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Finish It Here April 2018

Finish it here April 2018

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 ---Nicole_Lacey on 4/21/18
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It's obvious here in the USA that Nazi leanings has nothing to do with Dems or Republicans, but have infiltrated both parties here. Trumps father was affiliated with the Nazi party here, and Trump before running was in fact a Democrat and still is, even though he tells everyone he's republican. All anyone has to do in the USA is jump on the Christian values band wagon and the blind leading the blind will become popular....not by action....but only by word.

Even with Fox News now pointing out Trumps lies after lies, the blind apostate Christians still think he's Gods gift to America.

Question..does God really lift up a liar, serial adulter? I say NO.
---kathr4453 on 5/5/18

CLUNY. In Aust our biggest so called "Conservative" party is LIBERAL party. Its dominated by Leftist faction thus not seen as truly Conservative.

We do know "liberal" in USA is not the same as LIBERAL here.

Our true Conservatives here are Pauline Hanson's One Nation (invited by Trump to inauguration). Similar to Tea party.

And like DEMs, Fascist Left here also deceitfully allege Pauline Hanson's party is somehow neo Nazi, whilst offering no evidence for their claim, and ignoring the absurdity of even accusing Conservatives of being Socialist Left NAZIs.

Deceit is just the Leftist way.

I see true liberals in USA oppose bigoted Leftist, progressive, cultural Marxist DEMs.

---Haz27 on 5/2/18

haz, think about this:

Unrestricted access to rifles and pistols.

A conservative idea in the USA.

A libera idea in other countries.

(I also think that the terms "conservative" and "liberal" mean different things in the USA and Australia, but this is a subject for another thread.)

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/2/18

AXE. All you have done is parrot the usual Leftist lies.

Simply accusing Conservatives of being neo Nazis (which itself is absurd as Nazism is Socialist Left) without any independent, non partisan evidence, is nothing more than spreading the Left's usual derogatory LIES.

As usual you provide no facts to justify your support for the baby murdering, racist, bigoted, authoritarian Left.

You did, however, offer your trademark tactics of deflection, obfuscation, ducking and weaving.

MONK. I can't help you if you're so determined to believe Leftist lies. Russian KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov said that that would be the typical response of those brainwashed by the Marxist Left he worked for.
---Haz27 on 5/2/18

Haz27 said, ""The Big Lie. Exposing the NAZI Roots of the American Left"

I'm sorry, but I can't afford $16.00 to buy a book that I know is a lie.

The best bet is to start a new thread about that book, and give ALL of us a detailed summary
---Monk_Brendan on 5/2/18


If you make accusations of propganda, PROVE THEM WITH FACTS.

I SHOWED YOU names of four Nazi sympathizers who are CURRENTLY running on Republican tickets.

It is pointless to discuss ANYTHING with you ANY subject, because you NEVER listen to ANYTHING that is EVER said that disagrees with the broken record spinning in your head.

Arguing with you is a total waste of my time, and a total waste of yours, and does me no good, and obviously does you no good, so I will stop bothering. Enjoy your delusion-filled life.

I am going to go with the blog topic, and Finish It Here.
---StrongAxe on 5/2/18

AXE. Yet again you parrot Leftist propaganda.

The deceitful Left always allege Nazism and KKK links to Conservatives. We see same in Australia. And it's always proven to be lies (much like your other claims).

I suggest you stop believing the Fascist Left's lies.

As for your deflection about the baby murdering Left like the DEMs, the very fact that you point elsewhere to Denmark (which would require an independent study as to it's circumstances on abortion as you always rely upon the Left's deceitful propaganda) proves my point.

The fact still remains that Leftists like the DEMs are the racists today and in their KKK past. They are the baby murderers as proven by the likes of the DEMs own platform.
---Haz27 on 5/2/18

CLUNY. Liberals are not progressives/Leftists, as many liberals today publicly proclaim.

Progressives (also known as Leftists, cultural Marxists) are such hateful authoritarian bigots that many true liberals TODAY are now publicly distancing themselves from the Left.

Leftists today share much the same hateful authoritarian, racist etc, streak as Leftists even a century ago did.

---Haz27 on 5/1/18


Note how Haz27's posts consist mostly of emotionally-charged rhetoric and personal insults, devoid of facts.


Your ludicrous claim that I "admitted the heartless left got it way wrong" shows how you can read white and still call it black, as I said exactly the opposite. You keep ignoring the fact that legalizing abortion in Denmark LOWERED the number of abortions. Legalizing marijuana in Colorado LOWERED opioid abuse. Treating the cause rather than the symptom is always more effective, but you and those like you would rather lay blame than solve the problem.

Four neo-Nazis are now running as Republicans: Arthur Jones, Sean Donohue, Paul Nehlen, Patrick Little.
---StrongAxe on 5/2/18

haz, whether some political group is liberal or conservative, left or right, depends on how one draws his charts.

One thing I was taught in history: Today's liberal is tomorrow's conservative.

Example: A hundred years ago in the US (and probably Great Britain, too) female suffrage was considered a liberal idea. Now it's conservative.

