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Baby Names

Baby names are a fun and popular topic. What are some unique baby names or cute baby names you have seen?

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 ---cindy on 2/22/07
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There was a girl, whom I used to baby-sit and she recently had a baby... they named her Nevaeh. Heaven spelled backwards. There was also a midget that my mom gave piano lessons to and her name was Heaven Lee then her last name. We also had a couple that used to go to our church and they had at least 6 kids. Here are their names... (I'll try to spell them) Purple, Mullick, Psafedus, Nick, Wyrick, and one other name that I have forgotten. Talk about poor kids!
---Carea on 3/13/07

My cousin by marriage named her child Grafton Bean. And my cousin named his daughter Sunshine Renee'. I tried to pick names for my kids that other kids couldn't make fun of. Kaleb and Kaitlyn. But as mean as kids are they'll find someway to make fun of other kids.
---Rebecca_D on 3/9/07

My wife's friend named her daughter Spyder and her son Gohan. (Her friend loves Dragon Ball.) I don't know where she got the name Spyder. I thought it was cute though.
---Erik on 3/9/07

I went to school with the Barr children. The girl was Candy and the boy was Heath. I think that is pretty sad. What's in a name? How about self esteem. Leave your kids some, will you?
---Crystal on 3/9/07

I think some parents set their kids up for the rest of their lives by choosing questionable names. A good name is important. A classmate of mine named her kids Wendy Eve, Stormy April, and Sunny Day.
Trendy, I suppose. Might as well go for Crystal Chandelier, Rose Bush, Crystal Ball, Sunrise, Sunset, Coffee Grounds, or Charlie Brown.
---Byron on 3/9/07

When I was in grade school, I had a teacher, Mrs Miller, who named her kids Space, Rocket and Star. This was at the height of the space race... I never could understand some parents.

My grandson's name is Cayden. I really liked that one.
---NurseRobert on 3/9/07

I namd my littl girl Raven.We have a lot on American Indian heritage in our family.We also have a few grummpy old men that get a kick out of calling her Crow or grackle.
I dont think its possible to find a name that cant be picked on in some way.
---shelly on 3/8/07

My daughter and son-in-law also thought about naming it Titus or Atlas (!) if it had been a girl!
---ljt on 2/25/07

My youngest sister named her son, Titus, which is from the Bible so it's an old name but I don't think it is too common these days. Her two year old princess is Saraya (which means princess). Baby #3, due this May will tentatively be Emery if a girl (which in the olden days was boy's name).
---DoryLory on 2/24/07

My daughter is pregnant and is stuck on the name Jordynn. It is an okay name, but it just seems like there are so many kids named that. When I taught preschool, there was this little boy named "Green" and he always wore a green shirt (I'm not kidding!). I said to one of my co-workers, does his mom make him wear that shirt so he will remember his name or what?
---ljt on 2/24/07

My daughter in law's sister named her two boys: Malakai and Xavier. Xavier is only about 5 months old and everybody calls him 'X'. My daughter is having a son in a few months. Still haven't picked a name yet. I like John.
---sue on 2/23/07

'Precolia' isn't that a cough drop? I know the Dover twins, Ben and Ilene :-). I like old names, many biblical names: James, Mark, Matthew, Benjamin, my middle name is Rachel, I like that. Stear away from names kids will get teased about, or ones ppl can't pronounce. If your last name is Hogg, PLEASE don't name your daughter 'Ima!'
---NVBarbara on 2/23/07

I once read a letter in a newspaper from a Mrs. Cart. She told the readers that her husband's name was Orson. (Say his name quickly and you'll get it!) I thought that was very funny but wondered what his parents were thinking of when they named him. I'm sure he would have been teased a lot in school. We should choose names very carefully.
---m.p.a. on 2/23/07

I like the name Trinity for a girl. I also love the name Precolia.
---Chris on 2/23/07

I knew a girl whose name was Amber Hamburger. I also know a young man whose name was Seth Thomas, just like the clock.
---Madison1101 on 2/22/07

We used to have neighbors who had twin boys. The boys names were "Ocean" and "Forest"...Ocean had shorter wavy/curly hair, and Forest had long curly hair. I thought that was cute.
---Tbabe on 2/22/07

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Hi; many moons ago when I was pregnant (I miscarried early though), I was hoping for a girl and I wanted to name her Autumn Grace.:) Years later I decided I like Jasmine Grace; I don't know what God's named him/her in Heaven but I'll find out :)
---Mary on 2/22/07

My son's name is Amon....he's the 5th generation of the first son having Amon for the middle name.
---Annie on 2/22/07

My wife and I have some good friends and they want to name their son Avi Edward, I like that. If they were to have a girl they would have named her Aviva Lavendar, I like that too. My wife and I would like to name our second son Malakai Xavier. And I once heard of a cute girl name: Cinnamon McMinnimon.
---Ryan on 2/22/07

That's my son's name as well, BoB. Its really Robert, but everybody calls him Bob, I still call him Bobby often.
---NV_Barbara on 2/22/07

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Bob is my favorite baby name. Spell it forward or backward and it is still Bob.
---Bob on 2/22/07

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