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Teenage Boys Not Remembering

Why is it so hard to get my three teenage boys to remember to always answer adults with yes sir, no sir and yes maam, no maam? It drives me crazy to keep prompting, correcting, and reminding. An occasional reminder spanking seems to work best at least for a month or so. This is an absolute requirement.

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 ---TravisR on 1/10/20
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Spanking for not saying Ma'am? Your children will distance themselves from you as soon as they can. Stop hitting your kids.
---KarenD on 1/22/20

I think they are doing that just to push your buttons.

Find other disciplines methods.

Deny their favorite foods, hobbies, etc.

They are testing you.

You are the father and head of the house.

God put you in charge to bless, encourage and support everyone in your house.

Don't give up the good godly fight.
---Nicole_Lacey on 1/21/20

How old are your teenager sons?

Did they have trouble remembering this when they were younger?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/15/20

I loved my mother. But I was also afraid of her. If I did wrong. I got either a lecture, a warning or a spanking. Few spankings. Lots of long lectures.

My Children mostly got time out and lectures. But fear of parents wrath is often healthy. It keeps you from doing dumb things.
---Samuelbb7 on 1/15/20

"An occasional reminder spanking "

You spank you kids for not saying "yes, ma'am"

You are not teaching your kids manners, you're teaching your kids to fear you.
---NurseRobert on 1/14/20

Travis, also just an FYI that this began long long ago in the south when slaves had to address their masters in this way. Here's a sampling of what an Alabama Rep who grew up in the south said when the state tried to make it a LAW in public schools. It didn't pass.

And in Rogers Southern state, the yes, maam proposal brought back uncomfortable reminders of slavery and Jim Crow days.

If you didnt say yes, sir or no, sir, you were going to get 40 lashes, Rogers recalls. Its the wrong message to send to kids at school, especially black kids.
---kat453 on 1/13/20

Travis, I never heard this until I moved to the south, my freshman year in HS in Houston. One such person in my French class first day of school didn't address the teacher with a YES MAAM, and was humiliated yelled at and a horrible display of abuse from the teacher in front if the whole class. I was horrified, because if I were the first one she called on the abuse would have been directed towards me. I found out later he too was not from the south, and just didn't know.

If you don't live in an area where you hear this 24/7 may be your problem.

As a Yankee, we always felt the maam and sir thing was actually disrespectful. My Mom would say...DON'T MAAM ME. So actually some folks just don't like it.
---kathr4453 on 1/12/20

In today's culture deference to and respect for elders has lost significance in many ways. It is still ingrained in some young people here in the South and it makes my day when I see it and hear it (I'm 67).

I was raised to not refer to adults by their first names, it was just a given.

I commend you for trying hard to instill good manners but I fear you are swimming against the tide. Don't give up, though.

One more thing. From a man who is neither a grandfather nor father, perhaps they are a bit too old for the spanking threat. A removal of privileges for a time, extra chores or a good old fashioned "grounding" may get their attention. Just my 2 cents-lol!
---Press_On on 1/11/20

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