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Who is Benny Hinn?

Who is Benny Hinn? Does Benny Hinn's ministry promote Biblical teachings, ecumenical doctrines or a false gospel?

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 ---The Seeker on 10/22/05
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Only way to know if true servant of God is by their fruit(spiritual). Does their word line up with God's Word. Jesus Saved, Healed, Delivered people. Do you see any of these happening? The Holy Ghost must be present(Power) for it to happen!
---Marlon on 3/7/12

Most, if not all, evangelists that have chosen to subtitute the King James Bible with other Unholy bibles and Unholy books, have gone astray following man's words rather than God's words.
---Eloy on 2/6/12

I can not hit the off button on my remote fast enough when I see him on TV.
He does not have sound doctrine. I would consider him a false teacher with a false gospel.
---Jim on 2/5/12

Compare that what he preaches with that what is written in the Bible, and make your own determination.
---Eloy on 1/20/12

It is hard for me to believe anyone would trust binny henn. Yet, he still collects thousands upon thousands of dollars to continue his lifestyle. I wonder if he will be the one to say, I have cast out demons in your name. and Jesus said, depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you.
---shira4368 on 1/19/12

good luck on the email and don't try to walk up to him on the street, you won't get close.
---michael_e on 1/18/12

i need a contact email of benny hinn, i will like to email him directly, pls send me him email to my box..thanks
---paul on 1/18/12

Benny Hinn is a con man who is living high on the hog from poor, and ignorant people.
If he had healing powers, he would be in hospitals curing people and not asking for a cent.

A true man of God does not ask for money, and does not live in mansions. Nor does he have his own jet.
He took the money that was suppose to go to help build an orphanage in Mexico and built himself another mansion in California. There was no such orphanage.

Open your eyes people. Would God ask anyone for money?
---Letricia on 8/6/08

I have never been comfortable with Benny Hinn's TV programmes. I do not agree with some of his interpretations of the Bible. And no, he does not promote biblical teachings. He promotes his own versions of those teachings. I have never seen him perform a miracle -- all I see are people claiming to have been cured. I do not want to stand in judgement of Benny Hinn -- but yes, I do believe that he very often preaches a false gospel. May the good Lord bless and forgive him.
---Carlton on 3/14/08

I believe Benny Hinn has good and and questionable parts to his ministry. Even though it is good to believe in healing, I really wonder if all the healing at the Benny Hinn's crusades are real.
---Jimbo on 10/29/07

Benny Hinn is a false prophet, preaching a false christ.
---Rev_Herb on 5/3/07

Benny Hin is a true servant of God sharing the love of Jesus trough preaching. God granted him a gift of miracle and healing to make God real to his people.
---micah on 4/30/07

If Hinn preaches money to be given to him, he is a false teacher.
---duane on 3/24/07

You have 2 errors. First of all the bible says we shall know them by their fruits so: a false prophet or teacher is readily visable. If he is called by God to teach I feel love, joy, peace or some kingdom of God fruit during and after their ministry. 2nd The bible says to avoid those who gossip. and it says to reprove brethren but as far as a false teacher it says: Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind.False teachers keep others from God's kingdom also this includes God's healing.
---pamela on 3/24/07

Steveng, I know...I jest.
---Eloy on 1/29/07

Eloy: That's desert as in arid land not dessert as in something editable that is sweet to the taste.
---Steveng on 1/28/07

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Benny Hinn or Benny Hill? Seriously, who take Hinn seriously?
---MikeM on 1/28/07

TWICE- God corrected me on this. once He saids TO ME, "sHE IS NOT A FAKE PREACHER. And number two, don't you start pointing fingers". So far only twice. What a God, isn'T He?
---CATHERINE on 1/28/07

It is difficult to detect who is false and who is true. We must depend on God on this. It seems, that the trues are accusing the false and the false are accusing the trues. So everybody it seems, is on this bandwagon.
---CATHERINE on 1/28/07

I saw Benny Hinn in TBN with a Romish Priest explaining how the idolatry of the RCC was not really Idolatry but just veneration. I strongly disagree. People may hear about Jesus through him, that's true too. Lets all remember to judge everything in the light of the Spirit and the Scriptures, and mainly, lets not put our trust in ANY man but Jesus, alone. Men do mistakes.
---George on 1/27/07

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Steveng, "Jesus in the desert?" you mean he's in banana-splits and hot fudge sundaes?
---Eloy on 1/27/07

Whould Hinn give up all he has and continue to do the things he's doing now without compensation?

