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Saturday Is Day To Worship
//Also, everyone knows Saturday is the seventh day of the week.//

The Commandment states to keep the Sabbath day holy not to keep the seventh day holy.

Changing the question in order to answer the question isn't answering the real question asked.

If you don't have Scripture stating that SATURDAY is the Sabbath day is Saturday just say so.

//Don't be asinine. It's not becoming.---ObamasBoy

Asking for Scripture to back up your statement isn't stupid.

It's stupid to believe that after attacking another person's Church you will not be challenged.

If you don't want stones thrown at back at you then please don't throw stones yourself.

Is DACA Legal
//Nuns are old and used up, the CC does not care for them.//

NOT TRUE. Cite the Nuns. Making up stuff

//Jewish community is and has facilities in NY taking care of Catholic Nuns.//

Name the Jewish community. You can't because you made that up.
No Jewish community runs a nursing home for free! And esp not for non-Jews!

//That's what I call loving your neighbor as yourself. They do it because they want to.---Kathr


I am still waiting for your citations.

Name the Black Nun and her so called tell all book.

Now name the Jewish Community above.

Lastly, why would you begrudge your Protestant brothers and sisters care since you won't or can't care for them yourself?

Who's The Elect
Kathr, just so you can THANK a Nun I will tell you the free nursing home care. You can google it, go to Wikipedia or watch them on Youtube. EVEN DONATE.

In fact there is a home in your own city Atlanta. Go visit them and ask them yourself.

Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne. Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima. Servants of the incurable cancerous poor.

The Writer, Nathanial Hawthorne's youngest daughter Rose Hawthorne started the community.

They don't take a PENNY from any FORM of Government/State Aide. GO AHEAD AND ASK THEM.

//destroying all credibility you may have had.--Kathr

The TRUTH stands on it's own. I am not afraid. Go check for yourself.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
Kathr: Note in Numbers 18:21, 10% ONLY went to the Levi

Show me OT Scripture where God commanded the Jews to give 10% to the Gentiles?

In fact do you remember Matthew 15:26?

No the CC isn't following the Jewish old method of charity. We are following Jesus' charity commandment.

//And women were not forced to not marry and serve the temple in stead.//

Where you forced to marry your husband? Neither was I. In fact, many try to enter the convent and are turned away.

//Even the Priests and High Priests in Israel married and had children--Kathr

So God was wrong in Jeremiah 16:2?
"You must not marry and have sons or daughters."

Paul is wrong in 1 Cor 7:1 and 8?

Is DACA Legal
Kathr, when I was sick in the convent I got A+ service. I didn't have to cook/clean. I didn't worry about the mortgage, light, water bill or how I was going to buy food. How was getting to my doctor's apts or paying her. Our older sister didn't have to worry their family members would put them in Nursing homes. You know how a REAL FAMILIES behaves with their love ones.

//collecting some sort of compensation while on medical leave.//

Only medical insurance and on loan. That's it.

//your medical problem has affected your disposition and ability to read and process that I have not attacked YOU,---kathr4453


You do realize you just attacked me within the SAME sentence of denying attacking me? :D

Saturday Is Day To Worship
Obamasboy, who said anything about over God. Jesus gave Peter authority with HIS BLESSING.

Do you think when Joseph fed the world his authority was over Pharaoh? Didn't Pharaoh give him that authority?

Genesis 41:55 When hunger came to be felt throughout the land of Egypt and the people cried to Pharaoh for bread, Pharaoh DIRECTED all the Egyptians to go to Joseph and do WHATEVER he told them.

Joseph told his brothers WANT to do in order to receive Pharaoh's grain

He locked them up for 3 days. Kidnapped his brother Simeon inexchanged for Benjamin. Gen 42:30 they describe Joseph as the lord of the country not Pharaoh. "The man who is lord of the country,"
V33 Then the man who is lord of the country said..

Who's The Elect
//your free education at the expense of people who paid taxes.//

As I am paying for others today.

The Sisters PAID for most of the Sisters. I just happened to enter with a RN degree.

//HORRIBLE of them to take from you your education they did not pay for, and EXPLOIT you--Kathr

THEY or the people who were sick? You got it backwards.

Who do you think were in the beds? The sisters? NO, in fact MOST of our patients are PROTESTANTS!

I gave them baths, cleaned their vomits, washed their clothes, hand fed them, dispensed their medication, brushed their teeth and consoled them when NO ONE visited them.

If you won't take care of your own Protestant brothers and sisters, PLEASE don't try to STOP us.

Who's The Elect
//Black women in the Catholic Nunneries are discriminated against. As one nun wrote a book--Kathr

Cite that book, she lied. I was the only Black Nun and worked LESS hours than the White and Asians Nuns.
A White Nun Saint Katharine Drexel founded the Blessed Sacrament Sisters EDUCATED Blacks for FREE esp. in the South where Protestants constantly mistreated them(both).

Cannon law demands at least 2 yrs of Novitiate (2yrs) before 1st vows. I didn't work 70hrs a week during the Novitiate.

WHAT WAGES? No ones received a wage.

Priests and Nuns do not have jobs that obtain wages. Protestant Ministers work OUTSIDE their ministry, thus pay taxes.

That's why I called them weekend Pastors.

Is DACA Legal
//now you do pay say, paying it forward for the Government Taxes (not the Catholic Church) that paid for your nursing.//

No I said while I was in the convent working 70hrs a week for free was paying IT FORWARD.

The Gov paid for my nursing edu which I USED caring for sick people. Our Community doesn't take a PENNY from the Government. Thus SAVING the Government the cost of caring for the sick without health insurance themselves

That's want I meant by paying it forward.

