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White Men Should Fight

To all White men! Why are you all not fighting back?

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 ---Nicole_Lacey on 10/5/18
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KATHR. if youre not one with Christ then you need to check if youre really in the faith.

AXE. Lefts baby murder platform & their willfull disregard of rapes & crimes when its politically advantageous for them, tends to be universal throughout Western nations. Sadly, you imitate Lefts tactic of ignoring atrocities when its politically advantageous.

Also you ignore fact Lefts propaganda cannot be avoided as they dominate megaphones of society. The Rights views has to be searched for, which explains why you, KATHR, are brainwashed as you only hear Lefts lies.

SAMUEL. JFK praised NAZIs. FDR praised Fascist Mussolini.
BLM = Marxist racist terrorists, furthering DEMS agenda, much like NAZI Brownshirts did for Hitler.
---Haz27 on 10/14/18

Haz27, the problem here is, those IN CHRIST don't mind earthly things. Also those IN CHRIST are not Christ.

May want to check to see if you are really IN THE FAITH.

---kathr4453 on 10/14/18


I speak only to what happens in the US but not UK or AU because I live here. I suggest you do the same.

That I speak about victims NOT "Left power and privilege", yet you twist that to claim the opposite, says volumes about your objectivity and perspective.

Immediately after criticizing kathr's "hateful rants", you ranted against the Left, as you do in almost every single message. Please remove the beam from your own eye before criticizing the specks in others'.

You said she needs to consider BOTH sides of public debate, yet you never do, always being manipulated by the narrative of the right, always demonizing anything on the left. She never mentioned "sin in Christ", only in you.
---StrongAxe on 10/14/18

First when and where was Bill Clinton charged with rape? Please show me the News Article.

Both JFK & FDR praised Nazis? Where?

Nazi's are White supremacists
So how can BLM be Nazi's? When Nazi's want to murder them?

Many of the Black Lives Matter are not radicals. They just don't want people murdering children and people because of the color of their skin.

Haz27 Do you ever leave your echo chambepr of far right Radicals?

I am opposed to the far left radical groups also. So those on that group I also oppose. But Trump when off script when speaking of the KKK and Nazi's. So both radical groups are wrong.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/14/18

KATHR. Your routine hateful rants indicate a volatile temperament.

Sadly, the hate mongering Left's propaganda lies manipulates you through your emotional inclination to overreact & hate.

The fact Left dominate Media, Hollywood, universities, Google, FB, politics, etc means their propaganda lies has greatest reach to control the naive.

KATHR, you need to objectively consider BOTH sides of public debate, instead of letting the dominant narrative manipulate you.

BTW, why do you say there is sin in Christ? There is no sin in Christ (1John 3:5).
Christians ABIDE IN CHRIST (Gal 2:20, Col 3:3) covered by HIS sinlessness, holiness, righteousness, so why then say that we can be charged with sin?

---Haz27 on 10/14/18

AXE. It's sad you support baby murdering DEMs, but now you repeat Left's lie 90% of sexual assault claims are true.
This claim was concocted from a study saying 2-10% of sexual assaults reported to police were false.

BUT, this study also revealed in over 50% of reported cases it could not be determined if allegations were true or not.

But as you conveniently ignore Clinton's rapes, and also the
up to 1 million rapes of children by Muslim rapists in U.K that were conveniently allowed by LEFTIST politicians, authorities there because they needed Muslim voting blocs to maintain political power, only suggests your concerns are just for Left's power & privilege, rather than rape victims.

---Haz27 on 10/14/18

The only echo chamber is Haz27's broken record he plays over and over and over, same words same phrases, etc. Sounds like someone had a grand brainwashing done on them. And here I thought we were to fill our minds and heart with the Word of God. I just can't seem to find any of Haz27 words in scripture.

HAZ, my mind is on higher things. Wonderful things. Colossians 3:1-4. Also did you know, Paul said in Philippians 3:17-21 "THOSE WHO MIND EARTHLY THINGS ARE ENEMIES OF THE CROSS" . Exactly YOU Haz27. So here we see SIN! Haz27's willful SIN. "SIN" HAZ27! But Haz27 says he's saved and now can do and say ANYTHING he wants because he says he's sinless, giving Christianity a bad rap. UGH!!!
---kathr4453 on 10/14/18

SAMUEL. I said the baby murdering DEMs that you, AXE, etc support saw their fellow Leftists the NAZIs & Fascists as good people. Both JFK & FDR praised them.

