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Are Democrats Terrorists

In view of the nationwide vandalism, should the Democrat Party be designated as a terrorist organization?

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 ---jerry6593 on 7/9/20
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Mathew 7:13 - Enter by the narrow gate : for wide is the Gate and board is they way that leads to destruction , and there are many who go in by it.

Mathew 7:14 - Because narrow is the Gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, And there are few that find it.
---RichardC on 8/6/20

ax: "police have definite evidence white nationalists were among the crowds of protesters"

Just like the evidence the DEMwits had of our President colluding with the Russians, making deals with the Ukrainians, etc. Just like the white supremacists beat up Jussie Smollett. If a Democrat says it, it's a lie.

You commies are standing with the BLM terrorists who just attacked the Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY. What will you do when they attack your church? Will you bow before them?

Democrats are TERRORISTS!

---jerry6593 on 8/7/20

Strongaxe, all these things you've pointed out are kept off of FOX NEWS and that is why ven and Jerry don't get it. And what I see along the same lines of these mentally retarded Republicans is now these death threats towards Dr Fauci and his family and daughters. And who again is involved in this terrorism...TRUMP LED REPUBLICANS. who started it..TRUMP. WHO CONTINUES WITH HIS bashing agenda...JIM JORDAN and the likes.

Now I say destroying people's lives with lies is terrorism. There are all kinds of terroristic tactics. And the Republicans want you to focus on other things while they do the terrorizing. The list of folks getting death threats for speaking truth is the worse kind of terrorism. WAKE UP.
---kathr4453 on 8/7/20

Jesus was crucified for telling THE TRUTH. It's funny TRUTH has a horrible affect on the demonic evil in this world. You see how bringing up TRUE FACTS about anything lately brings this demonic behavior out of those demon possessed. They are in darkness and can't stand any LIGHT OF TRUTH shining in on them. Just look at yesterday. The NRA CEO squandered all those donations of folks on himself and lavish gifts and vacations. Rather than Trump either saying NOTHING or being appalled , he goes after the NY AG. ..and then recommends they move their offices to Texas. So is that saying the TX AG is bought and paid for too by Trump? Corruption IS SIN. Trump encourages SIN. and punishes anyone exposing SIN....only the devil would do that ....
---kath4453 on 8/7/20

For years the KKK terrorized black communities, burning crosses, dressed in their white sheets. Atlanta where I live use to have LYNCHING PICNICS . Then the horrible stories of prosperious Black communities , one such in Oklahoma totally destroyed and burnt to the ground, and mass murdering of Black people.

Now you guys are all upset the tables have turned. You can abuse and abuse and abuse just so much until all hell breaks loose. If all hell has broken loose...ITS ATTITUDES LIKE VENS AND JERRY's that keep those fires of hate going. Not having it. I know what I know and see.

But remember ven...this is GODS WILL ....REMEMBER. YOU ARE ACCUSING GOD. Shame on you. Hypocrite.
---kathr4453 on 8/6/20


Easily corroborated actual names and places, if you care to research. Where do you get YOUR info?

Lancaster PA Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser said police have definite evidence white nationalists were among the crowds of protesters during last weekend, with body armor and handguns, and threw cayenne pepper bottles at police. White power group Identity Evropa created fake Antifa-related Twitter account promoting violence.

Minneapolis "umbrella man" who smashed AutoZone windows to incite rioting identified as a member of Aryan Cowboys.

Richmond VA riots were instigated by white supremacists disguised as BLM, some affiliated with Boogaloo Boys, a far right organization. Six arrested.
---StrongAxe on 8/6/20

Jerry, they seem to close their eyes when the stores are burned down, when they shoot rockets at the police man trying to protect the Federal buildings, and again I say, they are like animals loosened up. As if God had His rains on them and suddenly let them loose. It is a terrorist organization.
---ven. on 8/6/20

Jerry, Riots and protests began with the Boston Tea Party. Woman's Sufferage, The Gangs of NY when the rich could buy their way out of service and the poor had to go in their place caused much damage and rioting in NY back in the 1800. Another was in the late 60'early 70. All those riots in Chicage during the DNC and then protesting the Viet Nam War. College students were being murdered on their campuses KENT STATE. Then the Rodney King riots.

Sorry, but there was no BLM OR ANTIFA then. People burned flags, which the SC held up their right to protest. Protests were also against horrible working conditions.....REMEMBER THE TRIANGLE SHIRT-WASTE FACTORY FIRE.

So Jerry, we need to LISTEN and try to understand .
---kathr4453 on 8/6/20

ax & katty: Where do you guys get your info? Your positions and data have no basis in reality. Moreover, you are actively supporting the overthrow of the rule of law, if not the nation itself. If you don't like America, please leave.