//I see God really did have the final say here in the end.---kathr

I agree, not only the final, but the FIRST as well.

He took care of me and used my granted talent to take care of His Sick. Isaiah 55:1

God is Great!

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
StrongAxe, you have to remember you were not in a Community. You still had to drive home, take care of your family, personal things and etc.

If it wasn't for my illness, I would have been able to continue the work as the Sisters do today.

The Sisters have a system and it works.

Look at Mother Teresa's Sisters. They work much HARDER than our Community everyday of the week.

//How can Christians be called Christ's slaves,//

Are you saying Paul was wrong in calling himself a slave of Christ? Romans 1:1

//the RCC used to forbid people from leaving.---StrongAxe

It is so IRONIC to hear PROTESTANTS make that argument.

Please cite the year and place people couldn't leave the Catholic Faith.

Saturday Is Day To Worship
//He established the 7th day (Saturday) as the Holy Sabbath.//

Please cite Scripture stating the 7th day as being Saturday?

You do know that the word 'Saturday' is a pagan name?

****The Romans name the Saturday Saturni dies (Saturn's day) no later than the 2nd century for the planet Saturn..-Wikipedia

//They had to go and change a day that was established by God..But such is the story of the Orthodox/Roman Catholic Church. Always contradicting God.---ObamasBoy

Sorry, you are mistaken. Matthew 16:13-19 gave Peter the authority to do "whatsoever" and the 'whatsoever' is bound on earth and in heaven. Or the 'whatsoever' is loosen on earth and in heaven.

Don't be mad with Jesus. Just obey.

Who's The Elect
//Why does everyone there work 70 hours a week?//

Because MANY who are sick needing FREE care. We which were few did DIRECT care.

Maybe if people HELPED us more we could work less. Until they do we are NOT EXCUSED from caring for the sick.

When we take care of the sick we see us taking care of Jesus. Matthew 25:36 "I was SICK and you looked after ME."

//Most western nations have work weeks of 40 hours--StrongAxe

Are people in Western Nations sick ONLY 40 HOURS A WEEK?

The Church has to FOLLOW the Secular's standard of 40 hrs? JESUS is the Standard not the world.

Remember, the crowd told Him to come down from the cross to SAVE Himself. That was wise to them. That is by WORLDLY WISDOM.

Is DACA Legal

I lost my cool. I was mad, but in no way an excuse for my horrible behavior.

I am passionate about my Lord Jesus Christ and His Bride the Catholic Church.

But Jesus TAUGHT me how to respond to those whom I believe have mistreated me and I didn't follow His Lead.

I think it would be best if we didn't communicate unless it is beneficial in building UP our spirits.

It seems we bring the worst out of each other. Pleasing only the demons and disappointing God, His Children and those who are thinking to be His children.

Peace to you and God bless.

I know you love Jesus as well and passionate about Him as I am.

Your Sister in Christ.

Who's The Elect
//not the slave of Jesus,---StrongAxe

Please don't embolden Kathr's CRAZY thinking.

Can we please stop using words that doesn't fit a situation because there are REAL SLAVES in the world?

1. All the Nuns work 70 hrs or more. Most worked more. Believe it or not I worked less than most because of my illness.

2. Slave suggest someone is resting while you are FORCE to work on their behalf. Not so in the Convent. EVERYONE WORKS and takes a vow of poverty. Only One benefits from our hard work - Jesus Christ. So we are slaves to Jesus as Paul.

3. Slaves can not DECIDE to walk away from their enslavement as you and Kathr know I did.

The locks on the door were not there to keep me inside, but to you all out!

Is DACA Legal

I will cut off our communication with each other.

I tried to have a honest conversation with you, but I see you are INCAPABLE of being honest!

You can try to address your pathetic posts to me all you want. I will not reply to any of your NASTY COMMENTS.

You are one MEAN lady!

Maybe after 5 or 6 failed attempts of your nastiest comments to me you will STOP.

I refuse to catch your ball!


Help With The Hurricanes
Your church. Please do NOT give to the Red Cross.

It has been proven that they waste most of the money. Plus, it takes a long time for the victims to get most of the money.

The Red Cross pays their employees with part of the donation given to them.

Saturday Is Day To Worship
Cluny, not only can they not answer you questions, they will also have a hard time explaining WHY a man decided to go to Church on Saturdays instead of Sundays.

That man believes he is smarter than all the Saints and Church Leaders in Church History.

For 19 centuries Christians have been going to go Church on Sundays

Is DACA Legal
//to quote CARDINAL Dulles: "He (Jefferson) was not an orthodox Christian---NurseRobert

Again, the Cardinal doesn't have a direct quote from Jefferson saying he is a Deist.

He is saying he isn't a 'Orthodox' Christian in the sense we are today.

Because we do know there are Orthodox Christians. Cluny and Ruben.

As I said, you can NOT be true a Deist and believe in Divine Providence.

Besides, Cardinal Dulles isn't infallible. Even the Pope is ONLY infallible when it comes to Faith and Morals.

Jefferson's religious belief doesn't come under that rule.

In order words, Cardinal Dulles can be wrong.

If Jefferson says he is Christian, only God Jesus can say he isn't. Not you, Kathr or I.

Who's The Elect
Kathr, please know the what constitutes a cult. Even your own words contradicts each other.

People said that it is HARD to get out of the Scientology Church.

You and millions of others prove that you have no trouble leaving the Catholic Church. The Swiss Guard isn't visiting your home.

Plus, if you speak against the Scientology Church they come after you.

Again you and others speak out all the time with LIES about the Catholic Church without fear. Because the Swiss Guard doesn't come after you.

You told lies about washrooms with women and I proved you were lying about them as well.

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