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Should Churches Be Taxed

Do you think (denominational) churches should be taxed?

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 ---Steveng on 12/4/18
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Mike, who said I was the only one volunteering for God?

Again, I was giving you an example the it is POSSIBLE for someone to work as stated in Matthew 25 without MONEY.

I can't prove anything on behalf of the Pastors because you would DISCOUNT those examples because I am not them.

What about the Sisters of Charity?

They work twice as hard as me and lived 3 times poorer than me.

I understand your complaint of Pastors living too well.

God sees YOURS services and THEIR services in His Name.

God will take care of them for being a poor steward.

They won't like His Judgement.

They can't make any excuses because they have read and PREACHED Matthew 24:48 and the like hundreds a time.
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/11/18

Mike: nicole not bragging? then why did you accuse me of NOT being a christian//

AGAIN, I didn't say you were NOT a Christian!


I said:

//Mike, maybe you don't know how to be a Christian.-- Nicole on 12/05/18

I gave you an example but you were too UPSET to comprehension my words.

Again, people have said 'She doesn't know how to be a lady.'

They don't say that about a man.

Instead they say 'He doesn't know how to be man.'

One has to be a female before they CAN accuse her of not being a proper female.

Or when people say 'he isn't my President.'

Does that mean Trump ISN'T the President?
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/10/18

nicole - you are not the only one who did 'volunteer' work for christ. I did that too bec. pastors will quote 'put God first & he will bless you'. I helped clean, fix, helped for nothing. I saw the hypocrisy of pastors. you do volunteer work but pastors should be paid well, double salary when the preach the gospel.
---mike on 12/10/18

\\ I am saved bec. 'I did this or that'\\

That's not the teaching of the RCC, nor is anyone saved from purgatory because of a money payment.

While this was a popular notion in the Pre-Reformation West, it was repudiated and condemned by the Council of Trent.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/10/18

not bragging? then why did you accuse me of NOT being a christian just bec. churches should be TAXED. christ said that 'give to cesar what's cesar'. that is the problem with catholics - salvation by works, incldg indulgence - I am saved bec. 'I did this or that' you're NOT. RCC also practice indulgence - remission of sins from purgatory in exchange for money.
---mike on 12/10/18

Cluny: clergy are taxed as being self-employed. Any housing allowance is likewise taxed.//

Not all Priests.

Only Diocesan Priests because they don't take a vow of poverty.

Religious Priest do not pay taxes.
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/7/18

Mike: btw I'm not like you bragging about 'charity'//

Who's bragging?

You accused people of working for God for money.

So, I am telling you it's POSSIBLE for people to work for the Love of Jesus.

Obviously, you wouldn't believe me if I told you facts about those you attacked.

BTW, I don't perform charity for Jesus' rewards. Love from Jesus is enough.

For some reasons you seem to think no one can do a act of kindness without an inner motive.

Why are you so mad?

I am sorry if someone hurt you Mike.

I am serious.

Esp. if that someone hurt you working in Jesus' Name.

That is a deep pain.

But, if you tax the Church it will limit the support to the poor and sick.
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/6/18

Property that a congregation owns that is not devoted to spiritual, educational, or charitable activities IS taxed.

Also, clergy are taxed as being self-employed. Any housing allowance is likewise taxed.

Furthermore, if the church provides a residence to the pastor, s/he must pay tax based on the fair market value of the rent.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/6/18

btw I'm not like you bragging about 'charity'. mt 6:3 says don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing'. that's what Paul said 'not by works so that NO ONE can BOAST.' I am not boasting my charities around so I people will say I am a christian. that's the problem with roman catholic church. salvation by works - 'I am saved bec. I DID THIS, I DID THAT!' ARROGANCE including purgatory & indulgance is not biblical -exploiting the poor. finally, mk 12:17 give to cesar what's cesar's - christ said that not me. why don't you read the bible before you accuse people 'you are not a christian' but the pope hates the bible bec. it exposes their lies. what an antichrist
---mike on 12/6/18

Mike: what's the question Nicole should churches be taxed?//

Are you asking me? You misread the question not me.

