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Important Christian Things

What is the most important thing a Christian can do?

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 ---Johnny74 on 9/12/18
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Love God with all their hearts, mind, soul and strength.

Live for God in the present age and in age to come forever.

Everything else will follow
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/17/18

Amen In Matthew 25 the Sheep helped others. The Goats took care of just themselves.

Too bad many who say they are Christian never seem to read the Bible.
---Samuelbb7 on 9/14/18

Jesus said we will be judged based on how we treat our fellow man. So it is important that we treat them well.
---Johnny74 on 9/13/18

Thank you Johnny, my pleasure. All praises due the Father.
---josef on 9/13/18

Really great response! Thanks!
---Johnny74 on 9/13/18

Johnny, I believe the most important thing a Christian can do is to spread the gospel. A Christian, I mean a real Christian should already have the love of God in him, and should be already loving the Lord and his neighbor. He should not have to be told to love the Father or love his neighbor. He should already be doing what is really in his hearts towards God and towards our neighbors, because in his heart he should already have the love of God, (the Holy Spirit).
---Luke on 9/13/18

"What is the most important thing a Christian can do? Love the Father and love your fellow man, exercising the given tendency, and inclination, to do that which is edifying, uplifting, and beneficial to and towards them. The love of God has been shed abroad in the heart of the believer by the Holy Spirit, which has been given unto him/her. Love, that is the most "important thing" the believer can do. When Jesus comes will He find faith, or love, on earth?
---josef on 9/13/18

Just wondering what you think it might be.
---Johnny74 on 9/12/18

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