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How Was Christianity Maintained
Samuelbb7 said, "But the Roman Catholic came much latter. To me as the church gained power the Gospel was held but the leaders started substituting traditions which often enriched the leaders and hid the Gospel."

Samuel, please list which traditions hid the Gospel and enriched the leaders? Because in 500 years, the Protestant churches have built up a plethora of man-made traditions, much more than the Catholic and Orthodox Churches have ever done.

Finish Here January 2018
Kathr4453 said, " Monk, I Don't see through the Epistles, or the 7 churches in Revelation, any church called the RCC. Even the council for the Christian Churches were in Jerusalem so says Galatians...I'm sure there was probably some headquarters in Jerusalem but it never professed to be anything like the RCC claimed to be."

Is there, in the Bible, an Assembly of God Church? Baptist? Lutheran? Any of the others that are around now? Non-denominational?

When you prove that these existed before the reform, THEN, and only then will I be willing to talk to you about the Roman Catholic Church.

How Was Christianity Maintained
John 9346 said, "Sir, with the utmost respect to you, I have done this on numerous blogs in a respectful, mature, honest, and challenging dialog/debate."

But that is not answering the question, is it? It is a deflection, the same type of thing that you accuse me of.

Stick to the question that I posted, How was Christianity maintained BEFORE the Reform?

I have been told numerous times that Imperial Rome hijacked it in the 4th Century, and that True Christianity disappeared. If Christianity disappeared then, how and when was it revived? Again, no protestant sources, as they are biased,.

How Was Christianity Maintained
My contention is that the original Ancient Christians from the first century ARE the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, which was ONE Church at the time of the first Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples in the upper room.

I defy anyone that can prove me wrong, using the Bible, and the Ancient Fathers.

No heresies, please, and let's try to keep a civil tongue to these Posts.

Finish Here January 2018
Finally, David, if you are not a Trinitarian, believing in God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, then according to the Seven Ecumenical Councils, you are NOT a Christian, because you believe in a God, plus another divine person, Jesus, who, while Jesus is totally subservient to God, still retains divinity, and you believe in A Holy Spirit, still another divine being who also is subservient to God.

I count THREE divine beings, not one. That is idolatry. Beware!

Finish Here January 2018
Kathr4453 said, " Monk Firstly, I'm not a reformed anything, nor am I a Protestant...And again there were Christians long before there was a Catholic Church,...REJECTED by my Christian forefathers."

Sorry for the breaks, I have to fit my answer too.

Forgive, me, Kathr, I hate to rain on your parade. The Original Ancient Christians are the direct ancestors to the Catholic Community of Churches, and the other Pre-Reformation Churches. There were no other Christians before that time.

And as far as books being rejected by your Christian forbears, [HONK!], sorry, wrong answer. If your mother was not Jewish, then YOU are not Jewish.

Finish Here January 2018
David 8318 said, "If I were a searcher, I certainly wouldn't find any love from MonkBrendan or his crowd. In fact there are many fleeing from "hellish" churches MonkBrendan belongs to and coming to the truth."

And obviously no love from David, who has anathematized me on these blogs, simply because I am Catholic.

The love you don't share from God will put you in danger, and the ACID that you share can hurt you, physically.

Scriptures Of The Early Church
As to the question StevenG asked, Jesus spoke in parables, He preached the Good News. They had all of the Old Testament, which hadn't changed in at least 200 years. Jesus taught His disciples well, so that they, in their turn could go out and preach the Gospel. Plus, they had one advantage, they had all received the Holy Spirit, and they too could heal, work miracles, and so on.

As they wrote the Gospels, of course they didn't have little mini tracts to pass out. They themselves WERE the living Gospel to others.

Finish Here January 2018
Kathr4435 said, "No one STOLE the books because they were of such value. They left them out because they did not see the value."

And you believe that the Reformers were smarter than 1500 years of Christianity? Remember, there have been many wise men in that 1500 years, whose experience we use, and you have only 500 years of the Reform.

Kathr, just because you and most other Reform Protestants have drunk of the Kool-aid of the Reform, and believed that the Bible only has 66 books does NOT mean that you are right. It only means that what you believe MAY be the truth, but what WE believe IS true.