On Charlottesville, are you saying your Leftist comrades, like violent ANTIFA, BLM terrorists, etc, (modern day NAZI Brownshirts) are good?

Trump referred to NAZI, KKK, ANTIFA, BLM, etc, as the bad people at rally, BUT the good folk from BOTH Right & Left were not from such hateful groups. I would have thought you could work that out yourself, so either you were lying or so blinded by hate that you cant see clearly.

KATHR. You really need to get out of that Leftist echo chamber as your Leftist puppet masters are clearly manipulating you through your hate.
---Haz27 on 10/13/18


Most of the media are white, and most senators (both Democrat and Republican) ARE white men. It's not about "attacking white men". It's about holding men accountable, regardless of their race. They weren't any easier (nor any harder) on Bill Cosby just because he was black.

Around 90% of sexual assault claims are true. A man has a lower chance of being falsely accused of sexual assault than he has of being struck by lightning. Does it happen? Yes. Does it happen often? No.

NOW they are attacking WHITE SUBURBAN WOMEN.

Yes, like Ford, who is still not able to return home because of death threats.
---StrongAxe on 10/13/18

Cluny, tell it to THE LORD and see what HE has to say for you to make fun of THE TRUTH\\

I did, and He told me to tell you that you are just speaking for yourself and not for Him.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/13/18

Kathr, who's attacking Anita Hill? Bill Cosby is in prison for PROVEN sexual attacks.

The Democrat Senate and the Media are attacking White Men as a collective.

NOW they are attacking WHITE SUBURBAN WOMEN.

//Men of all color or race who have lived a righteous life don't find themselves accused of such things.//


How quickly you have FORGOTTEN about the most famous Biblical man accused for sexual assault!


So now Joseph isn't righteous since he was accused and served PRISON TIME?

In fact the ONLY REASON he got out of prison was not because he was found INNOCENT, but because Pharaoh needed him to interpret his dream and to FEED the knew world.

Genesis chapters 39-41
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/13/18

Cluny, tell it to THE LORD and see what HE has to say for you to make fun of THE TRUTH - playing games with what GOD admonish us, it's a dangerous thing to do, for correction from HIM - it's not pleasant - keep this in mind and heart!
---Melody on 10/13/18


You support rightists in spite of the constant lies from the likes of Trump etc., the attacks against women from Trump, Moore, Kavanaugh, and others, and the Trumps corrupt cash from Russians. Speaking of corruption, just this week, Trump traveled to Japan for the first time, and met with Japan's prime minister. What did he talk about? He asked Japan to let one of Trump's mega-supporters build a casino there. This is how our president uses his influence - for personal profit for himself, and for his friends.

Trump's sons are both under investigation for embezzling funds from children's cancer charities that they run.

Exactly which "lies from the hate mongering Left" have I peddled? Be specific.
---StrongAxe on 10/13/18

Why is Haz27 allowed to trash every blog question with his propaganda and his name calling to those who dont support his worldly minded chriatian political agenda?

He has said absolutely nothing NEW since the day he started his bla bla bla. BULLYING other believers who dont hold to his mentality is also unchristlike. No scripture supports Haz27 position here. we are in the world, not of this world. We are ambassadors for Christ NOT DONADL TRUMP Or any earthly political party.

Many here are getting tired of Haz27, whos only support seems to be Nicole and thats gonna make a difference.

---kathr4453 on 10/13/18

Dear Has
relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
"a totalitarian regime"

So when did all of Europe become ruled by dictators.

Republicans were for less Government. But I am speaking of the Trump Party. The Republican party is now RINO.

So you say the Nazi's who want to murder non white people and Jews are good people?

I watched Trump speak. I go by the words out of his mouth.

I don't spread hate. I don't hate you. I simply disagree with you.

I was born and raised in Texas. I have seen racism. I know it. So don't say I am ignorant.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/13/18

Melody, what you posted to me was said much more succintly by a character in Lewis's PILGRIM'S REGRESS.

"Oogle obble, glooble globble, oogle globble gloo!"

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/12/18

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AXE. You support the Leftist DEMs in spite of their baby genocide platform, the constant lies from the likes of BO, Hillary, Pelosi, etc, the rapes and attacks against women from both Clintons, and the Clintons corrupt cash for political favor fund (The Clinton Foundation) that boasts of charity funding for the likes of Haiti that conveniently doesn't make it to the victims.

