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Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

Amy Coney Barrett was criticized, by our elected officials, for being a woman of faith. This worries me, does it worry you too?

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 ---David on 10/27/20
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kathr4453 * I know Amy is a religious Catholic, however that doesn't necessarily prove she is a Christian in the true sense of the definition based solely on scripture.

What do you mean by a religious Catholic?

While at it, please give me the true sense of the definition based on solely on scripture?

kathr4453 *They believe in a works salvation...correct?

No, we believe in Faith and Works as the Bible teaches us:

James 2:24 " We will be justify by our works and not by faith alone."
---Ruben on 11/25/20

Trey, just one question....are you saying Amy is a Christian based on being Catholic? I find that an interesting statement seeing Calvinist's don't , or at least John Calvin didn't think Catholics were Christians. I know Mormons and JW's don't believe in abortion, so in your idea of Christian, are they Christian too because they too are against abortion? I know Amy is a religious Catholic, however that doesn't necessarily prove she is a Christian in the true sense of the definition based solely on scripture. They believe in a works salvation...correct? So are you using Christian here in a generic term, or do you have absolute proof Amy is a Born Again NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST Christian, saved BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH?
---kathr4453 on 11/22/20

Trey, actually many folks are concerned she may be part of a cult , an offshoot of the Catholic Church, much like the antisemitic Mel Gibson who had his own offshoot cult like branch of the Catholic Church. Funny she was completely scrubbed off their website, tells folks she doesn't want that info out there.

It's folks who belong to these cult like groups who do bring in their religious beliefs into decision making.

I hope she doesn't. And many thought Trump was going to use her to try to overturn the election if need be. Trump personally doesn't care about abortion.
---kathr4453 on 11/21/20

Answering David's original question: Yes. It worries me. In all honesty many are opposed to Amy Coney Barrett simply because she is a conservative Christian nominated and elected by the Republicans. Let's put politics aside. She is a Christian! She is against abortion. Our Lord and Savior tells us in his word we are not to murder. Shouldn't we as Christians protect the most vulnerable? Who is more vulnerable than an unborn babe.
By the way, do you know what the following terms all have in common:
Embryonic, fetus, infant, adolescent, adult, geriatric?
Answer: They are all stages of human development. The scriptures tell us that life is in the blood. A person is no less important to God simply because they have not been born.
---trey on 11/20/20

I support many liberal caused. Because most are about feeding the poor. Helping them and working to save the sick. Many teach that all true Christians are rich. James has some words for them.

Jesus said to help the poor to love our enemies. So why persecute those who are considered major sinners for one type of sin. But others types of sin are okay?

Jesus said to love everyone. So all should be treated with respect. period.
---Samuelbb7 on 11/9/20

As we see David has skipped out on this conversation, failing to apologize for falsely accusing me, he decided to jump in on other threads bragging what a wonderful person he is. Wonderful people apologize for falsely accusing others, UNLESS they can prove they haven't. David has not done that . Why, because he has no proof for his false slanderous accusations. Now I call this sin.
---kathr4453 on 11/5/20

The reason I do not support Liberals, is because their Laws support the lifestyle of sinners, sinners who need God, not laws which will enable their sinful lifestyle.
---David on 11/1/20

Who died and made you arbiter. I don't remember God appointing you as judge.
---NurseRobert on 11/3/20

Strongaxe, it was Cobb County Ga before 1968. I was working retail the summer I graduated HS and never worked on Sunday. Same stores in other county's in Metro Atlanta Ga were open. But I remember growing up in other places around the Country where many stores were not open on Sunday. And then as it started to open, it only opened after noon. Now we see that is not the case.
---kathr4453 on 11/2/20

david do not support the lifestyle of sinners.

and the republicans are SINLESS? W bush murdered 1 million iraqis on the basis of lies - NO WMDs, no iraqi links with osama, the GOP use issues like abortion & after getting elected tramples the US constitution, war, corporate greed. trump is a narcissist like lucifer - ME MYSELF & I but david & right evangelicals don't see that bec GOP is the party of God. right evangelicals complain about the state interfering the church but false prophet prays with trump. hypocrite
---mike on 11/2/20


Out of curiosity, what country was that? The last time I lived in Canada (2000-2003), convenience stores that sold food were allowed to be open, as long as they had a limited amount of floor space - so on Sundays, convenience stores blocked off half of their aisles with shopping carts filled with merchandise that was in those blocked off sections, to comply with the law.

