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Leftist Hatred Tearing USA

Can you see that Leftist hatred is tearing America apart?

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 ---jerry6593 on 6/1/20
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Does anything upset you? Are you angered at injustice? Does anything other people offend you? If so, why, as it's all God's Will?

Why did Jesus angrily tell Peter "Get behind me, Satan!" when Peter said Jesus didn't need to die? Why did Jesus angrily overurn the tables of the vendors at the Temple? Why did God destroy 99% of the people and animals on the planet in the Flood in anger over sin? After all, all of these were God's Will.

The above conclusions are INEVITABLE if you believe that EVERYTHING that happens is God's Will.

When you go to a funeral, do you tell mourners, "Stop crying. After all, it's God's Will that your loved one died."?
---StrongAxe on 6/14/20

That's the strangest definition of the Sovereignty of God ever. Funny the word Sovereignty is not stated in scripture just like NO FREE WILL is never stated in scripture. And the Gospel is not about the Sovereignty of God, but Christ Crucified. The promises of God are yes and AMEN and would in no way vanish because God allows free will of giving man the choice of choosing heaven or hell. Life or death. Obedience or disobedience . Now I can't will myself to fly to the moon and back, if that's what one has defined free will. I can't will the moon to change colors either. I can't even will my own salvation .... If man has no free will, why then are we asked to surrender ourselves into God ? If I have no free will I have nothing to surrender.
---kathr4453 on 6/14/20

Axe, Calvinism teaches the Sovereignty of God. And yes, it is Gods will that Millions of Jews die. Nothing happens outside Gods will. If it did then other powers are working outside His will, and His promises for the Christian are up in smoke.
Also meaning God does not know the future. If God refused to permit something to happen and it happened anyway, then whatever caused it to happen would have more authority and power than God Himself. If God is not sovereign, He is not God. If there is one small molecule in this world running around loose, totally free of God's sovereignty, then we have no guarantee for God's Promises.
---ven. on 6/14/20

Kath, of course many white cops have killed black man. There is more white cops then black cops. Through the ages white people have hurt many people, Latinos, Japanese, Indians etc. Last night the guy was resisting arrest, not because he was a great guy, he was a criminal who wanted freedom to go do his nature.
read the story, don't go out burn any stores.
"Seeing folks get killed, police and protesters is horrible. Just another incident here in Atlanta last night. What a mess. this is a result of 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Thesselonians 2 , out Country's falling away from THE GOSPEL"
Those people last night were in rebellion against Romans 13:1. The country is and has being for hundreds of years outside the Gospel.
---ven. on 6/14/20

I believe statistics show more white men kill police than black men ven. More white men commit mass murder than black men ven. To say YOU WERENT THERE so what you say doesn't count is offensive. Many were not in death camps in Germany either but certainly have every right to speak about and warn about history repeating itself. I wasn't around when Custer murdered either, but have as much right as you or anyone today to comment on it. Ven, your comments here are so juvenile. No one is taking you seriously here. That good ol Calvinists tactic to shut women down doesn't fly here ven. No need for your Salem witch hunt mentality.
---kathr4453 on 6/14/20


I didn't use "quotes", as I was not quoting word for word. YOU asked why I believed something I never said (Sovereignty of God is toxic). Before accusing others of putting words in people's mouths, please stop doing it yourself.

You bemoan deaths of police, but not Hittites. Isn't it all God's Will?


I NEVER said black lives matter MORE. Stop condemning words YOU put in my mouth.

If someone is hungry, do you feed them, or say "hunger is everywhere"? If someone's grieves, do you comfort them, or say "everybody dies"? When police murder black people, don't say "all lives matter". These are all true, but NOT useful or appropriate at the time.
---StrongAxe on 6/14/20

DEMONIZING any group, Dems, Rep, BLM, etc etc will NEVER resolve this. But what we are seeing Is how RELIGION of anykind coming from false teachers and getting your spiritual direction from FOX or any news outlet still is not the answer.

Seeing folks get killed, police and protesters is horrible. Just another incident here in Atlanta last night. What a mess. this is a result of 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Thesselonians 2 , out Country's falling away from THE GOSPEL. It has nothing to do with one group DEMONIZING another, as some want to use.

Interestingly, back in 1980's when the WOF became so predominate in this Country, the Lord showed me then that SATAN was getting a stronghold in this nation. I'm seeing this come to pass.
---kathr4453 on 6/14/20

Axe, again you misinterpret the Words of Trump on purpose. You had said: "For example, just when we thought Trump couldn't possibly sink any lower, he said George Floyd was looking down from heaven, happy about the job situation."
now you put down what he really said and it is not the same words you say he said. Why not speak the truth. It is close to you. Like the newspapers you twist the story. Not very nice of you.

