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Finish Here January 2018
Strongaxe, since scripture is God breathed, and God the Father KNOWS only He and the Holy Spirit were present at the moment Jesus was raised from the dead, there can be no other definition of those who witnessed Jesus Resurrection, than those who saw Him after the stone was rolled away. Since God is not confused, nor submitting a trick question of splitting hairs, then we must conclude that those who witnessed the Resurrection of Jeus Christ are exactly those scripture defines as those who saw Him during those 40 days after they witnessed His death until He ascended into Heaven. Scripture also,states that He will return THE SAME WAY as He ascended. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED, nor will it until the 2nd Coming, when ALL eyes will see.

New Covenant With Israel
Samuel, the Christian Jews thought Gentiles were in submission to the Jews, and wanted them to become Jews. THE MYSTERY which is Christ in you does not. Romans 6-8 says we DIED TO THE LAW ala Law of Moses and have a New Law ...the Perfect Law of LIBERTY, where we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Those laws are LOVE JOY PEACE LONGSUFFERING FAITH, PATIENCE, etc. against these there is NO LAW. We live a HIGHER LAW. And this Law of FAITH comes ONLY be being conformed to His Image by being crucified with Christ and raised a new creation. Becoming OBEDIENT UNTO DEATH...PHILIPPIANS 2-3.

As Isaac so are we...( Isaac was a perfect example of becoming obedient unto death). It's all there ....what the Lord showed Abraham...

New Covenant With Israel
Samuel, there is no Gospel in the Law of Moses. And the same is true for the New Covenant, there is no Gospel in the New Covenant....the Gospel is In the Everlasting Covenant AKA the Abrahamic Covenant. Hebrews 11 show this all the way back to Abel SALVATION.

This is why we have Calvinists, who jump right to the NC and think they were PICKED, without FIRST showing faith, and why so many jump to the NC thinking WALLA, now we can keep the Law of Moses again but we can lose favor.

NOTHING replaced the Abrahamic Covenant, where FAITH is required, and that FAITH, will always from Abel to today DECLARE one Righteous...even the most horrible of sinners....INSTANTLY being imputed the righteousness of Christ OSAS. More later.

Finish Here January 2018
The Bible clearly states those who saw Jesus for those 40 days before He ascended into heaven were in fact WITNESSES OF JESUS RESURRECTION. Did anyone have to be in the sealed tomb with Jesus at the very moment the instant He was made alive. NO, but that doesn't mean no one witnessed His resurrection. Actually Thomas said he wouldn't believe Jesus rose from the dead until he saw with his own eyes. Ans so that happened. But Jesus said blessed are those who don't see but believe.

To make it sound like you had to be in the tomb with Jesus to witness His resurrection is playing games here ....

The BIBLE clarified many witnessed His resurrection and the BIBLE defines what that means EXACTLY.

New Covenant With Israel
The EVERLASTING Covenant , which the Church is under, just read Galatians, AKA the Abrahamic Covenant has nothing to do with keeping any LAWS in the heart. The Everlasting Covenant is based on PROMISES God has made, Hebrews 13:20-21, 2 Peter 1 and we RECEIVE BY FAITH. So different than the IF YOU WILL, THEN I WILL contract God had with Israel, based on conditions.

God ONLY works through Covenants PERIOD. To say the Church is not under any covenant is to call Galatians and Romans 4 a lie, which Paul clearly lays out for the CHURCH. Why would Paul establish the Covenant with Abraham if the Church has nothing to do with that covenant? Galatians clearly lay the Abrahamic Covenant for these Gentile Christians who are the CHURCH.

New Covenant With Israel
Galatians 3:17And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.

Jerry correct THE LAW moving to heart, since the NC states STATUTES AND ORDINANCES, which is what the OT calls THE LAW.

But in Galatia, when Christian Jews tried to bring in possibly the NC to Gentiles, putting them under the LAW, what do we see????? we see Paul AGAIN showing that they are not now nor EVER were under the Law Old or New, but under the Covenant God made with Abraham....which is a covenant of FAITH,.....and THE LAW IS NOT OF FAITH.

Jerry and michael_e..WHY don't you believe Galatians?

Finish Here January 2018
Galatians 1:1 Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead,)

Paul made the 12th apostle after Judas died. The one picked by Peter re lots, was by man, and no one ever heard his name again.