No Christian should be supporting rioting, vandalism, theft, etc. as is happening on a wide scale in the US due to Antifa and BLM terrorists.

---jerry6593 on 8/6/20

Jerry I've only seen those who want to look like BLM when now they are being identified as KKK . I don't believe 99 percent of BLM are doing the damage. But the 1 percent can do a lot of damage. Some of this damage was white women as well. We already see in Portland it's calmed down after Trump's Brown Shirts were pulled out.
---kathr4453 on 8/4/20


In many cases, right-wing white supremacists disguised themselves as BLM protesters, sometimes even in blackface, and started fires or otherwise committed vandalism and other violence, just to frame BLM and attract retribution on them. Their true colors became known after they were caught and arrested.

Compare the number of deaths white supremacist organizations like the are responsible for (many), vs. Antifa (zero) to see who the REAL violent ones are.

You scream that Communists endorsed Joe Biden, but it doesn't bother you that the KKK is endorsing Trump, or the American Nazi party favored Trump's election in 2016?
---StrongAxe on 8/5/20

katty: "folks are smart enough now to see the White Supremacist's are responsible for much of the violence and distruction [sic]."

I think you meant "stupid" enough. Have you not seen the videos of the BLM terrorists burning US cities. I just read where a young mother in Indianapolis (Jessica Whitaker) was murdered by BLM thugs for daring to say "ALL lives matter".

You are defending the indefensible. BLM is a Marxist organization that donates to the Democrat Party. The Communist Party has just endorsed Joe Biden for president. Now doesn't that make you feel all warm inside?

---jerry6593 on 8/4/20

I believe folks are smart enough now to see the White Supremacist 's are responsible for much of the violence and distruction. I believe the saying now is....IF WE TRIED TO DISMANTLE THE KKK THE WAY MANY WANT TO DISMANTLE THE BLM THERE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A BLM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

---kathr4453 on 8/2/20

Tt's really curious violence started in Portland when the federal "troops" arrived, then stopped as soon as they left. It's almost as if their very presence was causing the very violence they were allegedly there to prevent.

Alt-right white nationalists have been fomenting violence, attempting to frame BLM for it. The black-clad "umbrella man" who smashed AutoZone windows in Minneapolis while others were peacefully protesting was a white nationalist. White nationalists were arrested wearing blackface committing violent acts in an attempt to frame BLM.

Far from "should those on the left be called terrorists?" we have those on the right ACTUALLY being caught red-handed being terrorists.
---StrongAxe on 8/2/20

Back to the question above. Seeing the Dems had a plan to carry us through this uptick in the Trump virus fiasco, we have no agreement, because the GOP's proposal threw in all sorts of things not even related, like a new FBI building Trump will financially benefit from the tear down of the old, being so close to his Trump Tower....didn't come up until he sees he's losing and wants to grab all he can for himself. Also in the GOP plan, there was no provision for evictions...a HUGE over site ....or not, seeing homeless has a harder time voting ..especially this late in the game if folks are displaced out of their district. I say the Republicans are the terrorists in all of this.
---kathr4453 on 8/2/20

Dear Nurse. That is a conspiracy theory from the king of Conspiracy theories. Such as 911 was arranged by the U.S. Government. Alex Jones. He is the one who said children were being abused in a Pizza restaurant. He is a terrible person.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/1/20

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If "ALL lives matter" and life is sacred, the life of a criminal on death row is just as precious as the life of a child. If not, "pro-life" is only "pro-SOME lives", only "pro WORTHY lives" - and Jesus taught us NONE are worthy and ALL deserve death. Any Bible-believing Christian would know this.

Medicare For All may cost billions more in taxes, but counting premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and payment caps, OUR total cost will be billions LESS, as it eliminates a huge insurance industry whose sole purpose is to decide who pays for what, and takes a huge cut while doing so. Also price-gouging pharmaceuticals.

U.S. is the ONLY developed country without universal health care.
---StrongAxe on 8/1/20

Ven, Im still waiting for proof that Clinton was involved in murder..

If you're going to post slanderous lies you best be ready to back them up...
---NurseRobert on 8/1/20

ax: "Why do "pro-life" people picket abortion clinics, but not death row? Don't "ALL lives matter"?"

Every time I think you Marxists couldn't get any more ridiculous, you show me that you can. Little babies are innocent, and God has given them parents as protectors - not executioners. Death row murderers are guilty and deserve death, as prescribed in the Bible.

kat: "Why do you say all lives matter Jerry when you absolutely don't believe that . Healthcare for all is ALL LIVES MATTER."

Yes I do. No it isn't. Healthcare for all is equal misery for all.

