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Anti-Christ Or The False Prophet
Obamaboy, I bet you are correct on the 'things' you heard about the Pope of being against Christ.

But Pope Francis isn't none of those false claims made of him.

Trump isn't the only one who is a victim of fake media.

All the Popes have been suffering from false media for centuries. Even after they die.

Is There Beauty Discrimination
Kathr: We all know the Catholic Church teaches a WORKS salvation.//

'We' as only Protestants believe that of Catholics.

Its not in the CCC. Find it and CITE the number! Back up your words.

But you all LOVE to ignore James 2!


If you don't provide ACTIONABLE things for your brother you GO TO HELL! PERIOD!

//And We all know Nicole continues the teaching of the Catholic Churches WORKS//

I cut you off at 'WORKS' because the Catholic Churches does JESUS' WORKS and proud of it.

//They deny the FINISHED WORKS OF CHRIST.--kathr


You are having a hard time explaining Jesus' dead on the cross in another blog.

Focus on one battle.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
StrongAxe: Wait. You believe ANYTHING can EXCUSE genocide?!//

NOW who is putting words into people's mouth?

How can you get upset and then do the VERY THING you CLAIMS upsets you?

I never said genicide was okay!

You seem to be MORE UPSET with the 3 million deaths caused by Religious people in OVER 1900 YEARS than 200 millions in ONE HUNDRED YEAR by Non Religious people???

And that 100 yrs just finished 17 yrs ago.

The NUMBERS of death by WHICH hands MATTERS when one chooses to live a certian society.

Communist Countries uses wall differently than Free Countries.

Their walls are to prevent anyone from leaving while our walls are to keep people from entering.


California Women Legislators
Pamela Lopez claims while in the women's bathroom another male Lawmaker came behind her and locked the door. And exposed himself.

She claims she didn't know what to do. Then she said "And of course I didn't want to cause a scene." TWICE ---Women Denounce Harassment in California's Capital by Adam Nagourney and Jennifer Medina

She doesn't want to make a scene???? WHY NOT?!

There is an exposed man between her and a LOCKED DOOR.

And her FIRST thoughts were NOT TO MAKE A SCENE?

Ask your wife, no woman has to think twice before screaming when placed in an undesirable situation.

She screams to cause a scene to get her OUT of the situation.

Why would Lopez want to PROTECT the Sexual Predator?

Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe: There are many things Christians want that aren't happening (e.g. end of all abortions).
3) Therefore, not a single Christian in the world believes enough, or it would end.//

No, maybe you as a Christian BELIEVE it will not end.

But MOST CHRISTIANS voted for Trump (me included) did so for the Supreme Court Nominee over one SINGLE ISSUE: ABORTION

Because we KNOW all things are POSSIBLE with God including ending Abortion.

Kathr, Heaven is our reward. Matthew 25 DOESN'T speak about goodies in Heaven, but Heaven Herself.

//do wonderful works, but do not believe Jesus died for their sin.//

What works in your mind that are sinful, but still wonderful?-

Revolutionary Communist Party
Darlene: He still has some things from the stroke but has recovered a lot.//

God is Good!

//we have been married over 61 years,//

WOW! Congratulations.

Between you, Jerry and Loony you all have 161 years of marriage.

Isn't the traditional gift for you on your 60 Anniversary Diamonds? :D

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: Darlene1 gave you awesome wisdom and advise Nicole. LOVE! That does not falsely accuse. ***1st Corinthians 13...I Forgive you for doing that.//

Thank you for forgiving me.

Lets not ruin Darlene's comment. Her words do not need any commentary.

//If there is, I'd like to know what the joke is--kathr4453

I already told you. Go back and review my statements if you wish.

But, I said I was going to LET IT GO and I plan to keep my word.


Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe: Any law IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to obey is by very definition unrealistic, as there is no real situation where it can be obeyed.//

It is NOT impossible to keep any law.

It only demands the will to keep any law.

Name a law that is IMPOSSIBLE to keep?

Is it hard not to kill, steal, cheat on one's spouse?

Love for God will make it POSSIBLE not to kill, steal and to be faithful to one's spouse.

As far as any business operation goes: if any standards are kept low, thus the product will be of poor quality.

Not making the 100% mark doesn't mean there SHOULDN'T be a 100% mark to obtain.

PERFECTION is demanded of us from God. No excuses

Playing Bingo A Sin
How is bingo worse than going to a movie?

