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Person Believes In False God (41)
Is Your Church Service Rigid (13)
Strangest Thing In Church (24)
Are Mormons Christians (75)
Why Should I Attend Church (42)
Did Jesus Die On A Cross (17)
Can We Make Graven Images (40)
Must We Worship Mary (75)
Must Be A Registered Member (27)
Following Man's Doctrines (75)
What is Heavenly Deception (25)
Only Attend A House Church (26)
Are Birth Control Pills Abortion (57)
Iran Wants To Kill Israel And USA (30)
Capital Punishment And Abortion (56)
Do We Live By The Word (75)
Was Mary Always A Virgin (75)
Is Christian Faith Bible Based (54)
UFO Church Claims Aliens (13)
Is The Bible A Fiction Book (34)
Are There Aliens (66)
Was Jesus Married (63)
Requirements For Communion (16)
Red Cows Raised For Israel (35)
Black Hebrew Cult (22)
Statue Of Mary Cries Blood (75)
Is Abortion Murder (31)
Is Holy Spirit A He Or It (75)
Is The Whole Bible True (75)
Is Jesus's Birth A Fable (17)
Who Are Christadelphians (75)
Are Christian Science A Cult (51)
Who Was Watchman Nee (38)
Is Islam Peaceful Or Demonic (75)
Marry Different Type Of Christian (12)
Christianity Versus Judaism (11)
Mormons And Joseph Smith (75)
Is This A Cult Teaching (57)
How To Baptise (13)
What Is A One World Government (75)
Do You Favor Euthanasia (24)
Are Catholics Christians (75)
Pastors In Clerical Collars (30)
Who Is The Beast (14)
Is The Church The Bride Of Christ (65)
Enoch's Writings Missing (75)
No Instruments In My Church (75)
Catholic Traditions Hell Bound (75)
The Pope And Science (28)
Was Mary A Virgin (75)
Who Is David Hunt (11)
Jesus Never Existed (49)
Who Is The United Reform Church (36)
Teaching Evolution In School (75)
Church And State As One (33)
Evolution And False Doctrines (56)
Are Christians United (42)
Garden Of Eden In Missouri (75)
Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant (14)
Is The Trinity Concept Made Up (75)
Agreements With Mormons (14)
Is Freemasonry Bad Or Good (75)
Can I Attend A Catholic Church (46)
What Church Do You Attend (75)
America's Founders Christian (15)
Is Abortion Exceptable (12)
Are Blogs An Assembly Together (40)
Are The Holidays Pagan (26)
Are Men Beasts (75)
Is Islam A Threat To Christianity (65)
Why Pray Hail Marys (43)
Angel Or Demon Promotion (10)
Is Mary A Mediator For Christians (75)
Chronicles Of Narnia Movie (16)
Are Adventist A Cult (75)
Hal Lindsey Tossed Off TBN (17)
What Is The Uniterian Church (19)
UPC And Christian Equally Yoked (54)
Statue Of Buddha In Your Home (66)
Explain The Bahai Religion (13)
Next Jewish Temple Of Satan (10)
Any Native Americans Here (13)
What Is Church Of Scientology (39)
Son Playing With Ouija Board (75)
Allah And God The Same (75)
What Is A Cult And A Sect (28)
Ouija Board Caused Illiness (26)
Jehovah Or JHWH For God (75)
Are Dinosaurs In The Bible (75)
Sick People Have No Faith In God (75)
How To Witness To A Mormon (20)
Scriptures Where Races Created (75)
What Is A Foot Washing Baptist (75)
Large USA Churches Preaching (23)
Is Killing In A War Wrong (75)
Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts (10)
Do Sinners Go To Heaven (75)
What Is A Birth Control Pill (24)
Church Clubhouse Mentality (14)
Separation Of Church And State (75)
Any Satanic Masons Out There (75)
What Is A Reformed Baptist (13)
Where Did God Come From (23)
Baptist Denomination Beginnings (75)
Atheist And Unbeliever Difference (24)
Contradictory Truths (59)
Christians Only Follow the NT (67)
Scripture For Salvation In Tongues (51)
Catholic Church Says I Am In Sin (50)
World Is Spinning Out Of Control (13)
Saints In Heaven Intercede For Us (75)
Created By Gas In The Atmosphere (13)
Should I Keep Seed Faith Giving (26)

   What Is Replacement Theology (75)
Books Missing From The Bible (75)
