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Who Is The AntiChrist
David, I agree, they are waiting for their messiah, and since the choice to accept him will be based on the perceptions of their senses, he will be easy for them, and the world to embrace.

Who Is The AntiChrist
For those of you who do care. You don't have to know him, simply recognize him for who he is. If you witness a being that appears supernatural by the miracles he performs and he is claiming to be the promised messiah, savior of his people, and you are still in this mortal, natural body, having not been changed, he is the counterfeit. The anti-christ comes first.

Is DACA Legal
Thank you for your responses.

Is DACA Legal

I don't know exactly how a bill becomes law, never really interested in civics. However the young people of Milan and other young people with similar stories remaining in the U.S. temporarily, as long as they meet age, education and residency requirements, seems like a harmless concept. Why would anyone have a problem with it? Why did Trump have to do anything?

Tearing Down Statues
"School lunches, meals on wheels, and health care for millions are a waste?!" Nicole you answered Yes.
How do you think the money would be better used?
"t has been proven that the Government wastes MORE money trying to help than nongovernment originations." By whom, and why not?

Pope Francis Prayers
Worth repeating, "My/our lives depend upon the Lord. I hope my opinions are being formed, even changed by the truth, not by men's arguments, a political party or media." Amen

Impossible To Sin
"Joseph: See below your own statements in defending that sin is a "Gene." that was the context in me replying to David when you replied to me:
Again, Where?? You've read something into my response that is not there.
"Sir, can you state for us all thedefinition of the "Incarnation."
What does the definition of incarnation have to do with whether of not the word is used or implied in the verses I referenced?

Finish It Here June 2017
Here's an example Strongaxe, if you have Strongs in book form look up the word spirit Heb. 7307 or Gk 4151, then look it up on line. Note for yourself the alterations in the form of additions. Definitions listed online that are not listed in the book as applicable to the word used or its root.

Impossible To Sin
"Sir, if you read very carefully I explained that the "Scriptures."you cite are referencing the incarnation when the Lord Jesus Christ took on Human Nature."
Where is the word incarnation used, or even implied, in any of those verses?
"I also explained that the Lord Jesus Christ the Second Person of the Trinity is God who Eternally Existed again, Phil 2:5-8, Jn 1:1-3, 14, and Jn 17:5..."
Your reading into those verses something that is not there, certainly not stated.
"Then why are you defending it??"
Where?? You've read something into my response that is not there.
Talking about false witnessing:oD))

Finish It Here June 2017
John there is a free online Strong's available. Although it has been altered, without warrant, from the original, probably in and attempted satisfy the biases of denominational religions, it is sufficient for finding any scripture verse by simply typing in any word found in the verse. Therefore any reader looking to document the scriptural validity of any statement made has the resource available to do so. Besides, If asked, I will gladly offer the basis for any belief I embrace, and a reason for the Hope that is in me:o)

Impossible To Sin
"And your point sir?"
You said "The Lord Jesus Christ was never, "Born", my point was to show that you were mistaken, with scripture. Here's another, Mat 1:18
"Pick one and we can begin the discussion? What would be the point?
"You and David must establish from, "Scripture." that sin is a "Gene."
Why? I never said "that sin is a Gene".

Impossible To Sin

"3. Lk 2:11, Isa 9:6, and Gal 4:4 are "Direct Statements." pertaining to the "Incarnation." of the Lord Jesus Christ."---john9346 on 6/3/17"
According to whom? Born means born in any language, and pertains or refers to a woman, or female of any species, giving birth, or bringing forth an offspring. Jesus was formed and born like any other man, only the way He was conceived was unique.

Finish It Here June 2017
"To not quote or provide reference is to claim ownership of a statement or statements... " John I do own the statement, I made it, It was not a direct word for word quote, so I did not put the statement in quotation marks. However it is easily referenced in scripture for any one looking to document it. The word is in my heart, therefore it's in my mouth. It is the "living water" the Father has given to flow from me in an act of sharing, with anyone willing to hear. However, it is never forced on anyone.
"Its not for me to remember sir," If not you, who? "....otherwise, its bearing "False Witness." How? I made no attempt to quote you, and a statement by you, to me, was made.

Impossible To Sin
"Joseph ask, "Where John? Chapter and verse." 1 Jn 3:1-9, Jer 17:9, and Rom 7:23-25.
John where does any of those verses mention, or even imply, a "sin nature"?

Impossible To Sin
"The Lord Jesus Christ was never, "Born."
John what do you do with these verses?
"When the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman,..Gal 4:4
"Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:" Isa 9:6
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11
"Sin is not a "Gene.", but is nature according to "Scripture."
Where John? Chapter and verse.

Finish It Here June 2017
"Dear Joseph sir,
1. Please provide the context of what you are alleging here (name of post, statement, and date)."

The blog has been deleted, it was a response your statement to me on the "Not want to live forever" blog, you only made one. If you can't remember it, don't worry about it.
"3. I've noticed your lack of or not at all citing verses in ownership such as chapter and verse... is this intentional??
Didn't have the space, the entire response were quotes from scripture, are the chapters and verses really necessary? Do you not recognized them??

What Is The Judgement
John, this is for you, in response to a statement by you, addressed to me, you know the one. If we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins. The soul that does ought presumptuously,.... the same reproaches the LORD, and that soul shall be cut off from among His people. Because he has despised the word of the LORD, and has broken His commandment, that soul shall utterly be cut off, his iniquity shall be upon him. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. Those who reject Him are referenced in 2Thes 2:7-12.

What Is The Judgement
I agree Chria9396, it is puzzling. If it was a space issue it would seem that the logical thing to do would be to delete the ones that are full and cannot receive any more responses. This question will likely not be addressed, but I'll ask anyway. What makes one blog question of more importance, or of more relevance than the next? Are the questions retained on this forum based solely on the participation of the respondent.

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