The Declaration of Independence was a liberal document, for its time, especially when most Christian conservatives were royalists. But compared to it, the Constitution is a conservative document. The Articles of Confederation were even more conservative regarding what powers were given to the federal government, but they proved unworkable.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/1/18

LUKE. Note how AXE disregards reality. As you said, the Left are masters of abuse, lies, and have no respect for anyone. They cause division throughout Western nations. No rational Christian would ever vote for the Left.

MONK. You know exactly what I said about Left's Nazism, so you can stop your facade.

Instead of relying on Leftist revisionist history check out facts by non Leftist academics.

Dinesh D'Sousa's book "The Big Lie. Exposing the NAZI Roots of the American Left", provides evidence you need.

AXE. I guess your last post is an admission the heartless Left in USA have got it way wrong on abortion.
And don't forget the DEMs 2016 platform promised to fund abortion around the world too.
---Haz27 on 5/1/18

Haz27 said, " MONK. I've already shown you proof Nazism is Left. Leftist revisionist academics spread those lies you've been conned by."

I must have missed that posting. Can you please do a cut-and-paste on that post and show it to me again?
---Monk_Brendan on 5/1/18


The only one calling people names here is Haz, who calls the left Marxists, brainwashed, heartless, etc.


You call Denmark "ducking and weaving", because you don't like that it proves you wrong. Reducing demand is ALWAYS more effective than reducing supply. Prohibition taught us that. Nobody buys yesterday's fashions, not because they can't get them, but because they don't want them. Danes get fewer abortions than Americans - not because they aren't available, but because they treat the cause rather than mask the symptoms, so they don't feel the need for them. If America took the same progressive attitude, abortions here would would go down as well, and isn't that really what EVERYBODY wants?
---StrongAxe on 5/1/18

AXE. Yet again you deflect, avoid, repeat Leftist lies, anything, just to maintain your loyalty to the heartless Left.

No matter how much proof I provide, you, just like Russian KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov said, will just continue to reject facts.

Ducking and weaving seems to be your latest tactic, even pointing to Denmark in your attempt to draw attention away from the baby murdering nightmare that the DEMs have turned US in to.

You can't keep running away from the DEMs record on baby murder and racism.
---Haz27 on 5/1/18

StrongAxe, Trump said he could destroy ISIS in six months, not 30 days.

And while SOME KKK members might be tea-party Republicans, they are not synonyms.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/1/18

Haz and John, I also got your back. The left is responsible for so many things. They have no respect for anyone, they speak nothing but lies, all they do is cause more division. And I do not see how people can vote for Democrats when they do absolutely nothing for anyone. If you do not believe in what they believe they call you names.
Both of you keep the fight going.
---Luke on 5/1/18

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You constantly and repeatedly claim that what I say is lies, yet one thing you don't do is provide PROOF. You still haven't addressed the fact that leftist Denmark has a much lower abortion rate than rightist America.
---StrongAxe on 5/1/18

AXE. Biggest liar is by far the Left, especially as they dominate megaphones of society.

Note how you constantly repeat Leftist lies that you obediently accept, such as Big Switch, KKK being tea party, etc. As you allege KKK links to Tea Party then its you who needs to justify your claim, or else apologize for pushing Left's lies, again.

KKK was DEMs even as recent as CRA, which is not 100yrs ago as you falsely claim. Remember DEMs senator Byrd, the Exalted Cyclops of KKK, who was praised by DEMs at his 2010 memorial?

Today we see DEMs are still the racists, pushing a PC racism that persecutes and discriminates against whites, whilst simultaneously demeaning blacks as inferior needing privileges to help them keep up.
---Haz27 on 5/1/18

SAMUEL. The Left TODAY being heartless makes perfect sense. How can you say otherwise considering their baby murder platform, and destructive welfare dependency platform?

The Left's straw man argument that Conservatives want to harm the poor is typical Leftist lies.

Conservatives want to reduce welfare spending from it's current unjustified levels.

The heartless Left push such populist social spending merely to lure gullible voters regardless of the dysfunction, poverty, starvation, crime, substance abuse, abortions, etc that such welfare culture, etc causes.

Any rational assessment of Leftist agendas can only conclude the Left today are just as heartless as their Leftist predecessors Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.
---Haz27 on 4/30/18

strongaxe ask, "Do you have any data to contradict this?"

Yes, There is data available to contradict these claims, but i'm not interested in providing it at the moment. Perhaps, I will debate you in the future on this and sir please if you want to be taken serious when I debate you do not cite wikipedia and google to me lol

I am a serious researcher books Historical Papers (Primary Sources) quotations not a 2 minute google search to proove an agenda...

Take Care,

Ps., I debated you recently on how Logically Inconsistent you are when it comes to the Democratic and Republican Party (inconsistency is dishonesty)

God is truth and the truth is always consistent
---john9346 on 4/30/18

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You've shown opinions, not proof.

This is not about what KKK was during its origins a century ago. This is about what KKK is NOW. People who are in the KKK TODAY are tea-party Republicans. Do you have any actual EVIDENCE to refute this?

I showed ACTUAL NUMBERS multiple times that Republicans in BOTH north and south opposed CRA more than Democrats. You keep denying this, and I keep asking you to provide numbers to disprove it, but you have yet to do so. As they say, "put up, or shut up".

