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Should We Break The Law

Should we break laws for the greater good even if it hurts a few?

Would you still say yes, if you or family would be part of the few?

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 ---Nicole_Lacey on 8/13/18
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Warning to those who add or remove from GOD'S WORD:

"For I testify to every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this Book: If any man shall add unto these things, GOD shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book".

"And if any man shall take away from the words of the Book of this Prophecy, GOD shall take away his part out of The Book of Life, and out of The Holy City, and from the things that are written in this Book". Revelation 22: 18,19.
---Melody on 9/4/18

Well, it appears the definition of HERO and I agree, showing Michael_e's definition is of his own making, calling others ignorant who disagree with him. Am I offended? Of coarse not. No where does it say one MUST have served to KNOW the definition of "HERO". Again, some strange rule michael_e made up.

a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
"a war hero"
synonyms: brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour, lionheart, warrior, knight, More
---kathr4453 on 9/4/18

Michael_e, using caps to accentuate a word has nothing to do with the definition of "ignorance". Again, just another made up bunch of nonsnese you throw out here as some sort of badge of brilliance on your part??? Hardly! Your ignorance underhandedly said McCain was not a war hero.

Many people here use CAPS, which you accuse of being ignorant. SAD!

I know you are still angry because you chose to define THE MYSTERY by your own definition rather than God's, which is Colossians 1:24-27, which is CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY.

Ignorant people are those who dont understand the TRUE definition of issues. Please know the definition of IGNORANT as well before ignorantly using the word to assult another.

---kath4453 on 9/4/18

Michael_e, John McCain is a war HERO whether you like it or not. To say all those who call him a war HERO are ignorant because they did not serve in active duty is the most ignorant statement of all.

I said your comment was disturbing, because you chose to redefine the definition of HERO based solely on your own OPINION, and not that of the majority of the world or Webster or Oxford Dictionary. You chose to dishonor John McCain here for what ever reason, and doing so is based solely on your own ignorance, and prejudice. That does not make your credible, but just another mud slinging worldly minded person unsanctified in every way.
---kat453 on 9/4/18

kathr4453 on 9/3/18
As usual, when you are confronted over your ignorance of a subject, you start with your capitals, which only shows more ignorance. Since you never served you know absolutely nothing about the subject.
---michael_e on 9/3/18

Michael_e, Getting killed doing your job doesn't make you a hero either. Getting killed to save others yes. If it's just a job, we see recently many killed on the job. Are they hero's because some crazed killer stormed a news media company/ station? Are kids hero's who died in school shootings?

Even our police force, again no one forced anyone to be a policeman, who willingly put their life on the line for you and me are HEROS , no matter what. Our military put their lives on the line for you and me. That's the difference. They CHOSE TO.
---kathr4453 on 9/3/18

Again, there are so many areas of those choosing jobs that these guys know are dangerous. Firefighters, are another. These also are HEROS, who risk their lives every day for you and me. They KNOW they could die, yet lay down their own life for others.

Our Military, Police, Fire Fighters, etc even those who choose to go into dangerous countries to save others, re: child trafficking, witnessing, distributing bibles where it's illegal....THESE ARE ALL HEROS, WHETHER THEY LIVE OR DIE.
---kath4453 on 9/3/18

Each member of the US armed forces, have a job to do, and they do it, knowing what might happen. Simply doing your job does not make you a hero.
---michael_e on 9/3/18


If that truth bothers you, you have a problem.
---kathr4453 on 9/3/18

Exactly StrongAxe, something McCain never stooped to, even when Bush's campaign lied about McCain fathering a black child...when in fact John and Cindy adopted a girl from Bangladesh. You saw her at the funeral...if you watched. That was the lowest of low, yet McCain did not render evil for evil, but rose above. That is what a true Christian does, that you all hate and mock.

Shame on you all. Trump is vicious, and not welcomed from many decent countries around the world.
---kath4453 on 9/3/18


No, I did not serve, but I respect veterans and the sacrifices they make. Those who gave their lives are heroes, but that doesn't mean those who returned alive aren't.

Trump, who avoided going to Vietnam, called avoiding STDs while partying at Studio 54 his "personal Vietnam".


You wrote: Trump has always been the BIGGER PERSON.

He always thinks he's bigger in everything. This is not magnanimity. It is narcissism.

