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Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. Like I said before, the command of Jesus is that we love others (John 13:34), and love does no harm to another (Rom 13:10), hence we should not kill unborn babies or anyone else for that matter.

But you offered the Left's OT misuse of the SPIRITUAL law (Rom 7:14), which neither you nor the Left understand (Isaiah 29:11-18, 1Cor 2:14, Matt 13:13-15), to justify abortion.

You also used the Left's argument about at what stage a fetus is considered human.

And then you also used the Left's argument of deflection that let's not focus on (the politically inconvenient) plight of the unborn being slaughtered whilst there are children in poverty, etc (that can be used as a political weapon for the Left).

Are Democrats Really Evil
CLUNY. Read my post again. I was addressing AXE about his constant arguments justifying abortion.

Only the first part of my previous post was addressing you.

If you recall my previous posts I even supported your activism against abortion.

Are Democrats Really Evil
Cluny. 1950's JFK praised Socialist Left Nazism. 1930's Socialist Left NAZIs looked to DEMs for inspiration on race based policy, etc. In 1950's/60's it was DEMs who led opposition to civil rights acts.

AXE. Leftists lure people into destructive welfare dependency which ensures their supportive voting bloc.

In Aust the Left drive the high energy costs with their global warming alarmism, harming the poor, industry, jobs.

And don't forget you claim to be anti abortion, yet you consistently use the genocidal Left's arguments to justify it.

The Left dominate megaphones of society, deceiving the naive, and persecuting those who expose the Left's lies.

The heartless, deceitful Left = evil.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. The neo Marxist DEMs are not liberals. If you ever get a chance to break free from that Leftist echo chamber you rely upon you'll find liberals saying they do not identify with the Left with all it's bigotry and hate.

The status quo that Conservatives rightly supports includes Christianity, constitutional rights, pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, self respect, less government, etc, all of which the totalitarian neo Marxist Left seeks to remove as some kind of "necessary change".

Pharisees, KKK DEMs, NAZI's, Stalinists, etc all fit with the Left of today. Bigotry, hate, persecution, murder, racism, sexism, deceit, hypocrisy, etc is at the core of such authoritarian groups.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE and Co. Left does =evil.
Theyre liars, totalitarians, genocidal (as proven by their baby slaughter today, and Leftist leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc).

As for your verifiable facts, Ive seen such straw man tactics often from the Left where they twist the truth to fabricate their message of demonization.

As for Lev and abortion, your spiritual ears and eyes are closed (Matt 13:13-15) which is why you fail to see the physical parralel of the spiritual law (Rom 7:14) being played out through the physical Jews, who were an example to mankind, failing under the law.

Of note is your continued attempts to justify the Lefts genocidal baby slaughter.

Are Democrats Really Evil
CLUNY. White supremacism was a core principle within the DEMs during their KKK, slavery heydays.

Considering the Left's racism of lower expectations for brown skinned people these days, we see their white supremacism continues under a different guise.

But, of course, white supremacism is one of the usual deceitful slurs the hate mongering Left's Fake News media and politicians etc use to attack others.

Also, the Left's divisive identity politics encourages black supremacism as another political weapon to divide society.

So again we see it's the Left who cause the polarization of society.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE, SAMUEL. You guys are what KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov described as "brainwashed useful idiots" for the Marxist Left.

The Left are like the boy who cried wolf too often. The constant barrage of lies against Trump from the Left's Fake News and DEMs (which you guys always repeat) only ensures that your claims cannot be trusted.

You guys don't even recognize your own contradictions, such as AXE who professes to be anti abortion, yet he always uses the heartless Left's arguments that justify abortion.

The Left's rabid hate, bigotry, lies and abuse has become so bad since Trump came to power that the polarization of society, that we all recognize, can only be attributed to the Left.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. Your paranoia over Trump is commonly referred to as Trump derangement syndrome.

The Left have been rabid over Trump's win, and have doubled down on their usual hate, bigotry and abuse, etc. The increased polarization we now see in society is all due to the Left.

As for your paranoid claim of some supposed Trump tyranny, this only confirms your Trump derangement syndrome.

FYI, people (like myself) have (long before Trump) been concerned about the neo Marxist dominated so called "free press", and the neo Marxists dominance in universities, etc, brainwashing, and bullying anyone who dares to question the Marxists authoritarian rule in such institutions. Trump is merely voicing the peoples long held concerns.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. Your absurd denialism about the fact of todays Marxist Left only proves Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, right.

The accounts I hear here of the Marxist Left's dominance in media, universities, etc, abusing, persecuting and penalizing those who do not submit to neo Marxist political correctness, is same as seen in USA, U.K, Canada, etc.

BTW, journalism is one of the prime Marxist brainwashing degrees at universities, hence the Left's dominance of media. But we both know you won't let facts get in the way of your fantasies.

Your spiritual ignorance misusing scripture to justify the heartless Left's genocidal abortion, reflects poorly on you.
BTW, the OT Law is spiritual (Rom 7:14).

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. Freedom of the press is a deceitful argument when one side (that is the neo Marxist Left) dominate the press.

When the Left argue for freedom of the press the reality is it's just a big con to protect their own dominance over the press.

BTW, saying you don't support the slaughter of unborn babies, but then constantly pushing the same arguments that the baby murdering Left uses to justify slaughtering babies, only makes you look complicit in it.

Best you make up your mind one way or the other instead of sitting on the fence, or as God would say, being lukewarm.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. Leftist Christians misuse scripture to justify Left's political power lust.