---jerry6593 on 8/1/20

ven, i've brought many to Christ, However that is not the only thing God has CALLED me to do. REBUKE REPROOF is something we are all called to do. Compromising is something we are never to do.

It takes GUTS to defend the Gospel especially in this day and age when we have pudknockers like yourself standing on the sidelines sneering and throwing rocks rather than running the race at all. . OH but RIGHT...Calvinists are just blobs on a log, because ROBOTS have no desires or convictions except to preach a false gospel that does no one any good. The Bible says cowards will not enter the Kingdom of God. Rev 21:8. It seems satan has fooled you into thinking you have escaped this because someone told you you were a preexistant elect. SAD.
---kathr4453 on 7/30/20

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Billy Graham wrote in an interview with Parade Magazine in 1981:

"I don't want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it."

Satan offered Jesus political power, and he wisely refused. Sadly, evangelicals today reject that lesson, and embrace worldly power, at the expense of spiritual discernment, and Franklin is one of the chief examples of this. Evangelicals today don't so much preach the love of God, as they preach hatred of socialism and liberalism - forgetting that the early church was both.
---StrongAxe on 7/30/20

Kath, I saw what you wrote against Franklin, and I want to tell you, you will never in your life be able to bring one person to Christ with your attitude toward our Christian brothers like all those you have put a mark on. You never will come close to doing what these man are doing for the cause of Christ. You talk terrible about Franklin then Axe say something good about him, and you change your view some because of what he Axe said. Franklin, like you, is a sinner. Take the blank out of your eye first before you Judge a great brother.
---ven. on 7/30/20

Franklin sullied the Gospel joining politics has dishonored the Christian Faith. I liked Franklin when he was doing Samaritans Purse, but I think his ego got the better of him wanting to fill his father's shoes and missed the mark completely. Just because someone is the son or daughter of a well known person doesn't automatically qualify you for anything. Just look at the Kings Israel had, where some were good kings and their offspring were bad kings. And vice versa. Same with the priesthood. All passed down through birth rite . Franklin has violated the Johnson Amendment , and seeing that is a red flag he doesn't obey the laws of the Constitution and rules of law either...and has disobeyed the Gospel. To be YE SEPARATE. 2Cor 6:17
---kathr4453 on 7/28/20


Franklin's father, Billy Graham, was a respectable man of God. He was a welcome visitor to the White House, under many presidents of different parties. He said that he dreaded a day when Christianity would get mixed up with right wing politics, and, sadly, he was right.

These days, the two groups have become intertwined into an unholy pharisaical mess, claiming to be pro-life yet also pro-war and pro-capital punishment and against helping people after they're born. Claiming to be pro-family, yet glorifying leaders who hold family values in contempt. Claiming to be Christian, yet despising the poor and pandering to the rich.
---StrongAxe on 7/28/20

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Strongaxe, yes, I've seen all those ads you have posted. We have friends that live in Portland too who say this all escalated out there after the Fed Police showed up. They're not lefty socialists (ha) either. Then we have Franklin Graham posting his propaganda reiterating all of Trumps lies. Franklin should be focused on preaching the Gospel and leave the dirty politics to the dirty politicians. 99 days left can still seem like an eternity. If Trump looses in November he still has 2 months after that to wreck havoc......more than likely out of spite, since he is a man of spite. If he really cared about the Country he would resign and give another a Republican an honest shot at it.
---kathr4453 on 7/27/20

Good points Strong Ax Seems we agree on a number of points. Sadly Jerry and I have no political agreements. Agape
---Samuelbb7 on 7/27/20


There are pro-Trump ads with footage of a nightmare future, burning cities, and anarchy in the streets. "Do you want Biden's America?" - hilarious, because those footage of TRUMP'S AMERICA right now.

Another ad shows protestors beating up police. But that's not America today. it's police attacking pro-Democracy demonstrators in Ukraine in 2014.

The Liberty Project (a growing group of anti-Trump Republicans) have an absolutely devastating ad with many Trump quotes denying COVID-19, against a steadily rising graph showing the actual death toll.
---StrongAxe on 7/27/20

True and a Republican ad is running here is so stupid claiming no one answers phones etc. All this is still showing even after Chris Wallace debunked Trumps nonsense that Biden wants to defund. It's all a lie. It means things like being given extra funds to buy left over military equipment ....which has no place in our departments in the first place. And that money should go to a different place to help communities susceptible to after school programs to keep youth out of trouble, help with school work, etc.
---kathr4453 on 7/27/20

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"Defund the police" doesn't mean "eliminate the police so we have anarchy". It means dismantle corrupt dysfunctional police departments, and re-create functional accountable ones. It means redistribute many responsibilities (e.g. parking tickets, social work, domestic abuse) to different groups trained and equipped for them.