The laws are endless when it comes to laws for sinners.

And THAT is the key. Crime is a matter for government to regulate. Sin is a matter for the church to deal with, not the government. In fact, the First Amendment FORBIDS the government from imposing any religious beliefs on anyone.
---StrongAxe on 11/2/20


Government is to enable people to live together, NOT regulate their beliefs. First Amendment specifically forbids that.

Government should regulate interactions between people: assault, theft, murder, fraud, commerce including product safety, shared utilities.

Government should NOT regulate private things: whom to marry, divorce, or have relations with, working on Sunday, consumable substances.

OT condemned drunkeness and prostitutes, yet made no law against either.

Conservatives condemn marijuana and same-sex marriage (that Jesus never mentioned), but are OK with alcohol and tobacco that do much more damage, and divorce (that he condemned) but 50% of all marriages INCLUDING THEIRS end in divorce.
---StrongAxe on 11/1/20

Strongaxe, probably laws like:
1)Movie theaters showing movies above PG
2) Liquor Stores and bars
3) All businesses open on the Sabbath, or for others Sunday.( actually I remember years ago I lived in a county where everything was closed on Sunday)
4) All media , magazines, etc printing anything but the Bible or SS lessons.
5) women wearing pants, women wearing bathing suits, public swimming etc......
6) Adultry /fornication leading to illigitimate children .....will probably in the future be put to death.

The laws are endless when it comes to laws for sinners. But, in time, the SC will have that covered.
---kathr4453 on 11/2/20


Just which "Laws that support the lifestyles of sinners" do you refer to?
---StrongAxe on 11/1/20

I still don't see an apology. I still see more false accusations assuming I'm a lefty liberal. Unless one can find and post here me stating I'm a liberal lefty, then I want an apology.

I'm also not a ultra right wing Trumpster either. Just because I'm not does not automatically make me a liberal lefty. As I've said many times here, many conservative Republicans and MANY TRUE CHRISTIANS CANT STAND TRUMPISM, with the lies, division, pandering to APOSTATE Christians who have no problem supporting a filthy mouth, HATE MONGERING, traitor to our allies, lover of dictators, bullying HPD personality.
---kathr4453 on 11/1/20

StrongAxe and Kathrine
Just so you know, I abhor what folks America. I believe A Christian should try to live their life as Christ did. I see The religious right as you do, as a bunch of hypocrites, and hold them more responsible than Democrats for the moral decline of America.

Why? Because their false teachings have led folks astray. Here on CN, I try to reveal the foolishness of those teachers. Why? Because nobody likes to feel like a fool, and maybe...just maybe, that will cause them to try a different path.

The reason I do not support Liberals, is because their Laws support the lifestyle of sinners, sinners who need God, not laws which will enable their sinful lifestyle.
---David on 11/1/20

Exactly Strongaxe, David is a very ignorant person making off the wall accusations here 1) not understanding my posts of APOSTATE CHRISTIANS who mix their Christian Faith WITH POLITICS. How often I've stated this is NOT CHRISTIANITY. And to presume upon this nation that America is their CHURCH , just as the RCC in the past assumed authority over mans conscience, burning folks at the stake , inquisitions, just as CALVINS murders in Geneva when he tried to usurp Church over state, ended in a blood bath. We never learn one iota from history.

Forcing and mandating righteousness on unbelievers wins no points with God nor will save the lost. It's anti-Christ.
---kathr4453 on 10/31/20

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David stands on his soap box, spewing out his selfrighteous making again FALSE ACCUSATIONS based on his not reading or listening to others, ( if he did read, he would know I'm not a democrat or for abortion) but what David loves doing is GASLIGHTING and I'm just not going to indulge his MORONIC accusations. David needs to REPENT OF SIN OF BEARING FALSE WITNESS.