Trump's "Be careful, Lyin'Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!" is repaying evil for evil, stooping down to Cruz's low level - hardly the attitude one would expect from a statesman or someone who claims to be a Christian.
---StrongAxe on 9/3/18

I'ts amazing how some on here really show their ignorance commenting on subjects they have no clue about.
Kathr4453, When and where did you serve? If you didn't you are way out of your league, with your ignorant comments
---michael_e on 9/3/18

Kathr: Did Trump attack Ted Cruz first or last, NOW WANTS TO support him.//

Trump has always been the BIGGER PERSON.

Cruz attacked Trump 1st when Cruz ATTACKED Melania. (BTW, I thought you all said family members where OFF LIMITS????)

Anywho, 2016 Cruz and his gang ran an AD of Melania modeling shoot for GQ magazine. On the photo is this: "Meet Melania Trump, you next first lady. or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday." -- Washington Post

Then Trump tweeted: :Lyin' Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Ql shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin'Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!"

Cruz tried to deny it came from him, but if true Cruz DIDN'T condemn the AD.

Jed Bush next.
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/3/18

ax: Are you still here? Why don't you go back to Canada? It's safer for snowflakes there.

---jerry6593 on 9/3/18

Like I said, HATE MONGERS love Trump and follow in is footsteps of hateful rhetoric....

And michael_e's comment is disturbing. Maybe some captured were murdered on the spot. And others who didn't commit war crimes put those in POW camps. If you were shot, basically you were captured .....

All vets who have served, whether POW's, killed ,wounded or maimed, suffer PTSD , or a terminal illness because of the Gulf war, or Agent Orange are all HERO's PERIOD.
---kathr4453 on 9/3/18

//Are you saying that any soldier who survives a war is no hero, that all veterans are cowards?//
I am a veteran, I survived, I did my best, I am no hero, but I can show you some 58,000 heroes, that gave all they could. BTW, are you a hero?
---michael_e on 9/3/18


Obama and Bush were friends of McCain, despite being political rivals. Reasonable people can be both - a distinction Trump is unable to grasp.

Today is Labor Day. McCain's funeral was two days ago.

RINO is a pejorative used by some Republicans to disparage others, just as many Christians claim others aren't "real" Christians. No group can survive while its members attack each other.


"snowflake" is a pejoritative that refers to people who can't take the heat. I live in Arizona. I'm not afraid of a little heat, literal or otherwise.

Personal insults and ad-hominem attacks are the refuge of cowards who have nothing more substantive to say.
---StrongAxe on 9/3/18

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ax: Are you still here? Why don't you go back to Canada? It's safer for snowflakes there.

---jerry6593 on 9/3/18

Nicole, give us a rundown on ALL of trumps attacks of others who have attacked him. Did Trump attack Ted Cruz first or last, NOW WANTS TO support him. He has childish nick names for so many, showing TRUMP is the much smaller man all the way around.

Listen if TRUMP is your thing, that says much about you. I personally believe all those who support Trump are in their own lives dishonest, hate mongers, ( we see a lot here ), bigot's, racist's, liars, pathologically narcissistic or corrupt in some way themselves and that's why they hide behind him also excuse him. Well humpy dumpy is about to take a big fall.
---kathr4453 on 9/3/18


Are you saying that any soldier who survives a war is no hero, that all veterans are cowards?


You wrote: Lefties LOVE to leave out facts!

You choke on one lie McCain told, while swallowing the thousands Trump tells on an almost daily basis.

So Trump CAN'T insult McCain, but McCain CAN insult his Constituents?

As President, ALL Americans are Trump's constituents. He constantly insults Americans of all kinds - i.e. his OWN constituents - reporters, disabled people, families of veterans, even people of his own party who are doing their jobs that just happen to disagree with him - you name it.
---StrongAxe on 9/3/18

Lefties LOVE to leave out facts!

1ST McCain LIED on Trump claiming Trump was talking about Hispanic citizens not BAD ILLEGAL Mexicans.

Trump at a Phoenix rally said McCain and Obama were incompetent and weak on immigration.

Next McCain ATTACKS his own ORDINARY Constituents who went to the rally. He called them 'Crazies'

Trump IMMEDIATELY told McCain to apologize for the "crazies" remark and called him a "dummy"

Trump gave McCain 2 days to apologize to his Constituents but McCain refused.

