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Covid-19 Life Impact

Lets talk about Covid-19, what impact is having in your life, let us all express ourselves here and lets find a common unit to fight against this malicious evil.

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I already knew a lot of people are not submissive to God, and so they would be incapable of submitting to authority. And so they would not be able to do what would have worked to stop it quickly.

My lady friend was eighty-three, I think. So, I soft-quarantined myself so I would not kill her while possibly I was asymptomatic. But after some time of isolation I realized I should be safe for her. So, then I spent time mainly with her and in her risk situations.

And I understood God will bless us with more and more of His good, using the COVID situation, if we obey Him in His peace > Colossians 3:15, Psalm 34:10. So, I had no excuse to fear or complain or to fight with my sweetie (c:
---Bill on 2/10/22

Common unit? Have Faith in God. His plan for His called is to prosper them and to give them a desirable end. Woe to the man that trust in man and makes what he considers he can do in his own strength or force of will His Strength or power to overcome.
---josef on 4/20/21

Covid-19 has taken many lives and mostly older people. Nursing homes were hit hard. I believe doctors did not know much about the virus. Now they know much more. With me I just stayed inside and ask my kids not to come for a few weeks. Everyone has made it through so far, Praise God.
He knows when it's my time. I am not worried. The only thing that ever scares me is not knowing how I am going to die. Now that is scary.
---ven. on 6/12/20

My budget is to tight. But my Brother in law keeps buying stuff we don't need.

Patience and love are having to be exercised daily.
---Samuelbb7 on 5/22/20

Samuel, too funny. Same with my kids. Many projects that were put off have been completed. If you're stuck in your house 24/7, it's easy to see things that needed to be done, now having the time. My problem is buying things online I may not need. Hearing of snakes around the area I bought a chest high hip boots fishing suit to wear when I work in the yard. After wearing once with great difficulty getting it off, I'll take my chances with the snakes. I do like my solar lights that activate with movement though. The bugs and birds keep those going on and off all night long.

---kathr4453 on 5/19/20

Home 7 days a week. Wife having me get all the projects done I have put off. She keeps adding more.
---Samuelbb7 on 5/17/20

My life has not been impacted that much, since I am home 98% of the time anyway.
---JS1234 on 5/7/20


I couldn't find such transcripts, or such videos. Can you provide a quote of the EXACT words he used that specifically want to implant people with microchips?

Besides, how does one absolutely, positively know for sure HOW the mark of the beast is implemented. It could be the Bill Gates thing or the Bill Gates thing can be the forerunner of such a device.

How does one absolutely, positively know for sure that cell phones aren't the mark of the beast?

The answer to both of the above questions is, "We don't". But we weren't called to be paranoid and cry "wolf!" every time we find a stray hair on the sidewalk. Remember, the Mark is for worship and buying and selling, *NOT* health.
---StrongAxe on 4/29/20

Strongaxe, please read the transcripts yourself of Bill Gates' talks and seminars since 2010. Or just listen to his talks.

Besides, how does one absolutely, positively know for sure HOW the mark of the beast is implemented. It could be the Bill Gates thing or the Bill Gates thing can be the forerunner of such a device.

Many christians will be deceived into taking the mark thinking they will be rapture before the mark of the beast. (the raptures is a false teaching)
---Steveng on 4/28/20

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently debating using "immunity passports" or "risk-free certificates" as a way of easing lockdowns.
---Steveng on 4/28/20


Implanting chips? Really? If "ALL" of his talks have mentioned it, it should be easy for you to cite one particular one, and provide a direct quote, instead of expecting me to go looking for a needle in a haystack. I tried finding ANY quotes of his, but all I could find is Snopes, Politifact, Factcheck and Reuters articles debunking it - no ACTUAL quotes.

What Gates talked about is implants to deliver vaccines, and passive information markers, readable by a smartphone, that can keep records of which vaccinations you have so health care workers know. It has NOTHING to do with tracking you, and has NOTHING to do being required to let you "participate in society".
---StrongAxe on 4/27/20

StrongAxe wrote: "...but you have provided NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that he wants to implant people...."

I have, but you fail to see/read. All of his talks and seminars about pandemics since 2010 have mentioned it. TED Talks for one and his Event 201 seminars in October of 2019. Try reading the transcripts of his talks.
---Steveng on 4/26/20


You wrote: Would you take an implant if they, who ever "they" are, told you you must take it to socialize again?

