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Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Leftists here like AXE, KATHR, SAMUEL, etc, are so brainwashed by Marxist Left (as Communist defectors, Yuri Bezmanov, David Horowitz, described) that they go to extremes of mental gymnastics, deflection, or just refusing to justify their claims (hi there AXE) just to remain comfortable with their decision to support the evil side of politics.

History is repeating itself, and the totalitarian evils of the past, such as the Left (Stalinism, Nazism, Maoism, etc) and Islam are once again on the ascendency deceiving the gullible to create their totalitarian utopia.

But now technology has made the world much smaller & far more vulnerable, creating the scenario that allows for the great tribulation as Jesus described in Matt 24.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
AXE. As usual you deflect to avoid answering.

Your false gospel claimed that salvation is determined by works, regardless of whether ANTICHRIST views are maintained.

You've constantly ducked & weaved trying to avoid justifying your false gospel.

Since you can't justify your false gospel then I suggest you renounce it.

And like I said, you support the Left's evil when you vote for them, even defending them here. You even dehumanized the unborn just as your Leftist leaders do.

The hate mongering Left is renowned for its heartless genocide, racism, sexism, etc, through it's deliberately divisive identity politics. This is the evil you support as a Leftist.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
AXE. You vote Left, defending them when they're rightfully criticized here, thus you SUPPORT their evil.

The Left boast of their "compassion" (a Christian value), yet their heartless genocide, etc proves they're liars.

You boast of Christian values in defending heartless Left, with Matt 25. But you lack understanding of Matt 25, as seen by your works doctrine which you claim saves those with ANTICHRIST views.
The sooner you renounce your claims of salvation by works regardless of ANTICHRIST views, the better.

I've already shown how hate, racism, sexism, that we see fracturing Western nations is clearly from Left's oppressive PC tyranny, as they're authors of divisive identity politics.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
AXE. People like you & Obama profess Christianity, yet the evil you both support, and your false gospel suggests you both "treat the things Jesus explicitly taught with contempt".

Leftists like you & Obama, boast of your Christian values, then you'll be judged by YOUR BOASTS.

Trump's Christmas speech referred to Jesus as Lord, savior, symbol of God's love.

Obama, however, shows his lack of Christian values when he furthered the hate mongering Left's divisive identity politics, abortion, endorsing ANTICHRIST Islam.

Matt 25, I've explained thoroughly.
But YOUR false gospel that those with ANTICHRIST views are saved based on works, shows us here where you really stand.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
AXE. What makes you think a church goer is a Christian?
Jesus himself even rejected those who said " Lord, Lord, did we not do..."

Obama used to be a regular church goer, but I have no doubts Obama has no idea what are the 2 commands of Jesus, or what the will of God is.

I'm not a church goer, yet I understand Bible far better than you and Obama.

And considering your false doctrine that good deeds in helping the physically needy is how salvation is determined, even when holding ANTI CHRIST views, has got me wondering where you really stand.

The fact you refuse to answer for your false gospel, whilst you denounce Trump's claim as a Christian, suggests a log of hypocrisy is firmly wedged in your eye.

Is Senator Warren A Native
BULLIES are CRAZY.--kathr

True. And the biggest bullies are the totalitarian Left and their totalitarian Islamofascist allies.

The record of genocide from the totalitarian Left and Islam is unrivaled by any other ideology.

Feminist Bake Cakes
AXE. Yet again you deflect. But I'll explain again in the hope you'll stop your charade.

Your earlier post discussed abortion. You asked me to explain what's your guilt. So why bother telling me to keep on the cake topic when you yourself speak on abortion? Another example of your deflection.

And again, I know you claim to oppose abortion, BUT, you always defend the Left about their abortion platform. You even dehumanize the unborn in doing so. The issue Nicole and I were discussing is how you and Nurse always try to deflect debate away from the Left's guilt in this.

Even re wedding cakes, you always defend the oppressive totalitarian Left's persecution of Christians who refuse to submit to the Left's LGBT PC dictates.

We Need A Church
NURSE. Below are 2 of quotes of you + Cluny (also AXE, but lack the time to search through his posts).

You said:
James 2:16 makes it very clear the scripture here is talking about physical needs

Cluny said:
Matthew and James is talking about PHYSICAL needs

Faith in action goes far beyond physical good deeds to the physically needy, that even anti Christ Muslims, etc, do.
Faith in action is PRIMARILY seen as preaching the gospel to the SPIRITUALLY hungry (the lost) who lack JC our spiritual food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4), and spiritually naked (lost) who lack the garments of salvation (Isa 61:10).

Scripture is a SPIRITUAL (Matt 13:13, 1Cor 2:14), to SPIRITUAL people/Christians (on solid food).

Finish Here 2nd December 2017
CLUNY. Settle down.
The Lefty mates I referred to were NURSE and AXE, as they're the 2 I've been confronting about THEIR Leftism.

And considering your delusional allegations at the start of this blog topic, it seemed to me that you were lashing out in irrational anger due to my debates with your mates Nurse and AXE, who are Leftists.

I never implied that you supported the Left, or it's abortion platform, etc.

BTW, good on you for your stance against abortion. Keeping you in prayer for your legal case.

Feminist Bake Cakes
AXE. You, like NURSE, always deflect, obfuscate to defend YOUR Leftism from guilt over abortion, LGBT Fascism, PC thought/speech policing, etc. Whatever the stance of your corrupt Leftist masters, you come to their defense, dehumanizing the unborn, justifying the persecution of Christian bakers, etc.

The TOTALITARIAN Left's oppressive PC tyranny has been growing increasingly worse over past years, BUT, you remain conveniently silent, except to express some delusional fear the West might fall back into the theocracy of Europe's past RC history....LOL.