Physical Israel are covenant breakers. Physical Israel are strangers from covenants of promise, and not children of God (Rom 9:8).

Christians welcome the lost (spiritual strangers, Eph 2:12,19) into household of God (which is not a physical country). This means preach gospel.

But we see in Ezekiel 14:7,8 any stranger who separates themselves from God will be cast out of Israel.
We see same in 1Cor 5 where the spiritually sexual immoral within the church, having an affair with their father's (the devil John 8:44) wife (Hagar, symbolic for self righteousness by works, Gal 4:21-25) are likewise cast out.

Are Democrats Really Evil
Axe. Again you resort to the Left's usual distortions to promote baby slaughter.
Again I say love does not kill unborn babies.

The Left's welfare lure creates the conditions where children starve, raped, into substance abuse, crime.

Giovanni Gentile, the father of Fascism, was (like Socialist Left Hitler) inspired by Marxism. Gentile rejected individualism, and instead promoted collectivism, thus Fascism is clearly LEFT.

Fascist Mussolini said All is in the state and nothing human exists or has value outside the state.
This is similar to 2012 DEMs Party convention slogan The government is the only thing we all belong to.

The link between DEMs Left and Fascist Left could not be clearer.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. You fail to understand what God means by words like "stranger".

See Ephesians 2:12,19. It refers to strangers from covenants of promise, the household of God. This is the stranger in Matt 25. It refers to preaching gospel to the lost. Likewise the hungry/thirsty are the lost who lack Christ our spiritual food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4).

Re the OT reference to strangers in Leviticus, note also Lev 20:13 & 10:13,17 & 20:2 & 22:18, 25:45 & Ezekiel 14:7,8 which all imposes codes of conduct upon strangers, which contradicts the Left's divisive diversity agenda which encourages anti Christ Muslims etc to grow their racist, supremacist cult.

BTW, Christ commanded love, and love does not kill the unborn.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. NAZI's and Mussolini's Fascism were National Socialists, thus Collectivist ideologies and Left wing.

Totalitarianism is of the Left. The Conservative Right is about less government.

Whether in USA with its constitutional protections (which totalitarian Left seeks to undermine), or in Australia (where neo Marxists likewise use the free press argument to defend their media control), an unbalanced media where the oppressive Left far outweighs Conservative Right voices, is nothing more than thought control.

The totalitarian Left's oppressive PC tyranny through its dominance over media, Hollywood, universities, etc, and it's terrorist groups and hate and bigotry, is solely responsible for fomenting discord.

Are Democrats Really Evil
AXE. To answer your question, it's clearly the neo Marxist Left who foment discord.

Their divisive identity politics, their terrorist groups BLM and ANTIFA, and the fact they dominate the megaphones of society (Hollywood, universities, media, politics, Facebook, Google, etc) deceiving the gullible, and demonizing and persecuting those who oppose the Left's destructive agendas and lies, there can be no doubt it's the heartless Left who foment discord.

The tyrannical rulers of Iran likewise argue that those challenging fundamentalist Islamic rule in Iran are fomenting discord, simply because their own dominance is being challenged.

Tyrannical Lefties just don't like it when their dominance is being challenged.

Are Democrats Really Evil
Asking if Democrats are evil is like asking if Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, are evil.

What they have in common is they are all of the totalitaritarian Left, and renowned for their genocide and hate.

AXE. Trump is correct that media is the peoples enemy. When media is dominated by neo Marxists pushing the hate mongering Lefts lies, then there is no doubt they are the peoples enemy. The old Free Press argument is merely a con Leftists use to maintain their dominance.

Likewise in Australia the deceitful Left dominate our media. Even our tax payer funded ABC media disregards its charter obligations on impartiality and BALANCE. Sadly the corrupt Left hold so much power that their fraudulent misuse of the ABC continues.

Trump Kim Prayer
NICOLE. True, ridicule is one of the foremost methods of argument Lefties rely upon.

Lefties clearly dislike Facts and rational debate, and when confronted with such, they resort to ridicule, obfuscation, deflection, etc, to avoid it.

Trump Kim Prayer
NICOLE. Lefties are so brainwashed by hate mongering Marxist Left that hate rules them, not reason.

The Left dominate megaphones of society (Hollywood, universities, media, politics, Google, etc), and yet CN's Lefties conveniently fail to see how such control over public debate manipulates them.

The Left's oppressive PC tyranny has persecuted Conservatives for decades, deceitfully abusing them as somehow racists, bigots, phobic, without any foundation, whilst Leftists sell themselves as somehow virtuous..LOL. And when the likes of a Trump arises the Left double down on their hate, lies.

Lefties are narcissists, virtue signalling for whatever cause their Leftist masters command. Their feelings trumps reality.

Trump Kim Prayer
AXE, NURSE, KATHR. Only authoritarian Islamists match the hate, bitterness of the authoritarian Left that you support.

Lefties get upset and double down on their hateful abuse when Conservatives finally stand up against them, exposing their lies with facts.

Axe, Nurse, and especially Kathr, are hateful & bitter due to being so controlled by the hate mongering Lefts propaganda lies.

Funny how Lefties deleted their tweets over news photo of caged child illegals sleeping on floor, separated from their supposed parents, after it was revealed it was from during BOs rule.

Children are often used by illegals to pose as family when theyre not.

The Lefts selective outrage only exposes their hypocrisy and deceit.

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