Kath, get over 1921. You were not there, you were not there on any of the murders of policeman. They were human beings. What about all the cops that were murdered by black criminals. You should speak for all human beings, even the infants who are murdered everyday.
---ven. on 6/14/20

Kath, you are the oppser of the comands of God and make excuses for your actions, It show what is in your heart. You said,
"And ven, just because some WS infiltrated the protests and tried to cause maham does not mean ALL protests are bad. so sad you harp on the negative."
You say a few? There was hundreds of protesters who were burning and looting , spraying the walls and streets with messages, attacking policeman. Emptying out the stores of all the valuables, many of the store owners were black. Again, you oppose the command of God who put our leaders in authority. Romans 13:1.
---ven. on 6/14/20

Yes, Strongaxe is referring to FAUX AND FIENDS putting up a chart showing how the stock market increased since George Floyds death also comparing the market to the day MLK was assassinated ., many called them out for their DISGUSTING news moment. Trump then piped in with his disgusting tweet.

Vile and disgusting.

And ven, just because some WS infiltrated the protests and tried to cause maham does not mean ALL protests are bad. so sad you harp on the negative. But WHO STARTED this kind of behavior to begin with? ANS: White people in 1921 in Tulsa OK.
---kathr4453 on 6/13/20


Web search for Trump Floyd heaven

Trump's June 5 speech (by the minute):
(02:47) "We're bringing our jobs back. When we had our tremendous numbers..."

(03:42) "We had the most people working in the history of our country, almost 160 million people..."

(21:50) "We all saw what happened last week. We can't let that happen. Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, "This is a great thing that's happening for our country." This is a great day for him. It's a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality. It's really what our constitution requires and it's what our country is all about.
---StrongAxe on 6/13/20

Heres the solution to the problem.

If you want to live in a Red State, move to a Red State. If you want to live in a Blue State, move to a Blue State. I live in a Red State, Georgia.
But we are getting a lot of people moving here from Blue States. I ask them why, and they tell me everything is cheaper here in Georgia.

But they still vote for the Democrats, who created the high priced environments they ran from. Can someone explain to me why these folks dont understand that they created the problem they ran from by voting for Democrats.
---David on 6/13/20

Axe, you again say something Trump never said, like the last time, you now say, "For example, just when we thought Trump couldn't possibly sink any lower, he said George Floyd was looking down from heaven, happy about the job situation." I don't believe you can proof that statement either like the first one. It's like the left, always making everything up. You add a word here and there an make a statement. I remind you, all are guilty. Of course not all cops are great guys, we all know that out of so many, you will always find one or two who are bad. In all professions there is some that are bad. Why? because all man are sinners.
---ven. on 6/12/20

Kath, you got that right, God is in control of everything, His knowledge is perfect. He never errs, never changes, never overlooks anything. "Neither is there any creature that is not manifested in His sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do" Heb. 4:13.
Yes, such is the God with whom we have to do.
for "Thou knowest my down sitting and mine uprising, Thou understands my thoughts afar off. Thou compassest my path and my laying down, and are acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word in my tongue, but Oh Lord, thou knowest it altogether" Psa. 139:2-4.
That is the God of the Bible. He does not need our help. He is in control.
---ven. on 6/12/20

ax: Do YOU really believe that black lives matter more than all others. That's not what the Bible teaches. Trump did not start or foment these riots. That is just another of the 145,000 lies that Democrats tell. This is nothing short of armed insurrection, and should be put down with force of arms, just as the Confederacy was. It was planned and executed by leftists such as Obama, Clinton and Soros. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the fruits of your socialist ideology.

---jerry6593 on 6/12/20


The reason the left finds something new wrong every day, is because the right actually does something wrong every day.

For example, just when we thought Trump couldn't possibly sink any lower, he said George Floyd was looking down from heaven, happy about the job situation. No, he's not. He's probably looking down from heaven, outraged that his kids won't have a dad to take care of them because some cop who thinks it's OK to choke people to death took their father away from them.

Trump is taking a crime that it is so outrageous that it has sparked riots NATIONWIDE and protests WORLDWIDE, and is spinning it to his own personal advantage.

I will have to address the abortion issue later, due to the 125 word limit.
---StrongAxe on 6/12/20

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ven: While I strongly disagree with your stance on predestination, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Democrat Communist Anarchists as non-Christian. In fact, today's Democrat bears no resemblance whatever to the character of Christ.

These idiots claim to be rioting over the unnecessary death of a black criminal, when they have murdered at least 17 people (some black) by their criminal actions. No thinking person can sanction such behavior.

