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Jesus Takes Our Sin
Correct Mark.

People are not aware that Jesus was just citing Psalm 22.

Just as if anyone would start citing Abraham Lincoin's Gettysburg Address.

All they would need to say "Four score and seven years ago..."

If that person stop speaking everyone would still know the rest of the address.

Works Pleasing To God
Chria: works themselves don't save.//

Please explain WHY the lack of works would be the primary reason for entry or not entering heaven as spoken by Jesus?

I am asking you to EXPLAIN Matt 25 on Jesus' Words not using Paul's words to explain Jesus' own Words.

It just seems that when a person can't explain Jesus' Words they pass the Gospels to Paul to try to explain the Gospel.

In other words can you explain again WITHOUT using Paul's Words.

Because if we only had the Gospels it would be enough to explain our Salvation.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: Nicole, Well, I italicize AKA SLANTING a text to indicate I have SLANTED its meaning trying to send CODED messages to the Chinese Government. When I underline, ..I'm really signaling aliens ( from Mars) to give me an update on when they plan to attack. Often I use CAPS...that's a signal of secret code to ZOMBIES ....You may just want to check your microwave Nicole...The Aliens told me to warn you. Your fillings have a receptor in them....did you know???? So exactly when is your labotemy scheduled?????I hope sooner than that. So that we can all get back to normal discussions here..--kathr4453




Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe, sorry, I meant to say they hide their pains from the families by smiling.

If God expects that from everyone, and it's impossible for virtually everyone, God's expectations are unrealistically high.//

No that's why He sent His Son for His Graces to assist us to do the impossible.

//Do YOU expect it from everyone as well, and condemn them all if they don't live up to those expectations?//

If they REFUSE to trust Jesus then it is their choice to go to hell not God's cholice

//but he DID question God's judgment.--StrongAxe

No you said he argued with God. I said he was questioning God

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
StrongAxe: Did Rosa Parks sue the bus company? No. She just sat down, period.//

You see? That statement above PROVES you don't understand the 1st Amendment.


Know the difference!

The NFL Players are getting PAID for being out on the field.

//The REFUSAL TO STAND is the REFUSAL of political speech - which IS protected.//

2nd example. How is standing political? Are you claiming all the Cop Killers were Republicans?

I said because you were not born here you didn't receive the proper American CIVICS in school.

Ever heard of the Living breathing Constitution? No such thing but the Left wants it declared it as living.

Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe, no because the Doctors are made aware of the reason for the smiling. They know patients hide their smiles from their families.

Now if patients whimper in pain while the Doctor examines them, but smiles afterwards are DENIED pain meds.

//Job was a rare exception, a pillar of virtue and morality.//

WHY NOT? God did when He boasted to Satan.

//You can hardly expect every single person on the planet to live up to his lofty ideals.//


No God expects that of every single person.

//And even Job eventually broke and argued with God.---StrongAxe

Not according to the Bible. Job was questioning God not arguing.

The Bible claims he NEVER SINNED AGAINST GOD during his pain. Job 42

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
StrongAxe: It is one thing to believe in certain principles, and another to to force those beliefs on others.//


What do you think Obamacare was doing to the Catholic Church?

They were forcing their secular communist principles on Catholics!

Everyone knew that Catholics do NOT believe in birth control for centuries, but they DIDN'T CARE.

They knew if they toppled the Catholic Church every other Institution will crumble and submit to their principles.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: There is black on black oppression..the SOUTH, she said she never ran across,//

I said Black Democrats called me Oreo. What part of that do you NOT understand?

//now states she has, being called OREO, by BLACK PEOPLE.//


Who do you think taught the Black Democrats? WHITE DEMOCRATS!

//I never knew what that word meant,...heck, I just got chewed out because I spelled it wrong.//

Yes you did! We went round and round on the OREO topic 5 months ago.

//when I BOLDED my answer back at her nonsense, she accused me of being racist...because my words were MORE BLACK I guess than the unbolded black words of hers.//



Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark you are correct. Jesus NEVER stop being God even on the cross.

People have a hard time understanding that concept because they are still drinking milk.

Can Objects Bring Demons
YES. Even on our food. That's why we BLESS our food before eating it.

Are There Christians Here
StrongAxe: yet in the United States, abortion rates are LOWER in progressive, liberal, Democratic, leftist pro-abortion states than in conservative, Republican, anti-abortion pro-life Bible-belt states. Why?//


Made up!

In New York city alone more Black babies are aborted than Black births as cited in the policifact Texas Lauren Caruba.

The CDC reported that New York shows the HIGHEST abortion rate in the COUNTRY--in comparison to the birth rate-is in New York City, where the aborton rate is 60 PERCENT of its birth rate in 2013 and in 2014 the CDC ALSO reported more BLACK BABIES ARE ABORTED THAN BORN as released by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Office.

End Of World September 2017
If the NFL PLAYERS had the right to kneel they would SUE the NFL.

They can't because they are wrong. 1st Amendment doesn't apply at the work place.