So he made the captured remarks" -'Here's a blow by blow account of the Donald Trump vs John McCain feud' azcentral

So Trump CAN'T insult McCain, but McCain CAN insult his Constituents?
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/2/18

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The real heroes of that war we lost are the 58000 names on the wall. No heroes came home from that war.
---michael_e on 9/2/18


How typical. You have only condemnation for a veteran who bravely served, then suffered years of torture and solitary confinement, yet only praise for a man who cowardly avoided service five times, and as Commander in Chief is too afraid to visit troops in combat zones, and mocks the veteran as "he doesn't like people who get captured". Since that's how Trump thinks, imagine what he thinks of Jesus who got captured and killed.

Trump had only condemnation for McCain and acts this way to ANYONE who ever dares defy him. Trump is a "Christian" who "hates all enemies" instead of loving and forgiving them. Talk about vindictive jerks!
Your total hatred for McCain shows a similar vindictiveness.
---StrongAxe on 9/2/18

StrongAxe: He specifically invited two personal friends, former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama,//

Obama a personal friend?


Obama who beat him in 2008 and RIDICULED him after the presidency in front of cameras at the round table is a friend?

At least Trump ridiculed McCain behind his back and AFTER McCain ridiculed him FIRST!

BTW, Bush is a RINO also.

//People everywhere were eulogizing him, but at the same time, Trump did what Trump always does - play golf.//

What did you want Trump to do? Cry at the White House?

It's LABOR DAY! What? You get to BBQ, but Trump has to work?

Or are you mad because Trump has the best golf courses in the world to relax?
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/2/18


McCain knew he was dying, and planned the guest list for his funeral. He specifically invited two personal friends, former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but requested that Donald Trump not attend. People everywhere were eulogizing him, but at the same time, Trump did what Trump always does - play golf.
---StrongAxe on 9/2/18

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Nicole: YES! This vindictive jerk wanted to make a political statement even in death. How petty!

---jerry6593 on 9/2/18

Jerry, did McCain planned out his own funeral guests?
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/1/18

StrongAxe: McCain promised to vote for Repeal And Replace.//

In 2015 several different plans of repeal, replace or both in which McCain accepted but he knew Obama would veto.

But when he knew that Trump would take EITHER McCain KILLED.

//which was NOT the same. That was bait-and-switch.//

You got that right BUT with the wrong person.

He did the bait and switch not Trump.

He promised to vote to repeal if elected but switched when he was elected.

Shame on him.

BTW, many videos of him ONLY saying REPEAL Obama care not repeal and replace.

//Thus, he could not in good conscience vote for it.//

Keeping your WORD is in good conscience and shows that you are a MAN OF YOUR WORD.
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/1/18

If McCain were such a loyal Republican, why did he purposely dis-invite the President and Sarah Palin to his funeral? Why are DemocRATs his greatest admirers? What a jerk!

---jerry6593 on 9/1/18

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Melody, read 2 Timothy 3...the whole chapter. NOW go to a Bible on line and pull up every verse that addresses LIARS.

There is no promise in scripture that if we eradicate a certain sin, it will delay Gods Judgement. OR that we are here to eradicate any sin. Gods will THROUGH US is to be a soul winner, FROM THE WRATH TO COME.

We can harp all day long about sin, but without accompanying that with the Gospel is nothing more than self-righteousness.

And here in the USA is more than 20 righteous people, SO you can't compare that to ancient times of S & G.

If you're on a ship that is sinking, do you waste your time trying to save the ship OR get as many off the ship as you can before it sinks?
---kathr4453 on 9/1/18


God abhors many things, but why punish America NOW when he didn't for enslaving nations, making people work without pay, stealing people's land, all which scripture condemns? That would be very selective outrage.

God already decided to destroy Sodom before Genesis 19. Why? Ezekiel 16:49: pride, abundance of food, idleness, yet did not help the poor. Inhospitality - a heinous sin in desert cultures, where not helping strangers could mean their death. Rape was the worse abuse of hospitality, but Judges 19-20 tells of Gibeah, where a similar heterosexual rape caused national outrage.

Rejecting Jesus' disciples will be worse than Sodom on the day of judgment: comparing apples to apples, inhospitality vs. inhospitality.
---StrongAxe on 9/1/18

Strong: Ask THE LORD personally about those questions: Are you judging GOD for what it's abominable to HIM and the reason that HE totally destroyed the wicked ancient places and because of the same depravation?

