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Revolutionary Communist Party
I also made NO Oreo joke. What joke? There's no joke here. Talk about having snakes in your head.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark_Eaton, I don't want to get into an argument with you over this...

But just one question if you would answer please. Do you believe in OSAS? I think ..possibly your thoughts on this may be part of your understanding on this issue.

WE! Those who are saved, have a promise...saying I will NEVERTHELESS leave you or forsake you. That promise can ONLY apply to OSAS folks. Why, because again Jesus paid the price in full for our sin. And when we are tried tested, we MIGHT say...Why have you forsake me, Showing a lack of faith = SIN in Gods eyes. Yet Jesus said it....and it was NOT a moment of weakness or lack of faith which would be sin actually. That sin would have NIXED the whole thing.

Revolutionary Communist Party
I have no clue what you are talking about Nicole, a source for what?

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark_Eaton, Psalms 22 could also say anything that could be repeated at the cross. Just repeating something ? Or don't you think the actual meaning also has significance?

Because Jesus was forsaken ..(God looking away when our sin was placed on Him, ) TOTALLY ENSURES Gods promise to us that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us....Why,? Because Jesus suffering what we would have ensured that.

The whole of the Mercy seat, Holy of Holies, High Priest etc, is a pattern of what and how God dealt with man. No one could enter the Holy of Holies, where God abided , ( a picture) except the HIGH PRIEST, and not without blood...FOR THE SINS OF THE PEOPLE. TODAY all can come boldly to,the throne of Grace.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Nowhere in the Bible is this dogma recorded. Yet, it is constantly repeated in pulpits all over the world.
---Mark_Eaton on 10/17/17

Well, I'm glad it is taught from pulpits all over the world, because it is true. Jesus who is God...His own words...My God My God WHY HAS THOU FORSAKEN ME? Right out of Gods mouth..... And we know God cannot lie....yet you say Jesus LIED when He said that? You see, you just want to say...Oh Jesus was really this or that, or that is jot why He meant......yet YOU have no scripture to back up your denial of Jesus ( GODS) own words.

I gave you the foundation for this....yet you don't understand it. There are more scriptures .....but why bother with those if your mind is made up?

Revolutionary Communist Party
Nicole, Well, I italicize AKA SLANTING a text to indicate I have SLANTED its meaning trying to send CODED messages to the Chinese Government. When I underline, ..I'm really signaling aliens ( from Mars) to give me an update on when they plan to attack. Often I use CAPS...that's a signal of secret code to ZOMBIES ....

You may just want to check your microwave Nicole....ya know, Obama and his guys might just be spying on you too, because you are a BLACK REPUBLICAN. The Aliens told me to warn you.

Your fillings have a receptor in them....did you know????

So exactly when is your labotemy scheduled???????.....You say soon ?......I hope sooner than that. So that we can all get back to normal discussions here..

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Romans10:16 But they have not all OBEYED THE GOSPEL. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?

Now here is what Romans 10:16 really says David. So yes, one must OBEYTHE GOSPEL. And to OBEY THE GOSPEL, one must know what THE GOSPEL IS.

THE GOSPEL is clearly stated in 1st Corinthians 15:-1-4. Jesus DIED and rose again FROM THE DEAD. He was not stashed away playing solitaire for 3 days as some hoax.

Then Romans 10-9-10 tell us what must be done with THE GOSPEL definition in 1st Cor 15:1-4 to be saved.

Anyone who professes to believe THE GOSPEL but denies obedience of faith are described in James.

Are There Christians Here
According to the 2010 United States Census, Delaware had a population of 897,934 people. The racial composition of the state was: 68.9% White American (65.3% Non-Hispanic White, 3.6% White Hispanic) 21.4% Black or African American.

Actually Deleware has the highest abortion rate per 1000 births number 1 State on the list of MOST ABORTIONS per 1000. And yet has the lease Black or African American population.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Haz27, I think the difference here is, in N Germany you would never see a Black, Brown,Yellow,Red person, or a Jew...ala WHITE PERSON, hold any sort of office....except maybe in the concentration camps...

But here, there are more Black democrats in the north and the south. There is black on black oppression and racism in Alabama, the SOUTH, she said she never ran across, and now states she has, being called OREO, by BLACK PEOPLE. I never knew what that word meant,...heck, I just got chewed out because I spelled it wrong. She's so paranoid about being black, that when I BOLDED my answer back at her nonsense, she accused me of being racist...because my words were MORE BLACK I guess than the unbolded black words of hers. Crazy!

Jesus Takes Our Sin
David I agree, "obedience of faith", exactly what Paul preached, the Gospel according to the Mystery. Romans 16-24-27, Colossians 1:24-27, Colossians 2. That totally involves being crucified with Christ FIRST, if one reads from the beginning of Romans 5-8

That's what being sanctified THROUGH THE "BODY" OF CHRIST MEANS. Hebrews 10. Not possible in the OT. And again in Hebrews 10... is ONCE AND FOR ALL. No more year after year temporary coverings, and FOR ALL, means for the whole world. The sin debt has been PAID IN FULL FOR ALL MANKIND. The ONLY thing man now can do is believe and RECEIVE THE FREE GIFT... if you refuse it.....and refuse obedience of faith, YOU HAVE CHOSEN of your own free will to go to hell.

