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What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. Your trust in Leftist Fake News, universities, etc has blinded you. Communist defectors like Yuri Bezmanov, & academic David Horowitz warned how Marxists infiltrated & dominate such influential institutions to control public debate/thought. Your hate & ignorance prove the Left's brainwashing, deceit works.

BTW. Christ's perfect sacrifice sanctified Christians, COMPLETELY(Heb 10:10). Why suggest his sacrifice failed to completely sanctify us?

AXE. It seems you prefer people's loss of rights, freedoms when it fits in with Leftist agenda. Why do you not want the Left (the greater evil) to lose its rights and freedoms? After all it's the Left who cause most death (baby murder, terrorism, crime, starvation, disease).

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. The fact you parrot so much of Left's Fake News & hate, proves how correct Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, was when he said the West was stuck with people brainwashed by Communist Left, with little hope of red pilling you back to reality.

You proved it in your post where you deflect to protect supremacist Muslims in Sweden, in spite of the facts I listed earlier and Islam's religiously endorsed rape culture (remember the Muslims perfect example to follow is the false prophet Mohammed, the rapist, racist, mass murderer, slave trader, pedophile, thief).

The West was one of the most civilized, safest cultures. But now thanks to the Fascist Left's destructive multiculturalism, mass immigration, it's not.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. Apart from the Left's Hitler like "Big Lie" routine of deceit, the lunatic Left are renowned for justifying baby murder (a Leftist genocidal evil you, Kathr, Samuelbb7 try to avoid wherever possible), their embrace of the anti Christ death cult of Islam (even covering up for Islam's rape, pedophilia, misogny, terrorism, racism), etc.

And now it sounds you might even be ok with even more people's freedoms being impinged, (typical of the totalitarian Left), just to satisfy the delusional demands of mentally ill "transgender" people, and the Left's PC Fascism.

So are you now also supporting their gender identities and fluidity lunacy as well?

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. You always ignore the deliberately divisive hate & lies from your Leftist puppet masters in your hate for Trump.

Sweden is controled by lunatic Left nutters. Canada, UK, EU closely follows Sweden's lunacy. Calafornia too follows this lunacy with its latest bill passed by the state senate that can penalize anybody with a $1000 fine or up to 1 year in prison if you do not use the preferred pronoun of a transgender person...LOL

The Left who dominate the Fake news media, Hollywood, universities, politics, the deep state, etc, are not only bigoted hateful fascists, sexists and racists, but they're clearly insane too.

Proof positive we're now near the end times of great tribulations that Jesus prophesied.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. Again you prove you're a Lefty citing Left's deceitful propaganda on Sweden's rape definition.

FACT: Sweden deliberately hides ethnic/religious background of criminals to protect Muslims.
FACT: A psychologist who worked in Sweden's prisons exposed Muslims very high representation in crime.
FACT: Rape is part of mid east Islam culture. Remember their "rape game", in Germany's New Year celebrations?
FACT: Muslim cleric in Australia blamed Western women for rape epidemic from Muslims saying if women dressed like Muslim women do, then they wont get raped.
FACT: Leftists always hide Muslim rape, etc. Note how Lefty authorities in UK willfully ignored 1400+ girls being raped by Muslims over 12 year period.

What Is A Terrorist Organization Lefties crack me up.
You try to deflect from Muslim rape culture, misogyny, etc.
Yet you condemn Trump on locker room talk, whilst you ignore the full on rape from Bill Clinton, and how evil Hillary brutally attacked Bill's rape victims.

You ignore the Christian hating Left's baby murder, terrorism, etc, but you ceaselessly parrot Leftist Fake News to attack the Right.

You even defended Feminism, which Bannon rightly hates.
Modern (3rd wave) Feminism is outright misandry & racism driven by Marxists.
Rational women are rejecting Feminism because it's nothing more than hateful, divisive misandry & racism from Marxists.

You should have taken the red pill Kathr.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. You made false allegation against me, claiming I implied you lie, when in fact I clarified that I referred to your Leftist puppet masters, and that you're a brainwashed minion believing their lies.

The Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, is a DEFECTOR from Communism after he realized the evil they are.

Yuri Bezmanov warned (as a former insider) that Communist Left infiltrated mainstream media (today's Leftist Fake News media), Hollywood, Universities, politics (especially DEMs), etc. This is how people like you have been brainwashed, as Yuri said.

Academic David Horowitz likewise came from Communist Left (a former activist) and he likewise warns of the Marxist Left dominating the same institutions.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. You really need to get out of Leftist echo chamber.
It's predicted Sweden will be 3rd world nation within 10 years.

It's lunatic Left lust for mass Muslim immigration, creating huge welfare burden, Islamic No-Go zones, etc, further ensures Sweden's destruction.
Sweden is rape capital of Europe thanks to Muslims.

BTW, Communism is INTERNATIONAL Socialism. NATIONAL Socialism (Nationalist being the one appeal the few Lefties have for Trump) was the more popular version of Socialism in 1930's Germany, Italy.

You should read:
The Big Lie. Exposing the NAZI Roots of the American Left, by academic Dinesh D'Sousa
The DEMs and Hitler's NAZI's shared much in common. Even JFK loved Hitler.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. Our debates from years ago showed that you parrot the same propaganda that your deceitful Leftist puppet masters push through their Fake News media, etc.

You know the old saying: "if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it's most likely a duck".

AXE. I see you conveniently avoided my earlier post where I said that you're a "brainwashed follower" of the Left.

It's you're Leftist puppet masters who are the real liars. You brainwashed minions for the far Left just parrot their lies believing them to be true.

Don't forget I quoted the Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, who described people like you as brainwashed by the far left.

America's Historical Monuments
AXE. You have stayed too long in the deceitful Left's echo chamber.

Try reading the book by academic Dinesh D'Sousa titled:
The Big Lie. Exposing the NAZI Roots of the American Left".

The DEMs and Hitler's NAZI's shared much in common.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. Please....LOL...we've debated on CN for years, and you've always been a Lefty, well before Trump.

BTW, Leftists always lie. It's was taught by Hillary mentor and Marxist Saul Aylinski, and was a tactic (the Big Lie) used by your Lefty predecessor Adolf Hitler.
Any objective assessment will show that Leftist dominated media is Fake News.

Sadly, the likes of you, Samuelbb7, Axe, are brainwashed followers of the far Left. And Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, warned that the West was stuck with such brainwashed people and that there was little that can be done to red pill you back to reality.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. The DEM's push for easier abortion. That is genocide.

I already showed you where DEMs are diametrically opposed to actual teachings of Jesus.

The Christian hating Left push their divisive identity politics to create a PC fear that one must not even say merry Christmas, etc.
Thus we see the gradual decrease in gospel being preached to the lost (spiritually needy) who lack Christ our spiritual food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4), to clothe spiritually naked (Isa 61:10), take in spiritual strangers (Eph 2:12), etc.

What you conveniently choose to ignore is there is a lessor evil (conservatives), and a greater evil (Leftists). The shades of grey argument is merely an excuse to justify your support for the greater evil.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. You constantly attack Right, parroting same hateful propaganda from Lefts Fake News, DEMs. Yet you offer little to no criticism of Left. Excuse me if I LOL about your claim to impartiality.

Interesting a Lefty like you speaks of laws that "defend".
I guess you refer to Lefts defense of supremacist anti Christ terrorist cult of Islam from valid criticism, etc.
And defense of poor LGBT bullies who sued Christian bakers over wedding cake.
And we cant forget how the corrupt Leftist Mayor at Berkeley told the police to stand down, letting the Fascist Left ANTIFA thugs "defend" brainwashed snowflakes of the far Left from having to tolerate a free speech/thought conference being held at uni.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. Yes, I defend the right. They're lessor evil compared to genocidal Left.
BTW, it's your heartless Leftist puppet masters who go against what Jesus preached.