Perversion and immorality has always existed but a nation that makes that wickedness into a law and into pushing the souls into perdition - has opened itself into GOD'S TERRIBLE JUDGMENT - those who had created it and those who follow it: ""All things shall pass away - not GOD'S WORD"!
---Melody on 8/31/18


McCain promised to vote for Repeal And Replace. The vote came up to Repeal but not Replace - which was NOT the same. That was bait-and-switch. Thus, he could not in good conscience vote for it.
---StrongAxe on 9/1/18

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Trump CLAIMS so many things only a miracle worker could succeed. His claims are not realistic, but propaganda scratch itching ears.

"By their fruits he shall know them". If he lied to his wives, and contractors, and investors, and students, and almost everyone else in his life, why should we trust him now, when he promises things WE want to hear?

As for God's judgment, why should God judge this country for sodomy and abortion for the past 50 years, when he didn't judge us for slavery, Japanese internment, the Trail of Tears, stealing the continent from its natives, etc. etc.?
---StrongAxe on 8/31/18

Melody, your thoughts and words here are somewhat high and lofty , yet is not scriptural. Humans are NOT going to rid the world of evil. Judgement is coming against ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. There is nothing you can do to stop it. So all we are asked to do is witness to the lost before it's too late.

Judgement will,come because people rejected Jeuss Christ as Lord and savior NOT because someone is this or that. When I witnes to anyone regardless of who or what they are, I don't point out specific sins. I just show the 10 commandments that point to sin. Targeting a specific group and harping on that group is wrong.

We live in a sinful world Melody. The idea is to be that LIGHT that shines in darkness.
---kathr4453 on 8/31/18

StrongAxe, read my post again. I was agreeing with Jerry that McCain was a RINO and I added Flake to the RINO list.

Next, I said I as well had to hold my nose when voting for McCain.

Kathr, McCain can vote with his conscience but he shouldn't have LIED when he ran claiming he WOULD VOTE to repeal Obama care in the primary.

So it's okay for him to vote on his conscience instead of keeping his word he gave to Arizona?

---Nicole_Lacey on 8/31/18

No one can rid the world of any evils - only THE LORD HIMSELF - but THE LORD before and now is testing who are HIS and who aren't and how? - not only by word but by faith in action. . . and yes - THE LORD is THE ONLY ONE to defeat the darkness in a way that we human beings cannot comprehend - why> - because HE IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD and those who worship 'other gods/from hell inspired' and going along with these abominable 'un-laws' from wicked men - will be put to shame and saddest of all - separated from HIS PRESENCE: "THE TRUTH doesn't sin, but make many uncomfortable" . . .
---Melody on 8/31/18

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I didn't know Trumps agenda was to rid the USA of sodomites. Maybe that would be Pence's platform, but interestingly enough Ivanka supports the whatever community.

So was Trump going to send them to prision like Russia? Yet look at evil Putin....

I'm not sure the agenda God has for these last days is to rid the world of sodomites through evil dictators. Just doesn't sound like MY GOD.

And Jerry, there was no REPLACE with the repeal, as Trump wanted so McCain voted his conscience. He never said he would vote to ONLY REPEAL. IT WAS TO GO TOGETHER. Also remember Mexico is suppose to pay for the wall....which it won't. So "bate and switch" I'm not impressed with.
---kathr4453 on 8/31/18

Also if you want to rid the world of sodomites, let's revisit the Catholic Church, and the hundreds of thousands of sodomites hiding behind religion, who think because they are against abortion that all is well.


WOE to those who call evil good and good evil. Or who hide behind some good things SO THAT THEY CAN DO EVIL.
---kat453 on 8/31/18

Why some here that are constantly attacking the President, can't see the good things that at least he's trying to do and in that for the law to be enforced and respected? - and you ignore an indifferent and silent about what the former one did and supported under his term? - the worse that ever happened to this country and that of the passing into law the Sodomite Laws and other aberrant ones that under THE LORD they are abominable and for which (above all things) this country is under judgment now: May the President with GOD'S help remove them, the only hope to avoid terrible judgment if it's not done so - and how many will come against it, as for many "wickedness they are for and defend".
---Melody on 8/31/18

Dear Jerry Trump lies 75% of the time words come out of his mouth. That is not fake news. Why because they show where he said one thing one time and the opposite another. His lies are documented and backed up by proof.

