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Should Churches Pay Taxes

SCOTUS ruled that taxpayer money should go to religious schools. Is it time for Churches to start paying taxes?

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 ---Robert_Vonbuskirk on 7/6/20
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Ven, they are not saying ONLY Black lives matter. And it is offensive for anyone to misrepresent what they are trying to say. I understand what they are saying. So why aren't you?
---kathr4453 on 7/27/20

No ven they came with their parents. Then Trump had them separated and in some cases sent their parents back and made the children orphans. If a church accepts tax money to operate a school. Then yes. But church and state should stay separate. But many today want the state to enforce religion.
---Samuelbb7 on 7/27/20

Kath, if only black lives matter, then the blacks are racist, cause they only care about their lives, the reason we are having all these problems now. I believe every life matters. You talk about the children separated from their parents, the children are not being murdered, and they are mostly Latinos who came across with people that were not their parents.
Stop making up stories and lies, and creating more anger and separation. It's people like you who have the country split apart.
---ven. on 7/27/20

If all lives matter, then why are we separating children from their parents and locking them in cages? This ALL LIVES MATTER coming from the far right is total crap. They say that to cover their racist attitudes, but in no way practice it in reality.

No one said ONLY Black Lives Matter. But in order to place your racist card AGAIN you throw shade here, AGAIN on our Black citizens abusing again by falsely accusing. America created this problem from the beginning, and AMERICA needs to fix it. From Slavery, to the Jim Crow era, to segregation of housing , schools, jobs etc, WE CREATED A MONSTER of a problem.
---kathr4453 on 7/26/20

Samuel, you said back people in your church are mad,"
Ven 70% of my Church is black. Seventh day Adventist church that had less that 30% black. So you are dealing with people who have been wronged and are mad about it."

Who are they mad at? who at the church have being wrong? Who in your church has been murdered? Did they find the killer?

If someone calls you names and murders your friends and family. Would you not be mad? Who murdered a whole family? And if someone murdered a whole family wouldn't they be mad at those killers? You say Black lives Matter.
All lives matter. Not just blacks every life matters to God.
---ven. on 7/23/20

---ven. on 7/21/20

But that is exactly what you said.. And now you're saying that blacks who live next door to each other are violent by nature?? Are you saying that all blacks who live the "the poor part of town" think the same way??

Mercy, just what Church do you go to that taught you these things... You need to stop talking, your just showing yourself for what you are.
---NurseRobert on 7/21/20

Ven 70% of my Church is black. I have never belonged to any Seventh day Adventist church that had less that 30% black. So you are dealing with people who have been wronged and are mad about it.

If someone calls you names and murders your friends and family. Would you not be mad? When they are treated as human beings. The are generally fine. Black lives Matter.
---Samuelbb7 on 7/21/20

Nurse, I do not believe black people are violent by nature, many are great people for I live next door and across from many and they are great. I am talking about those who live next door to each other. They seem to think every owes them something so they destroy, burn and kill, even one another. No, by nature everyone could be more violent, if God remove His restrains from all of us because by nature we use to be children of wrath. Many, many more are still children of wrath. Eph. 2:3.
---ven. on 7/21/20

---ven. on 7/20/20

So just what church do you go too? Its this the same one that taught you "black people are violent by nature?" Mike is not condemning the a house of God, but he is call you out..

Calling him an athiest is foolish..
---NurseRobert on 7/20/20

There's a great EYE OPENING Documentary on Netflix showing how Religion is influencing RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE Politics . It's called THE FAMILY. The way these young men are recruited and almost isolated until they are completely groomed is CULTISH. And it's not TRUE CHRISTIANITY. It's a generic form to permeate Politics as these recruiters then become our Senators, Congressmen, etc. It's been around for a long time. This is also how Russian Agents made connections through what we call the Prayer Breakfasts. Anyone interested in how our country operates behind the scenes you should watch.

To me, if as a Christian the Lord has called you to serve in the Government, you should not be ruled or brainwashed by some CULTISH entity.
---kathr4453 on 7/20/20

mike our church does not teach politics. Never have I heard my pastor preach on politics. You say they have as if you had ever come to my church. You just like to start hatred, condemning the house of God. You must be an atheist.
---ven. on 7/20/20

our church never teach politics - ven

yes you do.
---mike on 7/19/20

All REFORNED Churches preach politics with Dr James Kennedy , REFORMED , it was all he preached. The book, 'The Light and the Glory' pushed in Reformed Churches this bogus Gospel of America that God replaced the promises given to Israel the Nation to America. Just read the book. It clearly states WE, AMERICA are Gods new chosen People and America is now THE NEW PROMISED LAND , doctrine brought here by the Calvinist's..Puritans.