As for me, I believe he is a false prophet. Many times I heard his advertisements that Jesus will appear at his conventions - most notably the ones in Africa and Australia. And you know what Jesus says about people who say that Jesus is in the desert.
---Steveng on 1/27/07

I am a Christian, who came to know Jesus Christ by this guy's preaching ministries on TV

saw him in 97' since then; I have rebuked Hinduism forever and realized what sin was. saw Jesus

Christ in action. What I have just read was GARBAGE on your website, and I will report your

website everywhere if you don't take this article off your website and that you are all blind and having

eyes you do not see (cont Part2)
---sonyman on 1/27/07

I hope God will not Judge you? On the judgment day because if he does, you will remember me

when you'll see Father God Himself. SO FEAR HIM WHO SITS IN HEAVEN and walk in

righteousness check how filthy you are in your heart. Let me see you do what this guy does, (no way

near it) Benny hardly sleeps, he fasts (cont part 3)
---sonyman on 1/27/07

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prays and people get healed, how much wrong can you see in that ? Maybe you want to become Jesus' Disciples too. Same things were said and done by Jews in Jesus' time and Jesus

rebuked them "you brood of vipers " "you hypocrites" otherwise there would have been no death of

Christ or in Human beings therefore RRRRepent for your sins and come to Jesus for forgiveness you

are the EVIL-ONES

---sonyman on 1/27/07

Benny Hinn is a charlatan. Just because he preaches the gospel doesn't make him a Christian. Who knows the Bible better than Satan?
---Bart on 1/25/07

Yes, buttons. If, they use listening devices, pander to the flesh, spend peoples' hard earned money, dine on finest foods money can buy, wear designer suits fit for a king; while their partners eat a can of soup with crackers, open a little can of catfood for their pet - may they fall on their knees and repent before it's too late for them to do so.
---Paul on 12/16/06

Paul-- sounds a bit like the money changers at the temple dosen't it.
---buttons on 12/16/06

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Benny Hinn is one of those false prophets the bible warns us about.
---Rev_Herb on 12/16/06

He admits mistakes, said preachers need to quit preaching get rich gospel. Return to the preaching of the cross. Gospel as a business is wrong. We know about the wealthy in jets, send in your money. Conduct TV programs with wealthiest. Sow seed, get return. Using the Gospel like a Swiss Bank, make deposit, take a withdrawal. Their sins will find them out, what's done in the dark is revealed in the Light. Listen to what God tells you. For those that are there for the buck, it should scare them to death.
---Paul on 12/16/06

BH also said, those who aren't preaching the Gospel would age overnight. Deteriorate. I have watched one of those TV stars who appears to be losing their mind, neurotic. They appear doped up, almost drunk. Slurring their words. More will fall.
---Paul on 12/16/06

Thank you sergio, i'm pretty sure you nailed it, especially ur 1st blog there
---mark on 12/15/06

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Benny Hinn has made tons of mistakes and said lots of things that have been wrong. Guess what? So have we. No one except Satan accuses us of ours...I wonder who accuses him... I have learned the hard way not to critize any1 else. The truth is that benny Hinn preaches Jesus came to earth, died, rose again, and is coming back. Millions have come to Jesus because of that message and nobody can deny that...
---Sergio on 12/15/06

...AGAIN: Benny Hinn has made a lot of mistakes in the past... and just like us, it's made him a better christian. The man's not flawless. I preach too and sometimes we say things that are honestly not in the Spirit, we feel terrible and never wish to ever get on a pulpit again...but God is so merciful... And we forget but that's who it's really about... what's good about the Brother receive it, what's not, don't and pray for him...
---Sergio on 12/15/06