You even peddle the lies from the hate mongering Left.

For the above you might be excused as simply having been brainwashed by the evil Left, BUT the fact that you preach the heresy that JC is not needed for salvation for those who are anti-Christ if they happen to do enough good deeds for the needy, for this I wonder about your claim of being a Christian.
---Haz27 on 10/12/18


I agree - which is why I cannot understand why why American evangelicals are so in love with Trump.

He never goes to church. His favorite part of the Bible is "eye for an eye". He never felt sorry for anything. He cheated on all his wives. He defrauded thousands of contractors and boasted this is good business practice. He daily tells demonstrably false lies (e.g. "no other president was persecuted so much" (Abraham Lincoln?). He was liberal and pro-abortion until he needed the evangelical vote. Such a "paragon of morality" raised two sons, both under investigation for embezzling funds from kids' cancer charities.

How will God judge Americans who willingly choose such a man to lead them?
---StrongAxe on 10/12/18

CLUNY. For decades Leftists have falsely accused Conservatives of racism, sexism, hate, etc. AXE & SAMUEL, etc also repeat this same hateful vitriol.

You're a good example of this blog topic about men not fighting back.

It's been wrongly accepted (by the likes of you) as normal that the hate mongering Left (who dominate megaphones of society) can use lies, vitriol as debate.

But after decades of the Left's abuse, some (like me) stand up exposing Left's hateful lies as projections of the Left's own racism, sexism, hate, etc.

BTW, I describe supporters of the evil Left as being deceived, brainwashed. I do not judge their salvation on it. Although AXE does claim that JC is not needed for salvation.

---Haz27 on 10/12/18


"Evil is evil" to THE LORD - for HE won't ignore it away from HIS JUDGMENT and from whatever group it might come from: It's foolishness to say that if a person it's going along with something or someone that it's openly trampling upon GOD'S COMMANDMENTS (and whatever the source comes from) that it won't affect his commitment unto THE LORD as for anyone that support and defend any wickedness - that is him and where his spiritually and morality stands - it's foolish to think that THE LORD will accept someone that is divided in the heart: Being a Christian when it's convenient and on the other side, going along with political corruption that THE LORD despises and in terrible judgment they are!
---Melody on 10/12/18

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Haz, the only people here spouting hate-filled vitriol are you and Melody.

Did it ever occur to you that a Christian just might disagree with you politically without jeapordizing his spiritual standing with God?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/12/18

Conservatives = LESS government.

Again you repeat Leftist propaganda lies thus proving who controls you.
Trump was correct about good & bad people on both sides at Charlottesville. Only the deceitful Left twisted his message.
You really need to get out of Leftist echo chamber of hate.

AXE. As you routinely repeat Left's HATEFUL, SPITEFUL VITRIOL being spewed constantly by Left's Fake News, DEMs, etc then it's clear you're again being dishonest.

BTW, when blog topics are politically related then why are you so dishonest to allege otherwise, especially when you spew so much Leftist HATEFUL, SPITEFUL VITRIOL yourself?
---Haz27 on 10/12/18

Haz27 First one rule dictatorships are not true communism or socialism. The word definition of those two if you look them up will tell you the truth. Dictatorships are exactly that no matter what they call themselves.

Every time I ask for specifics on the left I get propaganda with no substance. But the men with their tiki torches saying the Jews will not replace us. Make it clear that Trump who called them good people are pro Hitler. So if you are anti Hitler why support them? They oppose the Democrats. If the Democrats are pro Hitler why do they and the KKK oppose the Democrats?

Pray and remember love everyone.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/11/18


Wrong. I don't hate to hear the truth. I hate to hear HATEFUL, SPITEFUL VITRIOL being spewed in every single message. THAT is what I hate, and THAT is why Johnny left. The fact that you can't tell the difference is YOUR cognitive dissonance.

The Left is only "called" Fake News by those on the right who are deluded by their own propaganda.

I will continue to criticize the obvious evils of today's Left just as much as I would that of past Leftists like Nazism, Stalinism, etc.

These are "Christian discussion blogs", not "Criticize the left" blogs. Many people leave in disgust because the former has changed into the latter, and Johnny74 is only the latest casualty.
---StrongAxe on 10/11/18

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AXE. You don't like to hear truth about the Left. Nor did Johnny, hence his attacks & departure. It's how people react to avoid discomfort of cognitive dissonance when confronted with truth.