---jerry6593 on 6/12/20

Here's where I stand assessing our Country. After watching "American Gospel" Netflix, it just brought to the forefront why God has allowed this country to come unglued ....everything we are seeing is as a result of ONE THING, the falling away and promoting a false gospel around the world. Trump clearly having one of those False Teachers Paula White. Stopping abortion is not going to FIX this country, or even siding with Israel will not protect us. Repenting of our evil ways, Trumps version of capitalism with the WOF version of the Gospel. We see all this wealth , health , prosperity etc crashing down around us....I believe is the hand of God, not Satan, so ven in that respect I do believe God is in control.
---kathr4453 on 6/12/20

Axe, when God ordered the slaughter of the Canaanites, what about their free will? How about the woman and children of the Hittites, did they exercise free will? were they robots? They were sinners just like the Jews.
Even though God has ordain everything that comes to pass He still finds us responsible for our actions. Remember the death of Jesus?
"Him, being delivered by the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God, you have taken by lawless hands, have crucified, and put to death: Acts 2:23.
Here even though it was God's will that Jesus die, the man who crucified Him were still responsible for their sin.
---ven. on 6/12/20

Jerry, the left has not stop, every day is something else they find wrong. They are tearing the country apart. The bigger problem is that many so call Christians are part of that movement. Showing their hate towards Trump for no reason at all. They are like under a curse. They rather have someone who is in favor of abortion. The slaughter of infants. A human life. A life God has created. I don't understand how they can be in favor of saving dogs, whales, and not even care for a human infant.
Here in California brothers and sisters who were trying to stop a women from having an abortion were shot at. It's terrible.
---ven. on 6/11/20

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I am not saying the Sovereignty of God is toxic. I'm saying the idea that we have no free will is toxic. If we have no free will, we are puppets on strings, so how can we be held responsible for anything we do, since we aren't choosing to do it?

God CAN override any of our choices -BUT- most times he does not. The Bible is full of references to free will - e.g. "CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY whom you will serve". Where there is no free will, there is no choice.

Actions would be meaningless, because if Joe is destined to be lost, preaching to him won't matter - and he's destined to be saved, whether we preach to him or not doesn't matter either. In either case, whether we preach or not, the result is exactly the same.
---StrongAxe on 6/11/20

ven, what passages say TRINITY? NONE. READING SCRIPTURE we conclude there is the Trnity. Same with free will. From Genesis to Revelation we conclude through multitudes of scripture man has free will. Starting in Genesis , God gave Cain a second chance to do what was right( you accuse God of duplicity stating without scripture Cain didn't know what was right. No verse said Cain was clueless because God asked of Cain to do something He also made sure He stood in the way too) .Cain instead chose to murder his brother. All Israel were already GIVEN the promise land, but all did not enter was already theirs. Saul, God's anointed King knew not to visit witches , but did it anyway. Receiving God's wrath for that disobeience. I could go on.
---kathr4453 on 6/11/20

Kath, when you read the passages you just don't believe them. Again, you did not answer my question, where are the passages that say the lost have fee will? You are so smart, why do you not answer that very simple question?
---ven. on 6/11/20

Interestingly BLM began here in this country during abolition where no TRUMP Existed. Such a stupid comment coming from no doubt FAUX AND Fiends. Thank you for my LOLAROTF of the day.
---kathr4453 on 6/11/20

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Axe, God made a plan before the beginning of time. Everything that was written in that plan is happening and will happen." Known unto God are all His works, from the beginning of the world" Acts 15:18.
Gods decrees are said to be :the counsel of His own will" Eph. 1:11.
His decrees relate to all events, today's and future events. Whatever was done in time was foreordain before time began.
I hope it's not too much for you to shew.
In every instance where God has decreed an end, He also decreed every means to that end. God who decreed the salvation of His elect also decreed to work faith in them 2 Thess.2:13.
---ven. on 6/11/20

Axe you say that Calvinism is toxic. Can you explain why you believe the Sovereignty of God is toxic? You also say our actions are meaningless. But they all have a meaning. they are all included in the plan. The Bible tells us that "they stumble because they disobey the Word, as they were destined to do." 2 Peter 2: 8,9 As believers our evil actions we will be judge at the Judgment Seat of Christ.
---ven. on 6/11/20

The left doesn't want to move on Jerry. It was the biggest upset in history and they are still mad. Congress has done nothing in 3 and a half years. They have wasted their time and they never helped the people. The left hates Trump because he stands for life. For our flag, for the people. That's why they also hate Fox news, for they are Christian, and they cannot stand Christ. Many talk about the cross, and turn around and hate the cross.
---ven. on 6/11/20


If we do not have free will, it is pointless to preach the gospel, as others will be saved (or not) regardless of whether we preach or not. Nothing we or they do can affect this. We are all puppets on strings, playing out roles assigned to us.