...Usually the ones that have enough time to point out people's mistakes are the ones not busy doing anything for the Lord... at least Benny Hinn's fighting and although he has gotten hit hard sometimes (his own fault of course) we see how God has really sharpened him and has steared away from some of the things that would reflect negatively on the Gospel...there's always room for improvement ofcourse (oh by the way, that includes us too :) God bless.
---Sergio on 12/15/06

some people are just jelousy of how God uses their friends,we shouid be careful aboat some people because they are agents of the devil trying to ruin the the one complaining about benny hinn.
---emmanuel on 12/13/06

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Many good people have believed many different things... In the end, it is what we choose to do with Jesus Christ that matters.
---pal on 10/6/06

FOR THE RECORD: I have no confidence in Benny Hinn nor his ministry.
---JohnT on 10/6/06

John, I hope you are not John T. Which I am sure you are not because brother John T. would never believe what you said. That Benny goes to the gravesites of Ammy and Kathrine to get their annointing, not God's. Wow, if that doesn't ring a bell in your head something is really wrong. And yes, Benny is very wrong and has many on the wrong direction.
---lee_1 on 10/6/06

John: Words alone cannot show you about HOW he said it. If you can find a clip of his 'commercial,' then you will think differently. He also said that he (Jesus) will walk among the people. The verse you are speaking of is used in the spirit as he decscribed elsewhere in the NT. Jesus is not on earth and won't be until His second coming.
---Steveng on 10/5/06

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Steveng. When Benny Hinn said that Jesus would be at the next meeting wasn't he telling the truth? Isn't it Jesus himself who said that if 2 or 3 would gather in his name, there he would be in their midst? I think that Benny just claims that. I do it every meeting I go to.
---john on 10/5/06

On several occasions within the past ten years, Hill has explicitly said that Jesus is coming to (his next crusade). Africa is the one I remember in 2005. It is written that if a man says that Jesus is in the desert, do not believe him (Matthew 24:25-27). Im not judging, but just stating a fact. Besides, even cults have large followers.
---Steveng on 10/4/06

True, we are to judge another by their fruits, and also apply the Bible to those also in leadership. (To whom much is given, much is required) Necromancy is forbidden by God, yet Benny has done and still visits the graves of Amy McPherson, and Kathrine Kulhmans to "spend time with them and to get "their" anointing (NOT GODS!!!!!)
---John on 10/3/06

I do not have to judge him. If you would like, I can give you mere observations to get my point across: One, he donates hardly anything to charity; two, he lives a life in opposition to the very life he tries to endear in peoples hearts; three, he can provide no medical proof of his healing ability; four, he can provide no accounting information to show how much he earns in profit a year. Those are all observations, not judgments. I suspect that the judgments based on those observations are implicit.
---Rob on 10/3/06

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tell you guy's the truth I am amused at how most of you are quick to pass judgement on Hinn. Christ told His apostles when they returned form their first evangelistic trip without Him if a man uses His name then he can not be against Him (Mark 9:39).You should maybe look to Christ for the example, and quit casting stones. The next one might find it's way back to you, remember judge not lest ye be judged (Mat 7:1). One blogger had it right pray for those who are your enemy. I wonder if Hinn prays for you?
---carl on 9/30/06

Personally he does NOTHING for me, so I dont watch or listen to him.. God's written word speaks,His spirit teaches, His blood covers, His love encompasses me, how much does B.Hinn concentrate on saving SOULS, but to fatten his pocket...Benny Hinn has been proved false on many occasions........
---karin on 9/5/06

No, he is no killer, but he is a con-artist and he gets wealthy off of the beliefs of others. He exploits people's deepest beliefs for personal gain. Have you seen his house, his cars, his suits? Have you seen how much he has given to charity? Have you seen him actually heal aids,or a broken arm and seen a before and after x ray?
Hinn is a fraud, just like all the others who claim they can heal. He lives a life in opposition to the one Jesus lived, and he is just trying to get rich.
---Rob on 9/4/06

i do think benny is a man from God and no body has the right to question or judge him for as you do God is judging you too.i want to ask a guestion is benny a killer ,is he an alcoholic ?of couse no then why won't you join in spreading the gospel aboutJesus christ that so many people reject and stop criticizing
---EPIZITONE on 8/24/06