To use your words, the Left "rely on propaganda, and spread lies to make themselves look good". That's why they're called "Fake News", etc.

The Left's increasing hate, persecution, lies, mob attacks, indicates that totalitarian Left is getting worse. Much of this bullying from the Left is being financed by globalists like billionaire Soros, hence ANTIFA, BLM, etc

I will continue to criticize the obvious evils of today's Left just as much as I would that of past Leftists like Nazism, Stalinism, etc.
---Haz27 on 10/11/18

Haz Hitler put 6 million Jews to death because they were the cause of all the problems of Germany. He put communist to death. For being Communist. He put Gypsies to death and many others for not following his rule as leader of the Nation.

A dictatorship with no care for the people has many names. But it is all the same. A strong man in charge uses fear and hatred to take over.

The Democrats are not who you are afraid of. Your fear is feed by lies.

Trust Jesus do not fear and love those who you call enemies.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/11/18


If I mentioned that, it's because it's a fact, many lie under their own accusations, and why not I should mention it? - I have the same right as you do to expose my point of view!

You said: "What others think it happened - it's only opinion - not fact, for the purpose of covering their prejudice".. . and in that respect, you should apply first to yourself as well - for you don't have the power to see truth in totality as THE LORD has and besides, you are disregarding the many facts about it after investigation, but only those who are contradicting them . . . okay: THE LORD is deciding about it and period!
---Melody on 10/11/18


You quote Hitler, and believe him? Totalitarian states rely on propaganda, and spread lies to make themselves look good. Communist governments call themselves "People's Democratic Republic" despite The People having no democratic control (i.e. elections with one candidate).

You accused Johnny74 of being a leftist. Why? I don't recall him saying anything political. All he did was criticize your constant accusatory tone. Your views are so biased, you automatically think ANYONE who criticizes you for any reason must be part of some satanic genocidal left-wing conspiracy that "controls the megaphones of society". Only in your mind.

This constant vitriol drove him from the blogs, and I can't blame him.
---StrongAxe on 10/11/18

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No one was talking about revenge break-ups Melody. A totally different category.

Times are changing. The SHAME is losing its power. But we see the old dinosaurs like Trump, Grassley's etc still have that old school mentality which includes...LIE LIE LIE! DENY DENY DENY! And yes, will influence some of the young to carry on with that tactic. But for the most part, people are not stupid, and KNOW when someone is lying. Ms Ford was not lying, or is she confused with about her attacker.

What others THINK happened is only opinion, not fact, for the purpose of covering their prejudice.
---kathr4453 on 10/11/18

AXE. Socialism (being totalitarian) puts the state (whether NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL Socialism) over people, hence their genocide, gulags (remember Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot).
Even today Socialist Left push for easier baby genocide, more government, PC thought policing.

The extent of the hate, mob violence, persecution, lies, from totalitarian Left today is so extreme that even Trump has spoken out against it.

BTW, I'm not Aboriginal, so you cannot pin crimes of early Aboriginals on me. They killed off first inhabitants of Australia, cannibalized Chinese immigrants, slaughtered rival tribes, brutal wife beatings, etc.
But Christian values brought to Australia helped to lessen these crimes.

---Haz27 on 10/11/18

Socialism puts people over nation---StrongAxe

How true...and your utopian lifestyle has been fully implemented in San Francisco Ca. San Francisco is a perfect example of unbridled liberal politics at work.

If this is the lifestyle you want to live, you may want to move to Bangladesh. Much cheaper to live, but you still can enjoy stepping over the human feces on the streets. Even people from third world countries find San Francisco disgusting, but liberals seem to love it.
---David on 10/11/18


Its' a serious thing before THE LORD for anyone to twist and ignore HIS WORD and you are doing it, and in that you are defending those whom GOD says they are under HIS JUDGMENT now and will be for eternity as no matter the times - wickedness before THE LORD has not changed- it's abominable to HIM and it should be for us if we truly are HIS People!: Just because you prefer a political party, that won't absolve those people that for whatever their reason (under spiritual darkness) they are propagating evils, and the same for you, for whoever or whatever you defend, that's where your heart is: You cannot serve GOD and the 'god' (the evil/deceitful one of this world - repent and be saved while THE LORD is giving you the opportunity!
---Melody on 10/11/18

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Your words are returned to you - where they belong, as they really show where you are spiritually: You accuse Christians of what you are really doing yourself - even if you won't accept it - you are 'an advocate for the 'enemy/the liar and the destroyer of the souls' - yes, you need to be set free from where you are, for whom will be calling 'the brethren' in reference to those that openly are trampling upon THE LORD, HIS GOSPEL and HIS PRECEPTS and under their abominable beliefs and practicing evil but those who are under spiritual darkness as they are: Wake up - acknowledge GOD'S WORD and avoid being separated from HIM - you need to repent and be saved by calling upon THE LORD!
---Melody on 10/11/18


I agree with all you said. What is truly sad is Hitler didn't stage a coup - German voters gave him the power to do what he did.