He gave millions in tax cuts to the rich. But just stopped a 2% raise to those who work for the Government.

When he went to praise the CIA who died for the country he spoke on how great and wonderful Trump is. Who never served a day in his life for his country.

Those in Germany broke the law to save lives of the Jews. The Apostles broke the law to preach Jesus. Christians are to only break bad laws to help others.

---Samuelbb7 on 8/31/18

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Why do rightists love liars so much? Trump said he would be too busy to vacation and golf as much as Obama, yet spends 25% of his time doing that. He took more golf vacations in 1 year than Obama in 8. He cheated on all 3 wives. He contracts work then refuses to pay. There are thousands of lawsuits pending over this. He promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, but now he's threatening to shut down the government unless Congress pays.

For all you righties, we call that a LIAR. Yet despite all these obvious lies, conservatives, and especially right-wing evangelicals praise Trump as if he's the Second Coming of Christ (and some do so literally - Pat Robertson saw a vision of Trump at the right hand of God!)
---StrongAxe on 8/31/18

Why is it that leftists love liars so much? McCain made numerous public statements while running for re-election that he would "repeal and replace" the disastrous Obamacare. But what did he do? He got off his sick bed, flew to DC and cast the deciding vote against the repeal in direct contradiction to his promise. For all you lefties, we call that a LIAR.

---jerry6593 on 8/31/18


You wrote: Flake as well. I also had to hold my nose when I voted for him.

McCain and Flake are Arizona senators. Does this mean you live in Arizona? I thought you lived in the southeast. (If so, that would make this a very crowded state indeed, as I know of at least 4 other people here on CN from Arizona.)
---StrongAxe on 8/30/18

Jerry, I don't think they know what RINO means.

Republican in name only.

Flake as well.

I also had to hold my nose when I voted for him.

Not for Trump! :D
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/30/18

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Thank you Kathyr. GOD be with you and yours.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/29/18

FALSE information regarding McCain was started by a single man who hated McCain, and it was used by a super pac during the time Bush and McCain were running for president. BUsh's super pad ALSO LIED about McCain having a secret black child , and distributed this just before the racest state of SC or maybe NC, ....which was a bold face lie, since McCain and Cindy ADOPTED a girl from Bangladesh . It was a horrible lie, that lost McCain the primary in that state. From that point on, I HAD NO RESPECT FOR BUSH OR anyone who would stoop so low to get elected.
McCain FORGAVE BUSH, and moved on, as a Christian is suppose to.

So don't believe everything you hear Jerry. FAKE NEWS has been around for sometime by the Republicans as well.
---kathr4453 on 8/29/18

Samuel, thank you for explaining that. Yes I see exactly what you are saying. Well, I'm with you, as a Republican, but NOT a Trump follower. John McCain I believe was/is a true Christian who lived out his true convictions. He was a humble man, who was controlled by CONSCIENCE , not craving popularity at all cost. AZ loved him, and was in their service for YEARS without any scandals of a double life or hypocritical.

To say that anyone who was captured was not a hero, is a horrible thing to say about any and all our military. I guess in Trump's eyes it would have been better if McCain died ......again playing GOD, since GOD spared McCain's life.
---kathr4453 on 8/28/18

Dear Kathyr I believe Jerry wrote that. You see after the Tea Party came about. There were moderate Republicans like me and McCain. We started getting called RINO or Republican in Name only. Because we stood for the Republican standards of the past. When loyalty to country was not based on if you follow Trump.

There used to be a group called the John Birch society. They were followers of conspiracy theories like the Trump party of today. I don't accept their false conspiracy theories. So I am not a good person.

I will follow Jesus.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/28/18

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I can't believe Jerry said that. Maybe you are confusing McCain with John Kerry.

Interestingly Russia hated McCain.....and maybe this is why Trump has bashed his reputation the way he stroke his BFF Putin.

Trump was a draft dodger, who's rich daddy paid some DR to say he has/had bone Spurs. Is there any PROOF he was operated on for those bone spurs? They don't go away on their own.

---kathr4453 on 8/28/18

Sam: I also voted for John M., although I had to hold my nose while doing it. I believe (as do his military comrades) that he was every bit the patriot as was Hanoi Jane Fonda. He was the quintessential RINO. He won't be missed among REAL Republicans.