There is also deceit on the right, and also lies for political gain. Look only at Trump and the many campaign promises he made that he has no intention of fulfilling (never golfing, defeating ISIS in 30 days, etc.).
---StrongAxe on 4/30/18

haz, there is a group in the Democratic party called Democrats for Life.

I'm strongly pro-life. There is more to the right to life than just the right to be born. But this requires another thread.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 4/30/18

The left of today being heartless makes no sense. They advocate health care for all. Instead of like the far right. Saying let the poor die and so decrease the surplus population. As the follow Ebeneezer Scrooge.

The right say they care for unborn babies. But stop healthcare for pregnant women. Resulting in the death of babies and mothers.

True the left supports the right to chose an Abortion.

Which is wrong too. So neither side wants to take responsibility for their actions.
---Samuelbb7 on 4/30/18

MONK. I've already shown you proof Nazism is Left. Leftist revisionist academics spread those lies you've been conned by.

Left are renowned for deceit.
And a lie gets half way across world before truth gets boots on. Left rely on lies for political gain. AXE has repeated many Leftist lies here, and only later I find the actual truth exposing these lies.

We see same in Aust. Left here spread lies about Aboriginal history, and only later those like me who bother to follow it up, see how the Left's lies are exposed.

AXE. Clearly you lack understanding of fruits.

And you repeat another Leftist lie to misrepresent Tea party.
KKK is DEMs. Their history, Dixecrats, opposition to CRA, LBJ, etc proves it.
---Haz27 on 4/30/18

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Haz 27 said, "AXE. You always deflect, obfuscate, to defend your...Leftist masters...
DEMs 2016...pledged to continue funding Planned Parenthood...
DEMs do not speak in defense of unborn baby's right to life."

Forgive me for butting in, but...
Haz, you are so quick to judge everyone and anyone to be a leftist, but you can never get it right.

I am a lot farther right than either StrongAxe or YOU, when it comes to politics, and I have a better handle on right and left. For instance, Hitler was extreme ultra-RIGHT, not LEFT, and he thought that murdering people was--if not a fun pastime, at least acceptable. And he killed not only unborn babies, but already living babies, children, and grown people.
---Monk_Brendan on 4/30/18


Heartless, bigoted, and hateful also describe the extreme Right.

I've repeatedly shown left-wing Denmark has a MUCH LOWER abortion rate than right-wing America, yet you keep ignoring this. By their fruits you will know them. By these fruits, Leftism is much more effective at reducing abortion than rigthism.

Stop lumping baby with bath water. Stalin was genocidal because he was totalitarian, not because he was a leftist. Southern Democrats were racist because they were southerners, not because they were Democrats (as seen by the even MORE racist southern Republicans in the CRA).

TODAY, in 2018, KKK members are tea-party Republicans. Address what is happening NOW, not what happened 1-2 centuries ago.
---StrongAxe on 4/30/18

AXE. It's factual to use labels like heartless, bigoted, hateful, etc, to describe the Left.

Considering your own, and all the Lefts, constant use of such labels (without any foundation) against Conservatives, its absurd you cry victim.

The Left are heartless, as their genocidal record with baby murder (which you conveniently disregard), and from the likes of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and also the poverty and dysfunction their welfare dependency trap creates (which you also conveniently disregard), proves.

The Left are racist, as their record with the KKK, NAZI's, and today with PC racism, proves.

The Left are bigoted, hateful, oppressive, as their record under Hitler, Stalin, Mao and their PC tyranny today prove.
---Haz27 on 4/30/18

AXE. You always deflect, obfuscate, to defend your heartless Leftist masters. I see through your tactics.

BTW, baby murder is clearly a DEMs thing.

DEMs 2016 platform pledged to continue funding Planned Parenthood baby murder mill, to fund abortion nationwide and around world, and vowed to overturn state & federal restrictions on abortion. They also proposed cracking down on pro-life sidewalk counselors.

REPs hold to sanctity of life, affirming unborn baby has right to life which cannot be infringed.

DEMs do not speak in defense of unborn baby's right to life. Instead they work to remove anything that protects baby's right to life.

How can you continue to defend genocidal DEMs considering these facts?
---Haz27 on 4/29/18

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For the third time, stop blindly claiming evidence, and instead PROVIDE ACUAL NUMBERS AND SOURCES, as I have done here multiple times.

For the third time, Wiki footnotes provide links to outside sources. So don't trust Wikipedia - just look at those sources "to see if they are true", as the Bereans did.

In almost every single paragraph in almost every single post, you use emotionally charged but factually void rhetoric like "oppressive", "heartless", "genocidal", "bigotry", "hate", etc. but what is totally lacking is ACTUAL, VERIFIABLE FACTS. Why don't you pleasantly surprise us by providing some for a change?
---StrongAxe on 4/29/18

AXE. You conveniently ignore the damning evidence against YOUR side of politics.

The oppressive PC Left has long bullied society.
BUT now when Conservatives push back exposing racism, bigotry, hate, etc of the heartless Left, and how Left brainwash the gullible through dominance of megaphones of society, you dishonestly claim it's unfair YOUR side of politics should be criticized.