One officer on the force for decades said they saw many domestic abuse calls in their career, ZERO of which were solved successfully. Police get weeks of training with weapons and tactics, but only hours for social work. Let people trained for THAT do that job, and similarly for other jobs police should never be forced to do.
---StrongAxe on 7/27/20

The Police will not be disbanded. Democrats are not the demons you make up Jerry. I and you should want them to not murder innocent people for just being the wrong color of skin.

All live matter. So that includes all people. But if they disagree with Trump then they don't matter. We are to love others. Not spread hate.
---Samuelbb7 on 7/26/20

Why do you say all lives matter Jerry when you absolutely don't believe that . Healthcare for all is ALL LIVES MATTER.
---kathr4453 on 7/25/20


BLM people DON'T say "ONLY black lives matter". Black lives are the ones at risk from police RIGHT NOW.

Why do "pro-life" people picket abortion clinics, but not death row? Don't "ALL lives matter"?

At a funeral, you comfort the widow, not tell them "everybody dies sometime". You direct firetrucks to your neighbor's burning house, not ask them to spray yours because "all houses matter". You feed a homeless person, not tell them "everybody needs to eat" (James 2:16). Yes, all of those are true, but none are useful, and in those contexts, they are downright insensitive and offensive.
---StrongAxe on 7/25/20

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sam: "Black lives matter. Jesus loves all the little children all the children of the world. Red and Yellow Black and White."

I agree, but don't let the BLM thugs (who really say ONLY black lives matter) hear you say that or they will attack you and your family. They are members of a MARXIST goon squad bent on overthrowing America.

Why do yo as a Christian associate yourself with such a lawless, evil crowd? Do you also kneel before them? Do you kneel during our National Anthem? Do you support their violent overthrow of our country? Do you agree that the police should be disbanded so that anarchy can rule in our land?

---jerry6593 on 7/25/20

Even the London Confession of Faith is more than 125 words, so all this complaining one post should do it is nonsense, and just another reason to complain and argue against the wind. Always complaining ven. You make statements and accusations with no back up. And then you get all nasty when one puts here more back up than you can handle ...and then you complain against that. You are not here to discuss, you are here to cause trouble.
---kathr4453 on 7/24/20


125 word limit restricts how much proof one can directly quote, and external links are forbidden. I mention things easily be found by Web search, and following top one or two links, e.g.:

clinton body count
felony convictions by administration
trump teen pageants
trump lust ivanka (1st link, points #6, #5, #1. UGH!)
paula white deny yourself
trump nuke hurricane
trump windmill cancer
trump inject bleach
trump eclipse
trump commute stone
trump commute arpaio
trump racist rent

You say "You guys support each other" but frequently cite uncorroborated conspiracy theories (gossip - which the Bible condemns) popular among extreme right-wing echo chambers like Breitbart and InfoWars.
---StrongAxe on 7/23/20

Kath, what facts have you produced? None. I ask you to proof you are right and to give me the passage but you respond by talking a lot and you say to read chapters 9-11 in Romans. Don't explain anything. Your talk is cheap, very cheap. You could not proof which Israel was going to be saved.

Nurse, you say, "Your attempt to deflect from Trump is transparent" I do not attempt to deflect anything from Trump. All the things you, Kath and Axe say about him, none of you have any proof. It's all talk like what Kath does. All of you answer the same. You guys support each other.
---ven. on 7/23/20

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Ok now we know ven is steeped in conspiracy theories. That has all been debunked just as many others have been as well. I bet you believed the Sandy Hook Massacres was nonsense too. Oh dear. Folks that believe anything they are told without researching truth for yourself will always be with us, but should take with a grain of salt. Really not worth wasting time arguing with. Nothing you say, even showing facts will move them away from this nonsense. And it shows how easily brainwashed some of these folks are. If they are brainwashed in this nonsense, they are easily brainwashed in other areas of their life. Religion, Po! name it.
---kathr4453 on 7/22/20

---ven. on 7/21/20
47?? The numbers keep going up! Do you have proof that the Clintons were involved in any murders? You are spreading falsehoods. There are dozens of scripture that tell you not to do this.

Your attempt to deflect from Trump is transparent.
---NurseRobert on 7/22/20


If these allegations had substance, both would be in prison for a long time. Did Republicans (with enough of a majority to elect a president THREE TIMES) "want a woman in the White House"?