That question is just as ridiculous as "Would you consent to cutting your arm off if it was necessary to socialize again?". The reason both of these questions are ridiculous is that nobody is actually suggesting either of them, so why even bother asking the question?

In another blog, you kept asserting that Bill Gates want this, but you have provided NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that he wants to implant people. You are just accusing him of wanting this, based on your own paranoid delusions, and then condemning him for something that came entirely out of your own mind.
---StrongAxe on 4/25/20

Would you take an implant if they, who ever "they" are, told you you must take it to socialize again?
---Steveng on 4/25/20

I also think its presumptuous to accuse others of HATING Trump just because we call out his lying and insane management of this country. He's simply unqualified and is about to bring down the whole Republican party as of this past week. But no one is to blame but those Republicans who keep looking the other way and enabling his bazaar behavior. It's all about to come crashing down, and unfortunately it has taken this pandemic to pull the curtain away from This Wizard of Oz. I believe the Lord is desperately trying to show us again and again how dangerous this man is.

Only those IN LOVE WITH TRUMP would make such a false assessment.

Actually I think its peculiar how many LOVE Trump.
---kathr4453 on 4/25/20

Mike, You seem to talk a lot and say little, Hatred for Trump yada yada yada..
---RichardC on 4/22/20

Trump stood before the nation and asked why shouldn't we just inject disinfectant.

Do you know what he did during Feburary? He played golf and held rallies..

This is the guy you follow..
---NurseRobert on 4/24/20

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I think all TRUMP supporters should take a Lysol enema and let us know just how brilliant DR Trump is.......that is if you live long enough to talk about it. You may not die of Coronavirus, however you WILL DIE of being poisioned. YIKES!
---kathr4453 on 4/24/20

Mike, You seem to talk a lot and say little, Hatred for Trump seems to fog your comprehension: So

Jan 19 - World Health Organization: Not enough in Known How It Transmitted.

Jan 21 - Trump starts Travel Ban

Jan 31 - Italy : First case of corona virus

Feb 29 - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - Dr. Fauci : Risk is Low

March 12 - Trump bans fights from Europe

Let's Go to the Big Apple

March 15 - Mayor Bill De Blasio : Go to you favorite watering hole.

2015 Gov . Cuomo - Was told they need 6000 ventilators for 567 million did he buy them No !

But he buy 600 million computer chip factory that sits empty, There a lot of this Type of stuff,
---RichardC on 4/22/20


Exactly! Hillary got four killed in Benghazi on her watch? Crucify her! Hold 11 Congressional hearings!

Trump led a raid on Yakla, Yemen during his first week in office - AGAINST advice of ALL his military advisors - which killed 25 innocent civilians including 9 children and a pregnant woman? Crickets. (No pro-lifers complained about the woman's unborn child).

For over a month, Trump denied coronavirus danger because it might hurt his reelection chances. His denials and subsequent delays in mitigation, despite his being repeatedly warned, resulting in a death toll about twice what it should be (OVER TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE died because of his lies and flagrant incompetence), and Republicans still DEFEND him.
---StrongAxe on 4/23/20


I am 150% sure that if this president is other than a GOP & 10 people died of the virus, Fox News channel will yell & rave, & call for removing the president who neglected the virus. GOP senate will hold 30 hours of hearing, spend billions, the right wing supporter will camp out & protest for removal, shannity & rush will yell & say 'this president is STUPID, & endangered the lives of americans etc etc etc etc. what a hypocrite.
---mike on 4/22/20

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As of March 3 there was only 102 cases, What you see as Trumps mistake is his positive out look, Optimism Style, You can only find fault !

you said yourself 102 cases. that should have told him something, prepare medical supplies. from there trump should have quarantine the infection. but he continue to say 'calm down, it will go away' for 70 days.that is NOT optimism but neglect, indifference. when the virus was spreading from china to france, england, italy, s. korea, vietnam, philippines, hongkong, spain won't a leader do something about it? stock market is MORE important. his advisers warned him but continue to play narcissistic mentality 'I am smarter than you stupid people.' US is NO.1 great job trump
---mike on 4/22/20


Most of my friends are left of center, but I don't any who like communists, but thanks for creating a straw man from your own distorted preconcepsions, putting our name on it, and setting fire to it. It just goes to show you and those like you are so obsessed with your Holy Political Crusade, you throw God's commandment to not bear false witness under the bus to make your point.