David does this, not because he thinks he's right, but because he hates the doctrine of salvation by GRACE THROUGH FAITH, NOT OF WORKS LEST ANY MAN SHOULD BOAST, ( he boasts often of his own self righteousness) and can't stand he has lost every argument so far on the subject, so he wants to get his dig in any way he can, EVEN LYING. It's so pathetic it's not even funny.
---kathr4453 on 10/30/20


What makes you think kathr and I put political affiliations before God? Right wing evangelicals have a smug arrogance that has a conservative interpretation of the Bible, and any differing opinions they interpret as blasphemy.

This is IDOLATRY. Instead of worshiping God, they worship their own conservative IMAGE of God. This delusion is so great, they willingly accept men whose behavior contradicts everything God said, as long as those men pay lip service to this false image.

Yes, some liberals do this too, but in the U.S., it's conservatives who do this yet call themselves holy.

I have already listed the things like that Trump does. What about Democrats are "everything God is against"?
---StrongAxe on 10/30/20

I am opening your eyes to the facts. You are one, who puts your political affiliations before God. The Democrats put God in their rear view mirror many years ago. Apologize? If it walks like a duck....

When folks call themselves Christians, and then support a party who supports everything God is against, it tells me, they are in the darkness.

I pray both you and StrongAxe begin to Confess your sin before God, daily, so you can see the truth. It will only take you a few minutes every day.
---David on 10/30/20

Strongaxe, So was Phyllis Schlafly, but that didn't keep her from her activism. It's ok for a woman to be a hypocrite and exploited by the far right , as long as they are doing the bidding of the far right. And if her husband has given her his permission to have a job, work outside the home, and so forth, she is not considered a hypocrite Strongaxe. I believe this is the case with her.

That's not my concern. And it's not just the abortion issue that David seems to think it is. Stealing the election, healthcare, equal rights for women and all races, gerrymandering, etc...are just some areas of concern. The SC should be a balance. It should not be stacked to the far left anymore than the far right.
---kathr4453 on 10/30/20

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David, it should worry every true Christian, but as you can see the left still finds fault because they believe they are the standard of truth. They believe the know everything. They are just blind and do not hear.
---ven. on 10/30/20


It doesn't matter whether the Bible itself teaches that. What matters is that the group that Amy Coney Barrett belongs to THEMSELVES teach that women must be in subjugation to men. So, regardless of whether she is violating Biblical commands in this (which you say she is not), she's violating what her own church fellowship teaches and believes. The Bible has a specific name for acting in a way that you believe in your heart is wrong.
---StrongAxe on 10/29/20

Strongaxe. Deborah in the OT was a married woman, and also a GOD APPOINTED JUDGE over all of Israel. So I believe Paul's words are taken out of context, being a Jew and knowing OT. Jesus praised the Queen of Sheba..a woman who ruled over Ethiopia . Many women God has put in power, Queen Elizabeth l , Golda Meir, and today awesome women like the newly elected PM of New Zealand, voted in again. You can't possibly say all these women are in disobedience to God? So I'll have to disagree with you there.

But the real issues will come under the 14th amendment, ratified 1866, opened the door to Roe vs Wade, and Corporations are People , Brown vs Board of Education etc, can be open to anyone's interpretation.
---kathr4453 on 10/29/20

David, where did I say I was for all the SC justices for abortion? Again you make all these false accusations out of nowhere, I find you have committed SIN SIN SIN over and over and then claim you don't sin. REPENT DAVID. Go into you prayer closet and ask for forgivness as you claim you do. Yet, it's funny the HOLY SPIRIT isn't convicting you here of this lie. I AM. Why is that?

I'll not discuss or answer anymore of your questions unless and until you apologize David. Then I suggest you choose your words very carefully. Then if you want to accuse, please accuse with supporting TEXT from where you make your false accusations. Also please stop saying your an expert on not sinning when bearing false witness IS A SIN.
---kat453 on 10/29/20

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StrongAxe and Kathrine
You both seem to be missing the point of my question. It was about her Faith.

The Abortion law has killed millions of unborn children. Justice Barrett, like all conservative justices, are against this killing. And this is why her faith was called into question. You, on the other hand, are for all the Supreme Court justices who are for abortion.

