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How Was Christianity Maintained
Thanks Strongaxe for the definition RCC puts on their list of sins. All 66 Books define ONLY sin that God defines, and Jesus died for ONLY sin God defines, which is, everything our OLD MAN when we DIE to sin, WE DIE with Christ...not some list we nail to Gods door that we are guilty of . And as a NEW CREATURE we can eat all the meat in the world EVEN PORK CHOPS, every day of the week.

If man does not understand SIN and their relation to SIN, how will they ever understand Jesus died for our SIN.....every last sin, which in Gods eyes is NOT categorized into groups of little sins vs great big felonies.

Again this is WHY the RCC is preaching a FALSE Gospel. And why some think they need to flirt with it is appalling.

Christ In You
David, Christ in you, and you in Christ happen together instantly. Whether one knows it or not, the very moment one is saved you are baptized into His death and raised up together with Christ a New Creature. and Paul shows in Corinthians that that same Spirit is who baptized you into the Body of Christ, being made members of His Body.

John 17 Jesus prayed, I IN THEM AND THOU IN ME THAT WE MAY BE ONE, and that we share in His Glory , was only promised to the CHURCH. Israel will one day SEE His Glory, but we will actually be Glorified together with Him...and it takes both being In Christ and Christ being in you....happening the very moment you receive Him...then becoming a SON as only we THE CHURCH are.

How Was Christianity Maintained
What is a Venial sin please? Is it something made up NOT in the Law, which points to sin. Or does Venial mean anything the POPE decides is sin, even if God doesn't ....

Actually Nicole, I have a very good friend who is Catholic who is very bitter because she was told her mother was in Hell because she ate meat on some specific Friday and didn't confess it or something like that. I do know there are many local priests who also MAKE UP junk as well. One such priest insisted he sleep with some bride to be, to purify her, before he would marry her and her husband to be.

Ok so no hell for meat eaters, HOWEVER, this poor very loyal Catholic still thinks her mother is in hell.

Finish Here January 2018
Again Nicole, what Luther wanted to do and actually did not is not King James fault, since the King James Bible came out of England not Germany.

And whatever was decided has nothing to do with MONEY, as you keep insisting.

I could say the same of you Nicole, your arguing clearly proves you hate Cats, and love molesting and mutilating them.....

So now I make as much sense as you do......and maybe jumped on your wave band here......NOW DO YOU GET IT.

If I don't NEED the extra books to COMPLETE MY SALVATION, and Christ is ALL I need.....maybe YOU value NON spiritual books more than Jesus Christ. Sounds like YOUR the one with issues..not me.

How Was Christianity Maintained
Biblically, the concepts of mortal and venial sin present an unbiblical picture of how God views sin. The Bible states that God will be just and fair in His punishment of sin and that on the day of judgment some sin will merit greater punishment than others (Matthew 11:22, 24, Luke 10:12, 14). But the fact is that all sin will be punished by God. The Bible teaches that all of us sin (Romans 3:23) and that the just compensation for sin is eternal death (Romans 6:23). Over and against the concepts of mortal and venial sin, the Bible does not state that some sins are worthy of eternal death whereas others are not. All sins are mortal sins in that even one sin makes the offender worthy of eternal separation from God.

How Was Christianity Maintained
The No meat on Friday( no longer in Effect) started way before the existance of America or USA....but continued in America, even though the Natives( that is those Catholics born in the USA) won over the ones who wanted the Pope in control. BUT when the POPE decided the rule was no longer in effect( while many were told their loved ones went to hell for eating meat on Friday....YES ) it discontinued here in America too.

So exactly HOW is the Catholic Church NOT controlled by the Vatacan, which is in ROME. Is it more a POLITICAL issue and not a doctrinal one?

Anyone besides Nicole please. She deflected because she doesn't know the answer either.

Finish Here January 2018
In all fairness, the list in Ephesians 4 list SPIRITUAL GIFTS, the first being Apostles, then prophets, etc. and THESE GIFTS are specifically FOR the Body of Christ, for our building up.