Wiki footnotes can be of same caliber as Marxist revisionist propaganda we see so often in top Google search results, Marxist universities, etc. Wiki says it should NOT BE TRUSTED and it's clear why.

The heartless Left's genocidal, racist past is beyond doubt. How's about facing up to the genocidal racist record of TODAY's Left.
---Haz27 on 4/29/18


You wrote: The bullying Lefts derogatory labels such as redneck...

Complaining about derogatory labels is rich coming from you, who constantly hit everyone on the right with derogatory labels like brainwashed, Marxist, baby-killers, etc. Stop screaming at the specks in other people's eyes until you remove the beam from your own.

Wikipedia footnotes point to actual articles from ELSEWHERE. Ignore what Wikipedia says, but read those other articles.

You keep whining about how meaningless those statistics are, yet after repeated requests, you can't seem to come up with any different statistics that refute them. Why is that? Could it be because you don't have any?
---StrongAxe on 4/29/18


I want him to believe people who ACTUALLY compiled statistics, and know them better than you or I do.

CRA was forced on BOTH Ds and Rs in the South. Rs hated it MORE than Ds as ALL of them voted against it.

Availability of abortion is NOT a DEMOCRAT thing. It is a SUPREME COURT thing. Unlike China, nobody nobody FORCES abortion. Black babies are aborted when black mothers CHOOSE to abort them.

Which is worse? Two options (poverty or starvation), or one option (starvation only because your public assistance is cancelled)?

Nobody WANTS poverty. Republicans want to motivate people by lighting a fire under them and saying "work or die". Many will STARVE without handouts.
---StrongAxe on 4/28/18

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DAVID. The bullying Lefts derogatory labels such as redneck reminds me of Aust politician Pauline Hanson (Trump invited her to inaugeration) when she stated that welfare dependency was destroying Aborigines.

Of course the racist bigoted Left called her a racist & redneck. BUT some months later an Aboriginal leader said the same as Pauline, and surprise, surprise....the virtue signaling racist Lefties praised him as an insightful Aboriginal.
Sadly we still see the heartless Lefts destructive welfare dependency policies in place.

AXE. Wiki footnote sources is meaningless when they're from far Left.
Hows about dealing with todays racism, which is still from the Left.
---Haz27 on 4/28/18

StrongAxe, you want Haz to BELIEVE you instead of me?

A White man over a Black Hispanic Woman?

A White man living in the North over a Black/Hispanic woman living who lived in the South 3/4 of her life and still does today?

A talking points over reality?

Black people living in South Chicago want to get out and White people would DARE walking there even during the day time.

Not even you.

Left people sentence Black people parts of America because they think they are BETTER than them

Everything Haz is saying about Black and White Americans is CORRECT!
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/28/18

StrongAxe, Haz doesn't have to live in America to know the truth about race relations.

According to your logic, only Germans and Jews can speak about Hitler. You and I have to be silent on the matter.

Stop spreading the lie about the South. Democrats first didn't want us Free and next didn't want us to vote. 15th Amendment.

The Civil Acts was FORCED on the Democrats in the South.

Abortion KILLS 1/3 Black babies today and you want me to thank the Democrat party?

Why? Because when a Black baby happens to survives an abortion mill their parents are trapped into poverty income?

Republicans want Black People to work and BELIEVE in themselves.


We can survive without handouts.
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/28/18


The south was predominantly AGAINST CRA. That was not a D vs R issue. It was a north vs. south issue. LBJ was a SOUTHERN DEMOCRAT from Texas. It's no surprise HE opposed CRA. Most Democrats DIDN'T.

The strength of Wikipedia is that it is MAY NOT publish original material. It MUST come from other sources, that are referenced in footnotes. DON'T trust what Wikipedia says on its own, but reserch like the Bereans did "to see if what Wikipedia says is so". The footnotes are there for all to see, and you can follow those to the sources (which I pointed you to, if you cared to look).

If you have any sources of different vote statistics in this matter, by all means, please produce them.
---StrongAxe on 4/28/18

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AXE. To the Left, babies lives do NOT matter. Hence their baby murder.

Even childrens lives do NOT matter to Leftists, hence their lure of welfare dependency encouraging the likes of single mom culture resulting too often in poverty, starvation, dysfunction, crime, etc.

We see same in Aust. Left's lure of welfare dependency, etc, creating the likes of dysfunctional Aboriginal communities where recently an Aboriginal father raped his own 2 yr old daughter.

Yeah sure...., the DEM's Left care for children, just as much as Leftist Hitler cared for Jews.

And if you read my posts again you'll see I do speak against the racism of today, which comes primarily from the Left, and their allies, through the Left's PC racism.
---Haz27 on 4/28/18

They only seem to care about babies from conception until birth - after that, they're on their own---StrongAxe

And after the birth, Which party offers to feed them and house them, without any work requirements. Our Government housing projects, are the results of policies of the Democratic Party.

Republicans see the results of these policies as a failure, and want to end them. The Democrats want them to continue, so they obviously must see the results as positive.

