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Are You A Faith Expert
Truth either brings conviction or anger. ---kathr4453 on 8/16/18

True,....if it is the Truth.
But just because you believe in something, that does not make it the Truth.

I do not believe in God because others believe in God. I believe in God, because God reveals himself to me. Our Truth about God, must comes from God, else we will never know the Truth.

I once thought I could show folks here on CN the Truth, by using the Bible, but discovered it to be a fruitless endeavor. The Lord called those wise, who do what he tells them to do, but the Church today, believes we are fools.

Are You A Faith Expert
Our own bias does cloud another person's faith.---Nicole_Lacey on 8/11/18

Not just faith, but we are biased about everything we believe. Bias is a tool Satan can use to separate us, a tool which causes us to hate. Look at politics in America. It has caused a hatred in this country, the likes I have never seen. Religious beliefs are not much different.

Its very difficult, for most, to argue their point without getting emotionally involved. Even if you are right, and they are wrong...the mind becomes closed when the wall of hate goes up.

I do my best to keep it down, but I can not control what Satan puts into the hearts of those of whom I may disagree.

Are You A Faith Expert
I believe our beliefs create a bias, a bias which does not allow us to fully understand an opposing faith. I too am biased, biased by the teachings of Jesus Christ, which I believe to be the New Covenant.

Others are biased, because they believe Paul was given a Newer Covenant, one which seemingly voided the covenant Jesus taught. Which is why Paul said what he did in (1 Corinthians 1:17).

Why Do Good Works
Where is the one in thought as Jesus taught? Is Christ divided?---Steveng on 7/30/18

God sent Jesus with a New Covenant, a covenant given to the Jews. They rejected him. So God invited the gentile...those gentiles and Jews who believed this New covenant had been given to them by the Son of God, as foretold.

You and I have founded our faith upon this solid rock, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like you, I have tried to turn these folks from the false doctrines they follow. If they want to follow a lie..I fear they can not be turned. (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Why Do Good Works
They understand and interpret everything in the bible using today's language. ---Steveng on 7/24/18

I agree Steven
This is why there is no value in retranslating a Bible written thousands of years ago, using a Greek dictionary giving the words modern day definitions.

Look at all the new definitions to words that have accumulated in the English dictionary, in just the last 30 years. Look at a 50 year old Webster dictionary and compare it to one today.

Why Do Good Works
My doctrine is the CROSS, clearly defined in Galatians 2:20-21....that includes the blood.---kathr4453 on 7/23/18

How can you use (Galatians 2:20) as your testimony, without using the rest of Pauls testimony in (Romans 7:8-10)? Paul testified he used the Law to bring about his death to sin. You claim you are not under the Law, so how were you crucified?

8 But sin, taking occasion by the commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For without the law sin was dead. 9 For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.10 And the commandment, which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death.

Good Works For Salvation
John wrote his letter to congregations - people who were already Christians. He told these people that if we say we are not sinners, the truth is not in us.--StrongAxe on 7/23/18

But how can these Christians be Sinners, if they were not under the Law? They must sin to be sinners...correct? How can they sin, if they are not under the Law? Take into account, sin is the transgression of the Law.

For Example,
The legal drinking age is 21 in Georgia. Since I am 58, isnt it true that I am not under that Law? Can I transgress a Law I am not under?

How can these Christians be Sinners/transgressors of the Law, when you believe they were not under the Law?

Why Do Good Works
David, again you stoop to lying by suggesting something I never stated---kathr4453 on 7/22/18

Fair enough, let me explain.
When Its implied in your doctrine, there is no need for you to say it.
Paul says, Where is there no Law, there can be no transgression.

You believe you are not under Gods Law,....correct? If your not under Gods Law, there is no Law. If there is no Law, there can be no transgression. If there is no sin, you have nothing to confess, do you?

Again...I am not talking about the Law of Moses. I am talking about the Law of Christ God puts into your mind.

Why Do Good Works
(Romans 3:25) Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God

How do you show you have faith in the blood of Christ, for the remission of sin? I say its through confession of sin, as ( 1 John 1: 7-10) tells us.

I hope you will kneel before God, and confess your sins, every day, for just one week and allow God to show you the Truth. You can not follow the Holy Spirit when you walk in darkness. Confession removes the darkness, which is what (1 John 1) is all about.

Right now you see this as my word, but if you try it, God will show you its his word.

