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Is DACA Legal
Nicole ...bla bla Bla. Just smart Alic reply's back as always.


No one needs to compare anyone's life here Nicole. The Life God blessed me with I would never trade with anyone or for anything. I was actually DEFENDING YOU. I think putting you OUT was wrong, since you were a nurse before AND AFTER you entered, seeing whatever condition you had/have did not affect your civilian life's ability to work as a nurse.

Was it really your "mouthyness" got you put out? Did you call the Reverand Mother " Sweety" and then tell her there's nothing wrong with addressing someone that way defending yourself with smart bla bla bla remarks? People don't change.

Who's The Elect
Changing blogs again. Nicole YOU said your DR went behind your back and got you PUT OUT of the Catholic Church. You were a Nurse 3 years prior to entering the Nunnery, and somehow because of health reasons YOU WERE PUT OUT. Your words. You still continue as a nurse AFTER being put out of the Catholic Church. YOUR WORDS.

So you are being DISINGENUOUS here by NOT being COMPLETELY honest as to WHY you were put out, ...since you stated here health reasons DO NOT disqualify.

Was it mental issues Nicole....???? That WOULD get you put out. Or are you saying you were NOT a Catholic and lied when you went in? Why were YOU discriminated against?

Is DACA Legal
Actually Nicole, Companies get sued for putting someone OUT because of health reasons. If someone lied on their app for military..then yes. HOWEVER :
A medical discharge from the US Military is a serious event. It is usually only granted ( that is requested first by the person) when it is clear that the service member cannot continue in their current military role. The illness or injury that would reach this level would have such adverse effects upon a normal person's life, that they would have trouble working in civilian jobs....unquote.

But that is not your became a nurse. So exactly what was your job ( not calling) in the Church you could not preform......personally carrying rocks to build more churches????

Is DACA Legal
Does the Catholic Church discriminate against people with health issues? I always thought of those positions as being called of God, not man applying for a job in the workplace. So, I have a friend who is still working ...not old enough to retire, who has cancer. The company involved has done everything possible ...shorter hours, work from home, pay higher premiums for insurance( chemo now going on year 2) and would not even think of putting this person OUT. And it's not even a Christian owned or run company. And NO, they don't even try dirty tricks here or there to get this person to some companies do.

This gives me a even more dim look at the Catholic Church for putting servants OUT who have health issues.

Is DACA Legal
I wasn't honest with myself REFUSING to leave the convent. My Doctor went behind my back and got me put out because I REFUSED to listen to her.

---Nicole_Lacey on 9/18/17

Nicole, now you've given a DIFFERENT answer. Why did you say your DR WENT BEHIND YOUR BACK ? Doing what is normal is not described as GOING BEHIND ONES BACK....which shows something other than NORMAL procedure. I really think the way YOU state things is a HUGE problem, causing arguments and strife. If someone said so and so WENT BEHIND THEIR BACK?..that's BAD. Proper procedures are not described as GOING BEHIND SOMEONES BACK.

And if it got you put OUT, you were not HONEST with anyone, not just much so that your Dr WENT BEHIND YOUR BACK.

Accounting Of Your Taxes

Hummm, Nicole has found a new toy ( learned a new word) and uses it here often, but has not shown she understands the meaning of the word and how to use it properly.

The only insincere, dishonest, person here Nicole is YOU.

YOU play stupid pretending to know less that what you have been shown, twisting words that are totally irrelevant to the conversation RE, fable vs myth....which did not change the meaning of anything YOU made a mountain out of......shows the only DISINGENUOUS PERSON HERE IS YOU.

And for that reason Nicole.....because I have no patience with disingenuous people or their petty bar hag replies....


Is DACA Legal
Ok so you have shown you do refuse to listen to others, where they have to go behind your back. That's actually illegal isn't it for a Dr to violate Dr Patient confidentiality?

Were you also mouthy with them too...refusing to listen, and coming up with mouthy replies so much so that your Dr HAD to go behind your back?

