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Who's The Elect
Kathr, you are so childish.

This is the last time I am going to explain it to you. You are too obsesses with the convent.
No matter what you claim, you wanted to be nun as a child. NO ONE on CN cares but you?
StrongAxe even TRIED to explain it to you.

My doctor told me privately that the Community's demands for a Religious is too much for me and I need to leave the Order. I refused. Next she tried to strong arm my Superior to cut my hours. It did the opposite effect. My doctor profusely apologized.

Doctors trump Superiors in Cannon Law.

//they wanted to use you as a slave worker-----kathr

WE ALL WORKED HARD! Are you saying we are not to be Slaves of Christ. Romans 1:1 and 1 Cor 7:22
Know your Bible.

Is DACA Legal
NurseRobert, he isn't called Avery Dulles a Catholic Theologian he is called Cardinal Avery Dulles.

You put his title first and the uses of 'a Catholic Theologian' is used for non Clergy.

All Ordained Catholics are Catholic Theologian as the main purpose of their ordination.

That's like saying Francis is a Catholic Theologian. Leaving out the word Pope.

Just say Pope Francis and everyone knows he is a Theologian and a Catholic.

You left out that He said Jefferson said he is a Christian.

He even states how Jefferson publicly inserted Christian values.

As the whole topic started that our Country was founded on Judeo-Christian Values

Is DACA Legal
//If God has called you to be a dr or nurse, that would be your vocation.//

That's for Protestants, not Catholics. A Vocation isn't a career.

Matthew was a Tax Collector when he was CALLED. Peter, James and John were Fisher men. That's why Jesus said I will make you Fishers of Men.


//all Christians should pray and serve the Lord every moment of every day//

Obviously you don't. One praying as you suggest doesn't spew the words that comes out of your mouth.

//BOOOO to any church who stands in the way of GODS CALLING, whether prayer or Nurses.---kathr4453

Exhibit 123

Is DACA Legal
//your own words invite being reprimanded.//

No it doesn't, those were YOUR words not mine. Your reading comprehension needs reprimanded. StrongAxe restating exactly what I posted.

//calling me a Strongaxion//

Now you know how Thomas Jefferson's and everyone else who claimed their Christians but you say they're not. It doesn't feel good does it?

//Strongaxe and I were not Christians//

I don't think I said that about StrongAxe, if I did: SORRY STRONGAXE

//All because I said I agreed with Strongaxe's comment.//

Nope, to prove a point

//Funny you have so much time BLOGGING and nursing---Kathr

It isn't any of your business but right now I'm on medical leave.

Is that okay with you?

Who's The Elect
Thank you StrongAxe for TRYING to explain

//She wasn't allowed to take her vows.//

I TOOK MY VOWS. Temporary Vows are the same as Final Vows except for the length of time under the Vows.

//YOU said your DR went behind your back and got you PUT OUT of the Catholic Church.//

NO I DIDN'T! ANOTHER LIE. Repost them if I did!
I wouldn't even use those words if I was. The proper term is: Excommunication.

//You still continue as a nurse AFTER being put out of the Catholic Church. YOUR WORDS.//


I worked 70 hours a week in my Religious Order in their nursing home. I am only working 40 hours a week.

That's like saying I CAN'T be a NURSE unless I work 70 hours a week

Is Left Behind Movie Correct
'Left Behind' is just that - A STORY!

The Movie does contradicts the Bible.

Impossible to give Scripture for the 'Left Behind' THEORY because it isn't based on Scripture.

Jesus never said I will return again and a half.

NO DRIVE THRU for Salvation.

Is DACA Legal
//..putting you OUT was wrong, since you were a nurse before AND AFTER you entered//

That's the WHOLE POINT! I didn't enter the Religious life to fulfill my nursing career.


The Community used my talent for Jesus' benefit.

If I can't keep up with the hard demands of the Community's Prayer Life and Work due to illness it is God's Will.

No one tells God want to do!

//Reverand Mother " Sweety" and then tell her there's nothing wrong with addressing someone---kathr4453

No because she NEVER was NASTY to me as you have been. Even if she did I respected her OFFICE.
I TRIED to respect your age, but you don't even respect your own age. RESPECT YOURSELF

Is DACA Legal
//Companies get sued for putting someone OUT because of health reasons.//

It's a Religious Community NOT a Company. They can DECIDE who enters, stays or leaves before final vows. They are NOT subject to quotas.

//you became a nurse.//

I was a nurse 3 yrs BEFORE I entered the community.

Religious orders are NOT career/job. It's a VOCATION. Know the difference.

//So exactly what was your job (not calling) in the Church you could not preform--Kathr

Not a job and a calling with my temporary vow RECEIVED by the Bishop (Church)

PRAYER my MAIN RESPONSIBILITY, serving Jesus' sick poor for FREE for 6 YRS.

Kathr, I know you are NOT trying to compare our life styles.


Who's The Elect
//Does the Catholic Church discriminate against people with health issues?//

There are several Religious Communities that accept sick, disable and older candidates. But you have to be Catholic FIRST!

You are CLUELESS when it comes to the Religious matters. So why don't you STOP pretending you know everything?

The Catholic Church isn't like Protestant Churches.

We don't have WEEKEND PASTORS.

Our Priests, Nuns and Brothers are FULL TIME

Acts 6:2-3 "It is NOT RIGHT for us to NEGLECT the Word of God in order to wait on tables.

//Catholic Church for putting servants OUT who have health issues.---kathr

Thinking like a Protestant. I am 100% CATHOLIC. Religion ISN'T a part time thing or a JOB.