Blaming victims is just an excuse. Most rapes are NOT date rapes. Women only "allow" it because they are too weak to fight, or social pressures make it dangerous to report. Ford received death threats and had to flee home because she dared speak up.


Socialism puts people over nation, Nazism the opposite. Instead of public health care, they put "useless eaters" sick and elderly in death camps.

If people are accountable for crimes committed before they are born, you are a criminal just because you're Australian.
---StrongAxe on 10/10/18

SAMUEL. Your claims about the so called "alt-right" are lies from Left's Fake News.

Fact is NAZIs are Socialist Leftists. Hitler's own commentary confirms this. He rarely called himself a Fascist.

Mussolini (first Fascist leader) and DEMs FDR admired each other's policies.

The so called "real history books" you trust were a product of the revisionist lies from the likes of leftist historian Richard Hofstadter, and also Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno from the Marxist Frankfurt School.

The father of Fascism is Giovanni Gentile, and his Leftist philosophy easily fits with today's DEMs policies.

BTW, love your enemies does not mean praise their evil agendas and respect their lies.
---Haz27 on 10/10/18


Don't give my message your own wrong interpretation: I said that I have great compassion for any woman that has gone thru something so abusive and traumatic as is rape, but then, I also mentioned the truth that we all know - many women, they have allowed an intimate relationship with a man that was just using them, but then having no morals or dignity they were going along with it, until something happened between the two of them and in revenge they would accuse the man of raping them, especially at this time when those cases are coming to the surface: Only THE LORD knows the heart - for HE said: " The heart it's deceitfully wicked" - Man or woman!
---Melody on 10/11/18

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JOHNNY. You sound like you must be a Leftist, hence your delusional claim that my criticism of your side of politics is somehow "evil" (LOL), and an attack against you as a Christian.

This is quite a dishonest defense you offer. If you can't handle fact based critiques of your cherished politics then don't join forums unless they're for like minded Leftists only.

BTW, whilst it's true that Satan is the accuser, his accusations are based on the law of sin and death, which does not affect Christians as our faith is counted for righteousness. Your indiscriminate misuse of scripture suggests you have much to learn. Put your trust in Jesus, the teacher (Matthew 23:8) to give you understanding.

---Haz27 on 10/10/18


Why are you doing the devil's work, accusing the brethren? That's what you're doing. You are doing evil.
---Johnny74 on 10/10/18

Because its all he has.. I have to smile everytime I see Haz's cut and paste posts. He's like an old man who repeats himself.
---NurseRobert on 10/10/18

Melody, that is only your opinion, and not a very good one. Unless you've personally experienced this in the workplace or anywhere, you really are not qualified to even make such a statement.

Don't judge other women by your life. We all walk different walks in life, and Melody has not walked in every ones shoes.

The days of blaming the women are OVER Melody. Just face facts that not ALL MEN are righteous.
---kathr4453 on 10/10/18

Dear Haz. Hitler took over the government and ran it. It is called Fascism.

I read real History books.

Yes at one time Democrats were aligned with the KKK. No longer. They came out in their papers and rallies for Trump along with the Nazi's.

Again I oppose both groups. No matter which side you think they are on. The Alt Right is pro Nazi pro Trump.

Demonizing others is against what Jesus said.

Jesus said love your enemies. Which means you are to love Democrats. Not hate them and spread hate of them. For that is against what Jesus said. So will you obey Jesus?