Revelation states there are 12 Apostles as the foundation of the New Heaven, and 12 Tribes that represent the walls.

Anything else people believe is MAN MADE SCRIPTURE. God chose Paul to reveal the Gospel according to the MYSTERY, ..........which is CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY.

Paul said of himself he is the LEASE of the Apostles because he persecuted the Church.

Finish Here January 2018
Monk, God did not set up some earthly institution FORCING anyone OR be killed, in any way shape or form. Faith comes by HEARING, not death threats or FORCED RELIGION. Even the Nation of Israel was NEVER told to FORCE God on anyone, but be a LIGHT to the Nations. The whole institution of the RCC was FORCED RELIGION, with the threat of death, beheading torture or burning at the stake ANYONE who disagreed with any part of those who claimed to be in AUTHORITY. The AUTHORITY of the Gospel is given to all Christians to preach, but was NEVER used as some tool to FORCE Christianity on anyone, taking away a person's conscience and FORCING a way of life on people someone else decided was right or wrong. This is what is known as a CULT.

Finish Here January 2018
Monk, I believe 1 Cor 3-4 address the issue of...IM OF THIS ONE OR THAT ONE, again long before any RCC came into being. Even those who came in Galatia...who were Christian Jews tried to put Gentiles under the Law....and again even in Rev, the letters to the 7 Churches, talked about those bringing in heresy and division, as well as 2John and 3 John, and Peter addressed, James addressed.

So more than likely these began sects , Just like Israel itself did, having Sadducees, Pharisees, etc.

So,yes, there have always been divisions and sects....

And there always will be...ITS CALLED FREE WILL.

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
People confuse emotions with the Holy Spirit. Yet, the LORD actually trains up those who belong to the Lord to discern the difference between the two. So much carrying on in the Charismatic Movement IS SATAN working the emotions, where the Holy Spirit works on the WILL. And our WILL is moved by TRUTH, via the Word of God,that is living and powerful and sharper than a two edge sword dividing between the soul and spirit.

Only those making claims as you are Strongaxe, are admitting they may never have been chastened or exercised to know good and evil....true and false etc.

The LORD aka THE WORD OF GOD did not inspire the Mormon scriptures, therefore a FALSE SPIRIT, is involved here. 1 John

Mix Of Grace Law Or
So true Samuel. Some 30% some 70% and some 100%. But WE HAVE no verse saying they will produce O%. It's clear the O%ers are the ones that walked away because this or that was too hard. Just as those Jesus confronted in John 6....they followed for a period, but said it was too hard and walked away. If there is nothing involved but a "head nod", ( nothing HARD about that right)

Yes our Life under GRACE is actually HARDER than someone trying to keep the law. I DIE DAILY is harder than keeping the law. WHY! Because it takes OBEDIENCE and SUBMISSION by the power of the Holy Spirit in us that we have to cooperate with to bring forth that fruit that ONLY comes via...I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST.

Finish Here January 2018
Monk, I Don't see through the Epistles, or the 7 churches in Revelation, any church called the RCC. Even the council for the Christian Churches were in Jerusalem so says Galatians...I'm sure there was probably some headquarters in Jerusalem but it never professed to be anything like the RCC claimed to be.

And the council was headed by James, and no one called him a pope. He never claimed such a title. Now the Bereans searched the SCRIPTURES daily to see if what Paul was saying was true. You seem to think folks had no access to scriptures until the RCC???? Really??? Actually it was the RCC that took them away from people, claiming they were to ignorant to search the scriptures daily to see if what you all were teaching was true.

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
Strongaxe, the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit leads us into Truth, is that which we have an anointing, and has exercised us to be able to eat strong meat, and be able to DISCERN truth from lies, are not FEELINGS.

One day, an imposter will show up pretending to be Jesus Christ, and believe me, God DOES make sure His own will NOT fall for it.

Today, the representative of Christ on earth is the Body of Christ. I believe those who understand Salvation, and the Gospel don't fall for lying signs and wonders ....

Jesus didn't leave His throne when talking to Paul, or even John. And unless someone has claimed to have been CARRIED UP and shown things to come, THERES NOTHING MORE TO ADD.

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
Why Jesus Appears to People Today is an intimate, modern-day account of the author's personal experiences seeing Jesus. It is also an introduction into a lifestyle that positions you for the same encounters.
Being saturated in the Word of God is a gateway into supernatural visitations with Jesus, both in Heaven and on earth--in dreams and in visions. To see Jesus is to be transformed.