This is this fight we were founded on Christianity. CALVINS CHRISTIANITY. WRONG. Many of our founding fathers were NOT CALVINISTS. We see in MA the Putitans set up that state to be a THEOCRACY. IT FAILED. Spying on each other, led to the Witch hunts of the elect murdering other elect bazaar.
---kathr4453 on 7/19/20

Ven, you tell me to find another country but then you support a Theocracy. You want money to go to Christian Schools, what about Muslim schools, or Buddist, or hindu? The founding fathers did NOT want a church based government. Are you an American? if so, how can you support what violates the Constitution.

You think we hate America. That we want a socialist state. You are so wrong. We want an America that supports all the people. Maybe you should read the Constitution, starting with the Preamble.

Tell, us Ven, what did you do with the stimulus check (you know, socialism) the government gave you?
---NurseRobert on 7/19/20

Venthat is a copout excuse. There not a pot of money you can say, I'd rather it go here rather than there. That's not how it works. AND That was not the question.

Question, should OUR tax money go to church schools that don't pay taxes. NO? Scientology not a real religion but classified as a religion who makes BILLIONS not paying taxes , should not get tax money Delphi Schools...are Scientology schools. This is outrageous. Anyone can set up a CHURCH so easily ...the laws are LAX...and just opens a door for more lawlessness and loop holes.

It's a very simple question, with a very simple answer. NO. Especially schools teaching politics, violating the Johnson Amendment.
---kathr4453 on 7/19/20

mike, I don't know whether you have gone to church lately or not. Maybe you don't keep up with the latest church function, but our Church and many around my area together they witness to woman who are contemplating abortion. They have help for those who change their minds. We also stand outside the abortion clinics and talk to woman going in, and many times they change their minds.
Our churches never teach politics.
---ven. on 7/19/20

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tax should go to church schools. so that is like bribing the church so political party who gave money can guarantee votes come election. sounds like union of church & state.
---mike on 7/18/20

i would rather see it go to christian schools - ven
isnt it call enrollment? a church can enroll students to start a school. if you are against abortion, then why doesnt the church set up a shelter for pregnant women. all I see are pastors getting paid 100s of thousands a year live in mansions & drive expensive cars. again big churches just received covid-19 bailout money (socalism)
---mike on 7/18/20

Kath, I didn't intent for adding abortion to the subject about tax money going to churches. What I was comparing is where I would want my money to go to, and rather then my money going to abortion I rather see it go to the Christian schools.
You care more about other things rather then the life of a human being, a child that God created. Again, you call yourself a child of God but your answers give you away.
---ven. on 7/18/20

Ven, I think you have issues reading and comprehending what others write. The issue here is should taxpayer money go to religious schools. You brought in abortion changing the subject and twisted this post that has nothing to do with abortion. That I find is DISHONEST.

I don't see religious schools giving or not giving abortions. I do see an issue with the separation of Church and State and a violation with the Johnson Amendment. And what I see is your total ignorance on the issue so you changed it to a subject you can look all smarty on, but you actually did the opposite looking stupid AGAIN.
---kathr4453 on 7/17/20

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---ven. on 7/14/20

Then you need a new source. According to the NY Times, Planned Parenthood refused funding from the Government.

What Truth is that, Ven? Your truth, the CC's truth, or some cult like the SDA?

When churches preach politics, they should lose the right to tax exempt status. How is it that megachurches, including the CC are getting billions of dollars in tax money?

---NurseRobert on 7/16/20

Kath, you say:"You may not have realized this because you're singularly minded over abortion issues maybe for the purpose of distraction and blinding you to the real issues." You pretend to be a Christian, yet care nothing for the life of an infant. You say I am singularly minded, well I care about those lives. Every child that has life, belongs to the God. Your mind is not thinking on the things that belong to God. You are thinking more on the money. What are you going to think if Trump loses? This country will soon become Socialist, then they take everyone's money, their land, the market will crash, there will be no retirement. All a person's worked for in life, gone. Wouldn't you rather save a babies life?
---ven. on 7/16/20

What might be a big misunderstanding here is we are not a Theocracy. There are so many wealthy Churches in this Country. And if the Lord has called you into ministry over a small church, many of these guys have full time jobs apart from these Churches. Supporting these Pastors who live in these mansions should not be supported by the Government. Church schools who pulled out of supporting local community schools should not get tax money. Most Church schools charge a lot of money to these parents for these private church schools. It's double dipping. Public schools are tax payer funded ...private Church schools are not PUBLIC SCHOOLS FREE TO ANYONE. Anyone who takes taxpayer money needs to pay taxes. Otherwise it's SOCIALISM. HANDOUTS.
---kathr4453 on 7/14/20

My information came from The Washington Post. It is not a lie that they printed the article.
As for the CC, I agree with you about the child abuse. But many mega churches like the CC are abusing the money. But I am speaking about the other churches that need the money. That continue to teach the Truth of the Gospel. That is what we are call to do.
---ven. on 7/14/20

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---ven. on 7/13/20

Are you that ignorant, Ven? Show me your proof? Fake pious christian's like yourself are what give Christianity and Jesus a bad name.

