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Turn The Other Cheek

What did Jesus mean when he command to turn the other cheek?

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 ---Steveng on 3/8/19
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Far from being weak, this shows shrewdness. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is considered one of the greatest treatises on warfare, even thousands of years after it was written. One thing it teaches it never fight your opponent at a place of his choosing, because he picks a place where he is strong and you are weak. Instead, YOU choose the battleground.

If someone punches you, he chooses physical combat. If you punch him back, you accept his choice of weapons (and will probably lose). If you refuse to hit back, you reject his choice and choose your own (spirituality and intellect), and if he fights you there, HE will lose.
---StrongAxe on 3/14/19

Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.

We do see Paul defending himself as a Roman Citizen when falsely imprisioned. He did stand up for himself. But he didnt take the law into his own hands, he showed by Roman Law they broke the law against one of their own citizens.

So we need to use common sense here. If someone breaks the law and molests your child, even another so called Christian...CALL THE POLICE. And if some pervy priest or Protestant minister askes you not to, but to keep it in the family so to speak...DONT FALL FOR THAT.

Use your common sense. There are some things we just cant help another hide.

---kathr4453 on 3/12/19

to be a doormat. strike this cheek -

I agree with tim. many christians have become doormats or robots because if you do not 'OBEY' the word of God you are NOT a christian, not filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, not have faith. but when a pastor is rebuked & corrected, they bec. offended or if someone slaps a pastor, they will call the police & NOT turn the other cheek. I heard from a pastor that DO NOT speak bec christ DID NOT say anything when he was hanging on the cross. what this pastor have is NOT filled with the holyspirit or have faith, HE has the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR $$$ that protects him
---mike on 3/11/19

"What did Jesus mean when he command to turn the other cheek?"
Exactly what He said. To retaliate or attempt to avenge yourself, is to disregard the teaching of Rom 12:19. It is for the believer to know, based on His word, that "whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." Gal 6:7,8
The believer must trust Him and the principles He shares, in all things.
---josef on 3/9/19


In respect to that, we must really seek GOD'S DISCERNMENT about different circumstances, for example: If someone comes against you (and unjustly) THE LORD says - don't respond the same way - act in words and actions as a Christian - but at the same time (especially read in The Book of Proverbs and other places in The New Testament) - where THE LORD admonishes us not to be around such kind of people - that when even you have given them the opportunity to re-consider their evil ways - they won't change their behavior and they will keep abusing you if you so allow it . . . act in GOD'S WORD and leave: "Bad company corrupts" and "Above all things - acquire Wisdom" saith THE LORD!
---Melody on 3/9/19

to be a doormat. strike this cheek, here, take the other one. dont have to fight, dont even have open our mouths, give it to God, somebody hates you, return it with love.
---tim on 3/9/19

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