Here are the words of a promotion of a book promoted by TBN ...

So if folks are all caught up in this false doctrine and the likes TBN be it


Jesus doesn't need to APPEAR to me, because CHRIST is IN ME.

Addicted To Disney Tarzan Music
How do you know this? Scripture doesn't say that. In fact, Jesus did appear on earth several times after his crucifixion and resurrection.
---StrongAxe on 1/9/18

Strongaxe, Yes he was on earth 40 days after His resurrection, talking and eating with over 500 who witnessed His resurrection, and then another 10 days before Pentecost= 50 days which is what is called JUBILEE actually. That's all well documented in scripture. Very symbolic there as well. But AFTER His ascension to Heaven, only to Paul was any encounter recorded, with physical evidence...burned eyes. And Paul never SAW Him, but heard His voice FROM HEAVEN.

Today before the 2nd Coming, there is no reason for Jesus to appear here and there to anyone for any reason.

Finish Here January 2018
Monk Firstly, I'm not a reformed anything, nor am I a Protestant. Believe it or not Jewish and Gentile Disciples were first called Christians, and still are. And again there were Christians long before there was a Catholic Church, and there were scriptures long before there were NT Christians. NOW many of the books were written during OT times and REJECTED by my Christian forefathers.

Today, anyone CAN get these books in a bookstore. I read all of them and did not discern the HOLY SPIRIT in them. So there are others as well....Jesus marrying Mary Mag and having children...I ALSO REJECT. Truths come in 2s and 3's and these books DO NOT BEAR WITNESS OF TRUTH. just like the Book of Mormon DOES NOT BEAR TRUTH.

Mix Of Grace Law Or
Hebrews 11:7-8 perfect examples. David, here's a perfect example of Faith in action. Romans 16:24-27. THE OBEDIENCE OF FAITH...again not obedience to the LAW, but obedience to the Gospel according to the mystery. So WHAT IS THE MYSTERY. Scripture states CHRIST IN YOU is the mystery. So HOW to OBEY this Gospel according to the mystery. I see one answer is in Romans 6-8. Yield, present yourselves to God as alive from the dead. AKA total surrender, REITERATED IN Romans 12:1-2.......rom 8...walk in the Spirit...I die daily...keeping this mind in you that was also in Christ Jesus...becoming obedient unto death.....Phil 3 Pressing on, longer part of this world system....THIS IS JUST SOME OF WHAT WE ARE TO OBEY TODAY.

Mix Of Grace Law Or
Well Travelosity, no need for SNIDE COMMENTS.....SO CHILDISH

TODAY The Gospel according to the MYSTERY is preached to both Jew and Gentile INDIVIDUALS who can accept or reject on their own. When that happens one becomes NEITHER JEW OR GENTILE, but a New Creature IN CHRIST. So after this time, called the dispensation of the Grace of God that was given to Paul for the Gentiles , and when this TIME HAS BEEN fulfilled. THEN God will turn to the NATION as a whole, and the NATION as a whole will according to scripture be approx 1/3 of Jewish People ...Zechariah 12-14 ...will make it through the Great Tribulation, being brought back to Israel the LAND where the fulfillment of the NEW COVENANT to Israel and Judah will be fulfilled.

Non Biblical Manger Scenes
Mark_Eaton, my kids are in their early 40's now, and I'm not sure how this program works....but I do know here in GA we are hearing the same issues you sited, about how much worse off the public schools are that was suppose to get all this money. I knew when they were trying to sell the idea, it was a bad idea.

Now they want to legalize pot because of all the TAX revenue it will give states...but I say that too is a Bad idea. It's not worth it. Maybe they are trying to give away College educations with that too to charm the ignorant.....and I wouldn't apply or take that money either. To me it's dirty money.

Non Biblical Manger Scenes
Nicole, So you think working as a nun for room and board saved the government money because they collected NO taxes on your NO PAY arrangement? Wow, what will you come up,with next? The Government did not put you through school SO THAT you would join a Catholic Orderthey kicked you out of and help relieve them of any financial aid ...such as Medicade...which these orderes DID COLLECT from the Government...but cheated you your pay...

So I guess all single people paying taxes also paid for your free education they did not get....stealing from them to? YOU stole Nicole when you accepted other peoples money They did not give you. You took stolen money.....makes you every bit guilty as the government.

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