This fatalism is the inevitable conclusion if dogmatic determinism. If you believe that, why argue on these blogs, as any actions you take will be meaningless, as the outcome is already pre-determined? This is why Calvinism is toxic, as it takes away any responsibility for our actions. Regardless of whether you use the excuse "God made me do it" or "The devil made me do it", you avoid "I chose to do it" and taking responsibility for your own actions.
---StrongAxe on 6/11/20

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This anti-cop BLM hoax is just one more in the arsenal of communist weapons being used to GET TRUMP! Our country has been subjected to the:

Russia Muller Hoax

Ukraine Phone Call Hoax

Impeachment Hoax

COVID-19 Hoax

and now this. You people never quit - no matter how many times you are PROVED wrong. You lost the election. Get over it!

---jerry6593 on 6/11/20

We know the lost have a conscience, a perfect example would be the stoning to death of Stephen. If Steven were preaching the WORD OF GOD to a heard of buffalo, as ven seems to think mans conscience is as dead as a buffalo, there would have been NO ANGER or conviction of sin leading one to anger OR repentance , we see wasn't Stephens words but GODS WORD he spoke directly out of the Psalms. We also see this anger when Jesus spoke to many, wanting to kill Him, Jesus spoke directly out of scripture.

Also we see in Acts many RESISTED the Holy Spirit.

One can also see Trumps ANGER. Funny how those who claim they are THE ELECT bow to those they claim are Satan's offspring. Ill never bend the knee to BAAL. No TRUE ELECT ever will.
---kathr4453 on 6/11/20

Yes I was made alive in Christ after I first died with Christ. To me made alive IN CHRIST, one has to first be IN CHRIST....of which no one is IN CHRIST still a sinner. We are first Justified by faith in His Blood, AND THEN SAVED BY HIS LIFE. not vice versa.

Now ven, if you don't know these verses that should roll off your tongue , I'm really sorry for you. I was saved by GRACE re THE CROSS, meaning the Cross Jesus died for me and for my sin , baptized into His death AND THEN RAISED UP TOGETHER WITH HIM.

God has given every lost person the ability to HEAR HIS WORD OF THE GOSPEL, and can receive this truth or reject it. Just study Acts. You look up the verses ven, that is if you read the Bible you should have no issues .
---kathr4453 on 6/10/20

Kath, I need the truth not a bunch of lies. I will be waiting for those passages that tell us the lost have free will. I have studied.
What it says is that the lost are slaves to the devil, the prince and power of the air,
" And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walk according to the course of this world, according to the prince and power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience" Eph. 2:1,2.
---ven. on 6/10/20

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Some of us simply listen to what comes out of Trumps mouth and need no news commentators to break it down for us. I guess ven is one who need FOX to dress it up and repackage it to go down his throat. Much like the false doctrine of Calvinism. These are not folks who think for themselves or have the HS who has given us the gift of discerning. If something is so easily gotten by human ability, why would we need the Lord working through HIS WORD warning us against evil men deceivers. There are many warnings TO CHRISTIANS about evil men, liars, GREEDY men, etc. Calvinists don't feel it's also their responsibility to STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD. Or to ask God for WISDOM, and not FOX AND FRIENDS.
---kathr4453 on 6/9/20


I can't actually "show you", because we're not allowed to post pictures and videos here, or even links to other content. What form of proof would you actually believe?

I DID show you articles that directly quoted him. I DID show you exactly how to find links to the sources, so you could find them for yourself. Please spend two minutes to type the three words into a search engine, and then look at Trump's actual Twitter feed himself to see what he actually posted. It's not difficult.

As the old Chinese proverb goes, "man wait for long time with open mouth waiting for roast duck to fly in".
---StrongAxe on 6/9/20

Axe, you did not show me Trump saying those things you said. You twisted the story as newspapers do to blame Trump. It's a good trick but it's a lie. The left will try to rig the elections with mail in votes. They will work on something. More lies.
---ven. on 6/9/20


Yes, we have ALL sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. But we Christians are supposed to REGRET, CONFESS, and REPENT our sins. Trump does not. He boasts of his adulteries, lusts, defrauding clients ("good business practice"). He said he has never been sorry for anything. I.e. NEVER repented ANYTHING, EVER.

On top of this, he claims to be Christian, but NEVER goes to church (except for photo ops). He knows nothing about the Bible. When asked to quote even one favorite passage, he refused, calling his religion "very private". He said his favorite part was the "eye for eye" part. One of his strongest motivations is revenge, NOT love and forgiveness.
---StrongAxe on 6/9/20

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Axe, like I said, show me the proof and you couldn't, only what someone else said. The TV-news twist many things he says and everyone believes it. He is not tearing America apart, it is people like Kath who shows her rage for him to everyone. She rather have someone who supports the murder of many human beings the slaughter of infants, just because she doesn't like Trump. Now that is a great Christian.
But we all make our choices, one day we will stand before God. Some just don't care for they do not have the fear of God. Nor eyes to see, nor ears to hear, nor a heart to perceive to this very day.
---ven. on 6/9/20

Have you ever told a lie?
If you have, you are a Liar.