---jerry6593 on 8/28/18

I'm sorry, Jesus did not FORCE distribution of wealth. What Jeuss was teaching is CHRISTIANS are no longer part of this world system. Heaven is our home, and our treasures are I heaven NOT HERE.

Even in Acts, it was not FORCED upon anyone to contribute in order to keep the persecuted church alive. Those funds were the property of the Christians given TO Christians not the poor. And as it says, It was Annanias's and his wife's to give. Their sin was LYING, not evading a FORCED distribution.

Abraham was very wealthy and was never asked to relinquish that wealth.

The problem today is man puts more faith in his wealth than in God.
---kathr4453 on 8/28/18


Electoral votes are proportioned based on a state's population, but note exactly - larger states get more.

MOST elections are winner-take-all. If 51% of a state votes R, R gets 100% of electoral votes. Rs in many states gerrymander to exploit this to win with only 26% of popular vote. They also push voter-ID laws that don't actually fight voter fraud, as fraud is in the tens to hundreds of votes, e.g. your "19" - too small to swing an election. But these disenfranchises many legitimate voters, most of whom are D - over 200,000 in WI alone, where Trump won by around 22,000. He would have lost WI without these shinanegans.

Last D who won despite losing the popular vote was JFK. Rs got W and Trump.
---StrongAxe on 8/27/18

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Dear Jerry.

I hope you agree with me that John McCain a honorable and Christian man who died. Deserves to be respected. Not demeaned. I voted for John McCain.

But your words are not full of love. But of hate. You seem more concerned about politics than Jesus.

Trump works to build up the religious right and support those who wish to force their brand of Christianity upon all people. Many want to destroy the separation of church and state.

We know Prophecy. Should we not oppose those who will work to stop us from spreading the Gospel to the world?
---Samuelbb7 on 8/26/18

StrongAxe: They are not Democrats, but currently EVERY state allocates its electoral votes based on the majority of that state, not based on proportion of voters.//

Oh, that's OK for you but not for the whole United States who allocates it electoral votes according to the majority of the States votes.

The Republican's votes in California doesn't have to be counted, but you want Democrat's votes counted when you nation wide?

//illegals voting but without any proof.//

19 Illegals were charged this August. Ant effect. For ever one you see there are thousands you don't see.

//Why not? There are far more people living in those 14 states than in the other 36.//

Stop whining when it happens the opposite way
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/26/18


You wrote: StrongAxe, do you really think that all 39,259,017 people are Democrats and Legal?

They are not Democrats, but currently EVERY state allocates its electoral votes based on the majority of that state, not based on proportion of voters. Virtually every electoral process in this country is winner-take-all. And yes, they are legal, despite constant Republican whining about illegals voting but without any proof.

14 States are NOT going to determine who's the President for the other 36 States. That's fair

Why not? There are far more people living in those 14 states than in the other 36.
---StrongAxe on 8/25/18

ax: "This was not a suggestion. This was FORCED redistribution of wealth."

How dare you call my God an atheist Marxist! Jesus never uses FORCE - that's Satan's method. Jesus was answering a specific group's question - not ORDERING redistribution of wealth. Similarly, He told the rich young ruler to "sell all that you have and give to the poor", but He didn't order everyone to do likewise. Note that He didn't threaten imprisonment for non-compliance or to call the police to enforce the command.

You are so brainwashed you can't see the evil of Communism. And yes, if you preach FORCED redistribution, you are a Marxist.

---jerry6593 on 8/25/18

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Stop with YOUR bearing false witness with your false equivalences already. Only a very small, extreme subgroup of the left are communists. Most are NOT. Most of the Democratic party isn't even socialist, as they think socialist candidates are too far to the left.

Jesus himself commanded that those who had two cloaks should give one to those who had none. This was not a suggestion. This was FORCED redistribution of wealth. Deal with it.

The U.S. is way behind other nations in education, health care, poverty, infant mortality, etc. The only things the U.S. is first in now are things like incarceration per capita and military spending per capita.

You cite Cuba and Venezuela. How about Denmark and Norway?
---StrongAxe on 8/25/18

StrongAxe, do you really think that all 39,259,017 people are Democrats and Legal?

BTW, how is it fair that Republican's votes in California are not counted?

Every State gets a say in the Union.

//The Declaration of Independence begins with "We the people", not "We the states".//

Did you forget that the Constitution came with the Declaration of Independence made by the SAME FOUNDING FATHERS?

