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How Was Christianity Maintained
Strongaxe, I totally disagree with your assumption. The difference is prostitutes thieves etc KNEW they were sinners. The Pharisees thought they were sinless. I believe there is even a parable addressing this issue. But it in no way states God categorizes sin, or sinners. They were all sinners in Gods eyes.

More Finish It Here June 2017
Now we know Augustine was a Gnostic, who actually co-mingled much of his beliefs with that of Gnosticism. Calvin believed in infant baptism....NOT IN SCRIPTURE. THAT is my point John. All I need is the WORD of God spoken exclusively through the Prophets and Apostles. I do not need Augustine or anyone else reiterating WHAT GOD HAS ALREADY SPOKEN THROUGH THE PROPHETS AND APOSTLES.
Augustine OR your list of men WERE NOT APOSTLES AND PROPHETS. And no where does the Apostles or Prophets instruct me follow them or submit to them, but to BEWARE of them and RUN FROM THEM.

I don't care HOW pious and lofty their religious words were, if they contridicted the PURE WORD OF GOD.
Do you GET IT NOW?

More Finish It Here June 2017
John here is the problem I have with your interrogation.

Did Calvin believe in Sola Scriptura? Yes I believe it is said he did...however in action and words and everything about him, and his false doctrine.....what good did it do him to say he did? Just strating you believe in Sola Scriptura and then denying it's very essence is....well John....a real problem for me. To try to hold someone to bending to those words Sola Scriptura means NOTHING. BUT if it makes YOU feel all warm and fuzzy, more self righteous or all up. But YOU contradict the very essence of Sola Scriptura yourself...and THAT is another reason I have a problem with you questioning and interrogating others here. ....

Does God Let Satan Have Way
Satan is a created, fallen being, used by Father to commit evils, for the Father's own purposes. Satan is putting voice to the thoughts put into his mind by Father.
---aservant on 2/8/17

This is like saying the Father and Satan are ONE... Compared to| Jesus is the Word of God, the very essence of the thoughts of God are in Jesus Christ. To put Satan on that exact same level as Jesus and God is blasphemy. This is what I hear Aservant saying.

This is why I ask if Aservant is Mormon. They have a strange understanding of God Jesus and Satan being Jesus twin brother. Just saying.....Aservant has made some strange comments on line here.

Finish It Here Dec 2016
John, the doctrine of the Trinity if I'm not mistaken was written by your early church fathers along with other mandated beliefs that people had to take oaths and sign documents to in order to be part of some exclusive club while others who refused to adhear to were beheaded or burned at the stake for being heretics.....yet, nowhere from Genesis to Revelation do I see any group called the ENFORCERS evident in stating one must adhear to John the Calvinists understanding of the Trinity or else they will be accused of denying Jesus Christ.

Show me the verses John.

Finish It Here Dec 2016

Acts 1:22 Beginning from the baptism of John, unto that same day that he was taken up from us, must one be ordained to be a witness with us of his resurrection.
Acts 4:33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

Nicole, there is such a great disconnect with you. Before making ignorant statements, please check out the FACTS FIRST. Of course There were witnesses to Jesus Resurrection.

And GUESS WHAT, I refuse to argue this with you, as you somehow will find a way to cleverly change the subject to a hang nail, because YOU refuse to be corrected.

Denying Christ Is Only Way
Nicole, when you MOCK those of your race, you must do that too in front of others in Alabama bringing scorn to you, and rightly so. If a white person did what you did and MOCKED uneducated black folks with slang only used by your folks you would scream and holler RACEST. But when you do it, is it suppose to be funny?'s rude and crude. The term OREO has absolutely nothing to do with it.

And as for randomly posting anywhere you like just because you feel like it, even if it has nothing to do with the question heading......only shows the real YOU. Grocery stores don't have to post a sign saying, "Please don't wipe your snot on the produce", to know that a normal decent person would not do such a thing.

Hillary Causes Protestors
It's really sad that so many who profess to be Christians want to see Hillary burn at the stake. That our politics are so hate driven these days by so many self righteous people. That is what I see as so very scary. I really hope people didn't vote for Trump because they wanted or believed Trump would have the power have her arrested.

Will this country ever heal with this being the driving force of republicans today? Because of Trumps ignorance as to what he can and can't do, many promises he made won't be kept. BUT people are to,blame here for believing things and not checking out FACTS and truths for themselves.

Not Saved Comment
Aservant, you misquoted Luke by not posting his whole sentence, and then took off rambling In a totally different direction. Luke stated you cannot know for sure SOMEONE ELSES salvation. He said nothing about not knowing your own. There seems to be a problem here with some who don't take the time to thoroughly read and understand someone's post, and then makes false accusations. This too is why these same folks claim others are not answering their's because these same folks aren't taking the time to THOROUGHLY READ what someone is saying.

Kissing Of Statues OK
Were it not for the Fall, ALL the material universe would be a medium of God's Holy Spirit.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/20/16

Ok Cluny, I'll bite. Now that we are in the FALL, what scriptures have listed those "things" not affected by the fall that God uses as a medium of the Holy Spirit? You think water has magic? Wood you say? Where paper comes from? Ink you say, originally coming from what, berries? Were berries affected or not? When exactly did paper come into use? Before that? So why then did Moses have to sprinkle BLOOD on everything?

Where exactly does Holy Water come from...some secret river not affected by the fall, OR made Holy by some sinful pope or priest?