End Of World September 2017
Trump is his own worst enemy. The more he shoots off his mouth, the more he gets in trouble....because he simply does not understand the Constitution or the Government. He thinks he's running a business where he can act like a typical tyrant boss, having temper tantrums, and then continues to stew about it, where you know those 6am tweets are from someone OBSESSING....he's definitely PASSAVE AGGRESSIVE, and those kind of folks can be very dangerous. He created ANOTHER FIRE STORM , one by threatening the NFL with some TAX issues he will personally enforce....he says. He thinks he's so tough with the threats....but may find himself impeached after all with that line of illegal aggression.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Sorry Nicole, I refuse to be race baited by your sick,, pathetic, paranoid, moronic stupid, accusations. They are the most Pathetic, twisted cognitive statements I've ever heard coming from you to date or from any human being, apart from your Rosanna Rosanna Dana comments about flooding......

Get off those drugs Nicole.

I often bold, and I BOLDED to separate my statements from yours. Only you Nicole would go looking for something not there....which makes you a racist Nicole.

Get a life Nicole...your pathetic.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark_Eaton, many would disagree with you. Jesus was made flesh for the purpose of His humanity died. What you are saying is Jesus REALLY didn't die, because God can't die....

That again doesnt interfere with the belief in the Trinity. The WORD was made flesh, ..also remember there was never "THE MAN CHRIST JESUS" before His incarnation.

There is one mediator between God and man, and that is THE MAN CHRIST JESUS.....The risen Christ....the Last Adam.

Also Mark., in the OT the VEIL is what symbolized sin separating God in the Holy of Holies from man....and now we come to God THROUGH THE VEIL, THAT IS TO SAY HIS FLESH.

The veil was rent, opening the way also explained in Heb 10.

End Of World September 2017
Standing and pledging is not a LAW, enforced by anyone, however is politically correct to do so. BUT it's Trump who wants to totally demolish anything politically correct, like RESPECTING others for starters. Name calling in front of the whole world, violent GIF'S is so disrespectful EVEN FOX NEWS HAS OPENLY DENOUNCED TRUMP FOR DOING.

Trump threatening some sort of tax this or that against the NFL, would again be forcing his way into the IRS to not legal, and it's Trumps open tweeting that now has him in trouble and will cost him because it is an abuse of power.

If it were simply a law Nicole, it would have been nipped in the Trump has made his case an abuse of power.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
I think this issue has been addressed by Jeff Sessions.

But I don't think it had to do with criminalizing Christian beliefs.. I believe many, not even Christian had issues with some of these laws that would make it easier for Preditors claiming to be a transgender access to hunting their victims more easily.

Now we have laws passed by Republicans making it easier for for the drug industry to continue on with pushing drugs.

There are so many areas of total obscene laws.....but everyone seemed to be asleep at the wheel on that one.....FRIGHTENING. I wonder what other horrible laws will be passed while all these intentional distractions are put in place?

Revolutionary Communist Party
response to the devastation in the wake of Hurrican Maria that virtually wiped out the power grid, Puerto Rican's are flooding into the US, taking full advantage of their freedom to travel to the US.

Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans are evacuating and packing scheduled flights and charter jets in a mass exodous of historic proportions.

The exodous from Puerto Rico has forced Florida Gov. Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency in all 67 Florida counties last week and open three disaster relief centers.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
David, I believe the TAKING AWAY is in contrast to COVERING. Hebrews 10 explain this very thing. Taking away means once and for all, Jesus sacrifice alone is sufficient to satisfy Gods judgement upon sin.

What I don't see you or the Church ( not all of coarse) preaching is Romans 6... That the ONLY way sin is dealt with in our daily life is to die to sin, by dying with Christ and raised up a new Creature, who now walks in the Spirit and not the flesh. YET still being in our bodies and in a sinful world, we still can stumble and fall., but we don't lose our salvation.

And David, self sanctification is impossible, and a false doctrine again clearly explained in Hebrews 10.

End Of World September 2017
The only fish in the barrel that got shot is you Nicole. The case you sited has nothing whatsoever about employers FORCING anyone to say anything.

What will be a red flag is if a law is passed that American Citizens must bow to , or salute to, or pledge to, we see is the case we see and saw in many communist or extreme religious controlled countries.

I just saw an awesome movie last night , true story in fact, " Within the Wirlwind" how Russian Citizens were treated during Stalin's reign of terror.

When I hear Trump wanting to revoke the licenses of News Agencies who don't worship and praise Trump on every turn......YIKES.

Are There Christians Here
And just to reiterate my last post here, that is exactly what the RCC tried to do for over a thousand years.....and LOST, and also got the name of anti-Christ for that behavior.

Your comment was very telling. I pray for your soul Nicole. No "man" =6 or man made rule since=6, being enforced by mans own righteousness =6 is going to save you. And one that is an adulter at least two times over AINT GONNA SAVE YOU.

There's no real proof you are who,you say you could be Steve Bannon or one of his tools for all anyone knows here.... Ever read Psalms should. It's the LORD who takes care of evil doers...not you or Trump. So cool your jets Nicole. Pride comes before a fall. REPENT!

Revolutionary Communist Party
Oh dear Nicole, you do have a problem with understanding what someone is saying...

If you comprehended the whole post, you should know it had nothing to do with water. I can't imagine water being able to change a district from Republican to Democrat, ...thanks for the laugh.

Try again.

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