Again, the Military has men from ALL 50 States and Taxes are COLLECTED from ALL 50 States.

Why do you think we LEFT England?

'No taxation without representation'

14 States are NOT going to determine who's the President for the other 36 States.

That's fair
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/25/18

Sam: It is incredible to me how a supposed Bible-believing SDA Christian like yourself could be taken in by the Communist philosophies of the Democrat left. You accuse me of hating the poor. That is bearing false witness. I don't hate anyone except maybe Satan and his dupes like Obama and Hildebeast. Nicole and I both came from poor Southern backgrounds.

You say that leftists are not Marxist. That is a lie. If you accept the concept of redistribution of wealth, then you are, by definition, a Marxist, as well as a breaker of the 10th Commandment.

Obama nearly destroyed our wonderful Nation. Trump, for all his shortcomings, is fixing it. How can you be against that?

---jerry6593 on 8/25/18

ax: It is incredible to me how a foreigner like you who acknowledges a monarch as his supreme leader can come into the greatest nation that ever existed on earth - America - and criticize our constitutional form of government. What you advocate is rule by the majority - MOB RULE. Our system protects the rights of the individual - not that of a monarch or that of the mob.

Your socialist utopia has been tried many times on this planet, and always ends in disaster (look at Cuba and Venezuela). What makes you think that if we poison the American system things will be different?

Go back to Canada and enjoy socialist decay.

---jerry6593 on 8/25/18

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Well, when a country goes to war, it is supposed to be for the good of all, but many families lose their children to combat. This is legal.

Plus, there are many innocent noncombatants, and this can be legal how noncombatants get killed.

So, what about breaking immigrant laws? Yes, it is wrong to allow evil people to stay free to hurt others.

But having loose immigrant laws can help a political party to have a source of votes.

Ones can make a major issue of separating children from parents, but they are ok with killing unborn children. So, may be they are not really about children and the wellbeing of mothers.

But they can get votes, by picking and choosing who they pretend to care about.
---Bill on 8/25/18


You wrote: Wyoming only has 3 votes to get to 270 needed to win when California has 55 votes of 270.

Yes, because CA has a lot more people. In 2016, CA's population was 39,250,017, compared to WY's 585,501, so CA has 67x as many people, yet gets only 18.3x as many electoral votes. Each person in WY has 3.6x as much say in who gets to be president as each person in CA. Again, how is that fair?

The Declaration of Independence begins with "We the people", not "We the states". Why should people in small states have more say in who gets to be president than people in large states, especially since more Americans live in the largest states than in smaller ones?
---StrongAxe on 8/24/18

StrongAxe: For example, each vote cast in Wyoming is worth 3.6 times as much as each vote cast in California.//

Wyoming only has 3 votes to get to 270 needed to win when California has 55 votes of 270.

20.37% comes from California when Wyoming has 8.1% comes from Wyoming.

It seems unfair to me that California has 53 represetatives in the House when Wyoming ONLY has ONE.

So several SMALL States has to get together to OVERCOME California with 55, New York has 31 and Texas 34 and Florida has 27 and PA and IL has 21, Ohio has 20, MI 17 MN 15, GA 15, NC 15, VA 13, WA 11, MO 11.

So only 14 States of 50 can determine who is President over everyone is fair to you?

Our Army has men from ALL 50 States not just 14.
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/24/18


You wrote: Even better than that it equal 7 because it is a fairer system than the populous voting system.

How is it fairer? Twice in the last 5 elections, the most popular candidate lost the presidency because of the electoral college - in both cases, Republicans with fewer votes defeated Democrats with more votes.

The electoral college is unfair to voters in larger states - where most Americans live. For example, each vote cast in Wyoming is worth 3.6 times as much as each vote cast in California. This means that the choices of two Wyoming voters outnumber those of seven California voters, just because of where they live. How is that fair?
---StrongAxe on 8/24/18

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Monk, you are wrong. I had compassion on those who believed Bush was the Anti-Christ because they did't belittle me, or try to harm for voting for Bush. They didn't have BDS.

Those suffering with TDS have an awful side effect of wanting to harm NOT only Trump but those who voted for him.

//Even In Electoral Voting, 2+2 does not equal five.//

Even better than that it equal 7 because it is a fairer system than the populous voting system.