Have you ever lusted?
If you have, you are an adulterer.

Have you ever hated anyone?
If you have, you are a murderer.

Have you ever taken ANYTHING that didnt belong to you?
If you have, you are a thief.

According to Jesus, we are all guilty of these sins. You believe Trump is a bad President because he is a sinner. If this is the criteria you use to elect presidents, can you give us the name of the person you are voting for in the next election?
---David on 6/9/20

1 Corinthians 15:33....bad company corrupts good morals. Also don't be unequally yoked. 2 Corinthians 6:14 can also apply to not just marriage.

TRUMPISM, a renegade bunch within the Republican Party is why many Republicans , even the Evangelical Churches are starting to turn away. And they hate abortion too, but hate MORE what this new TRUMPISM stands for...... and it's going to be things like this the anti-Christ is going to use to deceive. Finding one issue to lure in Christians, all the while displaying 100 things totally against Christianity.

Don't become so focused on one issue you sell your soul to the devil. Satan can turn himself into a preacher of righteousness....AKA BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.
---kathr4453 on 6/9/20

Did Trump retweeted a video in which the speaker stated, "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."?


Retweeting this filthy comment, just as regurgitating WHEN THE LOOTING STARTS THE SHOOTING STARTS is no different than saying it yourself, unless you add that those kind of comments are unacceptable. tRump made no such statement.

Retweeting as Trump did is no different than saying it himself. His retweet said it all.

1 John 3:15...whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer, and YE know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

Funny how some redefine murder to only apply to their personal opinions. Murder is murder. Those who hate democrats are murderers.
---kathr4453 on 6/8/20

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It's easy to just type relevant words e.g. trump only dead democrat into any search engine to find dozens of stories on point, e.g. Washington Post and CBS News.

Snopes verifies it, and gives more details:
On May 27, 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted a video posted to Twitter by the group "Cowboys for Trump" in which the group's leader, Cuoy Griffin, a commissioner for Otero County in New Mexico, stated, "I've come to a place where I've come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."

Trump, a Republican, retweeted the video and added the comment, "Thank you Cowboys. See you in New Mexico!"
---StrongAxe on 6/8/20

Why then did Trump encourage disobedience of those to come against their states laws of closing businesses, not opening churches on his time line, not wearing masks, etc. trump has been a horrible example of not respecting the rules of the Mayo Clinic, GM etc.

You know the saying DODO flows down from the top. Leaders are to be examples to others, not do as I say, not as I do mentality. He's encouraging those to not obeying the law . Trump is NOT a law over States, or Governors.

The hypocricy here is astounding of having a blind spot to these BLATANT discrepencies. You can't pick and choose, THEN excuse and abuse.
---kathr4453 on 6/8/20

Kath, You again spoke a lot. Two big post, not making any sense. Speaking to no one person. You want everyone to know how you are the measure of truth. But you make a big mistake. The truth is not with you. At least not today. You twisted the abortion issue very well. An put it in the back of your priorities. Most so call Christians do that same thing. Other matters have more importance.
---ven. on 6/8/20

Well we have Colin Powell, Gen Mattis among now multitudes of military CIA, etc speaking out about Trump and his lying etc. He's being dropped like a hot potato. So it appears David and ven seem to be missing what is going on. Now because of these WORLD WIDE protests, Congress has come up with new laws holding policing accountable. So All these past 3 1/2 years of Trump dividing seems to be coming unraveled and is backfiring on him and Barr who now denies his own part in violating out constitution. Thank all who stood for change in standing on the constitution who stood on the law and 1 St amendment spoke up against the HATE and injustice. PRAISE GOD.
---kathr4453 on 6/8/20

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The hypocrisy is if the issue is in their cause like abortion, it's ok to protest ect. But if not then your cause is wrong. They speak out of both sides of their mouth. They think an unborn baby's life has more value than a life that has been born. I don't believe in abortion OR murdering anyone. God HATES hypocrites. They defend Trump and AG Barr murders. The definition In scripture of murder also included slander of another, etc, not just physically sniffing out ones breath. Scripture says Satan was a murderer from the beginning. Tempting man to sin brought murder to all men . In Adam all die. Satan knew that from the beginning..YE SHALL SURELY DIE. Those who support the lies and MURDERS of others and excuse those murders are hypocrites.
---kathr4453 on 6/8/20