Do you view the results of these policies as positive or negative.
If might be a red neck.
---David on 4/28/18


Yes, baby lives matter, but you wouldn't know that by the Republican politicians here. They only seem to care about babies from conception until birth - after that, they're on their own. They cut children's lunch programs, food stamps for needy families, and health care (including the very health care that will keep those same babies' mothers healthy and the babies alive during those crucial 9 months).

Republicans care for babies only for only 9 months, while Democrats care for them for the rest of their lives. How is THAT for a hierarchy of human values?

Rather than constantly whining about racism that have happened in the past by people long dead, why not speak about racism that is happening today, right now?
---StrongAxe on 4/27/18

AXE. Consider president LBJ on CRA, as he signed it into law.

LBJ described civil rights bills as the nigger bill.

In regards to CRA, LBJ said:
These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days, and that's a problem for us, since they've got something now they never had before: the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this - we've got to give them a little something, JUST ENOUGH TO QUIET THEM DOWN, NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Regards your reliance on Wikipedia, their own site says they're NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any time. This means that any information it contains at any particular time could be vandalism.
---Haz27 on 4/27/18

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SAMUEL, AXE, KATHR. The Left's genocide and racism is just as apparent today with their baby murder and their politically correct hierarchy of human value, as it was in the Left's KKK, NAZI, etc past.

Yet in spite of the Left's genocide and racism, you've demonstrated here your determination to defend the Christian hating Left, whilst attacking the Conservative Right.

Babies lives DO matter. Why do you constantly try to deflect from the Left's current policy of genocide?

Racism is wrong. Why do you constantly deflect from Left's racist past, and also their current PC racism?
---Haz27 on 4/27/18


Google "Civil Rights Act" leads to Wikipedia "Civil Rights Act of 1964", which cites references in the footnotes 22, 24. (Wikipedia policy forbids ANY primary material - it may only compile information from other attested sources that are referenced in footnotes, like the Biblical standard "All truth is established by two or three witnesses". Wikipedia has been found to be as accurate as Brittanica on average.)

22 King, Desmond (1995). Separate and Unequal: Black Americans and the US Federal Government. p. 311.

24 EL. "Were Republicans really the party of civil rights in the 1960s?". Guardian.
(This links to an article)

Do you have any data to contradict this?
---StrongAxe on 4/27/18


tell us all, by citing your source or sources where did you get those statistics??

Did you google or Wikkipedia?
---john9346 on 4/27/18

AXE. The deceitful Left have long projected their own racism, etc, upon Conservatives.

The Left's Nazism, KKK roots, the fact ALL but one Dixiecrat remained with DEMs, the fact DEMs filibustered for 75 days in OPPOSITION to CRA, and less than 70% of DEMs supported CRA (compared to REPs 80%), all confirms Left's racist past.

And that racism from Leftist DEMs continues today as blacks are still treated as inferior, allegedly needing to be treated like children unable to match the standards of whites, asians.

The condescending Left's demeaning benefits of lower standards for blacks shows how the Left's racism is still very much there, but is cloaked as PC "virtue", purely for the Left's political gain.
---Haz27 on 4/27/18

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David, I love that. I think I will do that. Also that's a great idea for those wanting food. I rarely carry cash, but will always offer to buy lunch or dinner for anyone in need. Actually many are really hungry, and don't want cash for drugs and alcohol. Thanks for that.

Yea, I've thought about the void for years....and it is a void we created, so some lame excuse that we don't have the room for these kids who actually are productive , educated young people is what I believe a national treasure we just failed to recognize. We have MORE room than we know, and because of our country's abortion rates, we have LOTS OF ROOM. Let these kids have a chance.
---kathr4453 on 4/27/18

You make an excellent point! Never really thought of DACA in that way. I just love children, and we all know God does too. I fully understand the issues folks have against it. But perhaps...if we made it happen...America would once again be in Gods favor.

The anger in this country really frustrates me. I see it all day long, in many different forms. I try to carry a gift card at all times...and when I see a kind act...I give that person a card.

I dont give as many out today as I did years ago. The love filled smiles and hugs I recieve are worth more to me than the value of the cards. You should try it sometime...its very addicting.
---David on 4/27/18


Was that northern democrats, or southern ones? I've already shown most southern states were racist in this regard, regardless of party.

Finally civil rights act was passed with 80% support from REPs and less than 70% support from DEMs.

Yes, I said that in my last message, if you had paid attention. I also explained WHY.
MORE northern Ds voted for it than nothern Rs.
MORE southern Ds voted for it than southern Rs.
Since north was split about 50/50 between D+R but the south was mostly D, D totals were heavily tainted by southern racist Ds, while R totals weren't so badly tainted, since there were very few southern Rs at all.

Nevertheless, MORE Rs than Ds opposed the CRA in BOTH north AND south.
---StrongAxe on 4/26/18

AXE. Again you push DEM's lies.

The only Dixiecrat who switched to REP's was Strom Thurman. The rest of Dixiecrats stayed DEMs.

See You Tube Prager U on civil rights. Prof Swain shows how DEMs opposed civil rights having filibustered it for 75 days.
Finally civil rights act was passed with 80% support from REPs and less than 70% support from DEMs.

