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Nicole, to answer your question....this goes back a few months when I brought up a Nunnery order in Ireland where unwed mothers were sent. Also showing you where a mass grave was found of over 800 corpses of women and babies..showing horrible care and abuse leading to these deaths.

You didn't have a problem with what was discovered, excusing this Order and Nuns because they were caring for more than they had money to care for...and many were Protestants ( as if that made it ok ) .

No one has accused you or your order of neglecting anyone....BUT HAVE BOOOOOOD the fact that YOU ALL were overworked and were not compensated. Please read what we are writing.

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Even those who were in the military receive benefits for service...VA Bill, even paying for education, and those who are career military get life long pensions.

So Nicole, you are comparing apples to oranges. Also those with medical conditions most likely are 4F and can't get into the military.

If the Order knew you were medically challenged in the first place , they never should have allowed you in in the first place. You said they HAD to take you, but obviously didn't have to keep you. If they didn't disclose this to you ..either your they were not completely honest.

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Many Protestant charities who do not enslave employees, or force vows to work there.

FPWA exists today with a membership of almost 200 social service agencies and churches throughout New York City and the surrounding area. Its policy efforts focus on issues of income security, child welfare, childcare and education, elderly welfare, workforce development, youth services, HIV and AIDS, and offers scholarship programs and emergency financial assistance through the New York Times Neediest Cases Fund. In addition, in 2007 it was among over 530 New York City arts and social service institutions to receive part of a $30 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation.

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Nicole, the past two days since this conversation came up im astonished at the depth of this problem with aging religious and the Catholic Churches lack of care for their elderly who took vows of poverty and had to give even their measly salary to their orders. They predict that by 2030 the cost of caring for the Catholic aging NUNS and Priests ALONE will run 9.8 BILLION DOLLARS, of Medicaid ( tax payers money) the Catholic Church NEVER PAID INTO...Yes now that I see this I ask: SHOULD Obamacare cover non participating Nuns and the expense of collapsing the healthcare system for those who HAVE paid in WHEN the Catholic Church is so wealthy? I now see why Trump wants to do away with it.....that's SOCIALISM . HOW HYPOCRITICAL.

Who's The Elect
Nicole, billions of people as you say, pay into Medicaid, Medicare Social Security...even business owners....who also reap the reward of PROFITS for the fruit of their labor, and also give bonuses and incentives for those who willingly want to work AND GET PAID for their work.

The Catholic Setup does not pass the James chapter 5 test who's silver and gold will rot and rust away, as they get rich off the backs of their worker bees.

Shame on you Nicole for defending that system, where the Catholic Church skirts their responsibility of caring for those who helped the church GET RICH in the first place. It's no different than Southern Slavery...building a CHRISTIAN NATION you claim off the backs of slaves.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
Matthew15:26 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the childrens bread, and to cast it to dogs.

Ok Nicole, what does this have to do with anything? The Gentiles were referred to as didn't think it was talking about house pets. So are you saying your wages you never received is considered casting it to dogs by the Catholic Church? Even Jesus praised a good Samaratian for caring for someone ....

So... Exactly who are the dogs here to you Nicole...Protestants? Non the ones Mother Theresa cared for? Who? And Nicole Matthew 15 was in reference to SPIRITUAL MATTERS, not physical ones or not the poor or hungry in which even Israel helped AND was not out of the Levites 10 % either.

Who's The Elect
Thank you Nicole for the information. In respect to Strongaxe's comments and questions, I would also agree that the church should not take in more than it can REASONALBE care for. Overworking staff suggests they are, putting their staff at health risk and loss of staff.

It is also a fact Nicole that the entry of new young women entering the Nunnery is down down down considerably over the years. There was a huge WANT AD in the Atlanta Paper for Nuns. And seeing now the Church...some orders do not care for the older retired ones along with some very bad things that happened...along with stories like the Magdaline Sisters ...

