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Finish It Here June 2019

Finish it here June 2019

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 ---Nicole_Lacey on 6/1/19
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StrongAxe: jerry6593: See: Trump's Racism: An Oral History The Atlantic//

Yes Jerry, please read the article. StrongAxe doesn't think people will read his citation.

Article's title: 'An Oral History of Trump's Bigotry'

It's suggesting the Trumps were guilty because a 'consent decree' was signed. Now the Justice Department are the ones who brought up the charges. So why settle?

BTM, EVERY racial complaint has to be addressed by the Justice Dept because the 'The Fair Housing Act' of 1968

We can't read the fine print paper of the charges or details. WHY?

Trump states 'He said that it did not require him to accept people on welfare'.

Maybe that's the reason. The NAACP sent Black people on welfare.
---Nicole_Lacey on 6/8/19

//(with Rapist Daddy having the right to visit for 18 years), or being executed.//

Rapist Daddy also as the obligation of supporting the child he begets until adulthood.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/6/19

StrongAxe: she has to PROVE that it wasn't an at-home abortion, or else she could go to prison.//

Mothers do not go to prison for having an abortion in Alabama.

Even if she does it to herself.

The one who aborts the baby (other than the mother of the baby) goes to prison for 99 years.

BTW, yes it is very strict to people killing innocent babies. What do you what? Probation?

Prison sentence should always match the severity of the crime.

//So teenage girls who get raped have a choice of being stuck with their rapist's child//

Hellooo, Adoption.

//(with Rapist Daddy having the right to visit for 18 years), or being executed.//

That why you all are called the Fake Media.
---Nicole_Lacey on 6/2/19


***Back in 1998 and 1999, Trump worked with Jacksons Rainbow/PUSH coalition to help offer a way to get African Americans into corporate America and improve their communities through building projects and jobs. Jackson praised Trumps savvy business aplomb not once, but twice.

... Lets give Donald Trump a big hand," Jackson said at an event captured by C-SPAN cameras.

At another event a year later, Jackson introduced his "friend" and thanked Trump for giving blacks a "face" on Wall Street.

...Jackson also applauded Trumps "will to make things better" for the "underserved communities." - Daily Wire
---Nicole_Lacey on 6/1/19

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