"This conspiracy theory has been debunked by the Lakeland Ledger, the Chicago Tribune, Snopes and others, who point to detailed death records, the unusually large circle of associates that a president is likely to have, and the facts that many of the people listed had no known link to the Clintons, had been misidentified, or were still alive."
(Wikipedia: "Clinton Body Count")

Most things I say about Trump he himself wrote (on paper or Twitter), or said live on camera, so they can be verified.
---StrongAxe on 7/21/20

Axe, talking about bad things you say Trump did, how about what Hillary and her husband did. 47 people close to both of them were either shot in the head or found dead in custody who were informers connected to both Bill and Hillary, and that is not even speaking about those who died in her watch. How much was made of that? nothing was made of any of those, just because people wanted a woman as president. Those people are corrupt.
---ven. on 7/21/20

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No. That is pure propaganda. I left the Republican party when Trump won. I will never go back.

Why is it wrong for people who are sick and tired of being murdered for no reason wrong for protesting? If you had a family member who police strangled to death for asking why he was being arrested. Would you not be upset.

Black lives matter. Jesus loves all the little children all the children of the world. Red and Yellow Black and White.
---Samuelbb7 on 7/21/20


The reason they couldn't "find something on Trump" is because Barr said prosecuting a sitting president wasn't allowed. This is why Mueller didn't indict Trump. When asked if he could indict Trump if he weren't in office, Mueller said yes. Trump repeatedly blocked investigations into his own dealings.

Attorneys General kept going through the cabinet like a revolving door until Trump found one willing to put Trump's personal interests above those of the country.

Trump hand-picked an Attorney General who made him untouchable. Stone committed crimes to shield Trump, and Trump showed appreciation by commuting his sentence. Can't you see how corrupt that is?
---StrongAxe on 7/20/20


Witch hunts are justified if you find actual witches. Many were CONVICTED. Compare Hillary - 11 investigations, no wrongdoing.

LET's compare presidents. Which party is actually more corrupt? Executive branch convictions/indictments by administration:
Trump 24/89, Bush 2 16/16, Bush 1 1/1, Reagan 16/26, Ford 1/1, Nixon 55/78
Obama 0/8, Clinton 1/2, Carter 0/1

Except Ford and Bush 1, EVERY Republican administration in the past 50 years had orders of magnitude more criminal convictions than ALL Democratic ones COMBINED.

I never said failure to disclose is worse than terrorism. Trump PROMISED he WOULD disclose, yet refuses to do so, even fighting all the way up to the supreme court. Oathbreaker!
---StrongAxe on 7/20/20

Axe, it was a witch hunt. Come on Axe, from the time Trump won, they were calling every person that knew Trump to see if they could find something on Trump, and when they found nothing, they threaten the person. To this day they found nothing on Trump. If you want to compare Presidents, Obama let out all the terrorist prisoners right before he went out, this guys went back to cause us more trouble. Now that was wrong and no one complained about that. You never talk about them, why not? You seem to think that failure to disclose a bank account is worse then terrorism, you have thing upside down.
---ven. on 7/20/20

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Stone was convicted by a jury of seven felonies, including witness tampering. Manafort of 5 counts of filing false tax returns, 2 bank fraud, 1 failing to disclose a foreign bank account.

These were not "witch hunts". They clearly knew these things were illegal. "I was just following orders" was a feeble excuse. For Trump to call this a "great miscarriage of justice" means he thinks bank fraud, witness tampering, and false tax returns are perfectly fine. This should tell you a lot about him.

Four years after he PROMISED to release his taxes, he STILL refuses, all the way to the Supreme Court. What does he have to hide, to forswear himself on this? (chuckle)
---StrongAxe on 7/20/20

Axe, you try to compare the violence that's being going on fvor months to what you just said, "
ven: Nazis at Nuremberg also used the excuse "I was just following orders". Arpaio racially profiled CITIZENS. A judge told him to stop. HE KEPT DOING IT. He was charged with contempt. Trump pardoned him!"

There is no comparison, you are now making excuses in supporting those violent criminals. At least come out with a better excuse. I also hear all those charges against Trump coming from you and to this day I have not seen where you got the information from or show proof what you say about Trump is true. Talk is cheap.
---ven. on 7/20/20


Nazis at Nuremburg also used the excuse "I was just following orders". Arpaio racially profiled CITIZENS. A judge told him to stop. HE KEPT DOING IT. He was charged with contempt. Trump pardoned him!


Voluntary? If you don't like it, you're free to leave - just as YOU told ME to do.

Refugees at the Mexican border aren't here for capitalism. They are fleeing repressive regimes back home. CA, MX, and EU ALL closed their borders to US. CA is doing better than the US now.