But no Nuns are FORCED to care for Protestants, because Protestants refuse to care for Protestants.

Is DACA Legal
Aging nuns, their orders no longer able to provide care, get care at Jewish nursing home
Published May 24, 2015 Associated Press

Just type this in your search engine Nicole. This is happening in the Bronx NY, but not the only place where it states the Church is no longer capable of caring for aging Nuns. When the Church can no longer care for their own, because of the down tick of New Nuns entering the convents. What I see is the unrealistic back breaking work placed upon those who are still in, and telling them it's for the Glory of God....BOOOOO

The Lord does NOT treat anyone this way....mans institutions do. I wouldn't want someone who's been FORCED to worked 70 hrs caring for's too dangerous.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
You shall not take a wife, nor shall you have sons or daughters in this place (now finish reading verse 2, (Jeremiah 16:1 AND 2). For thus says the Lord: Do not enter the house of mourning, nor go to lament or bemoan them . . . Also you shall not go into the house of feasting to sit with them, to eat and drink.

So, Jeremiah was not allowed to get married, have children, go to funerals, or attend (wedding) feasts. Wow.

And you use these verses to support a Catholic Priesthood? Those were dangerous times for Judah, as you ( I'm sure you did not) READ WHAT HAPPENED and WHY at that time God instructed Jeremiah not to marry.....and ONLY APPLIED TO JEREMIAH..Not Prophets in general.

Is DACA Legal
As I pointed out Nicole, Religious Communities, The Catholic Church is NOT taking care of their in NY a Jewish Nursing home IS, and is probably getting federal or state funding with that.

I also pointed out to you a few weeks ago the horrible conditions of those in Latan America...which is predominately Catholic.

You live in a fantasy world that does not exist.... Exactly HOW RICH IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH? Maybe that is the problem God hates and is exposing it.

Who's The Elect
Numbers 18:21 And, behold, I have given the children of Levi all the tenth in Israel for an inheritance, for their service which they serve, even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation.

Even under Israel, which the RCC claim they have patterned their organization after, totally goes against any work for free, ...God NEVER instituted such a thing. The Levites weren't asked to return all to the temple. And it was not communal living either. And women were not forced to not marry and serve the temple in stead. And even the Priests and High Priests in Israel married and had children of which their sons became priests.

Seems there are many articles about discrimination in the Catholic Church. ...written by Catholics.

Who's The Elect
Nicole, before we all swallow that load....please provide exactly WHERE you were a nursing home RN caring for Protestants that Protestants refused to care for, and FOR FREE for that matter where you were forced to work 70 hrs a week talking care of Protestants that Protestants refused to care for. ??? If you cannot provide such exact names dates place, then I will have to call your LIE OUT.

Protestants in this country who have no money are taken care of by the State or Federal Government with Medicade. Even those RNs caring for them along with Catholic elderly GET PAID.

NOW your making nasty comments and lies.....destroying all credibility you may have had.

3rd world country maybe...NOT HERE.

Is DACA Legal
What is also so sad is once these Nuns are old and used up, the Catholic Church does not care for them. At least for a group in NY where believe it or not the Jewish community is and has facilities in NY taking care of Catholic Nuns. That's what I call loving your neighbor as yourself. They do it because they want to. So you all care for Protestants, and Jews take care of Catholics...where Catholics refuse to care for their own.... It seems to be a problem everywhere doesn't it.

Thank you for your service Nicole. I pray your health will return soon. I know nursing is hard physical and mentally exhausting work.

Who's The Elect
#2 Nicole....let me restate.... I do not begrudge you your free education at the expense of people who paid taxes. The Catholic Church does not, NOR did they pay for your nursing. It was absolutely HORRIBLE of them to take from you your education they did not pay for, and EXPLOIT you to work 70 hrs a week, when you were not physically able to...AFTER GIVING THEM 3 years.... Then put you out . Now if the Catholic Church paid for your nursing and then expected you to pay back with your blood sweat and working you 70 hrs a week...I still say BOO.