So somehow you have a medical issue that disqualifies you from being a Nun, but not a nurse?

No desire to be a Nun Nicole. It goes against everything I believe in. I believe in marriage and the command to procreate.

Is DACA Legal
//so many today...(although they fill the pews of churches) ARE NOT CHRISTIAN.---kathr4453

My, my, my, there are many Christians who refuse to going to Church.
But at YOUR Church you have NON CHRISTIANS filling your pews?

What or Who is being preached at your Church?
---Nicole_Lacey on 9/17/17

So here is what is called a mouthy bar hag reply from Nicole.

So by your deduction, ALL AT YOUR CHURCH are Chriatian???. Why? Because they were Baptized Catholic? So, was Jefferson baptized Catholic? OR in fact Nicole, if Jefferson lived in Europe during the Inquisitions, he would in fact be put to death by the RCC as a heretic.

So now you want to include Protestants as Christians ? When did that happen?

Accounting Of Your Taxes
NIcole, so here below is THE beginning of the NEXT PARAGRAPH
Jefferson concludes his letter to Adams. Jefferson WAS NOT first quoting Adams of Calvin, then saying so much for your quotation. ('mon dieu! Jusqu'a quand' is the quote. And is also in reference to the letter Adams previously wrote to Jefferson.

The NEXT paragraph and final sentence of Jefferson to Adams reads:

So much for your quotation of Calvins 'mon dieu! jusqua quand' NOTICE THE QUOTE IS IN 'QUOTATIONS' and that translated into English IS NOT what you claim Calvin quoted in the paragraph prior.

Let's REITERATE AGAIN. Thomas Jefferson did not believe in the Virgin Birth, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Here is how Jefferson begins this very same letter to Adams:
Monticello April 11. 23.
Dear Sir
The wishes expressed, in your last favor, that I may continue in life and health until I become a Calvinist, at least in his exclamation of mon Dieu! jusque quand! would make me immortal. I can never join Calvin in addressing his god.

Nicole, here is the beginning of that letter in answering a previous letter from Adams. The issue here is Calvinism VS Unitarian Universalism ( DEISTS) which believes EVERYONE IN THE END WILL BE SAVED. Not because they believe Jesus is the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary.......Jeffersons OWN WORDS was mocking those who believe in the Deity of Christ in the previous paragraph.

Is DACA Legal
Nicole, both Strongaxe and I have. The problem is, you can't comprehend what others show you. I just posted on the correct blog AGAIN this very issue and answer.

If you would stop and listen and pray and even research for yourself...and stop being so mouthy and unchristlike in your replies, know ...that foul mouth bar hag routine you put on really needs to be brought into check Nicole.

Can't you debate without all your nasty mouthy reply's????? Maybe that is why the NUNNERY dumped you.....possibly...if your really honest with yourself.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Nicole, history tells us a different story about the RCC and Hitlers arrangement. SOME did, some did not.

Yes Hitler was baptized as a baby into the Catholic Church. Nicole so sneakily tries to find ways in people's words to discredit .....oh you misspelled so and so...therefore you are a liar. TOTALLY MORONIC AGAIN.

It was after Hitler saw a Passion Play...(yes the kindMel Gibson promoted ) that incited Hitler even more giving him (his words I just posted he quoted ) the excuse to murder Jews. Yes the same passion play that also incited violence and murder against the Jews year after year called pogroms BY CATHOLICS.

Tell the truth Nicole...we know the truth. You being in denial doesn't change history.

Is DACA Legal
Nicole, obviously YOU can't comprehend what YOU read, as you are posting on the wrong blog. But we know you will ALSO find a reason why you have every right to do that, and will continue to do that..JUST BECAUSE YOU ASKED THE BLOG QUESTION.

Anyone...let me reiterate...anyone who denies the Virgin Birth AND DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST as did Thomas Jefferson and so many today...(although they fill the pews of churches) ARE NOT CHRISTIAN.