All We Need Is Love
Mark Eaton said, "If I stay in the middle of God's will for me, I stay in peace and serenity."

Really? Can you say that the many martyrs died in peace and serenity when they were dipped in pork fat and lit on fire?

Explain Matthew 5:16
Steven, the first verse is about being--as in being a good Christian, where you should let God's love shine out from you.

Matthew 6 is talking about giving alms--or just generally giving someone a helping hand--the idea is to keep it low profile, and not blow your horn about it.

Is Christmas Pagan
David 8318 said, "Numbers are not your strong point? Nothing much else is!"

Boy, if I were a searcher, I would definitely be overwhelmed by the love and warmth I get from you.

All you are about is ACID. Not love, not Christianity, just acid. Don't you know that that type of attitude can kill you, literally? Worse, it can put your soul in danger of hell.

If you don't like the truthful version, then you can go ahead and believe what you want.

Is Christmas Pagan
David + numbers--even though not everyone uses numbers. I DON'T.--said, As stated by none other than the pagan apologist himself- MonkBrendan, who probably gets his information from Christmas crakers, or perhaps the bottom of an empty whiskey bottle!

Okay, David, I will spell it out for you. I DO NOT DRINK! A sip of wine when I receive Holy Communion, that's it.

So, I have denied it thoroughly. This is a LIE! I demand an apology from you, David, or you are going to end up in HELL!

Mix Of Grace Law Or
Haz is saying that he believes someone (without saying who--let's call him SA) that posts on this board believes that works=grace, when this same SA has told Haz repeatedly that SA believes in faith + works =salvation.

New Covenant With Israel
Jerry, I can see you're still up to the same old tricks.

The Law--that is the Old Covenant--was done away with when Jesus died on the Cross.

The New Covenant began when Jesus rose from the dead, and there is NONE of the Old Covenant that survives it.

Now don't start on me that some of the laws carry over. They do NOT. New commandments have been given that totally replace the Law. Love God, and love your neighbor.

Christ Baptist Church
StephenG said, "According to the bible God frowns on graven images and pictures because they not only give a false impression, but people tend to attach themselves to the image.""

StephenG, why didn't you answer me the first time I asked, when I asked if you burned your money and defaced your coins the instant you received them?

Money is, after all, the most global of idols, and to use those graven images is the height of hypocrisy if you are trying to be "pure" before God.

Finish Here 2nd December 2017
StephenG said, "Many people today, including christians, read and interpret the bible using the knowledge they were taught growing up."

Which is what I have been saying for years about Protestants, when they put down Catholics, or their Church. They have heard from their mother, father, preacher, friends, etc. that Catholics can't be saved, or they are sinners and never getting to heaven, or whatever.

This also includes attitudes of clothing, alcohol, dancing, and so on. Christ calls us to REPENTANCE, not judgement.

Is Christmas Pagan
David (trying to raise his IQ with numbers behind his name) said, "As stated by none other than the pagan apologist himself- MonkBrendan, who probably gets his information from Christmas crakers, or perhaps the bottom of an empty whiskey bottle!"

David, all you have done in this whole thread is criticize me. You are now calling me a pagan apologist. Fine, if that's what you want to do, go ahead, I am not bothered by the leavings in the bottom of a bird cage. Have fun. Call me every name you want to.

Matt 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

Finish Here 2nd December 2017
John 9346 said, "Brendan, there are too many blogs here that proove you wrong about when I engage Cluny he runs...

One Noted Blogs is (The 7-ecumenical Councils)"

Are you the moderator? Do you print out all of the threads, in detail? Or maybe just make pdf files of the contents, and then cross reference them to the poster? Or are you just rich, and have the manpower to have someone else do that job?

Anyway, I don't care what you might THINK!

Finish Here 2nd December 2017
John 9346 said, "One thing I have come to learn about Cluny is when the real issues arise he runs..."

You are so wrong John. Cluny is a dear friend that I have known for over 20 years. He DOES NOT RUN!

Rather, he is a strong advocate/apologist for the Lord. You, however, are so caught up with Calvin that you cannot see the truth when it kicks you in the teeth!

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