And if I work for FREE, it's MY TIME I'm giving....where no one is FORCING me to work for free. That is slavery Nicole. You should know that much.

Who's The Elect
There's a couple areas here to explore. 1) that it is a fact Black women in the Catholic Nunneries are discriminated against. As one nun wrote a book and exposed it. So did EVERY NURSE have to work 70 hrs a week, or only the Black Nuns?

2) Did you take a vow of poverty Nicole...when you first went in, where your wages went to your Religious Order, and You did not have to pay TAXES? Priests and nuns do not pay taxes on wages earned..YET PROTESTANT Ministers do. The whole picture of the Catholic Church is BONDAGE and tax evasion.

So, now you do pay say, paying it forward for the Government Taxes ( not the Catholic Church ) that paid for your nursing.

I see God really did have the final say here in the end.

Is DACA Legal
Nicole, I see you stated you were on medical leave and not working at the moment. How awesome that you are not a nun, where they refused you even a normal work week. I'm also sure, PRAISE GOD, you are collecting some sort of compensation while on medical leave.

But it's also possible Nicole, that your medical problem has affected your disposition and ability to read and process that I have not attacked YOU, but the shameful practices of the Catholic Church. I also hope you are not on pain meds, that do affect your ability to be nice. People in prolonged pain are in fact CRANKY, and attack others for no reason.

Get well soon Nicole. Prayers are with you.

Is DACA Legal
Nicole, NurseRobert, Strongaxe and I and many more will tell you, even as Nurse Robert quoted Jefferson, and quoted a Catholic WHATEVER, stating Jefferson was a deist,and not a Chriatian.

And because of that you just posted the most outrageous post....sounding like a lunatic.

I don't go off the deep because you want to believe everyone who says they are a Christian is.....

I just simply state that many actually DO, yet in Gods definition...they are not.

Please grow up Nicole and act like a mature woman. Even Mormons say they are...HOWEVER MORMONISM IS NOT CHRISTIANITY. GET IT???

Who's The Elect
RCC Magdaline wash houses women were in fact slaves and locked in and abused, totally documented, yet Nicole calls a lie. JIm Jones enslaved his folks ...yes, with armed guards so they couldn't get away and tell others what was going on.

NO Nicole, you were not a slave to the RCC...just taken advantage by them, since Churches do not have to adhear to the same Laws as corporations, so that we don't see what we saw in the Triangle Shirtwaste Factory fire, where women were chained in and worked 70+ workweeks, with low pay...

Because Churches dont have to abide by these laws, they EXPLOIT ......

Difference Nicole, GOD never EXPLOITS His flock. AND your now "getting paid" for your work, as you should be.

Who's The Elect
Nicole, because we live in a FREE country, that is free to believe what one believes, as it always has been under the Lord, there was a time men were NOT FREE to believe and practice their own beliefs....where the RCC rounded up and murdered anyone they accused of being a heretic. At least Scientology doesn't do that....

If the reformation had not taken place, the RCC would still be murdering anyone who wanted OUT.

Once a cult always a cult Nicole. Forcing you to work 70 hours a week is slavery and many brainwashed religious folk don't even know it. Your work today as a nurse is serving the Lord......POOOOO on the Catholic Church for unrealistic work ethics.

Is DACA Legal
Nicole, Gods WORD alone defines "Christian". To pick up your cross and follow Him. Jefferson did not believe in "the cross" calling it foolishness, and his use of the word Orthodox does not mean Like Cluny or Ruben's faction of the split from the RCC.

Jeffersons own words measured up to scripture says he is not a Christian in the way SCRIPTURE defines what a Christian is...that is, believing in the virgin birth and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

No one is interested in YOUR definition of Christian Nicole...we are only interested in Gods definition. Many people think they are Christian simply because they are not Hindu or Islam.....or because they are republicans. Thinking is not FACT.

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