It isn't forced socialism that destroys - it's TOTALITARIANISM, rule by unaccountable leaders. It's just as bad from the right (fascism in Italy and nazism in Germany).
---StrongAxe on 7/19/20

ax: "the early Church was totally socialist"

What a crock! The early church participation was VOLUNTARY. Socialist participation is FORCED! Why do you think so many people want to come to America? For the socialism? No, it's for the benefits of capitalism. Forced socialism destroys a nation - free-market capitalism builds it up.

Go back to socialist Canada if you love socialism so much. Too cold? Then try Cuba or Venezuela.

---jerry6593 on 7/19/20

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---ven. on 7/18/20

Yes, ven, we know you by your fruits. You're a typical right wing false Christian who only cares about the rich. You ignore Jesus's command to feed the hungry and heal the sick. Is your belly full?

The violent acts are in a direct relation to Trump and his lack of leadership. We don't want a puppet, we want a president that supports all the people, not just his rich friends. Trump does not care about me or you, only about himself.

Trump is a misogynistic, egotistical, lying adulterer. How, as a "Christian" can you suppport him?
---NurseRobert on 7/19/20

Axe, You say, "Free pass"? Many in this administration or their friends get convicted of crimes, yet Trump pardons or commutes their sentences. He blocks investigations and testimony."
Axe, those people who Trump pardons did nothing wrong. They were tricked by Muller who was trying to bring down Trump. You try to compare what they did to what this animals are doing out there on the streets with their violence, and beating up on the authorities, destroying private property, and killing innocent people like the baby they killed who was in the stroller. This people should be put away for a long time. Sorry but there is no comparison.
---ven. on 7/19/20

I do find it interesting that ven can glad hand Jerry an SDA who believes anything but GRACE. So here we do see Politics with some have reigned over FAITH. And this is what is going to be what APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY is all about, politics ruling no matter what faith. A mystery Babylon Christians are asked to come out of, seeing we are CRUCIFIED to the world and the world to us. We are ambassadors for Christ not the Republican Party or right wing racist party.

Sounds like ven is in the midst of a real mission field. Will ven squander his life on earth not witnessing to these violent black men, as he is called to do, but rather join the political party that hates them, giving him an excuse not to do the WILL OF GOD. SHAME ON YOU!
---kathr4453 on 7/19/20

---jerry6593 on 7/18/20
You're basing this on what? Charles Kirk, who manipulated the facts. Police fatally shot 13 unarmed black men in 2019. He doesn't say anything about blacks killed through other means like beating or tasering, or kneeling on someones neck. He doesn't mention of the 4.4 million "stop and frisk" in NYC from 2004-2012, the vast majority of them were blacks.

You tout that the cop who murdered Floyd was arrested, what about the cops who killed Brionna Taylor?

Stop cherry picking your data.
---NurseRobert on 7/19/20

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"for man, this is impossible, but for God, nothing is impossible".

Most of what Jerry does is accuse. He decries the evils of socialism - yet the early Church was totally socialist, holding all property in common.

"Free pass"? Many in this administration or their friends get convicted of crimes, yet Trump pardons or commutes their sentences. He blocks investigations and testimony. He loathes accountability. He ordered his people to sieze land for the border wall, and to not worry if they broke the law BECAUSE HE WOULD PARDON THEM.

Trump is a "businessman" - with six bankruptcies INCLUDING A CASINO.
---StrongAxe on 7/18/20

Axe, I know how you feel will not change. You and I see things very different. I live in an area where many blacks live, The brothers who live across from me are much different then those that live close to each other in their area. The blacks are very violent. They have hate for everyone. They have an anger to destroy other peoples property. They beat up on people they don't even know. They go to the mall and jump on peoples cars. No one says anything because they are afraid.
---ven. on 7/18/20

Jerry, I noticed that many here cannot possibly be saved. The way they answer gives them away. You know them by their fruits. Only a few are willing to discuss Scripture. Many here support the violent acts going on. They have hated Trump since he won the election. They wanted Hillary to be the first woman to lead the country. They had given themselves a free pass so that no one could come after them and put them in jail. They wanted a puppet so they could control him but were they surprised. Trump does not play the game everyone does. He is a business man. Who doesn't mind fighting back.
---ven. on 7/18/20

ax: You poor Marxists are so confused. There were only NINE unarmed black men killed by white cops in 2019. The cop who killed George Floyd this year was arrested and charged with murder. Most of the BLM (a Marxist organization) murders, assaults, vandalism, etc. goes unpunished, and is even supported by prominent Democrats. Your sense of right and wrong is upside down. You cheer for the criminals and denigrate the innocent. This is NOT Christian.

You anarchists are not very bright. If you indeed manage to incite another civil war, you will not like the outcome. Those of us on the right side have the courage and all the guns.