That's why there are whistle blower laws to protect certain speeches.

But even that ONLY protects if one can PROVE a law was broken and they spoke out against that broken law.

Now Kaepernick is suing the NFL claiming he is been blacklisted when HE REQUESTED HIMSELF to get out of his CONTRACT last year.

And he turned down another contract because they only wanted to pay him 900,000 the minimum--Daily Caller

He also doesn't understand that his behavior is his own fault.

End Of World September 2017
StrongAxe: You wasted half your message chiding me rather than answering my question. Your claim that I don't understand the 1st amendment is empty without PROOF.//

All your last 2 weeks of blogs were proof!

I have directly answer EVERY example you threw at me. PROVING your understanding of the 1st Amendment is off.

I believe they were off because you DIDN'T go to SCHOOL here as a child or teenage. Even TODAY kids are MISLED!

I even GAVE cases to Kathr using the WORDS 'work place' but you both are just determined to LIVE in La La land rather than to accept you were wrong about the 1st Amendment.

Plus I believe you just don't want to admit or apologize for mistakenly getting mad at me.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: I refuse to be race baited by your sick..,//

I am NOT surprised because RACIST people are NEVER SORRY FOR BEING RACISTS!

I not letting your OLD AGE EXCUSE your RACIST BLOG

//Get off those drugs Nicole.//

So I have to be on drugs to CALLED YOU OUT?

//I often bold, and I BOLDED to separate my statements from yours.//

CLICK ON YOUR NAME KATHR and see how everyone can see if you are LYING or not.


//Only you Nicole would go looking for something not there.//

As I said, living in Alabama I have to DEAL with racist Democrats a lot so it wasn't HARD to miss it.

God, you and I know your nasty OREO joke was STUPID

Not even Christian enough to apologize!

Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe: They don't care if you're bitter inside, just don't show it to your customers.//

Exactly! But I NEVER seen a bitter person NOT SHOW their bitterness. They can't help it.

Happy person CAN'T help but SHOWING his happiness.

//If you are smiling or laughing, your pain is obviously not overbearing, so doctors are right to take that into consideration.//
WRONG, in the convent I was thought how to SMILE while in pain.

I have seen patient in pain, but hide it when their family visits to make them feel better.

//People whom life has kicked around sufficiently much often develop bitter attitudes. (See Paul McCartney's song, "Live and let die").---StrongAxe

READ the book of JOB instead.

Revolutionary Communist Party
HELLO KATHR, stop jumping aroung and changing the topic. Plus CITE YOUR SOURCES.

Just because you used special typing tallac doesn't mean you didn't write it yourself and pretending it belongs to a REAL ARTICLE.

I was addressing your 'NOW' comment in your blog:
***as I just shared that a friend of mine said was being said, NOW that many fear a flood from PR may be coming to the mainland.--kathr4453 on 10/15/17

H. Maria CLEARED Puerto Rico Sept 22nd. The Floods WERE immediate. Not just within the last 3 days.

Clearing means the water from the ocean carried by Maria overflowed the WHOLE ISLAND!


End Of World September 2017
StrongAxe: As I said, they can FORBID certain speech, but not DEMAND certain speech.



Paid Staffers were TOLD to say their slogan: 'I'm with her' and 'Forward'

Someone came up with the slogans and FORCED their employees to say the words.

If someone refused to say the words and got fired for NON-COMPLIANCE they couldn't CLAIM freedom of speech esp. policital speech at the WORK PLACE at the Hillary campaign headquarters or affiliates across America.

Only the Volunteers could NOT be forced to say the SLOGANS and trust me they were KICKED OUT for refusing to say them.

The 1st Amendment ONLY applies in certain areas within certain situations.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
StrongAxe, are you suggesting nursing homes/hospitals in Puerto Rico WERE TOO POOR for generators to support AC as per the law?

Or the Inspectors in PR didn't do they jobs to ENSURE they followed Federal regulations?

Please answer?


//Administrator called governor asking for emergency help as patients were dying,//


Yet they REFUSE to call 911 for several ambulances to take them ACROSS THE STREET to a Hospital with an AC supported generator!

They called the Governor instead because they wanted 1st electric restoration in the community SO they didn't have to transport the patients to the hospital resulting in LOST REVENUE!


I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
StrongAxe, thanks but you and I know that Kathr wasn't ONLY using it a VERB but as a Pronoun.

**Nicole,..Not even worth addressing your remarks. TROLL.---kathr 10/8/17

I answered because she has been calling many people TROLL as her NEW DEROGATORY NAME.

***What's with your new word 'troll'?

Did you watch a new movie with trolls in it?--Nicole Lacey 10/8/17

They have made several movies out of trolls.

The original Troll is known as being a mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as a giant or a dwark, typically having a very ugly appearance. (dictionary)

The internet uses that word to depict the activity you cited.

I ignored Anonymous' comment because he is too scared to be known

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
Well said, Obamasboy.

Plus, hasn't Canada passed a new law treatening any one with jail time for using the WRONG personal pronoun?

Haz do you know?

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