At least you can leave the bingo table with money. After a movie you have gained nothing and maybe wasted time.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Thank you Darlene for your very sweet kind words.

I am afraid to ask this of you but I have been praying for you and your husband.

Is your husband still with us?

I pray I am not being up any pain with you.

I could see your great love for your husband as you spoke about him on CN.

God Bless,

Love your sister in Christ.

Is There Beauty Discrimination
Loony: Something must happen to save them or they will go to hell automatically. It has nothing to do with choosing.//

Not according to Matthew 16:27 and chapter 25.

Natural law will determine one's eternal destiny.

Our works of charity/conduct or lack of them are used by Jesus.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr, I am going to let it go.

Find a Racist Rehab and learn to get rid of your hidden hatred.

Jesus wants you more like Him.

Are There Christians Here
StrongAxe: so the righteous included people ho did NOT believe or know Matthew 25, and the wicked included people who thought they were saved (i.e. believed all the right things), but were not.//

Yet, they DID want was NATURAL in showing MERCY to others.

Jesus rewards us when we DO WHAT IS RIGHT even if we DIDN'T do it in God's Name.

Right is right and Jesus still gives us CREDIT!

//The abortion argument relies on "Is killing the unborn murder?". Exodus 21:22-25 suggests it is not.---StrongAxe

Wrong! It isn't NATURAL to kill one's unborn baby. Not even the wild animal kingdom kills its own unborn child.

Thus Jesus will CONDEMNS us for killing our young. It isn't natural.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
Correct Loony, but if you let StrongAxe tell our American history he would have everyone BELIEVE the Settlers KILLED by THEIR hands (GUNS) and not by the blankets they gave out of charity.

StrongAxe: Deaths of millions by totalitarian atheists, communists, and fascists does not in any way excuse deaths of millions at the hands of Christians.//

Yes it does. It tells the world it is SAFER to LIVE in a Christian Society than a Communist Society.

You LOVE to leave OUT important details.

200 million in ONE century vs. 3 million in over 19 centuries span is a BIG DEAL!

//So much for Thou Shalt Not Kill.//


Because they reject GOD and His Commandment they KILL AS THEY PLEASE!

Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe: PLEASE learn to think outside the "everything is entirely black or white" box.//

No you need to REMEMBER what YOU WROTE and keep to the words

***God's expectations are unrealistically high. Do YOU expect it from everyone as well, and condemn them all if they don't live up to those expectations?---StrongAxe

The 'it' in the middle of YOUR statement is speaking about God's expectation NOT my expectation. Then you ask if I agreed with God then our (God's and me) expectations would Condemn people.

I am NOT God, but I agree with Him.

You seem to DISAGREE with Jesus in Mark 9:23, the Archangel Gabriel in Luke 1:37 and Paul in Phillipians 4:13?

How can They all be WRONG and you right?

Marry Girlfriend Maybe Christian
Congratulations to you Jerry as well. I hope you are saving your money for your 50th Anniversary gift to your wife.

As you can see I am only concerned about your wives' gifts. :D

I agree: a GOOD FOUNDATION of Jesus before marriage is the key to a long marriage.

Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe: Nobody mentioned hell. We're not talking about hell, but about discrimination. This is getting VERY far off topic.//


You go OFF topic and I my response to YOUR off topic statement makes me going off topic???

****Me: God expects that of every single person.

You: If God expects that from everyone, and it's impossible for virtually everyone, God's expectations are unrealistically high. Do YOU expect it from everyone as well, and CONDEMN them all if they don't live up to those expectations?---StrongAxeon 10/17/17

What do you mean by 'condemn' if NOT hell?

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
StrongAxe, millions of Native Americans died not by blood shed but by viruses and bacteria. They didn't have the immune system to fight even the simplest flu.

Are you SUGGESTING the Settlers knew they could wipe out Tribes via germs?

Mao killed 100 millions lowest estimate.

Stalin 50 to 70 millions lowest estimate

Hitler who exactly killed the least at 12 million.

The rest were from all Communist Countries from 1915 until today.

North Korea is already has millions dying and STILL COUNTING since 1948

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation --'North Korea under Communism 1948-2014' gives severe stats of the nightmare going on since it BECAME COMMUNIST.

Secular Nightmares not Christian.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark, Kathr is only using the bold coloring feature to try to cover up her nasty oreo joke used on me in another blog.

She is too proud to admit she crossed the line and make an inappropriate joke.


Saying sorry goes a long way.

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