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Is DACA Legal
NIcole....So here is a vocabulary lesson. What you did, refusing to listen and LYING about your health,so much so that your DR had to risk his/ her career in exposing you because YOU were being disingenuous with those in the Catholic Church .... And maybe just maybe if you haven't been DISINGENUOUS with the Church in the first place you would still be a Nun. Your LYING caused your removal.

That's the real and ONLY way to use the word Nicole. You admited you were not honest and admitted you would not listen.

However, accusing others WITHOUT PROOF OF THEIR HEART, is again something a mouthy bar hag would do. And THAT alone is where I have a serious problem with you.

More Finish It Here June 2017
Augustine's doctrine of sin, with his belief in the inherent sinfulness of the physical constitution, is wholly Manichaean. His idea that sin is propagated through the marriage union, that sexual desire is sin and that sexual lust in procreation transmits sin is also Manichaean. Augustine built his doctrine of original sin upon this premise that sexual lust in procreation transmits sin.

I believe this is where even TODAY there is some sort of shame associated with Catholic Woman who are pregnant and these woman have to do something or say something ......and many of these women TODAY refuse to take part in this ritual.

Does God Have Faith
Romans 2:16

16 In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

And here is the smoking gun.

Calvinists say the GOSPEL is God picking and choosing. So they believe to be judged by Jesus Christ according to the Gospel, means it's really the SECRETS of God, that will be revealed, that multitudes NEVER had a chance. But that is NOT what the verse says.

Is Reformed Theology Catholicism
1 Peter 1:18-19

18 Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers,

19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:

We see Nicole that SCRIPTURE Clearly shows one cannot buy another's soul out of a fictitious place. Listen carefully to YOUR so called first Pope.

What Is Key To Heaven
So Nana, i too sang of God's Mercy you felt the need to come and trample on. So if perhaps you felt your toes stepped upon, it's only because you stuck them out there in the first place.

I will SING of God's mercy till the day I die, and will rebuke anyone who wants to diminish that. My whole life is God's MERCY. I didn't have to earn it.

Who Was The Scapegoat
Today in the JESUS DISPENSATION (the Jesus 'episode' of GOD), satan (scapegoat) has BEEN DESTROYED (for the faithful worshipers of God) and is NO LONGER the source of evil/wrong doing (WE the individual are)./////

This is a total lie. Jesus was tested in the wilderness by satan, and Hebrews states that was also done to be an example for us NOW who at the Jesus episode time???LOL, who are also being tested. James talks about job as well! where we see job was tested by satan. The Apostles cast out demons AFTER Jesus rose from the dead. Satan today can turn himself into an angel of f light and preacher of righteousness, RIGHT NOW in the Jesus episode time. LOL.

Is this the SDA's understanding of satan? No wonder.

Earth Was Destroyed
YEC explain that all the damage on earth that we see happened because of the flood. How it carved deep rivers, valleys, even the Grand Canyon, but they cannot prove it was a result of flooding. We're just suppose to believe them. But what they can't explain away is the moon. All those craters. The flood did not cause that. So the young heaven should be in pristine shape. They claim God remade the heavens AGAIN during the flood. NO scripture supports this. The heavens that were of OLD could not be considered OLD at less than 2000, from Adam to Noah. So they say the 'heavens, that are NOW are only 4000 years old. 1st Peter. Go re- read that verse.

That's nuts! But that is what they want you to believe.

Fellowship Of His Sufferings
Jesus never posted(wrote) on CN or anywhere else for that matter.

Well, I know Jesus used a WHIP, and called the Pharisees serpents...

enon, if you don't like my style...move on...

I don't like yours, but I don't bust in to your conversations and tell you so. WHY, because if that is how God works through YOU, it's none of my business.

The only thing I listen for it true....not HOW it was presented.

SNAKES/false teachers can present exactly the way YOU like, and you don't even know the difference. You're loving it!

This blog isn't about ME to begin with stop changing the subject to me.....just another tactic satan uses!

Is There Original Sin
***Jesus came to destroy the Law of sin and death. Darlene 1***


Yep...Darlene got that part correct....and my post in Hebrews 2 explain HOW he destroyed the law of Sin and His own death, when he took OUR SIN upon Him. He died so I/you can live THROUGH HIM...What about you? Are you still in your SIN...(sin as singular.

Even if you don't believe in Original sin...Have you ever ONCE sinned? Of coarse you have. Just by the very fact you get sick or age has given you're dying!
The wages of SIN is death...sin singular...just ONE SIN will do it! It doesn't say, the wages of many SINS (plural as many many) is death...

Nana, Has Jesus destroyed the law of SIN and death in you?

Are Abortions Ever Right
Actually all breath of life comes from God:
Job 33:4
The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

So, saultopaul, let's not be a "bully blogger" when someone asks a question. That is not waht this site is ment for.
Thank You!

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