Due to Left's divisive PC identity politics, false churches don't preach gospel to the lost (such as anti Christ Muslims, etc), who are the spiritually hungry/thirsty lacking Christ our spiritual food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4).

They don't help the lost, spiritually naked, who lack garment of salvation (Isa 61:10).

They refuse to take in the lost, who are spiritual strangers from covenants of promise (Eph 2:12,19).

Open your spiritual eyes AXE.
If you keep thinking like a natural man then you'll never have any spiritual discernment (1Cor 2:14).

What Is A Terrorist Organization
Did you notice the difference in deportment of the Tea Party crowds a few years ago as compared to that of the current anti-Trump crowds? Christ-like vs. Satanic! Jerry6593

True. We see the same in Australia. I hear its the same in Europe.

The Left, like their Islamist allies, always resort to violence, terrorism, hate, persecution, deceit and genocide.

Regardless of whether their victims are elderly, disabled, etc, the heartless Left consider their evil cause to be righteous and therefore justify their lynch mob mentality.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
KATHR. You always defend Left in spite of their baby murder, corruption, lies, etc. They're no different now than previous Leftys Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.

I agree, many churches (maybe Osteen as you say, but I know little about him) lead people astray.

Christians should follow only Christ. This world is in it's last days and no political or church leader can undo what is prophesied.

AXE. You admitted in previous debates you support Left. You always argue in their defense. And I'll always point out the Left's evil nature (baby murder, etc) & genocidal history (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot), until you realize what in fact you're defending.

BTW, think spiritually, instead of like a natural man (1Cor 2:14).

America's Historical Monuments
AXE. The Left create poverty, starvation, etc to begin with. Step out of Leftist echo chamber to see reality.
Left creates the problems, then Leftists like you argue REPs are evil for trying to fix it. LOL.

The Left are renowned as liars, just as in Orwell's 1984 2+2=5. Left say there's multiple genders, same gender can marry, etc.

The U.K example from ex Leftist politician is relevant. Many Leftists throughout the West are self (white race) loathing.

Trump will not be able to stop the chaos that Jesus prophesied (Matt 24:21,22). But fact remains it's clearly the Left who undermine presidency through their control of deep state, the Left's Fake News media, and their Fascist thugs like ANTIFA, BLM, etc.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. CN word limits make it difficult. My point is you always defend the Left in spite of its baby murder, etc.

KATHR. The Charlottesville unite the right rally organizer was an Obama Lefty who was from the far Left Occupy movement.

You should stop trusting the Fascist Left's Fake News media. They lie by pointing the finger at insignificant groups like the KKK, just to divert attention away from the real threats such as their comrades the Fascist Left hate groups ANTIFA & BLM racists.

The Left today truly are evil, much like their Lefty forefathers Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

America's Historical Monuments
AXE. I'll help you out as you're unwilling to think beyond the Left's cognitive straitjacket.

Dictionary definition of racism: "belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race".

A recent speech by former Leftist party politician in UK accurately described how Leftists suffer from a self (white race) loathing, where they denigrate whites as inferior to other races. That is racism which you conveniently shut your eyes to, because it's the PC Left thing to do.

BTW, it's your Leftist comrades who undermine the presidency. Consider the constant lies from Left's Fake News media, & Leftists in deep state too.

What Is A Terrorist Organization
AXE. You Lefties struggle with inconvenient truths that contradict your PC view. It's called cognitive dissonance. To avoid this discomfort Leftys retreat to their PC echo chamber for a reassuring serve of confirmation bias. I hope you'll eventually break from this routine.

The mosque taking in so called "refugees" do so as it benefits the mosque. Most "refugees" are Muslims. It gives positive media coverage to distract from the fact Islam is a supremacist cult that relies on Sharia law terrorism to maintain its authority.

Youre thinking like a natural man, instead of spiritual (1Cor 2:14). The hungry are those without Christ, our spiritual food (1Cor 10:3,4). Preach gospel to feed spiritually hungry.

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