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How Was Christianity Maintained

Jesus certainly distinguished one kind of sin from another. He hung around with thieves, prostitutes, and even adulteresses without condemning them - yet was constantly condemning the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

How Was Christianity Maintained

Mortal vs. venial sins are the RCC sin equivalents of secular crimes - felonies vs. misdemeanors.

I had heard that there was one village in Italy that had the horrible "religious" tradition that the priest slept with every bride to be before marrying them and their husbands.

People who do things like this (or tell stories like "meat eaters in hell") fit Paul's scathing accusation in Romans 2:24 "For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through YOU, as it is written" (and the penalty for this in Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, and Luke 17:2).

Finish Here January 2018

You wrote: The Gospel HAS been established, therefore the OFFICE is no longer in effect

You (and many others) seem to believe that, but what scripture ACTUALLY says that the office of Apostle becomes obsolete once the gospel is established? I am not aware of any.

Did Paul Replace Judas
Acts 1:12-26 is fairly clear that Matthias was specifically chosen to replace Judas.
Acts 9 mentions Paul's conversion, but doesn't mention the word Apostle, nor Judas, nor replacement.

There are some who believe the Apostles chose Matthias and God chose Paul, and God's choice supercedes theirs, but there is nothing in Paul's conversion story to suggest he was chosen as a replacement for Judas. This theory is just creating a theological position out of thin air based on no evidence.

How Was Christianity Maintained

You wrote: I don't care that your doctrine FORBIDS you to drink alcohol period.

How do you know whether or not kathr4453's doctrine forbids drinking alcohol? I don't recall her ever mentioning it. Wouldn't your making such unwarranted assumptions about what her church teaches be just as presumptuous and uninformed as her making unwarranted assumptions about what your church teaches?

Husband In Jail
To get authoritative answers to such questions, you would probably be better off asking professionals, rather asking a bunch of people on the internet. For answers about spiritual grounds for divorce, consult a clergyman. For answers about legal grounds for a divorce, consult a lawyer.

People on online forums like this might give you their own opinions, and some of those opinions might be right, but since anyone can post here, some of those opinions might be wrong as well. Doing a web search might help as well, because it's likely that many people have been in this situation before, and asked the same question, and many have likely answered it - some of those being clergymen and lawyers.

Finish Here January 2018

NOTHING in Eph 2:19-20 says WHEN apostles existed, or if and when they ended.
Acts 1:21-25 and Rev 21:14 do NOT mention Paul.
Jude 1:3 does not DEFINE who and what those saints are/were.

NONE of these disallow apostles today and SIMULTANEOUSLY permit Paul.

I believe what scripture SAYS, to the level of clarity that it actually provides. I don't presume to try to read God's mind and deduce things he didn't feel it necessary to say.


I was commenting ONLY on what Matthew 25+10 ACTUALLY SAY. It would be an "absurd claim" to presume those scriptures define everything else. They don't, but you stubbornly refuse to get it.

What Is Righteous Judgement

The blog was originally created in 2010. There have been only 9 posts on it since then, in 2013 and 2014. Except Samuelbb7, none of the people involved are active on ChristiaNet blogs anymore.

When posting to a blog for the first time, it is usually a good idea to see when the most recent posts were made, to see if the discussion is still active, or just a ghost of discussions past.

Finish Here January 2018

I believe what Scripture ACTUALLY SAYS. I don't necessarily believe what people use psychic powers to read beteen the lines but isn't actually there.


I hadn't answered john9346's question because I was extremely busy the last few days. I DO have a life outside CN. Also, I have had to waste so much time answering your constant badgering, and the blog doesn't let me post two replies at once, that I haven't had the opportunity to reply to it yet.

I see your "deflection" record player is still playing.

As john9346 said, you reject scripture,

WRONG. See above.


I agree that was splitting hairs and choking on gnats. Can we all please move on?

Finish Here January 2018

Your broken record keeps playing the same tracks of "deflection", "obfuscation", and "victim narrative" over and over again. I'm tired of it, and I'm done. You already wasted two blogs with this discussion. I won't waste my time hittimg my head against the wall with you to totally waste a third one.

Jesus refused to debate the Pharisees when he saw it was pointles to do so. I do the same with you.

I spend far more time away from CN than on it

This is the wisest thing I've heard you say yet.

And I suggest that YOU use scripture to confirm scripture, rather than fantasizing nebulous interpretations from one scripture and then shoving those interpretations into others.

Married With No License

I'm sorry about your situation, but I'm not sure if there is a question there for people to answer. Could you be a bit more specific about what you are looking for?

Finish Here January 2018

I have repeatedly said that I don't believe this, yet you keep parroting this nonsense over and over again.