---jerry6593 on 7/18/20

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Regardless of what crimes people are committing, police are supposed to arrest them, NOT kill them.
---StrongAxe on 7/17/20

AMEN AMEN AMEN. And that is the bottom line.
---kathr4453 on 7/18/20


I'm not talking about "blacks being killed". I'm talking about "innocent blacks being killed by police".

The reason why a lot of black people are hostile to police is because the police were hostile to them FIRST. The know first hand that the police are not their friends, and that they could easily get shot just for spitting on the sidewalk.

Just last week, Tulsa police commander Travis Yates said "We're shooting African Americans about 24% less than we ought to be, based on the crimes". I.e. He thinks police should be SUMMARILY EXECUTING MORE BLACK PEOPLE. Let that sink in. Regardless of what crimes people are committing, police are supposed to arrest them, NOT kill them.
---StrongAxe on 7/17/20

Axe, yes, many blacks are shot and killed, but that happens in area's where there is a lot of blacks. The violence there is very high. Gangs kill innocent people, woman and children. It seems as if every criminal is black. In my town we have a large concentration of blacks. They are the cause of a lot of killings and robberies. This happens in big cities like Houston, Dallas and Austin. In cities like San Antonio you see more Latino's so more violence by them. You have to admit, the reason they took those TV shows like cops, and live P.D. is because most of the criminals were black. I saw how those criminals fought the police, many times try to take their guns. When the cops stop someone, they don't know how violent the guy might be.
---ven. on 7/17/20

Lets also take into account that our prison system is BIG BUSINESS. The more in prison, the more money these prisons make. There is so much more going on here. Also GA just passed a law that our Police are on a COMMISSION REWARDS PROGRAM, so we will see an increase in arrests, maybe even bogus arrests simply to get more pay. This was a REPUBLICAN decision in my state. I call that terrorism.
---kathr4453 on 7/17/20

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This year 937 were killed by police - 457 white, 223 black, 257 other. Twice as many whites as blacks, even though whites outnumber blacks 6x, so blacks risk being killed by police 3x as much as whites.

When police are killed by criminals, killers go to jail. When innocents are killed by police, killers do not. Good police who try to stop them get fired. When those responsible for preserving justice flaunt justice, the people cry out.

Some police have planted drugs and guns on innocents and lied under oath to secure convictions or protect each other.

Police VOLUNTEER to take the risk. Innocents shot by police do not.

YOU mention "innocent criminals" - I never did. There is no such thing.
---StrongAxe on 7/16/20

Axe, how about all those innocent criminals who kill innocent policeman, so far this year 30 or more policeman gunned down, how come you don't feel sorry or them and their families they left behind, wives and children, why don,t you speak for them? Many were black, some were latinos. How about them. And how about all those innocent criminals who beat up on the policeman last night. You want all those innocent criminals to get a free out of jail because they were treated wrong. They are acting like a bunch of animals, burning and destroying businesses every where they go. It seemed as if they were possessed by demons.
---ven. on 7/16/20

--jerry6593 on 7/16/20

What a typical Jerry thing to say. Loyal Americans? Yeah that's why I spent a lot of my adult life in the military. You're ignorance and hate shows what a "Christian" you are. You would rather spend our taxes on wars and making the rich richer. Tell us, are you a member of the John Birch society? You do sound a lot like Eugene McCarthy.

You have no clue, no concept of Communism or Socialism.

What did you do with the socialist check Donnie just sent you?
---NurseRobert on 7/16/20

nursey: "Jerry wouldn't know a communist if he spit in his face..."

Sure I would. I just see if the "useful idiot" espouses Marxist doctrine such as collectivism vs. individualism, government confiscation of private property, rioting, speech control, disrespect for religion, the law, etc.

Thus, when you Communists on CN espouse your leftist doctrine, you spit in my face, and the faces of every loyal American. Your state religion is incompatible with Christianity.

---jerry6593 on 7/16/20

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When cops are answerable only to their own union, and break laws (planting drugs on innocent people, planting guns on dead bodies, vandalizing buildings to justify violence against protesters, etc.), they need to be ousted and replaced by a new batch of non-corrupt police.

Police KNOW the risks when they sign up, and are trained for them. A black person shot by police when walking home from the 7-11 "just because he looks suspicious" can't be expected to.