//If you want to get rid of the Electoral College, then go ahead and attempt to amend the Constitution of the United States.//

I never said said that. Why would I? I live in ALABAMA. Let's get real

The middle of America doesn't want Calyork idiots telling us how to live.
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/24/18

Dear Jerry

We're members of the same movement. Neither of us advocates breaking the law.

GOD says to hate the poor is a sin. Those who care not for the poor and helpless even those in prison justly. Are to be shown love because they are Jesus.

The left are wrong on a number of points. But they aren't Marxist. That is a lie. We are to not lie.

True the Democrats used to be the racist party. But now the KKK supports Trump. Not the Democrats.

Matthew 25:34-40
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Why support a racist who steals from and demeans Jesus?
---Samuelbb7 on 8/24/18


By their fruits you shall know them. Trump's: thrice married, cheated on each wife, groped women without consent, ogled naked teenagers, defrauded thousands of contractors.

Lies constantly and demonstrably. Many speeches are word salad with not one coherent sentence. Despite promises to "clean the swamp", his administration is more corrupt than Nixon's. Smell the indictments.

Half of America has TDS - Trump Delusion Syndrome. Evangelicals believe Saint Donald was sent by God despite the above, while vilifying Obama, a church-going family man whose worst personal scandal was wearing a tan suit.

Evangelicals vomited out Jim Bakker for paying hush money to a prostitute, but not Saint Donald.
---StrongAxe on 8/24/18

to jerry

the conservative or the right also break God's LAW. I remember George bush illegal war - he murdered, bear false witness against thy neighbor, covet thy neighbor's goods, bush thinks he is above the constitution which he swore to protect, preserve & defend. and by the way - today's Christians break the SABBATH of the LORD. yeah quoting 'we are NOT UNDER THE LAW but under grace. 1st we are NOT UNDER THE LAW OF SIN & DEATH but grace & 2nd when it comes to malachi 3:10 & MONEY TITHE yeah we are STILL UNDER THE LAW of tithe but Sabbath we are NOT UNDER THE LAW
---mike on 8/24/18

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Nicole Lacey said, "TDS disease is very contagious with no cure in sight.

The funny part is that it self inflicted.

The Left can't understand that caring for the poor can't be a forced.

Forced charity isn't charity."

Nicole, please have a little compassion on those suffering from TDS. Cause I get it, you have no compassion on those who believe that Trump is the Anti-Christ (or choose whatever other epithet you wish to use.)

Even In Electoral Voting, 2+2 does not equal five.

If you want to get rid of the Electoral College, then go ahead and attempt to amend the Constitution of the United States.
---Monk_Brendan on 8/23/18

//Parties switched their stances on racism", etc.---jerry6593 on 8/18/18

TDS disease is very contagious with no cure in sight.

The funny part is that it self inflicted.

The Left can't understand that caring for the poor can't be a forced.

Forced charity isn't charity.

They should know because they want another people to care for the poor as they can keep their money.

I believe I heard that 60% of the Left wing media haven't paid taxes in the last 3 years
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/18/18

Nicole: It should come as no surprise that if Christians think nothing of breaking God's Laws, then we might expect leftists to break secular laws as well. A good example is that the Law forbidding covetousness forms the basis of the Marxist philosophy of redistribution of wealth.

The Law against lying is also abrogated by the false leftist narratives of "compassion for refugees", "helping the poor", "it's for the children", "the Parties switched their stances on racism", etc.

I could go on, but it does no good. The left is consumed with the TDS disease.

---jerry6593 on 8/18/18

I am sorry. I was speaking about progressive thinking of American's laws.

Allowing millions to break our immigrant laws even if 10% of them causes grave harm to Americans.

Like the Philadelphia Major James Kenney who was dancing because he was allowed to protect Criminal Illegals from ICE.

One of the Criminal Illegal Juan Ramon Vasquez protected from ICE's detainer request and let go ended up raping a child.

The child wasn't Kennedy's child, grandchild or a family member.

I know if Kennedy thought his grandchild would be rape he would NOT request his city to be a sanctuary.

If one out of 1 thousand gets hurt it is worth it to them.

Okay for your family to be in danger, but not his love ones
---Nicole_Lacey on 8/17/18

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Can you explain your question, please?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/17/18

TRue Jerry. It is better to obey GOD then men. Like the Apostles did.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/16/18

The believer should never break the Father's law. The law of man would depend, as Jerry has stated, on whether that law conflicts with His law.
---josef on 8/15/18

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