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Can Women CoPastor

No one ever denied that a woman may have authority in the church. Just not over men. Women's ministry is acceptable. But not copastor. This is unscriptural.

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 ---Brother_Music76 on 9/4/18
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Nicole, I just did a search on "Roman rite" and got over 34 million hits.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/27/18


You wrote: StrongAxe, obviously since you are no longer Catholic, you were misled in the name as well as in your Faith.

I.e. despite the fact that I was taught Catholicism by Catholics, I MUST have been taught incorrectly by them because I left (and nobody who was taught correctly would do so).

I replied that by that very same logic, Protestants were Catholics and taught Catholicism before they split during the Reformation, so they must have been taught incorrect information to cause them to leave.

How are these two situations any different? In both cases, the cause of leaving is because of Catholic teachings by Catholics themselves.
---StrongAxe on 9/28/18

\\There isn't a Rite called Roman Rite. Unless you also changing it's name\\

As a matter of fact, there is, Nicole.

While the Roman rite is the largest in the Latin Church, there are also the Ambrosian, Mozarabic, and others within it.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/27/18

StrongAxe: Pacwa is bi-ritual, i.e. he can celebrate in both Roman and Maronite rites.//

No, i.e he can celebrate Sacraments in another Rite besides the Latin Rite.

There isn't a Rite called Roman Rite. Unless you also changing it's name

Anywho, A Rite represents an ecclesiastical, or church, tradition about how the sacraments are to be celebrated

So their liturgical way of Sacraments are different from the Latin Rites.

But we are all Catholics.

State of Alabama rules are different from California rules.

But everyone in Alabama and California are citizens of the United States.

Pawca situation is like me having permission to practice Nursing both in Alabama and Georgia. Dual licensure.
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/25/18

StrongAxe: By that logic, all Protestants in the Reformation who broke from the Catholic church were right to do so, because they must also have been misled by the church that was teaching them.//


Only Protestants who LEFT the CC during Reformation started calling Catholics 'Roman'.

What kind of logic is that?

The CC NEVER called itself NOR taught others to call themselves 'Roman'.

//The people IN MY CHURCH and all Catholic churches I grew up with used the term Roman Catholic.//

That's like some idiots who say IN MY BLACK Community I grew up and ALL BLACK PEOPLE used the term N word.

Do you see how I am using your kind of logic with the N word?

Don't you feel foolish now?
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/25/18

We have a woman co-pastor at our church and she does a very fine job.
---Johnny74 on 9/9/18

Josef, excellent statement.

May I also add that it is a woman who teaches children during their most important years of their lives. 0-5 years old.

For it isn't a matter of being a Pastor but Ordination.

Only men can be ordain, but women can teach at all levels of Theology.

In fact many Priests are taught by women. Both prior and after becoming a Priest.
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/8/18

"How is it possible for a woman to be a husband?" We both know that it is not, however I understood his statement to address co- pastors.
---josef on 9/8/18

In most churches, a pastor must be an elder (or bishop) in order to be ordained. The Bible says:

1Ti 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the HUSBAND of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach,

How is it possible for a woman to be a husband?

---jerry6593 on 9/8/18

Bro. Music76, If a woman made you, a woman can teach you. If a woman gave birth to you, a woman can lead you. If a woman nurtured you, a woman can feed you. Authority is had, where authority is given or allowed. The woman, and "He called their name Adam in the day that He created them" and In Christ, there is neither male nor female. A Jew named Apollos, mighty in the scriptures "began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly." Acts 18:26 I would consider Priscilla, (in this place), a co-pastor. A woman is an help meet, help suitable for man an any capacity.
---Josef on 9/7/18

What is your question?
---josef on 9/6/18

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