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The Power Of The Law
While sin is a transgression of the law, we need to define which law we are speaking of - Moral law, civic law, or perhaps the Mosaic law.
If my understanding serves me, we are no longer under the Mosaic law and as such we can light a fire in our homes on the Jewish Sabbath nor do we need to observe laws that are strictly Jewish in nature such as observance of the feasts or the Sabbath.

The Power Of The Law
---Samuelbb7 - So the law tells us what is sin and what we should not do. James says the law is like a mirror. It shows us our problems but does not cure them.

Do you limit the law here to the moral law or to the law given by Moses. Say, for instance, do you believe you can break the law about lighting a fire in your home on the Sabbath.

Ex 35:3 Ye shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the sabbath day.

If you impose the Jewish Sabbath onto people, you must also impose how it is to be observed.

Ten Commandments Historical
True love forbids breaking the Ten Commandments.

Not true!!!!!

The righteousness the Christian has is that imputed to him or her at the moment of regeneration. Our works and obedience to law really do not count as the righteous live by faith in the finish work of Christ. Of course this is something Sabbath keepers and other legalists are incapable of understanding.

With the new nature the Christians acquires the desire to obey the Lord and we are disciplined by our loving Father so that we will obey.

No matter how hard you try to obey all the 10 commandments all the time, you will fail.(James 2:10)
But those that walk by faith will have the grace that God provides for their walk and salvation.

Ten Commandments Historical
Jerrry I am a Sabbath keeper and I don't believe that obedience to the Law earns salvation.

You need to review the most egregious doctrine held by the SDA church, namely their Investigative Judgment. A lot of SDA pastors have left the denominations because this doctrine does indeed reflect salvation by keeping the law, gespecially those laws as the 4th commandment given ONLY to the Jewish nation.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
Michael-e = If you were to read The Bible in Translation by Bruce M. Metzger - probably one of the foremost scholars on translation - you would come away with the belief the the King James was nothing more than a revision of the old Bishops Bible. While those that worked on the King James, had a few Greek manuscripts available the guiding light was the Bishops Bible and that was one of the directives to the committee.

Ten Commandments Historical
In the Sabbath keepers belief, one must keep the law - exp. the 10 commandments to be saved. But they ignore the fact that salvation is by grace alone, not by works of the law. What they really try to do is to establish a righteousness of their own. and in that they are really spiritually blind.

Ro 10:3 For they being ignorant of Gods righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
I used to love the Old ancient King James until I research the rationale behind other versions and found that if you love the KJV, you really must believe in unicorns, satyrs, and cockatrices and that grain mixed with oil is a "meat" offering, that the descendants of Esau were "dukes", that they used candles and candlesticks in the Tabernacle instead of lamps and lampstands, etc. etc. etc. I trust most of the modern version such as the NIV, ESV, NRSV. But if you like a modern King James, suggest the MEV.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
I believe that the ESV is the one that will become dominant in the church today. However, if you love the ancient out-dated King James version, then go ahead and believe in unicorns, satyrs and cockatrice. Most of those that advocate the KJV only, are ignorant people that simply do not study the bible anyhow.

Days Of The Lord
Most Christians that are fundamentalists hold that the first days were 24 hours in length. But there can be problems with that as the sun was not created until the 4th day of creation. Also the light created on the first day, was not the same light as was from the sun. I do not see why there must be a limitation of 24 hours as God is not limited by time. Furthermore, those that advocate the 24 hour day, do so in support of the Sabbath - something not observed until the time of Moses when the Jewish calendar started with Moses. Exodus 12:2
It is indeed a pity that those who advocate the 24 hour days of creation, judge those who have other views.

Pledge Of Allegiance
jerry speaks against the Dems, "God is against abortion, but Dems are for it."

But Seventh Day Adventists hospitals gladly performs abortions.

The SDAs makes a big deal out of the 4th commandment to keep the Jewish Sabbath, but totally ignores the 6th commandment and kills the unborn. Go figure the hypocrisies.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
the time of our Lord's return is getting shorter and the church should use all the resources it has at its disposal to spread the gospel.

There are many (and many "good" people) destined to the fires of hell. To elect someone that has little talent or gifts as a elder or deacon and pass over someone that has been divorced years ago is an evil that many in the church will be judged. Such serve the devil in their twisting of the Scripture.

Olde Bob Jones III once stated that most fundamentals are NOT born again Christians. Would that be because the gospel is not preached?

I teach Sunday School at the Bible church that does not discriminate against those who have been victims of another's sinfulness.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
My 1st wife has dietary problems and got hooked on amphetamines, left me with 2 preschool age children to raise by myself. She ran off with one that she met in a sanitarium. I remarried after 6 years and that marriage lasted 35 years. Those that forbid remarriage of innocent party promote fornication and uncleanness especially among those who are young.It is not good that man be alone as not everyone has the gift of being a enunch. Nor is it good for a family to be without both parents.

Ten Commandments Destroyed
None of the 10 commandments has been destroyed. But you really need to ask what of any of them are still applicable.

Exodus 34:28 identified the 10 commandments as being the OLD COVENANT. And Hebrews 8:13 tells us that the Old Covenant became obsolete.

Only the modern day Judaizers demand observance of all the commandments. We are not under the law but under grace as all the law does is to identify sin.

Jesus Came To Fulfil The Law
SuzieH - *Gal 5:11-12...I would they were even cut off which trouble you.

The King James translators were well aware of cultural sensitivities and often used words that were less exacting in order to be less offensive.

Scripture says 'Adam knew his wife Eve' as what really was meant is that Adam caused his wife to conceive. He already 'knew' who she was.

It is much the same with Gal. 5:12 where cut off is much kinder than castrate but Paul has much scorn for his opponents of the circumcision party.

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