Luke 6:27

But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,

Choose are you going to obey Jesus?
---Samuelbb7 on 10/10/18

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As a Christian, I advocate for any victim and with great compassion for them, as this is what THE LORD desires from us:

What many don't realize and the facts are: That many women that has gone through that . . . is: Because they allowed it on their own promiscuity - and not because their were forced on that, as a woman with decency would soon visualize the heart of the man, and if she has dignity - she will walk away from that kind of worldly man that just desires to use her and no matter what she might lose: Work, status, money . . . sad but truth: Men or women without GOD - their consciences are closed to define good moral decisions - even in this matter!
---Melody on 10/10/18

I'm outta here. This site stinks.
---Johnny74 on 10/10/18

AXE. NAZI = SOCIALIST German Workers Party.
Socialism, being Left wing, is from YOUR side of politics.
Your denialism will not alter the truth.

The KKK were the DEMs domestic terrorist arm.
DEMs senator Robert Byrd (former Exalted Cyclops of the DEMs KKK) was even praised at his funeral by leading DEMs in 2010.

Interestingly the DEMs have never really been held to account for their racist KKK record, and their slavery too.

Axe, you really need to get red pilled back to reality. Can I suggest a book from the academic Dinesh D'Sousa, titled
The Big Lie. The NAZI Roots of the American Left.
---Haz27 on 10/10/18

For starters, everyone knows that in Hollywood from the beginning, it was a horrible infestation of immorality and casting couches, and women were raped all the time and kept their mouth shut, because men had the power to ruin careers. Not only that, but underage girls and boys were molested. Even to this day HW tried to ruin careers. He just kept doing what so many already had done. I see powerful men FOUND GUILTY, were removed from power. And I believe it is a wonderful day for women to stand their ground.

The problem is, for those men who have abused this power...THEY SHOULD BE SCARED!

David, are you guilty?
---kathr4453 on 10/10/18

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Why are you doing the devil's work, accusing the brethren? That's what you're doing. You are doing evil.
---Johnny74 on 10/10/18

JOHNNY. There is a big world out there beyond your own little bubble.

The fact that you so readily disregard the actual racism, misandry, persecution, discrimination, false allegations of rape, terrorism, etc that comes from power hungry totalitarian ideologies like the Socialist Left and Islam, suggests either that you are living in blissful ignorance, or else you are one of the brainwashed useful idiots for the far Left, that Russian KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov warned that Western nations were stuck with.
---Haz27 on 10/9/18


Just stick around. You're likely to read a lot more!


Nazis were right, not left. KKK today vote Republican, not Democrat.


Your argument presumes that when women accuse men of sexual misconduct, women are always vindictive liars and white men are always totally innocent. That's just as naive as assuming that all women are victims and all men are predators. Statistics show 2-10% of rape allegations are false - which means 90-98% (i.e. most of them) are true.

You wonder why people don't stand up for white men in trouble, yet you are strangely silent about why people don't stand up for women in trouble (white or otherwise) - a far larger number.
---StrongAxe on 10/10/18

I do not fight back because I believe this is the beginning of the end, and therefore my fight would be in vain.
Personally, I want it to end, and for me, it can not end soon enough.

We are surrounded by evil. Why would anyone want to live in it any longer than they have to. Much less fight for it.
---David on 10/10/18

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Anita Hill is not white, and neither is Bill Cosby. So why are you singling this out as a white man problem? Men of all color or race who have lived a righteous life don't find themselves accused of such things. As for DT or BK, we do see they did not. He did pay off Stormey Daniels, and was a serial adulter all his life. BK has a history as well of binge drinking he wants us to believe caused him to become "frigid" starting from his first beer to a keg. And of course all who WANT to believe this lie along with the others will.

So what? Is the DT propaganda machine working overtime to spin this so that immortal white men can CONTINUE their bad behavior? What, DT needs a new conquest and will use this for cover?
---kathr4453 on 10/10/18


I'm 74 years old. I've been married for 52 years. Nothing has happened so far and I'm not worried that something is going to happen in the future.
---Johnny74 on 10/9/18

Johnny, it doesn't frighten you that you can be accused of a crime that you can't disprove?

Dr. Ford is White. Can you image if she was Black or Hispanic?

Better yet if she was both as I am.

I can hate you for your mere skin color and wreck your whole life.

What's the matter with White men?

Are you too afraid to stand up for other White men in trouble?

