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Are There Christians Here
AXE. Australia, U.K, Japan, Sweden and Canada also rate quite high as violent countries considering that their rates of baby murder are around 200 to 600 babies slaughtered each day.

And it's the Left who are renowned for being at the forefront for easier abortions.

I can understand why the heartless Atheist Left choose to ignore this violent slaughter of babies. They don't know God and they have no moral code.

But what I can't understand is that you likewise avoid acknowledging this violent slaughter of babies in allegedly less religious, less violent countries, in your suggestion that less religion somehow means less violence.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Decades ago Left & Right aligned with Christianity. But political spectrum has shifted DEMS & REPS further Left. BO, Hillary & Trump have courted Christian voters. But I doubt if they even know what the 2 commands of Jesus are.

The posturing & virtue signaling of the Left marks them as biggest hypocrites. Their double standards are seen through their attacks against Conservatives over lessor evils than the Left's greater evils. Consider also their deceitful claims of being the party of compassion.

The Conservatives are merely lessor evil, and not actual representatives of Christianity.

As for violent nations, I think violent murder/abortion of approx 3000 babies per day in USA puts it in higher ranking.

Are There Christians Here
StrongAxe. Just to correct you, the side of politics that most likely wants to kill people are clearly the Left.

Apart from the totalitarian Left's genocidal forefathers Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, we see even today it's the Leftists who are at the forefront pushing for ever easier murder of babies. Seems the murder of approx 3000 babies per day in USA is not enough for the Left.

Sadly, those here defending the Left typically remain silent about the baby slaughter, unless they're confronted.

In Australia we see violent, abusive Leftists calling for the execution of Christians because we oppose LGBT marriage.

And don't forget the global warming Leftists who called for the execution of deniers.

Revolutionary Communist Party
NICOLE. The DEMs were even too racist for Hitler's NAZI party.

When the NAZI's were considering how to determine who is a Jew, considering that some people come from mixed religious heritage, they even looked into the DEMs policy for how to determine who is black, but the NAZI's found the DEMs policy to be too extreme.

The KKK dominated DEMs policy was that just one drop of Negro blood in ones lineage means your black. But this was too extreme for the NAZI's, hence they rejected the DEM's one drop policy.

You're correct that the DEM's are the true racists, as are all Leftist political parties throughout the West.

Revolutionary Communist Party
KATHR. I had to look up what Kingdom Now, etc means as I've never heard such before.
I suggest you stop your frantic PC Left moral outrage tactic, then you might start to actually understand what non Leftists say.

I don't believe you don't entangle yourself with this world's affairs. Your PC Left tirades clearly proves you're a follower of the Left.

By all means Christians are to preach the gospel, however Christians also speak on various topics from the weather, sports, politics, family, and the Bible, etc. Thus when political topics on CN arise, then we talk politics.

In my job I talk on many different topics, and where ever I can I weave the gospel into conversation with my customers.

Are There Christians Here
KATHR. We both agree everybody is flawed. And as I said before, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The RCC is not the absolute power it once was, although I hear disingenuous Atheist Leftists always relying on past atrocities from under this former era of RCC absolute power, to attack Christianity overall.

The virtual absolute power we see today though, is the Left. They dominate mainstream media, Universities, politics, Hollywood, etc.

Whilst the atrocities of the Left far outweigh that of the RCC, of added concern is the totalitarian Left have been the dominant power through their oppressive PC tyranny for the past few decades. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Your obfuscation is not helping you.

Why have you not given your definition of the sin you allege Christians are charged with?
And why do you contradict Rom 8:33 when it says we cannot be charged?
And why use 1John 1:8 out of context, especially as you use it to contradict 1John 3:9?

BTW, Jesus bore the consequences for sin once only. It's not an ongoing sacrifice for sin. I suggest you study scripture and seek understanding from Christ our teacher (Matt 23:8).

Loony1. I suggest you read my post 10/13/17 as your last post indicates you misunderstand me.

Revolutionary Communist Party
KATHR. You've long demonstrated through your PC tirades, etc, here that your view is so consistent with the Left's deceitful propaganda that it's obvious you're a Leftist. The fact you conveniently ignore the Left's evils (such as their baby murder platforms, etc) further confirms your trust in your Leftist high priests.

Thus by your own judgement you're mixing Christianity with the world & thus fornicating, according to your own definitions.
I suggest you reconsider your incorrect view of Rev 18, as it brings you under that same judgement you apply to others.

Reality is Christians fight the good fight of faith (1Tim 6:12-14), laying hold of eternal life (John 3:16), keeping this command to believe on Jesus, without spot.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
AXE. The likes of Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmanov, and academic David Horowitz, are ex Comunists who were actively involved with the Communist efforts to undermine the West through infiltrating and now dominating mainstream media, humanities departments at Uni, Hollywood, politics, etc.

Their warnings are consistent with those in the book titled "The Naked Communist" written by a CIA agent in the 1940's, based on the CIA's findings of the Communists goals.

Leftists like you are proof that the Communists have succeeded attaining most of their goals in underming the West.
And as Yuri said, no matter how many facts are given to the brainwashed, it's unlikely you Lefties can ever be red pilled back to reality.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
AXE. As Yuri Bezmanov (Russian Communist KGB defector) said, no matter how many facts are presented to people like you, facts will simply be rejected as they're inconsistent with the brainwashing you received from the Communist Left who dominate mainstream media (including the likes of Snopes), universities, Hollywood, politics, etc.