You were talking about persons, not the Church

//before you accuse 'you are not a christian' understand the question 1st.//

You need to read the question and my response AGAIN!

I SAID 'Mike, maybe you don't know how to be a Christian.'

NOT you were NOT a Christian!

Like when someone says 'You don't know how to be a wife.'

The woman is still a wife.

2. Again, you are ATTACKING Persons and NOT the Church as a whole.

The question is Churches TAXATION not Pastors!

//you direct that accusation to these false PROFITS//

And you need to mediated on Matt 7:1
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/6/18

nicole - I use to give to Chrildren christian fund pat robertson's flying hospital. what happened - by the time the needy receive the money all the administrative cost ate the 'donation'. these NON-profit does give 10% to the God bec. they keep the 90%. the story of Ananias & sapphira is an example of money being POCKETED by these greedy 'christian' non-profit organization. they don't care about the poor. if they do, they will give 90% & receive 10%.
---mike on 12/6/18

I am not a tax accountant or a tax attorney and my thoughts are my own, but this is what I understand.

Income taxes are paid on wages earned for services rendered. While our churches do provide services, no one pays wages to the church.

Income taxes are also paid on income earned through investment appreciation, whether that investment is capital or property. While our churches help our relationship with God grow, we are not earning anything that can be appreciated monetarily.

Also, no one pays taxes on gifts given to others at birthdays or holidays.

Therefore, no taxes should be paid by our churches.

However, any wage paid or service purchased by our church should be taxed.
---Mark_Eaton on 12/6/18

what's the question Nicole should churches be taxed? YES! but televangelist love their money & title that is why these greedy televangelist like RObertson, falwell, franklin graham vote for GOP bec. of tax cuts & they call christianity NON-PROFIT but they earn millions. before you accuse 'you are not a christian' understand the question 1st. copeland brags he's a billionaire while children are starving. what happened to 'don't store treasures on earth?' the church should NOT stick their noses on politics bec. one will influence the other to carry out their agenda. you direct that accusation to these false PROFITS.
---mike on 12/5/18

Mike, maybe you don't know how to be a Christian.

When I was a Nun I WORKED from 5am to 9 pm daily (3 hours midday break twice a week only. Which you had to do your convent cleaning duties during those so called midday break times). One night a week working all night.

One day off a month, after your morning work. (BTW, that's not every 30 days).

2 weeks vacation a year.

We lived SOLELY on donations.

We cared for sick and dying cancer patients. That the Gov would have to care for them out of YOUR TAXES.

So, the Gov was HAPPY to give us a 501c3 exemption.

And if you think I did all that for donations you are crazy.

I did all that for JESUS CHRIST!

Matthew 25:35-40
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/5/18

I've heard pastors preach - DO NOT WORK for MONEY! work as if you are working for GOD! I even heard pastor Stanley say - 'be contented w/ $12.00/hr' bec. that's what GOD gave you. pat robertson even receive 'faith based initiative' -money from war criminal bush. HYPOCRITE!! Pastors love their money that they did not work for, christianity is a business, God is a merchandise for profit & these churches claim to be NON-profit but they make millions of $$$. somebody should expose these hypocrites like CHRIST DID!
---mike on 12/5/18

christ said 'give to cesar what is cesar's' but today's televangelist like robertson, graham, falwell don't pay taxes because they would vote for a candidate who will give tax breaks tax cuts - republican party & that is why they love church-state union. to these hypocrites JESUS IS NOTHING BUT A merchandise to make profit & keep more money. HYPOCRITES!!! televangelists love their money their CEO TITLES.
---mike on 12/5/18

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Why shouldn't they be?
---NurseRobert on 12/4/18

Why only Denominational Churches?

If 501c3 is taken away everyone will get upset.

It's for nonprofit.

Not just Churches.

Tell me which Denominational Churches you know is for profit?
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/4/18

No. But some of the crazy groups who call themselves churches. should be checked to see if they are a tax dodge.
---Samuelbb7 on 12/4/18

If you do, that should include the worldly denominational "church" of Steveng.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/4/18

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