If you have 100 good cops and 10 bad cops, but good ones cover up for bad ones, you have 110 bad cops. As soon as police start taking responsibility for their own actions, instead of covering up their own criminals, THEN they will be worthy of protection.
---StrongAxe on 7/14/20

Axe, you don't get it, when I said Democrats have not done nothing I was talking about nothing to discourage the Violence and the Cop killings. Our cops are the last line of defense. Their lives matter whether they are white or black. If Democrats care, they are not speaking out. Those people, Democrat leaders, come on TV to name call our president. Instead of helping they help the other side. They want to over throw our government.
---ven. on 7/14/20

Jerry wouldn't know a communist if he spit in his face...
---NurseRobert on 7/13/20


Democrats passed 400 bills SITTING DEAD on McConnell's desk. Blame HIM.


Which lies do YOUR sources speak? I listened to Rush years ago, before I came to my senses. Speakers like Limbaugh, Carlson and Maddow just editorialize - they aren't news. They just give their own spins on news.

STOP name-calling. You wouldn't like others to verbally abuse you, so don't it to them. The Golden Rule is in one of Jesus' most important sermons.

Confederates were Americans, but decided to STOP being Americans. HOW DARE YOU, an American, defend TRAITORS who murdered many Americans? We fought a war over this.

If you believe right to freedom of speech, you must acknowledge mine too.
---StrongAxe on 7/13/20

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ax: "I check stories out from multiple sources to see if they are"

Yeh, but your "sources" all speak the same commie lies. I'll bet you never listen to Rush Limbaugh or Tucker Carlson, do you? Your idea of an unbiased journalist is Rachael Madcow.

You are a guest in OUR country. How dare you presume to lecture us about our heritage. The Confederacy is indeed a part of the heritage of the Southern States. We are not traitors. Antifa & BLM are traitors, as is the former CHAZ in Seattle. They violate US Law with impunity, and send money to the Dem Party.

In America, we are have the right to freedom of speech, so we have the right to say things that may offend you. You offend us daily.
---jerry6593 on 7/13/20

Axe, you are wrong, the Democrats haven't done nothing for this country, not one thing since Trump has been president.
all their efforts are in trying to bring down Trump and the government. It's being nothing but complains. You are a smart guy, you are not blind, you see the Truth, but turn your back on the truth. So you don't like how he looks, talks, walks, but he is doing a lot of work. No body, to this day have found anything against him. Would you rather become socialist? That is were this country is heading.
---ven. on 7/13/20


Why is it that, when Democrats do something you disagree with, you are more than happy to judge and condemn them, yet when time and time again, Trump does things that the Bible specifically and repeatedly condemns, we shouldn't judge him?
---StrongAxe on 7/12/20

Interestingly these statutes in question were not erected immediately after the Civil war. If that happened, believe me the US MILITARY would be involved in taking them down then, because YES they were traitors. These statutes were erected in the 1920, all having plaques stating they are from The United Daughters Of The Confereracy in the 20's. And was allowed during the Jim Crowe Era. Their freedom to do this CLEARLY TRAMPLED THE RIGHTS OF OTHER AMERICAN CITIZENS, as ven failed to point out. Now interestingly in my state years ago Roy Barnes our Democratic Governor changed the Confederate flag because it offended as it does today. Because of that he was voted out of office. So no, Democrats are not terrorist .
---kathr4453 on 7/12/20

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Axe, I don't see how you can defend what is happening in this country. Everything is going to hell if the Democrats take the presidency. Biden can hardly see, doesn't know where his at half the time, so you know the vice president will take over, then we will become socialist.
Concerning the statues, they are not doing anything wrong, statues don't talk, walk, hear, see, or answer prayers. everything is injustice, are you a black person? Is that why you are so much against everything.
---ven. on 7/12/20


I check stories out from multiple sources to see if they are, and call them out if they aren't, even if they agree with my agenda. Do you?

SHOW EVIDENCE America is "torn apart" by Antifa and BLM activists, and they murder innocents
- times and dates and locations that can be corroborated, not paranoid accusations from right-wing extremist sites like Breitbart and Infowars. SHOW EVIDENCE George Soros is a Communist.

Confederate monuments are NOT AMERICAN HERITAGE. They are heritage of a country of TRAITORS who decided THEY DID NOT WANT TO BE AMERICANS.

In the Bible, there is one who constantly accuses (Diabolos in Greek). If you constantly accuse, by your very actions you show whom you follow.
---StrongAxe on 7/11/20

Jerry, I agree with you. The left is responsible for most of the violence going on in this country. Kath keeps saying only the freedom to do all those thing she mentioned but many of those freedoms she mentions interferes with other peoples freedoms. It seems only their freedom counts. If we say something bad about what they are doing they demonize you for speaking out. Axe says, only a few, but we haven't seen the violence stop yet. I do not hear one Democrat speak against what they are doing They love for Trump to have to do something and when he does, the Democrats will attack him as usual, the they want to blame him for everything. The Democrats want to overthrow the government.
---ven. on 7/11/20

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