Axe, you always repeat the same old insulting slander against Conservatives that your Leftist leaders feed you, and then you use their trademark tool of claiming victim hood when your side of politics is exposed for its evil.

A little progress seems to have been made though. You now recognize the KKK was always of the DEMs, and that Hitler was in fact a Socialist Lefty.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. You quote same scriptures that Atheist Lefties in Australia quote in their campaign for legalizing LGBT marriage. Their logic is to attempt to shut down Christian opposition to their agendas by misusing scriptures.

It's sad to see you have little understanding of God's word as to misuse scripture the same way as Atheist Lefties do.

You speak of "sin", but do you know what it is, its consequences?
You say Christians are still charged with sin in spite of Rom 8:33, 1John 3:6-9, John 8:36 saying otherwise.
And as Christians are in Christ (Gal 2:20, Col 3:3), to say Christians still remain in sin (in spite of Christ's sacrifice) then that is to say there is sin in Christ in spite of 1John 3:5 stating otherwise.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
Loony1. Very true. In spite of the evil throughout the world God takes care of His children. Like I said in an earlier post, the political elites (especially the Left) corruption and their PC is bringing us ever closer to the great tribulation Jesus spoke of (Matt 24:21,22), where God will shorten the days for the elects sake.

NURSEROB. So in other words you could not prove Snopes is a trustworthy source.

End Of World September 2017
KATHR. Your excuse from the deceitful Left is flawed. The dominant ethnic make up that exists in the most racist countries (India, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Zambia, Bangladesh, etc), is similar to what is seen in least racist countries (Argentina, Colombia, Latvia, Chile, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Tanzania, etc).

It's just racist intolerance seen in some cultures (India, Jordan, Zambia, Bangladesh), and not in others (like USA, Australia, Russia etc).

Yet the Left push deceitful propaganda finding racism where there's none. It's simply the Left's deliberately divisive identity politics at play.

You & AXE need to step out of that Leftist echo chamber.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Again you misunderstand scripture. From Gen to Rev the context is one of the choice between righteousness by faith OR by works of the law. We are called not to judge righteousness by works of the law. Sadly too many misunderstand scriptures and misuse them to support their political arguments.

As for crimes Leftists commit, these are facts of note that define who the Left are.
You and Kathr have eagerly alleged all sorts of crimes against conservatives, so why then do you complain when I give damming facts against the Left back to you?

As long as the oppressive Left continue to dominate mainstream media, universities, Hollywood, politics, institutions, etc, then issues are virtually as stark as black and white.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
AXE. Snopes....?? Please.... that's like relying on Fake News CNN or NYT.

End Of World September 2017
AXE. Data from the World Value Survey found India was the most racist country, followed by various middle eastern Islamic countries & African countries (did I just hear a Lefty fall off their chair at hearing this fact black Africans are amongst most racist?).

Western countries like USA, Australia were the least racist.

Of course this contradicts the deceitful propaganda of the Left.

But then we see it's the deceitful Left who always push divisive identity politics, so in reality it's the Left (DEM's, BLM, Fake News media, Humanities departments at universities, etc) throughout the West who are most racist.

I suggest you stop trusting the deceitful propaganda of the racist Left's Fake News, DEMs, and BLM, etc.

Revolutionary Communist Party
NICOLE. There's a growing number of public figures now willing to brave the hateful abuse that has been the norm under the totalitarian Left's PC tyranny

Conservative spokesman Milo Yiannopoulos is due to tour Australia. He's a difficult target for them as he's in a category high up on the Left's PC hierarchy of human value. Of course the PC Left bigots are trying to get him banned.

When ex Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali planned to tour Australia warning about Islam, the Islamists and the PC Left made so many threats of death & violent protest, that her tour was cancelled.

This is what the likes of you, Jerry & I speak out against when debating those here who defend the oppressive PC tyranny of the Left & Islam.

Is Disaster Looting Sinful
Loony1. A Lefty is anyone of the DEM's side of politics.
But then so many REPs (similar to our LNP in Australia) embrace politically correct perspectives that they too can be described as Lefties.

Political correctness is basically cultural Marxism, which is driven by the Left through their dominance of the mainstream media, universities, Hollywood, politics, etc.

And former Communists like Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmanov, and academic David Horowitz, have warned (based on their experience as former insiders working towards undermining Western society) that the far Left dominate the media, universities, politics, Hollywood, etc and use these institutions to brainwash the gullible with PC.

Revolutionary Communist Party
KATHR. Again I see you use the Left's tool of claiming victim hood, in spite of being the leading perpetrator.

When I first joined CN I saw the likes of you & Mark V always debating in very confrontational ways. You haven't changed since.

Your aggressive debating style is just you, based on your temperament & learned Leftist PC grievance mongering.
When being confronted with facts then I suggest you research & counter with facts if you find any to support your position.
I learned this way myself. An example was when AXE made allegations of KKK links to REPs. I had no idea about this and said little at the time as a result. But later I researched and found the truth that debunked his allegations.

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