Axe, if you can show me the tweet you mentioned:
" Trump shared a tweet that said "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat". I.e. He agrees HALF OF ALL AMERICANS WOULD BE BETTER OFF DEAD. Let that sink in."
That would be great if you can find it.
And yes, we are to elect a president who is more towards our values as Christians. We cannot pretend we are not Christians and vote for someone we like, who doesn't care about God. Trump has taken so much since he came into office. Yet to this day no one has being able to fine one iota against him.
---ven. on 6/8/20

Axe, I did not see my answer come out. I want to see the Tweet you quoted:
"Trump shared a tweet that said "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat". I.e. He agrees HALF OF ALL AMERICANS WOULD BE BETTER OFF DEAD. Let that sink in."
You talk about people not liking Obama, well Christians are not in the business of voting for those who agree on abortion. We are talking about babies brains sucked out with vacuum cleaners.
We are Christians. It does mean something. Trump might not be perfect but he is against abortion.People rather save dogs cats, whales, now Polar bears. And who stand for the infants? You and your vote?
---ven. on 6/8/20


What did you want proof of? Ask and I will show you.

ven and David:

Yes, it's not our place to judge others AS PEOPLE. But we Christians are required to be vigilant, and hold our leaders accountable. Many come in sheep's clothing, but are as ravenous wolves. We are NOT told to bare our necks to wolves "because we can't judge them".

It's the same with government by the people. It's our civic duty to elect good leadership, and hold that leadership accountable. This civic duty is one we are required to render unto Caesar.

I find it amazing how so many Christians constantly condemned Obama, yet now give Trump a "don't judge" pass. This is the utmost in hypocrisy.
---StrongAxe on 6/8/20

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Trump's heart? He cheats on all his wives and many customers, lusts after young women, lies constantly, and seeks revenge against his enemies. What kind of heart does that?-StrongAxe on 6/6/20

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged. Condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.
Luke 6:37
---David on 6/8/20

Axe, you are a sinner like him. Don't you get it? We are all sinners. We sin every day.
Trump had millions before he took office. He did what he wanted. You mentioned one tweet with no proof he said what you said, we have to take your word. I keep up with things and to this day I have not seen him or heard him do the things everyone talks about. They just don't like him. The newspapers don't like him, yet his done more for this country then anyone.
Everyone is still mad he won the election and many try to bring him down.
If your heart tells you that you prefer to have someone that agrees with the slaughter of a human life the new born, then vote what you feel.
We all have a choice. We will be judge by our choices.
---ven. on 6/8/20


Trump's heart? He cheats on all his wives and many customers, lusts after young women, lies constantly, and seeks revenge against his enemies. What kind of heart does that?

Military deployed as police. Faces and ID covered. These were not deployed as responsible law enforcement. They are deployed as anonymous thugs not accountable for thier actions.

Trump shared a tweet that said "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat". I.e. He agrees HALF OF ALL AMERICANS WOULD BE BETTER OFF DEAD. Let that sink in.

The only reason cops are getting killed is because citizens are FED UP with cops murdering citizens and getting away with it. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind!
---StrongAxe on 6/6/20

Standing with those who have been abused is LOVE ? Stop trying to TWIST the scenario here. Just as Trump is twisting and deflecting. It's not about some imaginary ANTIFA, changing the dialogue, or doing some photo opt using the Bible as a prop to distract from the real issue....ABUSE of the poor and needy..poor in spirit , needy in RIGHTness. The whole world is speaking out ....I see even Churches , Pastors ect speaking call hate. Disgusting David. The world speaking out about oppression and abuse is not a leftist issue, but a moral issue, both Dems and Rep and those around the world who are not Dems or Rep. If the world reacted this way to those oppressed in N Korea, you call this leftist hate? That's sick.
---kathr4453 on 6/7/20

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We don't really know what Trump had in mind deploying the military on citizens, attacking with gas, rubber bullets that can do horrible harm and permanently cause harm to another . If there wasn't an outcry, and many Generals speaking out, we really don't know how far Trump would have gone. He was testing the waters as to his imaginary power. He got his answer. But what if he so intimidated his Generals....we just don't know. And we don't know what was in his mind putting that fense up around the WH at this same time. We've had riots and rallies in DC even during the late 60's and 70's and even Nixon never went to such extremes. His ANTIFA aka WHITE SUPREMACISTS in disguise has backfired on him. As we see several of these rousers are WS.
---kathr4453 on 6/7/20

Axe, I disagree with your comment where you say, "Trump is deploying our military to KILL CITIZENS."
That is a bad comment for someone to say since you do not know Trumps heart. You have to remember, the thugs were tearing down, stealing, burning for no reason at all.
The police could not stop them. Now that was an injustice. The military was not going to start killing citizens. They were not sent to the border to kill Mexicans either, they were sent to assist the border petrol. The police is over run. Cops are being killed. They needed help.
---ven. on 6/6/20


Yes, Marxist ideaology is bankrupt, but why are revolutions successful? When 99% are of 1% constantly putting them down, and living fancy lives while 99% starve to death, and when they say "We need food!", the rich respond "let them eat cake", ANYONE who says "eat the rich!" will be followed.