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feel disturbed by his message, we r not promised easy life,but strength grace to cope, am disabled been baly hurt by this teaching,now know God wants to use me as I am Gives strength and grace tomcope
---doreen on 11/29/05

4. Now, this might sound funny but it isn't. Just as positive words have the power to creat positive (good ) results, negative words have the power to create (bad) results, at least to the Word Faith followers. Consequently, those suffering have only themselves to blame, say the Word Faith teachers. If you keep talking sickness and disease, that is what you are going to have, because you are going to create the reality of them with your own mouth, that is divine law says, Frederick K.C. Price.
---Lupe2618 on 11/28/05

3. You've never been so prosperous since I owned you. you are jammed full of money." Say to your body, "You're whole, body! Why, you just function so beautifully and so well. Why, body, you never have any problems. You're a strong, healthy body." Or speak to your leg, or speak to your foot, or speak to your neck, or speak to your back. Speak to your wife, speak to your husband, speak to your circumstances; and speak faith to create in them and God will create what you are speaking."
---Lupe2618 on 11/28/05

2. "If you are living in poverty and lack and want, change what you are saying." "the powerful force of the spiritual world that creates the circumstances around us is controlled by the words of the mouth." Spoken by Kenneth Hagin. Now look what Marilyn Hickey quote, "What do you need? Start creating it. Start speaking about it into being. Speak to your billforld. Say, You big, thick billfold full of money. Speak to your checkbook. Say, You , checkbook, you.
---Lupe2618 on 11/28/05

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I hope everyone understands that this is not about Benny Hinn or the others. It is about the Word of God been preserved. We can see what happened in the early church in the book of 1 John. and many others. When the word "substance" in faith is used as a force, coupled together with "Possitive confession," Put bluntly, "What you say is what you get". They all teach the same gospel. Kenneth Copeland quoted, "What you are saying is eactly what you are getting now."
---Lupe2618 on 11/28/05

4. Faith cannot be rightly understood to mean "the building block of the universe," since it is never used in that sense in the book of Hebrews, much less the entire Bible. The word translated "substance" is more accurately rendered "assurance." Faith is a channel of living trust-and assurance which stretches from man to God. True biblical faith is faith in God as opposed to faith in substance or faith in faith as they contend.
---Lupe2618 on 11/27/05

3. Word Faith teachers stand on the word "Substance" found in Hebrews 11:1 and Mark 11:22. Their entire theology "rest on the word "substance" "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Faith teachers interpret the word "substance" to mean the "basic stuff" out of which the universe is made. It is so important to understand this word correctly because it is what Word faith really means to them.
---Lupe2618 on 11/27/05

2 "Thats not what we believe at all." Benny Hinn has been around for a long time and mostly all Word Faith teachers teach the same gospel. They seem to have studied from the same source. Each one connects verses in Scripture to bring to others their gospel. They twist words in Scripture to mean something they need, to present what they teach. I am not saying everyone does, for there is many good teachers in the movement, but most all of them teach the same.
---Lupe2618 on 11/27/05

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Ramon, I want to thank you for having the courage to answer these blog. It is hard to explain to others without hurting someone's feelings. There is many out there that support the Word Faith teachers and have for many years. Word faith supporters often contend that critics of their movement either misquote or take out of context Word Faith teachers. When Word Faith supporters are faced with serious challenges to their unique beliefs, they commonly respond with "My pastor never said that," or
---Lupe2618 on 11/27/05

When someone is different than us, are they false? What a boring world this would be if each and every person was exactly like you, or exactly like me, or even like Benny Hinn. Let him be strange, if people are being healed through him and his ministering, so be it. Every promise of God is yes, and Amen. i will not judge him because i haven't seen anything worthy of it, he has a great ministry of healing through the Holy Spirit, be glad for that.
---Eloy on 11/27/05

He said over TBN network that the Lord was in front of him and when he moved his arm so did Jesus. When he moved his foot so did Jesus. This continued until they walked together and they merged becoming one. Incredible! This "Christianity" is more at home with New Age Occultic experience than with the Christ of the Bible!"
---Ramon on 11/26/05

