda? It's agenda PROTECTING the 2ND AMENDMENT.

Why are you NOT complaining about the ACLU funneling millions into campaign fund to push it's own agenda?

//67% of Americans are in FAVOR of banning assault weapons,//

100% of Americans are in FAVOR of banning hand grenades as well. Your point?

Again, Cruz DIDN'T use an ASSAULT weapon so why are you bring it up?

Alcohol kills thousands, causes thousands of child abuse and negligent, yet NO SUGGESTION for alcohol licensure.

---Nicole_Lacey on 3/24/18


The NRA is not responsible for Cruz, but IS responsible for the "protect our guns at the expense of our childen" gun culture, as it funnels MILLIONS into campaign funds to push its own agenda.

67% of Americans are in FAVOR of banning assault weapons, so it's clear where elected politicians' loyalties should lie - but instead, they vote according to the will of the lobbyists who line their pockets.

Guns kill thousands. So do cars. Nobody wants to take away your right to own a car, but you must take a proficiency test, get a license, register the car, and buy liability insurance.Nobody wants to take away your right to own a gun either, but what is wrong with requiring those other things for them too?
---StrongAxe on 3/24/18

4 Police Officers with GUNS outside the school and one young man inside the school with a GUN.

Who didn't have a GUN outside or inside the school?

An NRA Member!

'But let's NOT let a crisis go to waste.'--Lefties thinking

The Police Officers, FBI, School Counselors and Psychiatrist were notified months (years) of Cruz's many intentions of SHOOTING and KILLING Kids at that SPECIFIC SCHOOL.

Who WASN'T notified? THE NRA!

'Let's BLAME the NRA anyway, they won't know. Too stupid to realize the obvious'--Leftist thinking

'Let's tell the Children it's the NRA's fault because we need them to be Idiots and Useful for many years to come.'-- Lefties thinking.

Anyone read 'Screwtape Letters'?
---Nicole_Lacey on 3/24/18

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