Shall I recite Martin Niemller's words to you?
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/9/18

I have never read more of nonsense in one place in my life.
---Johnny74 on 10/9/18

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That's right any group and under any hypocritical and false ways and actions that promotes evil, THE LORD hates and under judgment they are, and when you have spoken THE TRUTH about them and some hate you for that, pray for them only but don't waste your energies communicating with them any longer: "Leave. says THE LORD" for who can deceive HIM? - for anyone that is pro wickedness (whatever it comes from) - they don't realize the spiritual danger in which they are and if they proceed in going their 'double mind spiritual walk" that will lead them away from THE LORD - as for yourself, keep on being a Witness for THE LORD - don't let any vicious attacks from the enemy - detract you from serving THE LORD ! -
---Melody on 10/9/18

MELODY. Sadly, the likes of AXE are deceived by Christian hating Left's dominance of megaphones of society. Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, warned of this, saying such brainwashed people are unlikely to ever be red pilled back to reality. Obviously Satan is behind Left's thought control.

SAMUEL. Do you support false allegations, lies such as from Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39) against Joseph, and from Ford & DEMs against Kavanaugh? God doesn't.

You claim to oppose NAZI's & KKK yet you support the DEMs (KKK was it's domestic terrorist arm). You even deny the fact NAZI's were SOCIALIST Lefties.

You even ignore DEMS baby genocide platform. The DEMs spread hate, yet you refuse to see it. DEMs control you.
---Haz27 on 10/9/18

But Haz you call me a leftest But I hate no one. I am also a 66 year old White man. No one is after me on the left or right. Mostly because I am a nobody. Just a guy speaking up.

I am not fighting anyone. I oppose the Nazi and communist followers since both spread hate. I oppose the KKK because they tried to kill my Grandmother.

I see attacks against men who abuse women. Jesus would not support that.

I hear most of these so called attacks from people trying to make me afraid. But I have Jesus. I have no one to fear.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/9/18

Haz, Brother in CHRIST our LORD:

As I was reading the thread and the attacks that you receive for standing up for THE TRUTH and that is - First: Sharing GOD'S WORD and second: By exposing the wickedness and hypocrisies of this so corrupt world in which we are living and now that has become to the lowest into perdition by multitudes in open rebellion against THE LORD AND HIS PRECEPTS - I empathy with you, for our
LORD warned us about it: "if they hate ME, they'll also do to you" - keep on being a True Witness for THE LORD, but leave those who under their reprobation they despise you and offend you: A Word from THE LORD to all of us!-
---Melody on 10/9/18

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I love hearing the truth, whether it agrees with my own preconceptions or not. Unfortunately, I don't hear truth from you, just repetitive propaganda that constantly bashes everything and everyone left of center, whether it's true or not.
---StrongAxe on 10/9/18

AXE. Your continual dishonesty and deflection is so monotonous.

My criticism of your Leftist side of politics comes up in blog questions that are about issues where the Left is a key causal factor in it, such as this blog topic. This makes it relevant.

Face it AXE, you just don't like hearing the truth about how oppressive, deceitful and corrupt the Left are.

Aside from the fact I don't praise Conservative media, and I rarely even mention them, it seems your false allegation contradicting this only proves that you are getting desperate trying to justify your insincere claim about wanting a balanced media, when in fact you really prefer the Left's domination of media, universities, Hollywood, FB, Google, politics, etc.
---Haz27 on 10/9/18


And I suggest you not offer advice when it is not sought.
---Johnny74 on 10/8/18

JOHNNY. I too am generally not in circumstances where I'm personally confronted by the Left's racist and sexist attacks against white men, but that doesn't mean I ignore the plight of those who are in those circumstances.

I suggest you look beyond your own little circle to see the big picture.
---Haz27 on 10/8/18

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2000 years ago, Pharisees were the epitome of religious conservatism, and Jesus and his followers were left-wing anti-establishment hippies (although not ultra-left like the Zealots, except for Simon).


This is "Christian blogs", not "Continuously bashing the left blogs". You bring up this comment (including the tired "megaphones" rhetoric) in practically every blog here. There are many blogs here, specifically to discuss many subjects. If you want to bash the left, please create blogs for that purpose instead of hijacking every single blog you speak on to that end.

YOU praise right-leaning media while disparaging ALL left-leaning media, so YOU don't want balanced media.
---StrongAxe on 10/8/18

I do not feel threatened as a white male. Not one bit.
---Johnny74 on 10/8/18

All this hyperbole is amusing!
---Johnny74 on 10/8/18

AXE. You're obviously content with the totalitarian Left dominating megaphones of society to brainwash, persecute, etc societies in their lust for ever more political power.

You have no right to demand that it's unreasonable that this FACT should not be continually raised when you yourself continually repeat the Left's routine propaganda lies that dominates public debate.