Benny Hinn had said many times he have seen and talk to Dead People who was either in Heaven or Hell. Hinn is practicing and promoting spiritism at best and at worst necromancy, secret knowledge communicated by someone who has died. Direction is sought from the other side. However, the Bible reveals that the real source of the information can be demonic entities or evil spirits who impersonate the dead, not the dead themselves.
---Ramon on 11/26/05

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benny hinn and Curse many people.One such figure is Benny Hinn, who is now so far gone in his "ministry" that he is growling and snarling like a beast, and cursing those who resist him. He is also manifesting classic signs of possession, for his voice changes to that of another person at times during his meetings. many times the voices sounds like a beast from Hell.
James 3:10-11.
---Ramon on 11/26/05

"Benny Hinn made the following statement during an appearance of CNN's Larry King Live' program,
God did not have to send His Son, but He did because He uses men'. It is Hinn's contention that Christians are little Messiah's' and little gods'. He has even gone so far as to state, in reference to himself, I face devils as the Son of God.'"Benny Hinn in Ghana, whoclaims a dead man was raised from the dead.Upon closer inspection,it never happened.
---Ramon on 11/26/05

You Called a man who profess with his mouth that God told him something that was going to happend but never did a man of God? The bible tells us to test each spirit that comes in the name of the lord to see if he's really from God. Why dont you see whats he's teachings and compare to the bible,and see him prophecy and see if it comes true. So Yes God told me he's was a False teaching through the Word Of GoD.Benny Hinn is an admitted necromancer.Man of God who connect with the Dead?
---Ramon on 11/26/05

---john on 11/23/05

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Let's all be carefull about the way we destroy men of God. Have you all condemning Benny Hinn prayed and God told you that His ministry is questionable? May God have mercy for this generation.
---Joseph on 11/23/05

Benny hin is a false teacher, He have said that he have heard God's Voice and calim about 3 Prophecy that never came true.God dont Lie. He's full of lies. While Hinn struts, postulates, makes up stories out of whole cloth to grow his following, and collects obscene amounts of money to do "ministry", he has lately "kicked it up a notch" by going directly against what Jesus Christ warned us about, thereby proving beyond any doubt that he is a false prophet.
---Ramon on 11/22/05

Maybe Benny Hinn is a showman, but he does preach the Gospel, and no matter who you are If God wants to use you He will do so. For it is the power of God flowing through you that heals not the person that is doing the action. I should know for he has used me and I am only an insignificant Believer.
---Elsie on 11/22/05

I have viewed Benny Hinns Crusade and Bible Teachings on TV...I like some of his teachings.
---Terry on 11/22/05

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It is not our place to judge, I believe BH to be a man of God and if by chance he is wrong in what he is doing God will do the correcting. We must pray for the men and women of God on the front line, not sit in judgement.z7346
---zelda on 11/22/05

I believe in miraculous healing by God, but BH is so theatrical, he is a phony. Physical benefits are very attractive to people and his theatrical presentation attracts people so he can raise more money. I've seen miraculous healings when a minister anoints and/or people pray, but it is never so theatrical.
---Vince on 11/22/05

Read the book "Mind Games", this will answer a lot of questions for everyone.
---Shawn on 11/22/05

We are called to speak the truth and it is our responsibility to speak out when someone is leading God's sheep astray!!! It doesn't take a judge or jury to compare BH's "gospel" to the true Gospel and see that he is speaking falsely!
---Marilee on 11/22/05

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We were called here to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.
Did you ever think that some at BH crusades want to be healed or delivered so badly that it is them that get a burst of revival and later it goes away?
Benny can't be blamed for that.
---NVBarbara on 11/21/05

DO not Judge or you will be Judged Harsly,
---Eddie on 11/20/05

Benny Hinn is a false teacher! Just compare what he says to the Word of God and it's not hard to see he is leading people down the wrong path! (And we all know there is ONLY ONE path to Heaven!) BH has a love of money - not a love of God.
---Marilee on 11/18/05

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