A spiritual gift is different than an OFFICE, where the Apostles of the first century church were there not only to establish the church, but also with signs and wonders preaching the Gospel to the lost.

So actually the word Apostle here may be referring to two entirely different things. The Gospel HAS been established, therefore the OFFICE is no longer in effect, HOWEVER the SPIRITUAL GIFT of Apostle for those already saved may very well still be in effect.

How Was Christianity Maintained
The Movie " Gangs of New York" was about the gang wars between American Catholics and Those who still believed they were under the ROMAN Catholic Church. Even today, more predomitely in the NE you will find a different sort of Catholic than say here in Atlanta. However, the doctrine of the Catholic Church and practices ...say no meat on Friday rule, ....was still imposed by the Pope in Rome, ....not individual Catholic Churches in America.

So, I'm confused......are American Catholics totally severed from ANY AND ALL things the Roman Church believes? AND "Mass" is ONLY in the Catholic Church where "Catholic" here does NOT mean universal.

Finish Here January 2018
The Luther Bible (German: Lutherbibel) is a German language Bible translation from Hebrew and ancient Greek by Martin Luther. The New Testament was first published in 1522 and the complete Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha, in 1534.

Nicole, are you saying this is a lie? I don't see where the others were omitted.

What I do find awesome is..HE HAD THE BIBLE PRINTED SO THE LITTLE PEOPLE COULD READ FOR THEMSELVES. Which was illegal under the RCC. Many were murdered by the RCC for giving Bibles to the little people who suddenly became morons and illiterate after the RCC put themselves in charge of Christianity.

Finish Here January 2018
Haz27, there are many who mix law and grace. So did those who came into Galatia. So do Catholics, SDA's etc. are you planning to take them ALL ON? That's not our job Haz27. Our job is to state the Truth, let the Holy Spirit do HIS WORK, and move on. You're no different than the RCC or Calvin murdering anyone who disagreed with any part of their beliefs.

There are aspects of your beliefs Haz27 many of us disagree with you on, and also have shown scripture to you...but you also REFUSE to listen.

Move on Haz27. You've made your point OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND.......,

Is Senator Warren A Native
Well, Trump did it again. Derogatory names now for poor people in poor countries with skin color unlike his. Trumps America is not the REAL AMERICA , but one he fantasizes in his mind, that doesn't exist here. Some of the most BRILLIANT minds were those who grew up POOR, and Color had NOTHING to do with it. My father grew up in an orphanage during the depression and ended up a Nuclear Engineer graduating from M. I. T. His life was AMAZING, considering the sHole he came from.

Is this how foolish folks will be when the BEAST makes you take a mark, but then when called out says, "NO NO, IM NOT THE BEAST...the fake news is lying" .....bla bla bla, because that's what I'm seeing.

Finish Here January 2018
The natural man, also includes mind, cannot understand the things of the Spirit, because they are Spiritually discerned. So no, physic powers is not necessary here, nor will claiming you have them lead you into truth, beware, that's called ( GNOSTICISM)....,HOWEVER, the Holy Spirit is the one who leads you into all truth. He is our TEACHER. Without His guidance it's impossible to understand what the Lord is teaching us.

The Gospel message however should be understood by all. ****Romans 10:9-10.. 1 Cor 15:1-4****

Finish Here January 2018
Nicole, well, if the missing books represent money, and Luther somehow took the books for his private collection, ( like keeping the Mona Lisa ) then a crime has been committed.

So, when Luther was around were the common people THEN allowed to have their own personal Bibles? So your saying Luther owned a book publishing and binary company and made books for everyone, but chose not to include all 73? So if that is true, did it somehow interfere with the Gospel of salvation? I personally see in only the 66 books a COMPLETING of the knowledge of SALVATION and righteous living.

Will these other books CHANGE the Gospel? If not, then I don't see any worth there to begin with.