Deal with it.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Historically the German Evangelical Church viewed itself as one of the pillars of German culture and society, with a theologically grounded tradition of loyalty to the state. During the 1920s, a movement emerged within the German Evangelical Church called the Deutsche Christen, or "German Christians." The "German Christians" embraced many of the nationalistic and racial aspects of Nazi ideology. Once the Nazis came to power, this group sought the creation of a national "Reich Church" and supported a "nazified" version of Christianity.

Totally different than Hitler starting the Reich Church Nicole. Hitler had support of both Protestant and Catholics. Hitler remained a catholic.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Nicole, it's totally absurd to say Calvin believed the virgin birth a fable. And why would Jefferson be quoting Calvin to Adams in a letter? Whatever you are reading ...which is only your word, is a lie. I have studied Thomas Jefferson, and have in a book many of his letters...and those written to Adams in their,later years when they reconciled. And this letter is printed, and says NOTHING about quoting Calvin. And Calvin himself never made such a comment......

After reading and studying about Jefferson, which as a man is an awesome human being, ......broke my heart he was not a Chriatian. He suffered so many things alone, which I found so very very sad.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Nicole, whether Strongaxe used myth or fable is beside the FACT that Thomas Jefferson clearly says in his letter to Adams he believes the Chriatian belief in nonsense, .......and arguing over a word " myth vs Fable" does not strengthen your argument that Jefferson was a Chriatian JUST BECAUSE one used the word myth in place of fable. HOW MORONIC!

Our FAITH IS NOT CALLED A MYTH OR FABLE, but a FACT. And NO CHRISTIAN would even utter those words Jefferson wrote......that's beyond all comprehension that you want to excuse it and give it a pass.

You use the lamest excuses to come back and continue to argue. Jeffersons OWN words SPEAK FOR Jefferson. YOU DO NOT. GOT THAT?

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Nicole, the answer is, NO we were not FOUNDED as a Christian Nation, Christian exclusively meaning the virgin birth, death buriel and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And that Jesus shed His Blood for the forgivness of sin. That Christ ALONE is head of the Church, and YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN. Of which I do not see any founding fathers attesting to such beliefs that this Country is FOUNDED ON.

And the Treaty of Tripoli CLEARLY STATES WE ARE NOT. That treaty was made AFTER the Constitution and Declaration.

Even with clear PROOF given you still want to argue and use nonsense comparisons having NOTHING to do with NOTHING....all because YOU have an unteachable spirit and a pride that can't believe you are EVER wrong.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter. But may we hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with this artificial scaffolding, and restore to us the primitive and genuine doctrines of this most venerated reformer of human errors. Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Adams, April 11, 1823

Nicole, Many of our founding fathers, even Adams were Unitarian Universalists.....AKA DEISTS. King James was not, and is outrageous to make such a comparison......must be that wacky cognitive association showing it's strange face again.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Many claim that Hitler was a Christian because he was born Catholic, he never publicly renounced his Catholicism, and he wrote in Mein Kampf, "By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord."

WOW! So as we have seen, even in Hitlers words above...THAT IS NOT CHRISTIAN. Never was and never will be. Just because someone says they are Christian does not make it so.

And where did Peter loose on earth such an evil man as Hiltler Nicole? Peter OK's the murder of millions of his own people, that even Paul said of himself he would gladly be lost so they could be saved.....

If you also,want to defend Hitlers Christianity......THEN you don't know what Christian really means.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
Nicole, Our founding fathers were RELIGIOUS, which a deist can also be, yet STILL NOT ALL WERE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS.

I think from some of your comments your thinking may be influenced by your Catholic background, and your idea that even Peter was put in charge...which is not true.

So with that Nicole, since what I am saying is going totally over your head, you being someone who is RELIGIOUS, without knowing the difference between Religion and Christianity, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

If in fact we were a Christian Nation, there would be no: Scientology Churches, Mormon Churches, JW's , JewishTemples, Mosques, etc etc etc. making us a THEOCRACY. WE ARE NOT. GET IT NOW?????

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