Prof Swain (herself black) disagrees with the DEMs revisionist lies you rely on.

SAMUEL. It's baby killing Left who argue that BABIES LIVES DON'T MATTER.

Governments rightly criminalize murder, theft, rape, violence, etc. Why do you then try to minimize the DEMs guilt on it's baby murder?

BTW, it's the Left who create the conditions for poverty.
---Haz27 on 4/26/18

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I live in Texas. Sad to say yes many racist Democrats became racist Republicans. A point I tried to ignore for a long time.
---Samuelbb7 on 4/26/18

David, you made some excellent points. I've often wondered, with the millions of abortions that have taken place in our country, and the devistating effect it has had too, as you pointed out, why so many who hate abortions and know there is a huge gap, they are also so against the DACA kids filling that void in so many ways. As a Christian nation, this is one way our Christian so called country CAN show a sort of repentance and give these other young people the chance that was not afforded to those who will never know.

And children that will not be given proper healthcare I find a horrible sin of this country. We do not need more kids in the foster and social services, (GOV) because parents can't afford to take care of them.
---kathr4453 on 4/26/18


By party: Final version:
D: 153-91(63-37%), R: 136-36(80-20%): Rs liked it more than Ds -BUT-

By party and region:
House version:
North: D: 145-9(94-6%), R: 138-24(85-15%)
South: D: 8-87(7-93%), R: 0-10(0-100%)
Senate version:
North: D: 45-1(98-2%), R: 27-5(84-16%)
South: D: 1-20(5-95%), R: 0-1(0-100%)

In the north, many more Rs voted against than Ds.
In the south, most from BOTH parties voted against, but SOME Ds voted for, while NO Rs did.
In BOTH regions, Ds were more in favor than Rs.
The reason Rs won overall was because north was split around 50%/50% by party, while racist south was mostly D. After this was passed, most racist Dixiecrats jumped to the R party.
---StrongAxe on 4/26/18

Republicans don't want abortion because it's killing Babies. They don't want to help pregnant mothers because they are poor. They are okay with removing their health insurance so they will die and reduce the surplus population.

Democrats support Abortion or the right of women to choose for themselves.

If it is the right of women to choose. Than that is leaving the decision in the hands of the person it most affects. Instead of the Government stepping in and deciding for them.

So Republican are intrusive in some areas and not in others. I don't totally agree with either side.

But right now to me the Republicans are being worse hypocrites than the Democrats. Neither side is great. But all the lies aren't helping.
---Samuelbb7 on 4/26/18

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strongaxe said, "More Ds than Rs supported the Civil Rights Act in both north and south."

Strongaxe, are you just saying this to enrage haz lol

I ask because this is "Patently False."

I think you know what your doing lol needed this laugh
---john9346 on 4/26/18

Political affiliations...why get yourselves all worked up? You would hope Christians would vote with a Christian conscience,...but they dont. So why try to change their minds, with a Christian argument?

Try using abortion as an economic argument. For example, Abortion has destroyed Social Security.
Killing off untold millions of potential tax payers had undermined the Social Security system.

Baby Boomer...a cleverly disguised term used to cover up this fact. Of course there was a Baby Boom...because it was the last generation before abortion became legal.

Abortion has destroyed the cycle of life, on which Social Security was founded. A cycle that was untouched before the Baby Boom.
---David on 4/26/18

NICOLE.Leftism = Starvation,etc.

Under Stalin 7 million Ukrainians starved to death, murdered.

Today's Venezuelan government established populist social welfare policies which led to hyperinflation, economic depression, shortages of basic goods, high unemployment, poverty, disease, child mortality, malnutrition, crime.

In Australia the Left's Stolen generation LIE results in Aboriginal children dying from substance abuse, etc as nobody is willing to adopt such neglected children due to fear of Left's propaganda. Recently Aboriginal father raped his 2 yr old daughter, thanks to Left's propaganda abuse against anyone intervening to protect children from the dysfunctional societies the Left's welfare dependency created.
---Haz27 on 4/26/18

StrongAxe: Republicans passed a budget that will deprive millions of health care and KILL THOUSANDS. If that's not hate, what is?//


Democrats 100% support PPH that is KILLING MILLIONS NOW, but you want Haz to focus on a so called health bill that you claim WILL kill thousands in the future?

How about you get a bucket of water and help us put out the house fire instead of debating which company has the best fire insurance for your NEXT house that hasn't been built yet?

As I said in the past you CAN'T feed a body if you KILL that body first.

Willing to feed a kid AFTER you said their kid's Momma could kill him or her isn't being a CHRISTAIN
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/25/18

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Cluny. I've repeatedly told you I know Axe does not support abortion (although he does question about when a fetus becomes a human life).

I suggest you read my posts properly instead of misconstruing them.

I spoke of THE LEFTs baby murder, which Axe seemed to be trying to excuse with a misleading argument that somehow Jesus did not specifically say we should not kill babies therefore Christians should not question the Left's baby murder.