Tithe To Abused Animals
//..Tribes of Israel but one - Levi. To compensate Levi for lack of property and income, other tribes gave them 10% of their increase...It was a social welfare..//

But the Levi were the Priests of the Jews and they were the Church. They had Priestly duties that benefits all the tribes.

It wasn't social welfare because they are working. Widows and Orphans in all tribes released social welfare

//because we have no class forbidden from owning property--StrongAxe

You are incorrect. Many Franciscan Orders do not own properties. Religious take a vow of property and rely on the public to support them.

They don't profit on anything.

Is DACA Legal
//Why did you say your DR WENT BEHIND YOUR BACK ?//

No, I didn't. It was a sealed letter given to me for my Superior.

//Proper procedures are not described as GOING BEHIND SOMEONES BACK.//

What's with all these questions? The doctor thought she could convince my Superior for more days off.

//if it got you put OUT, you were not HONEST with anyone,---kathr

As I said you are so disingenuous. Many people get 'put out' due to health reasons. Such as the Military. They get an honorable discharge which is different from dishonorable discharge.


What kind of Christian are you?

Luke is right about you.

BTW, I thought you said 'bye' to me already. KEEP YOUR WORD.

How To Live Holy Life
//..."Be holy, for I am holy" was said to the Jews because that is what they were supposed to do according to their priests and Judaic faith.--faithforfaith on 9/18/17

I am sorry, but please expand more on your statements.

Are you saying Jesus doesn't expect us to be as holy as the Jews in the OT?

The Jews have a higher standard of holiness than us now?

Plus, your statement doesn't seem to match up with Jesus' Words in Matthew 23.

Matthew 23:1-3
Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples. "The Scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses' seat, so do and observe whatever they tell you, but not the works they do for they preach, but do not practice

End Of World September 2017
Didn't some Wackos predicted the world would end Monday Aug 21th because of the total eclipse?

Who's The Elect
Great points, Luke and RichardC

Is DACA Legal
StrongAxe: Multiple posts are prohibited here

Not for Kathr. She takes advantage of CN's consideration of her age and posts 3 at a times often. Using up 375 words and preventing others to posts.

//you have a medical issue that disqualifies you from being a Nun, but not a nurse?--Kathr

There isn't any medical issue that disqualifies a person from being a nun. Only moral standards.

My community had us working 70 hours a week just in the nursing part. (Covent cleaning duties not included)

My doctor demanded more days off for me, or she is releasing herself of any responsibility legally if my family makes a claim against her not the convent.

As I said earlier, you are too interested in my convent years.

Is DACA Legal
//That's actually illegal isn't it for a Dr to violate Dr Patient confidentiality?//

You are very ignorant with the little knowledge you hold in all matters. Have you ever heard of medical info. release? Do you really think my doctor pick up the phone and called my Superior? NO, she handed me the letter of her medical recommendation, and I handed the letter to my Superior.

//coming up with mouthy replies so much so that your Dr HAD to go behind your back//

My my my, not only are you capable of knowing the person sitting in the Pew next to you at church is Christian or not, now you KNOW WHAT were my doctor's recommendations.

//No desire to be a Nun--Kathr

Sounds like you're not being honest with yourself.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
//DISINGENUOUS....Hummm, Nicole has found a new toy ( learned a new word) and uses it here often-- Kathr

Sorry, I will use these words instead: artful, astucious, astute, beguiling, clandestine, counterfeit, crafty, cunning, deceiving, deceptive, delusive, delusory, designing, disingenuous, double-dealing, duplicitous, fallacious, false, feline, foxy, fraudulent, furtive, guileful, hypocritical, illusory, impostrous, indirect, insidious, knavish, lying, mendacious, misleading, rascal, roguish, shifty, slick, sly, sneaky, stealthy, subtle, treacherous, tricky, two-faced, underhand, underhanded, untrustworthy, untruthful,

Is DACA Legal
//stop being so mouthy and unchristlike in your replies, know...that foul mouth bar hag routine you put on really needs to be brought into check.//


STRONGAXE, are you reading her posts. And you CAN'T see HATEFUL posts HAZ27, aservant and I been talking about?

BTW, where is HAZ27?

//Maybe that is why the NUNNERY dumped you.....possibly...if your really honest with yourself. ---kathr

I wasn't honest with myself REFUSING to leave the convent. My Doctor went behind my back and got me put out because I REFUSED to listen to her.

Now you need to be honest with yourself. You dreamed of being a Nun as a child, and you are JEALOUS that I had the opportunity you didn't.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
PRAISE JESUS! You finally posted SOME of the rest of his letter. WHY DID YOU STILL CUT OFF HIS LETTER?


If you have all his SO CALLED LETTERS, why didn't you finish Jefferson's letter PRAISING JESUS as I have with Matthew 25:23 at the END of his letter?

//Let's REITERATE AGAIN. Thomas Jefferson did not believe in the Virgin Birth, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.--kathr

I don't trust your reading skills.

Shame, you are plagiarizing 'Evil revisionism: Did Barton's Jefferson get a fair treatment?' by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Cite him, don't steal his wrong thoughts.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
//it's totally absurd to say Calvin believed the virgin birth a fable. //

I will try to explain ONE LAST TIME. Go back to your personal letter you and StrongAxe cited. If your letter doesn't have the last paragraph that I cited then go to Beliefnet online.

Your citation cut off the part that I already cited of him saying it is a quote of Calvin. NOT ME, HE SAID IT.

You even cited the word 'Fable' in yourself.

//And why would Jefferson be quoting Calvin to Adams in a letter?//

Why, was it against the law to quote Calvin?

//And this letter is printed, and says NOTHING about quoting Calvin//

The letter is online as well, but it doesn't matter because you will MAKE UP the content anyway.

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