Our abortion topic has been about the Left's guilt in this, but you and Nurse try anything to deflect attention from this rightful condemnation of YOUR side of politics.

We Need A Church
NURSE. Abraham believed, obeyed. Christians likewise (Rom 4:2-5).

God's command?
It's God's will, John 6:40.
It's the works we're to do, John 6:29.
Unbelief in JC is the sin world is convicted of (John 16:9).

Consider above scriptures. Note BELIEVING ON JC is primary.
JC is SPIRITUAL food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4)
Through JC our former spiritual nakedness is covered by garments of salvation (Isa 61:10).

Why focus only on physical deeds (that even ANTICHRIST Muslims, etc do), when feeding & clothing the SPIRITUALLY needy (lost) fits God's PRIMARY command?

Christians not only help physically needy (as antiChrist Muslims, etc do), but we PRIMARILY help SPIRITUALLY needy.

We Need A Church
CLUNY. There is no physical context to those scriptures as you hope for. God's word is spiritual, for His spiritual people.
Jesus said as much in Matt 13:13, confirmed in 1Cor 2:12-14 .

If it was physical, then you get false doctrines like the gospel of AXE where physical deeds done for the needy are the basis of one's salvation, even if the doer of these good deeds are like the Muslims who reject that Jesus is the Christ who died for our sin.

Atheists, Muslims, Hindu's, etc also do good deeds for the physically needy, but ultimately they are lost unless they convert and become Christians. Thus its clear physical good deeds are not the determining factor.

Feminist Bake Cakes
NICOLE. Lefties NURSE & AXE will do anything to justify their decision to be Leftists.
The Left are always underhanded when pushing their politics, hence NURSE always deflects, obfuscates to avoid dealing with the Left's baby slaughter platform.

Note how NURSE deflects by repeatedly trying to redirect debate towards what an individual has done, whilst he and AXE cover for their Leftist masters behind easier abortions.

The topic remains that it's the Left who are responsible for high rates of abortion.
Any effective solutions against abortion would include a united Christian vote that would damage the genocidal Left.

NURSE and AXE don't want a united Christian vote against their baby slaughtering Left.

Finish Here 2nd December 2017
CLUNY. Your defense of your Lefty mates here who support the Left in spite of its baby slaughter platform, domestic terrorism, lies, hate, bigotry, racism, etc, only reflects poorly on you.

Feminist Bake Cakes
SAMUEL. Your comming across as quite the racist with your obsession for the racist Lefts deceitful PC talking points.

Please step out of that Leftist bubble, and stop supporting the Left with its racism, hate, genocide, sexism, deviancy and lies, etc. Christians should not support such evil.

We all know no political leader, not even Trump, can offer perfect government, but the corrupt Left/DEMs are obviously far worse than Trump.

NICOLE. Youll find that NURSE will never answer your question without trying to deflect attention away from the Lefts culpability in the genocide of babies.
NURSEs priority is to always deflect attention away from the evils of his side of politics, especially on issues like baby slaughter.

We Need A Church
NURSE. Very good, relevant scripture references you gave.

What do you think of the gospel of AXE, where he claimed that good deeds to the physically needy determines ones salvation, even if the doer of such works denied that Jesus is the Christ who died for sin?

As for James 2:14-26, in the example of feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, do you see this as physical deeds (which, BTW, even Atheists and Muslims, etc , do), or do you see it in spiritual terms (as scripture tells us to, Matt 13:13, 1Cor 2:14), as preaching the gospel to the lost who are the spiritually hungry (lacking Christ our spiritual food, 1Cor 10:3), and spiritually naked lacking the garments of salvation (Isa 61:10)?

Feminist Bake Cakes
NURSE. Yet again you resort to deflection, obfuscation to avoid confronting the baby slaughter from YOUR side of politics.

I saw through your question weeks ago that you were trying to deflect debate.

We here on the Right speak in terms of effective solutions to end abortion, but you instead try to deflect attention away from the genocidal Lefts guilt, by pointing elsewhere.

Your emotional attachment to the Left has grossly distorted your priorities and love, as a supposed Christian.

Feminist Bake Cakes
SAMUEL. The Right don't treat LGBT badly as you falsely allege. Considering Trumps position on LGBT, you should rescind your claim.

Your support for baby killing Left is what gives them confidence to push even further for it.

And considering how the Left hates Christianity, that too indicates how much control they have over you.

AXE. You and NURSE are Leftists, which explains your dishonest defense of his constant deflection and obfuscation in avoiding answering my questions.

I have answered his questions multiple times, whilst you're just being being underhanded in defending his underhanded replies.

BTW, considering how often you avoid answering my questions, it's amusing to see your post.

Feminist Bake Cakes
AXE. If you get out of the Leftist echo chamber then you'll see the many witnesses revealing their experiences with the Fascist thought policing/censorship from the Leftist dominated Goulag and Facebook, etc.

"Computing Forever" on YouTube is one of the many sources that speak out against Goulag's and Fascistbook's censorship, etc.

MONK. Your anger has blinded you. You now even claim that my criticisms of the Left who have deceived you, are somehow criticisms against you.
I suggest you settle down, and perhaps even avoid these debates if you're that easily angered and confused.

Finish Here December 2017
AXE. Considering Jesus spoke in parables so the physical man would not understand (Matt 13:13), why would you then conclude that a physical message is the primary overriding message?

Considering 1Cor 2:14 confirms what Jesus said in Matt 13:13, telling us scripture is spiritually discerned, and that natural man will not understand it, why then reject these clear directions from God?

God is Spiritual and so are Christians. Paul spoke to Christians as spiritual, unless they were babes in Christ unable to take solid spiritual food (1Cor 3:1).

I suggest you move on from false doctrines and/or milk. Start instead to feed on God's spiritual message (solid food) to His spiritual people, the Christians.

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