Finish Here January 2018
Strongaxe, since scripture is God breathed, and God the Father KNOWS only He and the Holy Spirit were present at the moment Jesus was raised from the dead, there can be no other definition of those who witnessed Jesus Resurrection, than those who saw Him after the stone was rolled away. Since God is not confused, nor submitting a trick question of splitting hairs, then we must conclude that those who witnessed the Resurrection of Jeus Christ are exactly those scripture defines as those who saw Him during those 40 days after they witnessed His death until He ascended into Heaven. Scripture also,states that He will return THE SAME WAY as He ascended. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED, nor will it until the 2nd Coming, when ALL eyes will see.

New Covenant With Israel
Samuel, the Christian Jews thought Gentiles were in submission to the Jews, and wanted them to become Jews. THE MYSTERY which is Christ in you does not. Romans 6-8 says we DIED TO THE LAW ala Law of Moses and have a New Law ...the Perfect Law of LIBERTY, where we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Those laws are LOVE JOY PEACE LONGSUFFERING FAITH, PATIENCE, etc. against these there is NO LAW. We live a HIGHER LAW. And this Law of FAITH comes ONLY be being conformed to His Image by being crucified with Christ and raised a new creation. Becoming OBEDIENT UNTO DEATH...PHILIPPIANS 2-3.

As Isaac so are we...( Isaac was a perfect example of becoming obedient unto death). It's all there ....what the Lord showed Abraham...

New Covenant With Israel
Samuel, there is no Gospel in the Law of Moses. And the same is true for the New Covenant, there is no Gospel in the New Covenant....the Gospel is In the Everlasting Covenant AKA the Abrahamic Covenant. Hebrews 11 show this all the way back to Abel SALVATION.

This is why we have Calvinists, who jump right to the NC and think they were PICKED, without FIRST showing faith, and why so many jump to the NC thinking WALLA, now we can keep the Law of Moses again but we can lose favor.

NOTHING replaced the Abrahamic Covenant, where FAITH is required, and that FAITH, will always from Abel to today DECLARE one Righteous...even the most horrible of sinners....INSTANTLY being imputed the righteousness of Christ OSAS. More later.

Finish Here January 2018
The Bible clearly states those who saw Jesus for those 40 days before He ascended into heaven were in fact WITNESSES OF JESUS RESURRECTION. Did anyone have to be in the sealed tomb with Jesus at the very moment the instant He was made alive. NO, but that doesn't mean no one witnessed His resurrection. Actually Thomas said he wouldn't believe Jesus rose from the dead until he saw with his own eyes. Ans so that happened. But Jesus said blessed are those who don't see but believe.

To make it sound like you had to be in the tomb with Jesus to witness His resurrection is playing games here ....

The BIBLE clarified many witnessed His resurrection and the BIBLE defines what that means EXACTLY.

New Covenant With Israel
The EVERLASTING Covenant , which the Church is under, just read Galatians, AKA the Abrahamic Covenant has nothing to do with keeping any LAWS in the heart. The Everlasting Covenant is based on PROMISES God has made, Hebrews 13:20-21, 2 Peter 1 and we RECEIVE BY FAITH. So different than the IF YOU WILL, THEN I WILL contract God had with Israel, based on conditions.

God ONLY works through Covenants PERIOD. To say the Church is not under any covenant is to call Galatians and Romans 4 a lie, which Paul clearly lays out for the CHURCH. Why would Paul establish the Covenant with Abraham if the Church has nothing to do with that covenant? Galatians clearly lay the Abrahamic Covenant for these Gentile Christians who are the CHURCH.

New Covenant With Israel
Galatians 3:17And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.

Jerry correct THE LAW moving to heart, since the NC states STATUTES AND ORDINANCES, which is what the OT calls THE LAW.

But in Galatia, when Christian Jews tried to bring in possibly the NC to Gentiles, putting them under the LAW, what do we see????? we see Paul AGAIN showing that they are not now nor EVER were under the Law Old or New, but under the Covenant God made with Abraham....which is a covenant of FAITH,.....and THE LAW IS NOT OF FAITH.

Jerry and michael_e..WHY don't you believe Galatians?

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