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Brother Sister In Christ
John, quote from The Book of Mormon everything you just said about them.

Especially the one about Jesus being the twin brother of satan. I never heard of that and my twin sister was a Mormon for a short while.

If you can't cite statements from the The Book of Mormons please retract what you said about them.

Finish Here January 2018
John, I have quoted many of Jerome citing his disagreement but declaring he will submission to the Pope and the Church.

But you REFUSE to TOUCH the elephant in the room of Luther having a 73 Book Bible as a Catholic Priest.


SPEAK about that point

How Was Christianity Maintained
John: We state Roman Catholic because there are many denominations of catholic and not just Roman...//

And you are Protestant.

A Catholic doesn't say they are a Roman Catholic.

It is a Protestant thing.

//Like Catholic there are Roman, Melkite, American, etc.//

No, I have heard a Melkite say they are a Melkite maybe, or a Catholic, but NEVER A Roman Catholic.

No one says American Catholic who is under Pope Francis.

Now there is a Protestant group who are American Catholics, but they are NOT under Pope Francis.

Do you understand?

Brother Sister In Christ
KarenD: You have not answered my question. What do you think it takes for you to consider someone your brother or sister in Christ?//

I did answer your question.

I presumed of all people you knew what Matthew 12:48-50 was speaking about without having to go to the Bible.

I thought you said your husband was Pastor?

Also you claimed you were going to feed hungry people on Christmas Day.

So if I took care of sick people and you feed hungry people that's all in Matthew 25.

Matthew 12:50 declares we are sisters

"For whoever does the will of my Father in Heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

Brother Sister In Christ

KarenD: Everything is not about you//

Really, strange how you posted right after I called you my sister in Christ. ANYWHO

//I am a former Mormon who found the real Jesus.//

Okay, I am glad you found Jesus, but how do you know Mormons TODAY do not know Jesus?

Just because they don't worship Jesus like you?

//I see many cult members trying to say we are brothers and sisters in Christ.---KarenD on 1/13/18

It's a little arrogant of you to think you can determine who are Christ's brother and sisters or not.

Why don't we let Jesus determine who are His brothers and sisters or not? Matthew 12:48-50

Finish Here January 2018
John: me: "We have evidence that people had the SAME 73 Book Bible BEFORE and AFTER that Council."

Ma'am, lets start with 3 of these supposed sources before the Council of Trent??//


Sir, there has been MORE than 3 Christian people who were lived before the 16th Century

You keep bypassing the UNCONVENTIONAL truth that Luther had a 73 Bible when he was a Priest.

Jerome quoted from the books and CALLED them Scriptures as I proved to you.

The Truth that I have the same 73 Book Bible they BOTH were speaking about and you don't.

How is it that the SAME books of the Bible they are arguing about happens to be in my Bible today?

Because they were in their own BIBLES as well.

Brother Sister In Christ
//BE HAPPY SISTER IN CHRIST!---Nicole_Lacey on 1/10/18


You don't know you have touched a nerved until someone lets you know you did indirectly.

I guess this post means I REALLY TOUCH KAREND'S NERVE!

I am touched.

This blog is dedicated to me.

Let me turn your own blog around on you.

I was telling you that you were still a child of Christ thus my sister.

But, if don't see yourself AS my sister in Christ, it doesn't mean I am NOT a sister of Christ.

That's like a siblings of same parents claiming one, but not another.

It only means you don't see yourself as Christ's sister.

Because I am Christ's sister.

Take yourself out of Christ's family, but I WILL NOT!

Scriptures Of The Early Church
Jesus as God Himself was using Himself to teach as them.

Pharisees and Scribes were very upset that He was using His own Authority.

After Jesus' Death and while the Disciples were alive they were following the Disciple's words.

Because the Disciple's words were Jesus' Words. Including Paul's words.

Paul and the Disciples sent letters which some were saved until today and are included in our Bible

How Was Christianity Maintained
Samuel: We have always been Civil.//

You either haven't read all posts are wish to ignore some post.

Even my own posts are NOT CIVIL at times

//The Early church was catholic. Not Roman Catholic. I am sure you know that catholic means universal.//

As you know, only Protestants placed the word 'Roman' in front of Catholic.

Try this test:

Ask a known Catholic to you: what religion he or she is?

They will say 'I am Catholic'.

They NEVER say 'I am a Roman Catholic'.

Now go ask a Protestant who knows another person to be a Catholic:

They almost all the time say 'He is a Roman Catholic'.

Besides, as it is wrong to say American Catholic, you can't say Roman Catholic.

Finish Here January 2018
StrongAxe: You all are not thinking logically. If Martin Luther had a 73 Book Bible as a Catholic Priest BEFORE he left the Catholic Church why DON'T you all have the SAME NUMBER OF BOOKS IN YOUR BIBLE.