My disgust of Trump isn't based on what I hear on the media. I get corroboration for things I read because there is much fake news on both sides. I loathe Trump because of the words that come out of his own mouth, and what he himself posts on Twitter. I can check the validity of those myself. He needs nobody else's help in indicting himself.
---StrongAxe on 4/22/20

I ditto Strongaxe last post. TRUMP FIRED THE TASKFORCE For pandemics in 2018. He did so as he has done away with EVERYTHING Obama put in place. This timeTRUMP is going to pay the price for his hatred of Obama at the expense of thousands of lives here.

also Trumps Rally in SC clearly show Trump said it was a DEM Hoax and Fake News .....WRONG AGAIN. Trump and Trump alone WASTED precious time and that is why we are where we are today. He should be brought up on murder charges.

Yet like many brainwashed Stockholm syndrome people FACTS do not register here.
---kathr4453 on 4/22/20

Nicole: "So the CCP can try to contain an uncontrollable outbreak, but Trump can't?"

These lefties love the CCP because they are closet commies. They hate Trump because of the constant fake news drumbeat. They don't care that we were attacked by a communist bioweapon, they only know their insane hatred for our legally elected president.

---jerry6593 on 4/21/20

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After the swine flu, Obama knew it was just be a matter of time before another epidemic hit, so he created a special office whose job was to coordinate government action in case of an epidemic. He also created positions to monitor diseases in many other countries, to give us advanced warning.

Two years ago, Trump closed that office as a waste of money, and fired most of the people in other countries, INCLUDING the one in China whose job it was to be abreast of things there (since many epidemics like SARS first stared there).

"His vantage point?" If Trump was clueless about the epidemic, its because he poked his own eyes out and is now complaining that it's Obama's fault that he can't see.
---StrongAxe on 4/21/20

Mike: What your doing is Monday morning Quarter backing, You had the foresight to see what was going to happen, You should of told The CDC, Because of February 24 They were only on a fact finding mission, Congress was trying to pass a 2 billion dollar package for them Nancy wouldn't bring it up for a vote, She also put forth legislation to stop the China Ban, Biden said he Wouldn't do a ban, As of March 3 there was only 102 cases, What you see as Trumps mistake is his positive out look, Optimism Style, You can only find fault ! Now from this vantage point !
---RichardC on 4/20/20

jan 22 & 30 trump said 'we have it under control. one person coming in from china
feb 2 we shut it down from china
feb 10 virus will disappear bec. of the hot weather
feb 14 when it gets warm, it kills the virus
feb 25 26 27 respectively people are getting better. close to zero. its going to disappear.
mar 1 they will have vaccine.
april 20 40,000 dead because of trump's incompetence
trump not only ignored the threat he did NOT prepare for it & richardc does not want to hear the truth
---mike on 4/20/20


It doesn't matter whether we approve of what totalitarian governments do. We are in no position to hold them accountable to any standards, and they don't pretend to abide by our standards anyway. We DO have the right to hold our own government to account, as it DOES purport to represent the will of the people.

The east coast got hit the hardest - from people flying in from EUROPE, not from China.

And Trump did not ban "flights from China". He allowed American citizens and residents who were in China to return - and THAT is the problem. From an epidemielogical perspective, American citizens carrying the virus back here were just as dangerous as Chinese citizens carrying the virus here.
---StrongAxe on 4/20/20

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Strongaxe, so the CCP discriminating against Wuhan Chinese is okay with you?

The CCP BANNED Wuhanians from flying within China. They could ONLY fly out.

Italy and New York got hit the worst. I wonder why?

Could it be because they have DIRECT flights from Wuhan?

BTW, you seem to have forgotten EVERY COUNTRY BANNED flights from China.

You are mad because Trump thought of it first.

If I lived in Wahun I would have gotten away if I could. Remember, they nailed doors to prevent people from living their homes.

Many people died of starvation not from the Wuhan virus.