Differences of Catholic Christians
Now I know what type of Christian you are. You're one that thinks he can write his own bible his own way, and interpret what he wants to as coming from the false god he is worshiping.
---Monk_Brendan on 7/9/16

I believe Monk needs to pull the log out of his own eye before accusing another of the very thing he too is guilty of.

Monk likes to sling mud here as well, all the while claiming to be some innocent victim of false accusations.

The vain repitions of prayer Jesus was most likely referring to by the heathens may have been referring to the Hindu. Yet Monk scoffs and then cries foul. It doesn't work that way Monk.

How To Become Saved
Rob, I know. Osteen is a good sampling of what people want today. What is interesting is seeing so many churches now using them as a blue print for how to get church attendance up. Many want to build their big church as a status symbol of success. Even those small churches who are faithful to the Word find many of the flock running to the BIG BOX. its not much different than what we see on the commercial side of things.....the BOX BOX STORES putting the little guy out of business, offering a larger variety of cheaper merchandise to appeal to the masses. And the most scary is the lack of discernment to The Donald.

Many Right Ways
Inspired by Urbans call to arms and intent on earning salvation, tens of thousands of Europeans set out for Jerusalem. In the First Crusade alone, Catholic crusaders slaughtered some 70,000 Jews and Arabs in pursuit of their goal to pry Jerusalem from the infidel. Its sad isnt it? The First Crusade was followed a few decades later by another, then another, then another each an attempt to purge the Holy Land of Muslims of course and Jews as well. History is clear the Vatican has never supported Muslim control of Jerusalem! So why is it doing so now?

Is this not where the end times battle will take place? And LOOK who will be right in the middle? The RCC.

Many Right Ways
The Roman Catholic Church taught that the common man could not understand the Bible, and that the only ones who could understand and interpret the Bible were the priests, bishops and the Pope. To the average man, the Bible was a CLOSED BOOK and he had no access to it. As a result, most of the people were totally IGNORANT of what the Bible really taught. In 1229 A.D. the Church Council of Toulouse actually forbade the use of the Bible to laymen (the mass of common people, those who were not priests or bishops). Thus for centuries the Roman Catholic church did not want to put the Bible into the hands of the common people.

HERE is the definition of "common people".

I have NOTHING to apologize for.

Finish It Here May 2016
Remember guys TRADITION, not Scripture, says this happened even though the Bible is silent in the matter. It's kind of like what TRADITION also says about Mary's immaculate conception & her being a virgin her whole life. The Bible, again is silent regarding Mary's manner of birth, but does speak to the fact that she had other children other than Jesus.
---Leon on 5/25/16

I like your answer here it is your TRADITION on filling in the blanks where scripture is SILENT concerning Lot, Mrs Lot etc. as we see above, the RCC also BEEFED UP a story not in scripture.....and what a mess!

Finish It Here May 2016

Here is the verse from Peter. Interestingly he says he too is an elder...not a Bishop. Therefore the whole idea of Peter being a Bishop or the first Pope lording it over , or acting as lord over....was against everything he believed. It's not an office of power over the Church.

1 Peter 5:1-3

5 The elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed:

2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly, not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind,

3 Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being examples to the flock.

Finish It Here May 2016
The church in Philippi was founded by the apostle Paul on his second missionary journey, recorded in Acts 16:1-40. Paul originally went to Macedonia because of a night vision described for us in Acts 16:9. In it Paul saw a man of Macedonia standing and asking that he come over to help them. Paul responded and so the gospel went triumphantly westward beginning in Philippi as the first city to be evangelized in Europe..

Yet Paul was not the BISHOP OF PHILIPPI or even called such a thing. He did however establish the churches with Bishops, deacons and elders. Therefore an Apostle is not or does not become a Bishop.

Is Saving Faith A Work
As soon as you adopt the notion that "saved folks have saved ways" you MUST open yourself to introspection.///

Jesus said, you will know them by their fruit. I am not a fruit inspector, nor do I introspect my own fruit. But the fact is JamesL what gave Paul the right to inspect the Galatians? He said he had to labor again until Christ was formed in them, having first BEGUN in the spirit, HAVE YE SUFFERED SO MUCH IN VAIN????? they went back under the law. So YES, there is a vast difference between spirit walking and flesh walking. The FLESH cannot produce the fruit of the SPIRIT.

******Galatians 2:20-21*******

Is Saving Faith A Work
JamesL, the first and only insults here are from you. Being ignorant of a subject is not an insult. Accusing me of being a Calvinist when I loath the doctrine and have made that known here for over 12 years is an insult. Trying to explain to you what scripture teaches that Calvinists do not believe, and then WALLA, you insult me again.

Then you ask the same question again, when you have been given the answer YOU SAID YOU CALLED RANTING AND RAVING...again another insult.

THen you accused me of the Calvinist "P". I explained that was not scriptural, yet AGAIN you insult me.

Work out your own salvation JamesL.

Is Saving Faith A Work
steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

The word perseverance is only used once in scripture, and says nothing about OSAS. All the TULIP are words not in scripture, but words made up and given their own definition based on their doctrine, not the Doctrine of Christ.

Of coarse we are to remain steadfast.

Jude does not say perseverance, but PRESERVED, an altogether different word. The whole of the TULIP is based on the depravity. Again no such word is used in scripture. It is only a THEORY, based on a false doctrine.

Now the truth is, if your faith was never genuine to begin with, you won't remain steadfast in the faith.

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