I know you are both against abortion, but Would you support Hitler or Genghis Khan as a justice, if they supported healthcare for all?
---David on 10/29/20


Amy Coney Barrett CLAIMS to be an origialist, but she isn't, really. If she REALLY believed in interpreting the Constitution as the Founding Fathers wrote it, she wouldn't be allowed to vote, let alone hold a judgeship. (And don't forget that she has two black children, and the original Constitution only considered them to be 3/5 of a person each).

Similarly, if she REALLY believed the Bible as she claims to, it says that a woman has no authority over a man, so she would have to recuse herself from any court case where males are involved.

But of course, she doesn't do either of these things.
---StrongAxe on 10/28/20

David, you do know how it works don't you? All SC judges base their decisions on the constitution. It's how one INTERPRETS the law as to how one comes to that decision. If one actually believed there is no separation of church and state, based on their interpretation, vs one who believes there is a separation, ones interpretation would render a different verdict. So Amy said, the constitution does not guarantee healthcare for all. She is an originslist, one who goes all the way back to the beginning of the constitution. What is a problem with this thinking is women weren't guaranteed a vote at that time, making her election to the SC invalid based on her thinking.
---kathr4453 on 10/28/20

Can anyone give me an example, where Judge Barrett used her position to force her religious beliefs, in a judgement, which overstepped the constitution?
---David on 10/28/20

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It has only been in this past 70 years the propaganda that America was/is Gods NEW CHOSEN PEOPLE, and this is Gods NEW chosen land. All you have to do is watch THE FAMILY, a documentary on Netflix to understand this. IOne nation UNDER GOD was ADDED in 1954 . Eisenhower was President, also bamboozled into the beginning of THE Prayer breakfast...BECAUSE Eisenhower broke with the norm of the separation of Church and state. This is all recent history, well documented. Then the MORAL MAJORITY got a stronghold, and completely REWROTE our history.

Folks, GOD NEVER took away a covenant made with Israel and gave it to a Gentile Nation. No scripture supports this. THIS IS ALL FALSE , leading to the anti-Christ.
---kathr4453 on 10/27/20

Is this again another FOX news item. So is John Roberts. Most if not all on the SC are men and women of faith.

Are many concerned HER FAITH, ( a strange off-shoot of the RCC, that most of that branch info has been scrubbed off the internet) not FAITH in general may be a cult? Funny, but even the RCC considers those off-shoots of the RCC , like Mel Gibson's off-shoot of the RCC , which was/is concerning seeing his branch is ultra anti-Semitic, even they don't support. That should be a red flag right there. So if THIS is the reason of questioning...NO, it doesn't concern me at all. But remember FOX is all Catholic, as well as the SC. Am I concerned this nation is becoming ALL CATHOLIC in our SC? YES. Maybe they are too.
---kathr4453 on 10/27/20

Those who have discernment, ..look deeper. In 1994 was the signing of Evangelicals AND Catholics together, A FIRST. Only end times prophecy could tell us this would happen. It was HUGE. In 1996 FOX NEWS, was born, an ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE Political CATHOLIC entity. Again prophetic, ( The woman rides the beast) Christians riding the back of political power. A power so strong many apostate Christians have followed, as if the station was Jesus Himself...promoting a godless president, and still promotes, in spite of the LIES,( don't forget the lying signs and wonders) a sign of anti-Christ coming, and how easily people will follow. Trump is just a temperature gage I believe, and this country is ripe and ready to fall for the anti_Christ.
---kat453 on 10/27/20

Nope. God takes care of HIS people.
---KarenD on 10/27/20

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The problem is NOT that she is a woman of faith. The problem is that she said she considered her career as a means to forward the Kingdom of God. This means, rather than letting the Constitution decide on the merits of cases before her, she will use her own faith and religious beliefs to do so. By doing so, she may be violating the First Amendment clause that prohibits the government from establishing religion (i.e. making laws that impose religious beliefs on everyone else). This may make her a good Christian, but a bad judge. Judges are not supposed to impose their own biases on the cases before them.

Joe Biden is a man of faith too, but he said he would NOT use his position to impose his own personal religious beliefs on the country.
---StrongAxe on 10/27/20

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