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Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Apparently it was a Jewish tradition and still may be, to pray for the dead. I googled 'Bible purgatory' and everywhere it says purgatory is not mentioned in the Bible. But Nicole may not be entirely wrong if you read 1 Cor 3.11-15 which seems to talk of a fire in which bad works are burned up but the soul is saved. Matthew 12.32 talks of the unforgiveable sin, saying it will not be forgiven either in this world or the next. Which seems to offer hope that in the next world there is a further chance of forgiveness at least for certain sins. I am inclined to pray for those who died out of Christianity or in some sin or other, because they may be able to receive forgiveness or comfort when we pray for them.

Why Is Zimbabwe Poor
Yes, Darlene1, there are some good Catholics, but all the Catholics are deceived. The RCC at the top is orchestrating all world events, but they always ensure that freemasons, or Jews are their front men, or the government insiders are actually Catholic men, it does not matter , they may not even know they are working for the RCC at the top of the pyramid (or bottom) depending on which way up you see the triangle. John le Carre realizes this and writes very good 'fiction' along these lines.

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