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Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "The gift of the Holy Spirit was passed on by the laying on of hands, but the specific gifts of the spirit were not passed on directly that way ...The one on whom the hands were laid did not necessarily receive the same gift as the one who was laying on hands - i.e. the gifts themselves were given directly by God."

When a bishop is ordained (by the laying on of hands of several bishops) The Church passes on the authority to act in her name. When a bishop ordains a priest or deacon, that bishop is, by the laying on of hands, by the authority of the Church, delegating the priest or deacon to act in his name for very specific tasks. But the bishop has the FULL authority of the Church.

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "I meant inheritance of authority, not genetic inheritance. Jesus explicitly gave authority to Peter. The delegation of that authority to others is merely inferred."

Not so! 1Tim 4:14 says, Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery

So the authority resides in the Church, until such time as it delegates authority to a Bishop, Presbyter or Deacon by the laying on of hands

And this does not come automatically. It comes after prayer, after studying the character of the one to be ordained, etc.

And it comes with the consensus of the neighboring parishes or dioceses.

How To Have Communion
StrongAxe said,"One can adore Jesus without requiring an object to focus on. If the host is not exposed, you imagine it is there, and focus on an imagined object - no different than focusing on an imagined Jesus who is not visibly present."

I know this is controversial, but the Host IS Jesus. You, yourself have referenced this in the past, in talking about locking Jesus in a box. A candle (or light) on the altar when Mass is not in progress means that Jesus is inside the "box." If you don't believe in that, fine--go pray where you will and when you will, or leave God alone, if you desire.

Change 10 Commandments
Kathr said, "And we all thought you were so INTELLIGENT. NOT IN MY BOOK."

That is because the book you are reading is on the kindergarten level, and I am in the Lamb's Book of Life!

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "Yes. These are gifts given to individuals by God, not an authority given to one person and passed down by inheritance in perpetuity."

None of the gifts or authorities are passed down through inheritance. Rather, the Church grants the authority to certain persons, through the laying on of hands to do what is necessary.

When Jesus founded the Church "...thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." He gave the authority to the Church, in the company of the Apostles, especially Peter

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "I wasn't speaking of the authority that Jesus gave to his church in general, but rather to special authorities granted to certain individuals but not others."

But ALL of those authorities come from God through His Church. Not a single one is inherited, or passed down father to son (yes, I know that in Russia and Greece that does happen from time to time but still the Bishop ordains the son to fill his father's office.)

Christians During The Tribulation
Short answer--YES

Fantasies about being "raptured" before the beginning of the tribulation are just plain wrong.

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "I was not speaking about the Infallibility Doctrine, but rather, the theory that Peter had the Keys of the Kingdom, and passed them down. Just what are the limits of those keys?"

To keep the gates of hell from prevailing against the Church, of course. And though some people may disagree, that same universal Church has kept hell from prevailing to this date, and they won't stop now.

How To Have Communion
Nicole Lacey said, "(make sure a there is a candle lit inside a RED candle holder)"

It doesn't have to be red. I have seen green, white, gold, blue and purple as well.

And Nicole, it isn't always a candle. I have seen electric lights, among other things, (tacky) used to mark the Presence of the Eucharist in the Tabernacle.

Explain The Classic Creeds
Nicole Lacey said, "You can't ask (via intercessory prayer for a miracle) to see if 2 different persons..."

Let me try to rephrase, as I think I know what she's trying to say (and if I'm wrong, Nicole, please forgive me.)

If you have a devotion to a particular person, say Bob the Plumber (BTP), and you ask him to restore your missing ear, and it grows back, then that miracle is presented to the committee investigating BTP, then, after testing to make sure the ear wasn't grafted on by plastic surgery, etc. that will be counted as a miracle for Bob.

If, at the same time you are also asking Fulton Sheen for prayer, and Martha the Baker, and so on, the the committee will have to throw that miracle out.

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "Why don't people pray to God directly, rather than going through some middleman? ... I never understood this."

Axe, I know you appreciated when we were praying for you while you were fighting that deadly disease. We prayed to God, but we also asked Virgin Mary and quite a few saints for their intercessory prayers for your healing. All of the saints pray to God. God grants the miracle. You are healed (or at least a lot better, right?).

Was it by my prayers that you were healed? No! It was God that gave the healing, by guiding the hands and understanding of the doctors, nurses, and all your caretakers so that you could get well.

Explain The Classic Creeds
Nicole Lacy said, "Because there is a tight progress. If any prayers are to said even 2 persons, both are threw out. Even if both are Christians."

I am sorry, Nicole, but I am not sure I understand what you are talking about. Are you saying that if someone asks more than Jesus to help, that help won't come? Or are you saying that if you ask people to pray for you, those prayers are excluded?

Science Conflicts With Bible
StrongAxe said, "A few years ago, astronomers created a formal precise definition of just exactly what planet means. There was no such definition before. A planet is an orbiting body that clears out its orbit of all other bodies. Pluto doesn't quite meet that definition."

As Pluto's orbit is out of the plane of the ecliptic by 17 degrees, has anyone searched out the path of Pluto, instead of looking in the plane of the ecliptic? There might be room for adjustment.

Science Conflicts With Bible
StrongAxe said, "The north polar ice cap is melting. Greenland is getting more green. The south polar ice cap is melting and falling into the sea. How about THAT evidence?"

S/A, I'm not sure you would remember this, but in the 1970's both Time and Newsweek ran articles on global cooling. The report told us that "scientists" predicting a coming ice age, and were suggesting spreading carbon black on the North Pole to make it melt and balance the temperature.

Now, it's "climate change." I don't know what to believe, so I stick to my position. I continue to love God and my neighbor, and leave the running of the planet to Him

Explain The Classic Creeds
StrongAxe said, "Then the Pope has the power to damn people to hell, which means God can delegate that power."

No, the Pope does not have that power. The Pope's power is very limited. He can only speak infallibly under certain very specific circumstances. He has no army divisions, no navy, no Marines. The only thing he can do is speak, and the press and Protestants usually cut him apart for that. Oh, and the sedevacantists too

Explain The Classic Creeds
Ruben said, "But what you just wrote, sounds like the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son!"

This is a long and convoluted argument that cannot be carried on in snippets of 125 words or less. Eastern Christians (and some Western Christians) have always maintained that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father, but is sent by both Father and Son.

Look up "filioque" on the internet, especially looking at Orthodox Christian
websites. Much more room and much fuller explanation than I can give.

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