I also agree about Pol Pot, but you conveniently omitted "French" when you quoted me. The French revolution wasn't Marxist. It WAS also about 99% being fed up with 1%. It was also atheist - BECAUSE an corrupt and apostate Church sided with the rich. Same reason Haiti turned to Voodoo - because "Christian"-supported Europe sided with enslaving them.
---StrongAxe on 6/6/20

David the question above is accusing not hatred but pinning it on a particular group. I find the question itself hateful and believe it was ment to start a food fight of hate here, just so you could jump in and falsely accuse those who take offense to the question itself. So selfrighteous David. The blog Is not about how much better you think you are comparing yourself to others who have every right to be offended by what is going on in our country. We are to be that light in darkness, and stand for righteousness. What Trump did and is doing is quite dark these past few months especially. Speaking TRUTH IS LOVE. STICKING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND IS HATE. Jesus was quite outspoken about hypocrites.
---kathr4453 on 6/5/20

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Strongaxe : Prosperity of rich - for Russian and Chinese Revolution - let's Also throw in Po Pot -----> WRONG

You have No idea at all what your talking about !

This had to do with Marxist ideology - Socialism - Bourgeoisi and proletariat Try to find a made up oppressor - Marxtist have just change up the game - Now White privilege as the oppressor

Take time out to educate your self - Read

Aleksandra Solzhenitsy - The Gulag Archipelago would be a good start !

Solzhenitsy : Declare men have forgotten God ! This is why this has happen !
---RichardC on 6/6/20


This violence was NOT spawned by George Floyd's murder, any more than World War 1 was spawned by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Both were just trigger events after decades of pent-up rage over injustice.

Peace and prosperity? Half of this country lives below the poverty line, and many have no access to health care. That's prosperity - for the rich. It was such disparity that triggered the French and Russian and Chinese revolutions. Pray hard that doesn't happen here.

Domestic enemy? Trump is deploying our military to KILL CITIZENS.
---StrongAxe on 6/5/20

Hate, is question in this blog. And some of you folks get caught up in it. When you hate, Satan owns you. When you Love,...God owns you. (Romans 6:16-17)

And it is so easy for Satan to make us do, what we do not want to do, when he can create that hatred in us. We are Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, we are not in the world. When you listen to the news, and find yourself getting angry, just turn it off, before it turns into hate.

Did Jesus protest and get involved in world politics?


I am one of few teachers, who teaches the Bible founded on the Gospel of Christ. My teachings never undermine the Lords, And I post here to undermine those whose do.
---David on 6/5/20

How do you leftists always manage to end up on the wrong side?

---jerry6593 on 6/4/20

How have you right wingers managed to ignore injustice for so long?

Remember Pslam 109:8
---NurseRobert on 6/5/20

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Maybe if more stood up and spoke out against Hitler, history would have a different ending here. To see injustice and say nothing IS HATE. Calling out leadership that's off the chain is so AMERICAN it's not funny, but for some reason there is an ignorant element wanting to shut people up and misuse scripture to do so just as Sessions did abusing Romans 13, of which many spiritual leaders rebuked Sessions even his own church and pastor.

Don't let ignorant folks shut you up when you see wrong, or abuse our constitution. If you do, one day Satan's hatchet men will intimidate you into taking the mark of the beast. If we're still here at that time, I'll shout from the mountain tops that leader is ANTICHRIST.
---Kat453 on 6/4/20

David God HATES SIN, and Christians calling out a leader filled with hate just like General James Mattis just did is AWESOME. PRAISE GOD FOR THE MEN AND WOMEN SPEAKING OUT AGAINST TRUMPS HATE. Thank you General Mattis.
---kathr4453 on 6/4/20

Great answer David. By the way David, what is your faith? where are you taught? I like most of your answers.
---ven. on 6/4/20

Jerry the mayhem was not in George's name. These were infiltrators trying to make it look like they were all part of the demonstrations. Haven't you been keeping up? Since so many have been arrested, we are seeing more peaceful LEGALLY enacted under the first amendment freedom of speech.

This is where George death among hundreds and hundreds over many years was the straw that broke the camels back moment. Why do you think this is solely about George? Your statements here Jerry show you just don't get it. Is that because of the FAKE NEWS SPIN FAUX is putting on it. Get some REAL NEWS Jerry.
---kathr4453 on 6/4/20

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(Matthew 24:10) And then shall many lose faith and shall betray one another and shall hate one another.