Did Parents Marry Their Kids (75)
Mega Churches Have Mega Pastors (16)
Cain And Abel Wifes (75)
Incest Involved To Populate (36)
Do You Like A Parallel Bible (41)
144,000 JWs Go To Heaven (42)
Which Bible Is The Best (75)
Anyone Know About Mormons (75)
Science In Bible Proven Correct (41)
Prove Catholic Books Not True (75)
Purpose Of The Creation (10)
Do You Understand The King James (75)
Practice Baptizing The Dead (62)
What Is A Seeker Friendly Church (75)
Seeker Friendly Churches Ungodly (29)
Do You Like The Church You Attend (46)
Witnessing to a Jehovah Witness (75)
What Makes God To Be God (17)
Decided To Join A Cult (50)
Why Am I Not Prospering (18)
Why So Many Denominations (75)
Ordained Only For Communion (33)
Is Robert Schuller A Christian (31)
My Pastor Lifts Up His Wife (26)
Did Adam And Eve Incest (75)
Focus On The Bible Not Traditions (19)
Were Dinosaurs On The Ark (52)
Explain 1 Timothy 2:5 (19)
Prosperity Preacher Are Christian (75)
How To Fleece The Flock (24)
Baptized For Dead Family Member (75)
Does God Have A Sense Of Humor (60)
Origins Of Prosperity Gospel (75)
God Created Extra Terrestrials (22)
Go To A Place Of False Worship (18)
Only Family Member Saved (24)
God Created The World In 7 Days (75)
Are Celtic Designs Demonic (24)
I Don't Think God Is Real (75)
All One Land Mass During Noah (24)
Who Were The Sons Of God (28)
Do Creatures Evolve Later (33)
What Is Church Of God (30)
Believe The Word Not TV (40)
Does God Really Exist (44)
Explain Genesis 6:3 (32)
What Was Adam And Eve's Sin (75)
Are Abortions Acceptable (66)
Explain Galations 2:7 (75)
Explain Matthew 28:19 (49)
Is All Scripture God Inspired (75)
Explain Woman In Revelation 12 (75)
Was Noah's Flood Just Local (75)
Do You Go To Church Of Christ (75)
Catholics Allowed To Read Bible (75)
Pentecostal Versus Protestant (75)
Explain Genesis 3:15 (75)
Are We Afraid To Talk (45)
I Feel Guilty From An Abortion (57)
Explain Purgatory Doctrine (75)
What Is Theology All About (15)
Can I Marry A Muslim (51)
Are Jehovah Witnesses A Cult (75)
How Many Animals In The Ark (30)
Explain Noah's Ark To Me (35)
Was The World Made In 6 Days (75)
Baptism Related To Marriage (33)
Why Was The Apocrypha Removed (75)
Christian Woman Marry A Hindu (75)
Good Version Of The Bible (75)
When Was The First Bible Written (75)
Unborn Babies Go To Heaven (75)
Forgiven For My Abortions (17)
Can I Go To A Hindu Wedding (12)
Does God Forgive Sin (75)
Are Catholics The Only Church (75)
Are Churches Keeping Us From God (75)
Can We Take The Bible Seriously (42)
Why Are There So Many Churches (61)
Thomas Jefferson Wrote A Bible (17)
Unity Of Churches and Denomination (43)
Other People Than Adam And Eve (75)
Can We Pray For The Dead (75)
How Did We Get Different Races (75)
Can Any Christian Take Communion (75)
The Thought Of Cloning Scares Me (13)
Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry (75)
Evangelical Or Fundamentalists (34)
Should I Study The Apocrypha (25)
Are Free Masons A Cult (57)
What Is A New Apostolic Church (75)
Are There Any Protestants Left (75)
Can A Church Minister Forgive Sin (75)
Paul's Writings To Be Believed (30)
What Is The Santeria Religion (51)
Testify Before Your Baptism (14)
Belief In God But Not Christianity (45)
Why Are Many Religions Needed (58)
Want Only Part Of The Communion (19)
Sacrifices To Other God Acceptable (10)
Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult (75)
Why Is The KJ V Bible So Great (75)
Does God Need A Name (40)
Spiritual House Cleaning Occuring (31)
Non-Experts Paraphrase Bible (45)
Christians Follow Worldly Holidays (36)
Holy Water: Fact or Fiction (25)
Bible Study Questions Anyone (32)
My Mother Is In a Cult (14)
Explain The Rosary Beads (63)

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