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Is Left Behind Movie Correct
It's a movie, therefore it will not be 100% correct.

End Of World September 2017
As Cluny pointed out, only those who believe in the pre-trib rapture worry about these prognosticators. And as StrongAxe pointed out, there are a lot of events which must take place before Christs return.

Funny thing...all the folks I know, who believe in a Pre-trib rapture, seem to fear rather than rejoice about that day.

Who Is The AntiChrist
You don't have to know him, simply recognize him for who he is. If you witness a being that appears supernatural by the miracles he performs and he is claiming to be the promised messiah---Josef on 9/18/17

To add.
He will be the one the Jews choose to be their Christ. (Matthew 24:15)
Remember, since they rejected Christ, they are still waiting to name someone as Christ!

Jesus was not Kingly enough for them, so for the reason they rejected Jesus, they will accept the Anti-Christ. He will be a King, a President, a monarch or someone of stature, the Jews will be proud to proclaim to be their Christ.

Who Is The AntiChrist
Here's what I know.
The Anti-Christ will be the one who rules over the entire world, as noted in his 666 designation. How do we know this?

6 is the number of man
66 is a ruler of men (President, King,etc)
666 is the number of someone who rules over rulers, a king of kings.

To be a 666, you must first be a 66. So one can draw their own conclusion from that.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
Should Christians ever "loot"?

Who Is The AntiChrist
Only time will tell with this topic. However, I believe God will make it obvious to Christians.

Tithe To Abused Animals
The Tithe was a Law established under the old covenant. A Law God made with the twelve tribes of Israel. It was created as an inheritance for the Levite tribe, who worked day and night as Priests in Gods temple.
You can find proof of this, in (Numbers 18:24-26).

Now since this was the purpose of the Tithe, and we are now under the New covenant, are we still required to pay a Tithe to the Levite Priests?

Now as to giving under the New Covenant, are we to give 10% to "The Church"? No!!
Are we to give to those in need? Yes!!

Now if you need further proof, give it directly to someone in need, someone God has put on your conscience, and then get ready for Gods reward. It just might be an answer to your prayer.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
I don't see any difference between burglary and looting, unless it's food or water taken as an act of survival, with the intent of paying for the items when order is restored.

Commandments From Jesus
We, as Christians, are not bound by the Laws of Moses....
because we are under the new covenant, which has a different set of laws, and not the old one, with those 619 laws.---StrongAxe

Just because we are not under the Law of Moses, doesn't mean we are not under the Law, as most folks have been led to believe.

When Paul said, "we are not under the Law", he was referring to the Law of Moses, the Jews were once under, not the covenant of Grace, Christ gave us in his Gospel.

Paul called the covenant of Moses, "Works" and the covenant of Christ, "Grace". The true meaning behind, "Not by works, but by Grace". (John 1:17)

Commandments From Jesus
I have been saying for years that Christians are not under the Law, so they are not bound by the Ten Commandments as such, as those were given to Israel and not everyone else..---StrongAxe

True,....we are not under the Law given to Israel, but false,....if you are saying those who have accepted Jesus Christ, as Lord, are not under his Law.

How can someone be under Gods covenant and not be under his Law, when the very definition of "Covenant" is "Law"??

Another way of saying it, so it's better understood, is Israel was under the Law of the Old Covenant, which included Sabbaths and Tithes, and we are under Law of the New Covenant, which include acts of Love for God and your neighbor.

Commandments From Jesus
Jesus answered that when he said, "How can you love the Lord whom you have not seen, if you do not love your neighbor whom you have seen?"---StrongAxe

It was not Jesus, it was John who.... kinda said this in (1John 4:20).

To further illustrate my point, look at (Romans 13: 8-10), where Paul pairs love with a few of the Ten Commandments. For the sins he mentions, are committed against your neighbor.

How can you break any of these commandments,...if "Love works no harm to his neighbor", when breaking these commandments, harms your neighbor? So if you break these commandments, doesn't this prove, you do not love your neighbor? I mean.... if we go by what the Bible says.

Commandments From Jesus
Jesus Commandments are simply LOVE.---Nicole_Lacey

Yes, Seemingly simple, if we understand how love is created for God and for others. Let's use the example of the victims of hurricane Harvey, in relation to (James 2:14-16) & (John 14:21).

The flood victims are direct recipients, of folks who are doing what the Lord is commanding them do. In response to these actions, the flood victims feel genuine love for these folks who are helping them. Complete strangers one minute, and the love of a family member in the next.

Now what if these folks ignored these commands, as in the example of (James 2:16)? Would they still be loved for their inaction?

Commandments From Jesus
You need only to obey that one commandment to fulfil the law and that is found in Romans 13 - to love your neighbor. In short, you simply do not understand the gospel or its message.---Riolion on 8/31/17

But the first and greatest commandment, Jesus gave us, was to "Love the Lord". (Matthew 22:37 & 38)

How do you Love the Lord, According to the Lords Gospel, in (John 14:21)?

Tearing Down Statues
How to break the cycle? The Republican Way is to cut the funding, throw people out on the streets, and let Darwinian Law decide who survives.---StrongAxe on 8/25/17

Personally I hate politics, but being a child of God, I must vote, against those whose agenda is set against the morality of mankind, morality instilled by God.

I can not base my decision on economics, taxes, health programs or foreign affairs, when one party has seemingly set their sights on destroying the morality of man, for political gain.

Gay rights, abortion, gender identity, and the absolution of moral responsibility, for those who reside in government housing projects. This is the electoral platform for the Democratic Party.

Tearing Down Statues
How is a person who is not taught to read and write responsible for what happens to them?--Samuel

They are definitely at a disadvantage, and I'm not refuting that point. My point is that the parents are to blame for these disadvantages, not "Rich White" people, on whom the blame has been placed.

Italian and Irish immigrants started out in similar conditions, and they were white, so color is not a prerequisite for poverty. But they were able to climb out of the condition.

Why were they able to get out?
The government did not feed and clothe them, which would have kept them in that condition. (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

Tearing Down Statues
Do you think God will blame poor children on their parents' immorality or other circumstances?

Heard of Sodom and Gomorrah?
God wiped those folks from the face of the earth, men, women.....and children. Were they destroyed because the color or their skin, or the evil in their hearts?

Man, not God, created the environment where folks are being judged by color. When the color of your skin is not a factor which determines good or evil.

Too many folks get caught up in worldly things, which cause their unGodly mistakes. Like supporting the unGodly cycle of behavior in our housing projects. Let's find a way to break the cycle, and not funding it with taxes to perpetuate the behavior.

Tearing Down Statues
I have a friend who was born in the Atlanta Projects. He is only one of 9 children, but he and his siblings had 8 different fathers. His mother was never married. They were very poor, and in a crime filled neighborhood.

What caused his poverty, and crime? Was it the immorality of his mother and father, or was it tax breaks given to those "Rich White Men", who provided my friend with a job, which got him out of poverty?

If it's the immorality, why don't we put the blame where it belongs, instead of displacing the blame to rich "White Men", which only perpetuates this sad situation?
Who will God blame for their immorality on judgement day, them, or the rich "White Man"?

Tearing Down Statues
The Republicans started starting supporting only rich white men. ---Samuelbb7

What policies do they have in place that make white men rich, those policies that only make white men rich?

Funny how little children do not segregate folks, by color, but adults do. In (Matthew 18:3) Jesus teaches us a lesson, Christians need to learn. Be a Christian, not a color!!!!

Tearing Down Statues
"Divide and Conquer"
Don't get sucked in folks.

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