Hate is a sign of the unsaved, It is an undeniable sign. We can argue about this verse or that verse, but if you believe you are saved, and you hate anyone, you are only fooling yourself.

Some of you hate whatever President may be in office. That hate alone, is all the information you need to know if you are saved or not. Believe it...Or...Not!

(1 John 3:15) Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer, and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.
---David on 6/4/20

How do you leftists always manage to end up on the wrong side?

You favor hateful anarchy and violence over peace and prosperity.

George Floyd's death was indeed a senseless tragedy. But the murder, mayhem, violence and destruction of property spawned in his name is an outrageous affront to all peace-loving Americans. Even George's family decry this reaction and call for law and order.

This is the legacy of the Democrat party. Do you really think that all America loves being attacked by this domestic enemy?

---jerry6593 on 6/4/20

I don't believe socialist countries allow demonstrations. Neither do communist countries. So that reasoning is off the chain. And it's more than just one person getting murdered by a policeman. Again, sounds like someone is trying to rewrite history .

I guess the Boston Tea Party antics was socialism in the making too. Since then, according to Jerry, we began as a socialistic country.
---kathr4453 on 6/2/20

Darryl Issa 283 million
Greg Giaforte 136 million
David Trott 119 million
Mike McCaul 113 million
Chris Collins 44 million
Mitch Mcconnell 22 million
Kelly Loeffler 500 million
Donald Trump 2.1 BILLION

So, Richard Moore, what's your point?
---NurseRobert on 6/2/20

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So Jerry Trump has established Socialism in the United States. I believe he is more of a Fascist. Because you say that Socialism is not established and only the United States Government can do that.

Now if you had stated that
anarchist were roaming the streets. Than you would have an out.

So being opposed to Police officers murdering people is being a Socialist? I thought being against murder was being a Christian.
---Samuelbb7 on 6/2/20

Nancy pelose - 28 to 110 million ?
Amy Klabuchar - 2 million
Bernie Sanders - 2.5 million
Joe biden - 15.6 million
Elizabeth Warren - 12 million
Dinne Finstein - 94 million
Charles Schumer - 1.2 million
Maxine Waters - 3 million
Jerry Nadler 3.8 to 9.7 million
Barack Obama - 40 million
Hillary Clinton - 45 million
---Richard_Morse on 6/1/20

Hate, is why God will bring an end to this world. Dont get caught up in it, and dont judge those who do. Thats Gods job,...not ours. There will be those who support the actions of those who hate, and become haters themselves, on both sides of the coin.

Satan can easily turn anyone into his puppet when he can cause them to hate. Fight him...dont become his puppet!
---David on 6/2/20

I hope you guys are enjoying this. You wanted socialism. Here it is. Anarchy in the streets. Massive destruction of property, injury and even deaths. Over what? One bad cop? He's been arrested and charged with murder. He and the victim knew each other - had night jobs as guards at the same bar. What does stealing a big screen TV have to do a man being murdered?

But the police in these Democrat-run cities stand down and let the anarchists have their way. Yet if anyone is caught outdoor without a mask or too close together, they are right there to arrest them - unless they are rioting, of course.

---jerry6593 on 6/2/20

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really jerry? what about trump who downplayed the virus then blamed others. unemployment is more than 20 million.
what about question like the conservatives who love money more than US is tearing US apart. that question will NOT be posted on this website.
---mike on 6/1/20

So that cop that murdered an unarmed man....well two lately, one here in GA are leftist cops?..WOW, I wasn't aware that part of their politics was revealed. Thanks for that interesting update Jerry .

I SEE more love coming from democrats than republicans. Trump running to the fire with more gasoline isn't helping. Even other republicans are calling him out on that.

So is this ANTIFA who jumped in and trashed these peaceful demonstrations leftists? Really? You say the democrats support them ? I thought they were just a renegade group of anti-establishment morons having no real agenda then to create anarchy ....just for the heck of it.
---kathr4453 on 6/1/20


Yes, it is - and so is rightist hatred. It's not about left vs. right, it's about love vs. hate.

People riot now because of social injustice that is not being addressed. As has been said, "When peaceful protest becomes impossible, violent protest becomes inevitable". When police officers can murder innocent people, and get away with it, people feel helpless and powerful.

Throughout history, in every case, revolutions happen as a result of governments wielding power against people and being insensitive to their needs. In some cases, this ends well (Magna Carta, French and American revolutions). In some cases it ends badly (most Communist revolutions). In most cases, much bloodshed is involved.
---StrongAxe on 6/1/20

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