As far as the CC. I have no use for them. The church has spend untold number of years hiding abusive priests. Why should they or any megachurch be entitled to any stimulus money?

And now the pastor of a church is threatening America if Trump gets kicked out of office..

Save your false Christanity for someone else.
---NurseRobert on 7/13/20

You may not have realized this because you're singularly minded over abortion issues maybe for the purpose of distraction and blinding you to the real issues. Once the Government gets a stronghold in the Churches, seeing many have replaced the Cross for the Flag NOW is pointing towards a one world government and one world church we see is the main stronghold in end times. The Woman who rides the beast is APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY who are so steeped in politics ..the beast) that after the beast uses the Woman for its own purpose, will then throw her off after it gets into the position it wants TOTAL POWER. I do find Putins power over the Russian Orthodox, Trumps admiration for Putin,and Trump sucking up to evangelicals interesting.
---kathr4453 on 7/13/20

I believe in the separation of church and state. Because of this separation we see churches were exempt from taxes. But now that we insist on not separating, and that tax payer money should go to religious schools, gives the Government power over the schools, just as what was happened in England and RCC Controlled Europe why people came here. Once the Government gets control of churches and church schools, it could also start controlling its curriculum. A dangerous place for churches to let the government get a foothold in. Just look at Russia and how Putin got his foot in and now runs and controls the Russian Orthodox Churches. You may want to brush up on that. Scary .
---kathr4453 on 7/13/20

Nurse, you must not be a Christian believer. You would think that the teachings of Jesus Christ would be more important then the slaughter of innocent infants. That money from Plan Parenthood provides the funds for abortion through medicare. They hide that money through medicare so the can use it for abortions. As a Christian and I suppose a nurse, you should be speaking for the life of so many babies. The life of a human being.
I can see you don't like the R.C.C. and what they are doing, what they do wrong they will have to answer to God.
---ven. on 7/13/20

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---ven. on 7/11/20

The government did NOT give PP 617mil. They got it through medicaid for providng health care to women. Not a single penny of that went to abortions (read the Hyde amendment). Are you saying that PP should NOT provide health care to women?

It is NOT the governments job to teach religion and they should NOT be giving money to religious schools. You want your kids to learn religion, YOU pay for it.

How do you justify the Catholic Church getting $1.4 billion in bailout money?
---NurseRobert on 7/12/20

Yes if tax payer money is going to religious schools absolutely. Also since so many are preaching and involved in politics they again should be paying taxes since they have violated the Johnson Amendment. There are those who have blatantly violated this law. The Johnson Amendment is still on the books in spite of Trump claiming the opposite . Trump again violating the rule of law.
---kathr4453 on 7/12/20

Nurse, First of all, the federal government has given bundles of money in the amount of 617 million dollars to planned parenthood a 37% increase and they have performed 345,672 abortions from Oct. 2017 to Oct. 2018. Reported by the Washington Post. I rather have my money going to Christian schools then to the slaughter of innocent human child's.

Concerning the money for churches, I believe that even if there is many churches who are making money lying to the members, there is so many smaller congregations who need the help. So yes tax payer money should go to religious schools who also teach about the our Lord and Savior Jesus and give better morals to the students.
---ven. on 7/11/20

---ven. on 7/10/20

Since the use of federal money cannot be used for abortions, who money are you talking about? Don't change the subject. Why should churches not be taxed?
---NurseRobert on 7/10/20

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ven read the question? does it say anything about abortion? yahoo just reported 10000 churches just received 3 billion in 'coronavirus' relief. the bible also talked about making christ or God's house a merchandise. complaining? that is the truth how greedy televangelist or pastors are. Paul worked he had a trade. don't muzzle the ox baloney is an excuse to enrich oneself
---mike on 7/10/20

Mike, why do you not complain when our money is going for the slaughter of human beings like the unborn lives? I do not hear anyone complaining when they pull the head out and break open the skull and suck the brains out.
I know there is many pastors who make millions and continue to lie to people so they can make more money. In between there is churches that need the money so they can pay the bills. The tax money helps them survive.
---ven. on 7/10/20

yes. i hear pastors & televangelists preach to 'not store treasures on earth' yet they love tax exemptions or they love money their ALMIGHTY dollar. even christ himself paid taxes. of course televangelist will cherrypick 2 titus3 v 1-2 you obey the gov't but the liberals will destroy the economy if we pay taxes
---mike on 7/8/20

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