As for the LGBT lifestyle, if you fail to recognize the Left's and LGBT activism, bullying society into submission to their deviancy agendas, then I really can't help you.
---Haz27 on 4/25/18


I lived here 33+ years. Haz has not, and only knows what he reads in the media, which he himself thinks is mostly "fake news". You can discuss things rationally. Haz rarely does so and almost always uses ad-hominem attacks.

I rarely hear about successful White Republicans that aren't corrupt, and there are way more of those than successful Black Democrats.

Your experience with race relations is in the south, where white vs. black racism has its core. More Ds than Rs supported the Civil Rights Act in both north and south. In racist south, BOTH parties mostly hated it, but Rs hated it more as NONE voted for it.

Chicago has high violence regardless of race, so you're comparing apples and oranges.
---StrongAxe on 4/25/18

\\AXE. Seems you're trying to justify the Left's baby murder and LGBT lifestyle based on a flawed view Jesus supposedly failed to specifically mention them.

haz, I've repeatedly told you that I know StrongAxe personally, and he does NOT support abortion.

What is the LGTB lifestyle? I've seen this and similar phrases hurled as if they had a definite meaning.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 4/25/18

StrongAxe, I was born here and you were not. Haz seems to know more about what happened in American before 1865, 1960 and what is happening now.

Democrats has ALWAYS kept Black people down and will continue to keep Black people down.

There are usually two types of successful Black people in America: Corrupt Democrats or Republicans

A one combination you never hear about is a successful Black Democrat that isn't corrupt.

Slavery ended and Civil Rights are enacted.

Everything Haz has said about race relations in America is CORRECT!

BTW, it is SAFER for a Black man to live in Mississippi/Alabama among White people than in Chicago among Black people.

A SAD FACT that only a Black Woman can post on CN
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/25/18

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AXE. Seems you're trying to justify the Left's baby murder and LGBT lifestyle based on a flawed view Jesus supposedly failed to specifically mention them.

Jesus commanded we love others (John 13:34). LOVE DOES NO HARM TO ANOTHER(Rom 13:10), hence don't kill babies.

Jesus said marriage is between man and woman (Matt 19:4,5). LGBT lifestyle (and murder, theft, etc) get no positive comment from God.

It's oppressive Left who impose their agendas onto society for easier baby murder, LGBT lifestyles, creating poverty, starvation, dysfunction, etc. Christians oppose this and so should you.

Again you quote scripture (Matt 25) without understanding. Cross reference scripture to see who are the naked, hungry, thirsty, etc.
---Haz27 on 4/25/18


I live in the U.S. You don't. I have a better idea of what goes on in this country than you do. Stop mindlessly parroting you right-wing propaganda.

Note how often Jesus spoke about abortion, LGBTQ, etc. He NEVER mentioned those issues even once, yet conservative Christians always consider these two to be the most pivotal "Christian" beliefs, eclipsing all others. Many are "single issue voters" about these issues.

In contrast, Jesus frequently spoke about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, etc., yet "Christian" Republicans seem totally fine with cutting social programs that feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and healing the sick.
---StrongAxe on 4/24/18

AXE. Repeating Leftist lies only proves you're a brainwashed follower of the Left.

The Left today are still the racists, heartless murderers, etc, just as they were decades ago under their predecessors Hitler, KKK/DEMs, etc.

If some the speeches of Hitler were repeated at a DNC meeting without mentioning Hitler was the source, the Socialist message of Hitler would get a resounding applause by DEMs.

As for your latest misuse of scripture (Isa 5:20), if you want to use that then look at the Left TODAY which claims that evils such as killing babies, deviancy indoctrination of children, LGBTQI lifestyles, hating Christianity, etc, is all somehow good.
---Haz27 on 4/24/18


And your deflections cannot hide the Right's inhumanity. Mote. Beam. Eye. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Forget what happened a hundred years ago. NOW, TODAY, the KKK are Republicans.
If you look at the party platform of the 1956 Republican convention, most of the line items read directly out of today's Democratic party playbook.

NOT all leftists are inhuman, deceited, hateful, and bigoted. Republican politicians here are systematically stripping the poor of food and health care. For all their claim of being Christian, they rightfully recall Isaiah 5:20
"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"
---StrongAxe on 4/24/18

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AXE. Your deflections cannot hide Left's inhumanity.

A vote for Leftists is a vote for their baby murder platform, even if some DEMs voters profess to be anti abortion.

DEMs are traditional home of KKK.
Any allegations they're REPs are lies, just as Big Switch is a lie.

Leftist NAZI's we're even inspired by their fellow Lefty's the DEMs.

The supposed "wide brush" you accuse me of is, in fact, real examples of Left's TRADEMARK inhumanity, deceit, hate, bigotry.

Orwell warned such deceitful authoritarians would dominate the world.
And Jesus prophesied towards the end the world will get so bad that if God didn't shorten the days no flesh would be saved.
The Left fit these descriptions.
---Haz27 on 4/24/18

AXE. More of Left's hate.

When in government, heartless Left in Aust made cuts in financing for important life saving cancer research, etc, and instead wasted billions dealing with illegal immigrants they themselves encouraged to take the TREACHEROUS boat trip here (1100 drowned).
When asked if they felt responsible for these 1100 drownings of illegal immigrants that the Left encouraged to come over, one heartless Lefty politician brushed it aside saying "Tragedies happen".