Good Works For Salvation
Good works are just the evidence of salvation.
---StrongAxe on 7/20/18

What is sin evidence of?

Why Do Good Works
Whats the difference between Works of the Law and Good Works?

They are one and the same, with one difference. That difference is the reason for your obedience to God. Is your obedience out of Love, or is it done with the expectation of a reward? Im talking about the Law God writes on your heart.

Why would God write a Law on our hearts, if we are not under his Law?
The Law of Moses was written on Stone. The Law of Christ is written on your Stony Hearts.

Why Do Good Works
Will your loving God destroy the souls of these people?
---Steveng on 7/18/18

Jesus was very clear...unless a man be born again he can not enter into the kingdom of God. There is a very clear sign given in the Bible, which tells us how we know when we have been born of God. (1 John 3:9-10) KJV.

The wrong path is very long, and its where many spend their entire lifetimes trying to find the Truth. Only those who follow the Holy Spirit will find the right path. And confession of sin keeps us on that path, until we find it.

I have witnessed good folks, who follow the wrong path their entire life, who were born again on their deathbeds. God chooses who he chooses, he decides when to make that choice.

How To Confess Sin
Scripture teaches scripture David, mine comes from scripture backed up by supporting scripture. I don't put my faith in one verse without finding two or three supporting scripture witnesses.---kathr4453

But what about all the scripture...that opposes your doctrine. Will you just ignore it, or will you try to reconcile it?

I dont challenge you out of hate...or for the need of being right. I challenge your doctrine...and others doctrines, because I love you. If you work with me here, one day very soon, you will be very happy you did.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
Even though we dont like to admit it, we all become blind to what our preferred political parties do. As long as they do what we accept, as right, we turn a blind eye to what we would normally see as unacceptable.

Why Do Good Works
Again, you are changing the narrative now by suggesting I don't believe a Christian can sin. Please find where I made such a ststement. ---kathr4453 on 7/17/18

Its in the very foundation of your doctrine.
Sin is the transgression of the Law. (1 John 3:4). If you are not under Gods Law, how can you transgress the Law? If you can not sin, I can see how confession of sin would sound ridiculous to you.

Paul was a great teacher, but if your going to found your doctrine on his epistles, use all of it. Like the entire chapter of (Romans 2), which totally refutes your lawless belief,...if your honest about it.

How To Confess Sin
So you claim you were growing in the Grace before being saved? ---kathr4453

Again, we live by different definitions of Grace. Mine comes from the teaching of Jesus Christ, yours from the teachings of men like Jimmy Swaggart.

I can see where you can get the idea that your not under Gods Law, but I ask that you read everything Paul wrote, not just what goes along with what Jimmy has taught you.


Why Do Good Works
David, your comment makes no sense.---kathr4453

If you dont believe a Christian can sin, I wouldnt expect confession of sin to make any sense to you.

How To Confess Sin
I only claim credit for seeking out a relationship with God. Through this relationship, I came to love God. And because I loved God, I kept his commandments.

And because I kept his commandments, he loved me. And because he loved me, he saved me by removing that which caused me to do evil/sin. In other words, I was saved by The Grace of God.

My obedience to God didnt save me, it brought me into his favor. And by growing in his Grace, he eventually saved me. Not by Works, but by Grace. Which exactly what Jesus conveys in (John 14:21).

Why Do Good Works is what it is. I am the one who said we confess ONLY TO GOD. You're the one who suggested confession to humans was enough...AND NEVER STATED ANYTHING ABOUT THE BLOOD. ---kathr4453

Mine was a question for exploration.
I believe when a person confesses their sin, before God, they recieve forgiveness and the washing away of sin in the blood of Christ. But when you forgive someone of their sins against you, you only receive forgiveness of sin.

I know what the blood is for David. Just apologize that your comment was in fact condescending and accusatory. Kathryn

If an apology was needed, I would apologize. But my intent was not meant to harm you, no apology is needed.

How To Confess Sin
You are being dishonest here, trying to hold on to some idea that everyone is wrong here but you. YOU keep changing your position.....I call a dishonest discord.
---kathr4453 on 7/14/18

My belief, has not changed about the importance of confession of sin before God. Im trying to gain an understanding, of why others who do not believe as we do, confess before Priests.

In my life, after carrying a grudge against someone who has wronged me in some way, I have definitely noticed a difference after I have forgiven them. The anger I have felt towards that individual, instantly disappears, and is replaced with a love for the individual. I believe that to be the power of God.

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