You are also very presumptuous to speak for everyone here. Have a look yourself to see how many here have found my posts useful, and how many have found your posts useful. I let them speak for themselves.

Your 1/11/18 post claims Matthew 25 is just a parable, but that doesn't explain it at all. Try again.

I am not arguing salvation solely on works, only that Matthew 10+25 don't mention faith. Stop twisting my words!

I also said you have until the end of that blog to argue it. That blog is over. I'm done.

Mix Of Grace Law Or

You wrote: Matt 25 YOU claim sheep are saved, but are NOT Christians.

I have asked you to explain WHY Christians would ask "when did we see you hungry and feed you?" several times, yet you have never answered this. Why the deflection?

Matthew 10 doesn't SPECIFICALLY refer to Christians - it could refer to either Christians or non-Christians.

BTW, I've repeatedly quoted scripture to you showing how Matt 25 & 10, etc refer to Christians, using RITUAL descriptors.

Those scriptures had NOTHING to do with Matthew 25 and 10 WHATSOEVER.

Mix Of Grace Law Or

I wrote: The selection criterion between sheep and goats here is SOLELY based on deeds, NOT on faith...

You repeatedly ignored the word here even when I highighted it with underline, bold, italics, and MARQUEE to make sure you couldn't miss it! I was specifically talking about Matthew 25 ONLY, not about the whole bible!

Christians would know better than to ask "when did we feed you?" since they would already know the answer. SO WHO ARE THEY?

You have yet to answer how Christians would not already know this.

Finish Here January 2018

JESUS was seen of Cephas (later). Cephas was NOT personally present in the tomb.
Your message said nothing about any sin I must repent "lest I imperil my soul".
The ultimate authority? God.
It's not that I disbelieve what scripture says, just what people read between the lines.


Acts 1:22+4:33 speak about witnesses of the resurrection PHENOMENON rather than the resurrection EVENT, and I pointed out that these are slightly different, but yes, it's splitting hairs.

In court, the distinction is important - if I smashed your car and you later saw me sitting in it, you could say "the car was smashed and he was in it", but not "he smashed my car".

Mix Of Grace Law Or

You wrote: AXE. It's clear you follow a gospel where JC is irrelevant to salvation as works is enough.

I've repeatedly told you that this is NOT the case, but my words fall on deaf ears.

You take Matt 25, Matt 10:42, in isolation from the the Bible,

Yes - because I was speaking ONLY about what they SPECIFICALLY say. I Never said that was the WHOLE message of the Bible.

You have until the end of this blog to flog this dead horse, and then I'm done with it.

Finish Here January 2018

Nowhere does 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 say ANYONE witnessed the resurrection. It happened before the stone was rolled away. Many people saw the resurrected Jesus AFTER the resurrection, but nobody actually saw the resurrection. Apostles didn't even believe until women told them about it.

I never said Paul wasn't an apostle - only that he didn't meet a set of 3 criteria that you set forth (which means your criteria were incorrect).

Sir, I pray you'll repent and believe before its to late for you...

What, exactly do I need to repent OF? We were talking about whether the canon is closed - so I asked you to show me which scripture REQUIRED proper belief about the canon in order to be saved.

Mix Of Grace Law Or

You attack and accuse me in almost every post (e.g. "false gospel", "deflection", "leftie"). I rarely snap at you - only from constant provocation, then you pull the "victim card" card.

About the "primary issue of the Bible", you mention many important scriptures on faith, yet ignore important ones on works like Matthew 25, and James 2 about both. Why? To see the whole picture about ANYTHING, you should see all angles. As with most arguments, you cite things agreeing with your point while ignoring anything with even a slightly different perspective. Talk about deflection!

John 14:6.

Matthew 25 sheep did the will of Jesus without even realizing it.

Mix Of Grace Law Or

You wrote: AXE. I see youre now even gloating of your virtue of being long suffering

Gloating? Are you even CAPABLE of making a post without accusing somenoe of something? Read your New Testament and see who is called "the accuser", and whose agenda you seem to be following.

I point out the flaws that legislators have as a group. You point out flaws *I* have personally. That is the difference.

Still waiting for you to explain your doctrines contradiction of the gospel.

I have explained already, but you will keep waiting until icicles drip from Satan's nose.

Finish Here January 2018

You wrote: False what he actually stated is, "8 And last of all...

Exactly. He was seen AFTER the resurrection. Nobody saw the resurrection AS IT WAS TAKING PLACE (which is what I said, and in bold face to make it clear).

I wrote: Show me where scripture requires proper belief about whether the canon is closed or not as a prerequisite for salvation.

You wrote: 2 Tim 3:16-17

Nothing in this passage says anything about "canon", nor anything about "salvation".

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