BTW, I suggest you just rely on facts rather than irrelevant boasts of so called reputation. Whenever people resort to reputation or uni degrees, etc in an attempt to justify their flawed reasoning then it only suggests they're desperate.
---Haz27 on 4/24/18


I have often wanted a way to do this, but I've never found any contact information for mods. Where is it posted? I do know that every single time I post here, I'm required to supply my email address, but that address is never used for any purpose related to posting (e.g. telling me that my post is rejected for being inappropriate). It was only ever used for sending me unwanted ads.


The vast majority of democrats neither obtain nor perform abortions. Republican politicians oppose abortions until their mistresses get pregnant.

These days, KKK members are REPUBLICANS.

NONE of Hitler, Stalin, etc. were registered Democrats. Stop using such a wide brush!
---StrongAxe on 4/24/18

I have seen how moderations works on many other discussion forums that I read and post to regularly. On the vast majority of them, moderators actively monitor the content and play an active role in curtailing inappopriate discussions such as insults and personal attacks. Here, that does not appear to be the case.

Strongaxe, people can e-mail even call by phone the Site Admin. I have seen them get involved several times.

Once when Monk Brendan was being Verbally Abused they took down the entire blog.
---john9346 on 4/23/18

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AXE. You asked what is hate. DEMs platform to kill approx 3000 babies per day in USA is example.
Also DEMs terrorist arm the KKK.

Other examples:
Genocidal Leftist leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

The Marxist Left's agenda for open borders, thus mass migration with its Islamic terrorism, millions of rapes of women and children by Muslim, etc, just so the heartless, selfish Left can grow their voter base of welfare dependents who like the Left's divisive identity politics that allows Muslim, etc immigrants to further their racism and supremacist agendas.

What the Left have done to Aboriginals in Aust is similar to what they've done to blacks in US.

The Left are by far the greater evil.
---Haz27 on 4/23/18

I believe when we marry we take an OATH, make a promise to be faithful. So anyone who is a serial adulter I put in a different category of liars. Marriage is a LEGAL binding contract as breaking your marriage vows is the lowest of low. Anyone who does this is not fit for office,no matter what their political affiliations are. OBama as we know, is not guilty of that, nor was Sanders. And I believe, in spite of different political affiliations we all have the utmost respect for those who are faithful in their marriage vows as being honorable men and women. Those who don't...are LIARS AND every aspect of life having a seered conscience on many levels.
---kathr4453 on 4/23/18


Children in Flint drink lead years after the problem caused by penny-pinching Republicans was found, yet this month MI OKd Nestle to extract water sell it to us as a profit, as they did during CA drought.

Much of PR is without power after 6 months, and many vets are homeless, yet Trump wants to waste millions on a parade, as communist leaders do.

Republicans passed a budget that will deprive millions of health care and KILL THOUSANDS. If that's not hate, what is?

You haven't seen me accept correction because you haven't been here long. I've been here for about a decade. 23x as many CN readers think my posts are useful as think yours are. Think about why, before spewing more vitriol that just scares people away.
---StrongAxe on 4/23/18

Excellent points John.

Samuel, I NEVER said you said he was king. I was accusing Obama for acting as if he was king for creating DACA.

That's the Legislation Branch department.

Come on.
I believe you are older than me. We both learned this by the 5th grade.

Are you claiming Obama doesn't know Civics?

Are you claiming States were not suing Trump over DACA last year?

Stop blaming Trump!
Democrats wanted 800,000 DACA people to be citizens.

Trump up the number to 1.6 million with strings attached.

Democrats PROVED they DID'T CARE when they turn down Trump's offer.

Now DACA are realizing the Democrats are using them and are getting mad with the Democrats themselves.
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/23/18

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samuelBB7 ask, "He lies a lot. Why should I trust a liar who cheats on his wives? If he cannot keep a promise to any of his wives."

Well Obama lied so you must disqualify him, Bill Clinton lied so you must disqualify him, Hilary lied so you must disqualify her.

Bill Clinton committed adultery, John Edwards committed adultery.

So rejecting Trump because of these things you have to reject all politicians and there party are you going to do this????
---john9346 on 4/23/18

Never said Obama was king. That is a false accusation. Also he never tried to be. He was a so so President. Not the Devil his critics made him to be.

Trump didn't have to stop DACA. He needed to do what Obama failed to so. Which is fix the problem.

He promised to do it. Because in the end it will cost they U. S. Government millions of Dollars to deport Law Abiding children who have worked hard to become teachers and helper to society.

Then he turns around and stabs them in the Back. He promised to release his taxes and lied about that. He lies a lot. Why should I trust a liar who cheats on his wives? If he cannot keep a promise to any of his wives. Why should I trust him to not lie to us?
---Samuelbb7 on 4/23/18

Samuel: Now Trump is responsible for what he does and causes which is things like backstabbing the DACA children. Each person is responsible for some things.//

The Courts said DACA was illegal.

Obama isn't KING.

Remember Trump had to stop DACA because several States sued the Executive Branch for NOT ending DACA sooner
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/22/18

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