Saying the media should be "balanced", but then being content that it isn't because it furthers YOUR Leftist view, is insincere.

This blog is about why white men don't fight back, and I've explained how it's the Left's oppressive PC tyranny that has created the fear, confusion, delusion that causes this.

---Haz27 on 10/8/18

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If THE LORD being GOD in HUMAN FORM - went through accusations from those on 'the left' (and now they are separated from HIM forever - yes, those in opposition to what is RIGHT) - no strange that many on this fallen world that we are and constantly - twist and attack the words of those who are for RIGHTEOUSNESS as Haz is: If you despise lies - then: Isn't time that you start discerning things of what it's Right for THE LORD and what is not??? - for those in the defense of 'the left' - they themselves aren't not for GOD'S Righteousness and what a terrible mistake is in that, for the now and forever!
---Melody on 10/8/18

Sorry everyone, I didn't mean to pose a question and leave. I am moving at the same time.

Samuel, of course the Left haven't attack you. When you stop agreeing with them is when they WILL attack you.

So you all are NOT mad when the Asian (forgot her name) Hawaiian Senator told you all to SHUT UP and step aside?

I guess because I felt REAL racism I can see it's UGLY face.

Let me break it down for White men.

When people make special RULES for you based on your skin color or gender (DNA) is it is racism and AGAINST THE LAW!

Just because you are White or a White Man doesn't mean you do NOT have rights!

Because you are too afraid to speak UP for yourselves against these attacks is why I am asking WHY?
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/8/18

I am wondering why Nicole has made no response.
---Johnny74 on 10/8/18

SAMUEL. The Left do attack their own. It's common amongst the brainwashed millennial generation

I recall a case in a USA uni where Leftist academic was bullied by Leftists offended at his unwillingness to submit to Marxist racism demanding whites be excluded from some location/event (can't remember all the details).

The Left are blinded by hate and it's getting worse. I recall a rally here where young Lefties threw their trademark hateful abuse against "white men", even though our rally was mixed gender and race. An Aboriginal man next to me said he was glad he was with us rather than being near hateful Leftists (who are often financed by the globalist billionaire, George Soros).

---Haz27 on 10/7/18

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First, it is not about me not wanting to hear that "my side of politics dominates the megaphones of society". Rather, it's that I'm tired of you repeating the same old tired message in ALMOST EVERY MESSAGE, using almost EXACTLY THE SAME CLICHE WORDS every single time.

Second, you use the word "obviously" way too often, since such things may be obvious to you, but not everyone else. Your claim that my desire for balanced media is "obviously insincere" is opinionated, biased, and just plain false.

It's not that I don't like hearing the truth. It's that I don't like hearing lies, ESPECIALLY not from you. Again, let Nicole answer questions I asked Nicole.
---StrongAxe on 10/8/18

Do all things without grumbling or disputing,that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain.
Philippians 2:14-16
---Johnny74 on 10/7/18

Uh Haz most of the left are old white guys. So you are saying they are attacking themselves.

I am a 66 year old White Guy. Never once had someone on the left attack me. I have leftist friends and Trump supporters friends and family. I get more attacks from the Trump friends then none from the left.
Sadly they have declared me a Rhino. Since I have always been a moderate.

So I have nothing to fight back against. Never raped a women or murdered anyone.
---Samuelbb7 on 10/7/18

AXE. I see you still don't like to hear the fact that YOUR side of politics dominate the megaphones of society, in spite of your obviously insincere claim that you want news media to be balanced.

As for my explaining the obvious to you in regards to NICOLE's Blog question, of course, as usual, you don't like hearing the truth.
---Haz27 on 10/7/18

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I asked Nicole what SHE meant. I don't need you to translate for her. Besides, your response proved absolutely nothing other than just a replay of your constant recording attacking anything on the left, containing an obligatory reference to "megaphones of society".
---StrongAxe on 10/7/18

AXE. Its obvious, except to the disciples of the neo Marxist Left, and the naive.

The racist, sexist attacks against straight white men throughout the West, from the neo Marxist progressive Left (like the DEMs) has been building momentum over the past decades.

The hate mongering Left dominate the megaphones of society, hence why so many are brainwashed into compliance, or abused and terrorized in silence.

Universities dominated by Marxist academics, admins and student unions are the worst offenders of this racism and sexism.
---Haz27 on 10/6/18

Fighting back against what? Could you please give us some context?
---StrongAxe on 10/6/18

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