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End Of World September 2017
What about all those people on Daystar and TBN who said Christ would return in September 2015???

Who Is The AntiChrist
If you want to see the Anti-Christ watch TBN or Daystar Television!

The Power Of The Law
AMEN, Josef.

Why Easter And Christmas
I don't know if Easter and Christmas wash invented by the Pope but I now know they are pagan.

Yes, I'm very guilty of celebrating them in the past before I learned the truth.

What Is A Terrorist
I'm not affiliated with any Political Party.

I agree with Jerry on some things, but disagree on others!

President Trump First Week
If I remember correctly 182 people in The Reagan Administration were indicted for crimes.

Trump is competing with Reagan to be the most corrupt President in U.S. History!

Conflicting Christians Opinions
It's funny. I'm of mixed ethnicity, Black/Italian. While in the Army my specialty was Orthopedics. When I left the Army every place I applied to, including the V.A. said I was over qualified. Those who say racism does not still happen are deadly wrong, and Trump is making it worse.

So I went into another field. Aviation Engineering and Management from which I retired.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
Nicole, if you knew what I experienced on the D.M.Z. in Korea and what I saw you would scream.

I thank God I received only one minor wound.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
NurseRobert, you are correct. I worked with Doctors and Nurses who were brilliant and I'm thankful for what I learned from them. There were also those who were dumb and dangerous.

I don't want this to be demeaning towards Nicole because she may be a good Nurse .

I went to a V.A. Hospital once and never went back again. Thank God I have private hea!th insurance and can choose my Doctors.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
It's kind of funny. I went back to school to study Orthopedics to get out of Combat Units. Yet I was always assigned to Combat Hospitals.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
Nicole an Orthopaedic Specialist is eight years of schooling A Surgeon is twelve years. I never claimed to be a Surgeon.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
By the way Nicole you are correct in saying I love education. I believe a person should receive all the education they can. I even went back to college for another degree when I was in my 40's for Computer Networking and that was a long time ago. You are never to old to learn. I have a lady friend who received her Doctorate a few years ago, and she is now 104 years old.

Is Waterboardiing Justified
Nicole, you didn't mention before I went back to school for Orthopedics I was Combat Medic on the front line.

It was not fun and you didn't thank me for my service and risking my life.

What about Jerry? Was he a DRAFT DODGER?

Who Collects Social Security
Jerry and Nicole, your posts share a lot about yourselves. Get an education and get a life.

Who Collects Social Security
Jerry6593, if people would do research they will know Ronald Reagan was the most CORRUPT President in U.S. History.

Do You Tithe
I don't tithe because I'm not a Levite. However I do give and it's not based on a percentage of my income.

Who Collects Social Security
Nicole you are incorrect.

There people who have paid into SSI and they also receive it. There are people who are working and still receive SSI. It is all income based.

Even though I paid into SSI for over 40 years I don't qualify for it because my retirement is too much.

Also, please don't get me wrong. I have no problem with someone receiving SSI if they can't work, or it being a supplement if they work but have a low income.

I am against anyone receiving SSI if they can work but won't.

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