So the CCP can try to contain an uncontrollable outbreak, but Trump can't?
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/19/20

Jan 14 - World health Organization found no clear evidence of human to human transmission, ( that data was Wrong )

Jan 17 - CDC announce Travers from Wuhan will under go Screening,

Jan 26 - Dr, Fauci Says : It isn't something that the America public need to worry about.

Jan 25 - Chinese New Year - (Too late it's got to be already here, )

Jan 30 - WHO declares global emergency

Jan 31 - Trump Proclaimation on Supension of entry of immigrant and Non immigrants who pose a risk of transmitting,

Xenophobic - Having a dislike from people from other countries - That doesn't seem to fit ?
---RichardC on 4/19/20


Trump ONLY banned travel by Chinese nationals. He did NOT ban travel by American citizens and green card holders returning from China - and those were JUST AS LIKELY to be infected with coronavirus as Chinese nationals would be. Banning one and not the other served ZERO public health interest, and served ONLY to discriminate against Chinese nationals.

Returning citizens and visa holders SHOULD have been isolated for 14 days upon return, but that wasn't done, which is why the virus crept into this country. Our preparations to try to stop it from entering were as effective as putting a screen door on a submarine.
---StrongAxe on 4/19/20

April 6 2005 - George Bush made a speech saying we are not Prepared for a Pandemic.

January 21 - Dr, Fauci ( Center for Disease control) Said the Corona virus was not a major threat, Up to 29 of February - Risk is Low

January 29 - Trump Imposes travel restrictions from China,

February 24 - Nancy Pelosi - Says You should come to China Town,

February 29 - First death from the Corona Virus,

March 12 - Trump starts travel ban from Europe

March 12 - Joe Biden slams Trump for the ban and calls him a Xenophobic .

Joe Biden - Said : I mean you Know there not bad Folks Guy's ( Chinese ) They're not in competition with us.

China Government bank - Funded 1.5 Billion For Hunter Biden
---RichardC on 4/19/20

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Steveng why are you bearing false witness AGAIN using again your hysterical processing . Stating FACTS is not hate. Accusing others of hate for staying FACTS is bearing false witness. Jesus was accused of being hateful too for telling the truth. So your hysterical rantings only shows you are brainwashed. Trump does NOT listen to his advisors. HE FIRES THEM . HE SLANDERS THEM. HE CALLS THEM NAMES. HE SAID I ALONE ....SO GET A CLUE STEVENG, NOT EVERYONE IS BRAINWASHED LIKE YOU.
---kathr4453 on 4/18/20

Kathr, what hatred in your heart.

If you know even a little about President Trump you would know that he bases all his decisions upon what his advisors are feeding him. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable people. If his advisors feed him wrong information, of course his decisions will be wrong.

No one is perfect.

How many times have you listened to someone and your decision came out wrong?
---Steveng on 4/18/20

Let the common unit be to vote Trump out in 2020 and get a more experienced President who knows how things work. We need common sense, not a self proclaimed "genius" who claims too that his uncle was a Dr who went to MIT and somehow that qualifies Trump to be an all knowing Dr himself. And I'm getting tired of the blame game...aren't you all? This supposed genius has only a 4th grade development emotionally. That's usually how it goes with geniuses, ..their emotional growth is deminished. Just look at Motzart and his life. Someone made a movie a few years back. Yes he too was a genius, but what the heck did he know about a world pandemic and how to take care of his country. He just wasn't skilled in that arena.
---kathr4453 on 4/16/20

It's unfortunate that Trumps pride has led to thousands deaths. He should just own it. The proof again is all there, the warnings ,the dates of who knew what when, he claims he never read..BECAUSE HE DOESNT READ, not because it wasn't written.

It's been shown from the beginning TRUMP DOES NOT READ, or listen to his advisors. TRUMP believes he can say anything and his base will believe him no matter what. It's called Stockholm Syndrome.

He's gotten away with murder for 3. 1/2 years , what's a 100,000 more? Yes he can kill someone on 5th avenue and get away with it.

The problem too is, AMERICANS think we can't be touched with such horror ...well, think again.
---kathr4453 on 4/14/20

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TRUTH is one unit to fight against this 'malicious evil'. however, our president trump continues to give misinformation & only is concern about $$$ money. many will continue to die if & when truth is suppressed.
---mike on 4/13/20

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