It isn't difficult folks. Stop with the excuses.

A 9 year old could figure that out if asked. COMMON SENSE.

Johe: Nicole states, "So, you let a mere man decide for you what part of the Bible is of value or not?"//

John, the Council of Trent occurred in the 16th century.

We have evidence that people had the SAME 73 Book Bible BEFORE and AFTER that Council

I am debating the logic of you all defending your 66 book Bible when Luther had a 73 book Bible?

Your point?

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
You are right StrongAxe, not only have you agreed with me at times you have even DEFENDED me many of times.

BTW, times are changing. Today more Catholics are reading the Bible.

St John Paul II started the fire and it is a blazing!

KarenD, I guess if you have a world that makes you happy who am I to burst your bubble?


Finish Here January 2018
Kathr: there is no sense trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. Your cognitive skills are somewhat different than most folks. No one STOLE the books because they were of such value. They left them out because they did not see the value//

First, it was YOU not me who used the word 'stole'.

So, you let a mere man decide for you what part of the Bible is of value or not?

So you don't believe God in Revelation 22:18-19 or Deuteronomy 4:2?

Martin Luther is greater than God to you?

//Get it now?//

Yes, and I will pray for you.

//Please don't bother responding back with more nonsense comparisons.//

No, I am trying to reason with you.

I think there is hope in you.

Non Biblical Manger Scenes
Kathr: Exactly HOW did thenGovernment get their money back?//


I am not married and have no children.

I can't claim anyone. The Government is having a fields day with me.

Besides, the Government SAVED thousands of dollars when I took cared of SICK DYING patients (around 50 people) for free.

Saving the Government hundreds of thousands of dollars over 6 years.

Remember end of life health care costs the MOST.

//it was money STOLEN from taxpayers.//

If I didn't get a productive degree you would be correct.

BTW, the Gov STOLE the money not me.

They just gave the stolen money to me.

Please keep it straight.

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
Kathr, you are back to calling names when you can't give scripture or losing a debate I see?

Non Biblical Manger Scenes
KATHR: you stated you went to College on a GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, which is stealing money from people and giving it to you, who did not earn it.//



The Gov didn't get Jerry or your permission before GIVING me YOUR MONEY to pay my tuition. THAT'S STEALING!


Just because the Government does it and calls it another name you don't think it isn't stealing?

//You CANNOT PAY THAT BACK , just because you now pay taxes. Your taxes are based on your earnings, like everyone else.//

WRONG! I went to a community college 90-94, total cost to the Gov was $15,000!

Government got that money back 15 years ago and now STEALING my money for other people for Christmas bonuses

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
KarenD: Why do you think people are angry when they disagree with you?//

StrongAxe, and John ALWAYS disagree with me, but I never think they are angry.

But your post displays anger.

Go back and read them if you don't believe me.

I am capable to admit FACTS that everyone knows about Protestants and Catholics, but you seems not to be able to accept the facts.

People would laugh at me if I claimed Catholics read the Bible more than Protestants.

Everyone knows including Secularist and non-Christians that Catholic Priests are the best equipped to expel demons.

We are on the same team.

Why don't you stop fighting me and we fight the evil spirits surrounding us TOGETHER.

Ephesians 6:12

Finish Here January 2018
Kathr: Well, since the books are not money, or jewels , which would suggest someone STOLE SOMETHING OF VALUE, it's silly to even make that as a comparison.//

Well, it SHOWS that you see the Bible just as ANOTHER BOOK you read.

So do you have the Bible mixed in with your cookbooks and mystery books?

I guess so?

At my House the Bible just isn't any book!

So it is MORE valuable than MONEY or JEWELRY.

So you just answered my question.

You don't care that Martin Luther was a Catholic Priest and had a 73 Book Bible and gave you a 66 book Bible.

I guess you DON'T want to THINK ABOUT IT!

Aborts And Miscarriage
StrongAxe: You are outraged the givernment steals from some to pay others, yet outraged they DON'T in Puerto Rico. Why the inconsistency?//

Still confused about economic.

Gov DOESN'T have any income.

I have the RIGHT to get mad by way the Gov SPENDS OUR MONEY.

They should CARE about Puerto Ricans NOT having a ROOF over their heads or a BED to lie on.

INSTEAD of worrying about meeting their obligations of Christmas bonuses to a FEW SELECT SPECIAL PEOPLE.

It's OUTRAGEOUS that you and Kathr ONLY care about Government Official's Christmas gifts MORE THAN POOR Puerto Ricans.

BTW, why did you eat last night?

Didn't you know if you didn't eat 5 people could have eaten who were staring to death?

Husband In Jail
Grounds for separations I am sure, but divorce I am not sure about.

Start the process for an annulment.

You might be free with an annulment.

You won't know until you start the process. My prayers are with you both.

May God be with you and your husband.

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