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Shaming The Men
AXE. Yet more deflection. You constantly push Marxist Left narrative, but then when confronted about the harm Leftists cause you then run for cover with deflections, etc.

You STILL take Rev 12:10 out of context. Satan is the accuser under the law, and he wants us all to judge righteousness by deeds of law.
But as I do not judge your righteousness by deeds of law, then how do you equate this non judgmental stance as somehow accusing you of being unrighteous based on deeds of the law?

Either you're clueless about the gospel, or else you're just up to your usual old straw man arguments.

Stop your dishonest victim narrative, and straw man arguments, etc. You're only digging yourself into an ever deeper hole if you continue.

Shaming The Men
AXE. As I said before, I see right through your dishonest tactics, hence there'll be no trade off as you hope for. I'll continue making relevant arguments and wont trade them off for your offer to stop your dishonest accusations.

Marxism will ALWAYS be a relevant point in many debates about societal issues simply because the Marxist Left have caused so much division and damage to society.

Also the likes of KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov, and academic and former Marxist David Horowitz, will remain relevant due to their many warnings about Marxism.

BTW, yet again you use scripture out of context. Satan is the accuser (Rev 12:10), and the context of this is in regards to judging righteousness by deeds of the law.

Caliber Of Church Leaders
Matt 23:8 But you, do not be called Rabbi, for One is your Teacher, the Christ, and you are ALL BRETHREN.

JC is the only leadership of Christians, and he is without doubt holy, providing sound doctrine.

As for Christians in the body of Christ, we're all brethren.

Shaming The Men
AXE. Please...stop with your inane victim narrative. That's so Left, and dishonest, considering your tactics here.

Marxism is extremely relevant to the problems societies face today, and no amount of denial, deflections and obfuscation from you can change that.

The attack against family, and men, has long been a Marxist goal, as listed in the 1958 book by an FBI agent titled "The Naked Communist".

But of course we all know that you'll just persist with your tactics of deflection, and pleading victimhood, etc.

Some things never change.
Yuri Bezmanov was so right about the Left's brainwashing.

Shaming The Men
As I said in another blog, the FBI listed what they found of the goals of the Communists in a 1958 book titled "The Naked Communist".

This would explain why the rabid Leftist FeminNazi's, etc demonize men (except of course if they're misogynistic Muslims), and belittle stay at home mums.

Their goals also included the capture of one or both political parties in US. The Marxists have clearly captured DEMs, and probably some of REPs too. Likewise in Australia, Marxists dominate most political parties here.

Another goal was to infiltrate and control news media, radio, Hollywood. Hence the Fake News CNN, NYT, WP, BBC, etc that we see today.

My Second Amendment
AXE.Yet again you prove Yuri Bezmanov right with your absurd reference to BLM (itself a terrorist organisation for the Marxist Left and racist blacks), thinking that somehow that might discredit the NRA. The NRA are virtuous in comparison to the terrorist BLM, as Nicole proved.

Maybe you're even ok with other terrorist groups for the Marxist Left like ANTIFA and the far Left hate group SPLC.

I suggest you read the book "The Black Book of American Left" by former Marxist, the academic David Horowitz.
He can tell you of his history as a far Left activist and how his experience behind the scenes witnessing the Left's culture of lies, hate and terrorism, etc finally drove him to reject it.

My Second Amendment
NICOLE. this blog is ending and we saw Leftists attacking 2nd Amendment just as you raised in topic.

In spite of numerous studies (as I listed in posts below) which disprove Lefts lies against guns, we see Leftists obediently pushing the deceitful propaganda of their Leftist masters.

And note how Leftists here had no interest in the foremost issue of the failure of incompetent US authorities to protect society from KNOWN dangers.

For Leftists the only thing that matters is how to further Left's aims and political gain.

The 1958 book "The Naked Communist" revealed one of the goals of Marxists is to discredit the Constitution. The Left here have proven how this Marxist goal is their priority.

My Second Amendment
AXE. I see you're desperate to take debate down the Marxist rabbit warren of discrediting Constitution. No doubt you think its best way to avoid the politically inconvenient, but main issue of the incompetency of authorities to protect society from KNOWN dangers.

I've read some of Constitution, and read 2nd Amendment.
And for the 4th time I say the Supreme court disagrees with your Marxist distortion of 2nd Amendment.
I've also heard lawyers like Ben Shapiro disagree with you.

Having seen how you even take scripture so readily out of context, and also how Marxist Left shapes your perspective, you really lack credibility.

I know the name Yuri Bezmanov triggers you, but the fact remains he was right. You're proof.

My Second Amendment
NICOLE. CDC's Research showed defensive use of guns is common, saving lives, preventing rapes, etc.
Thus we see that already ordinary citizens are using guns to protect themselves & loved ones. Surely trained teachers are just as capable.

And considering how the incompetent and cowardly police, and FBI, etc failed in their duty to protect those school children from a KNOWN threat, then thats all the more reason teachers should have guns.

Sheriff David Clarke also advocates for citizens to defend themselves with guns until police arrive.

Leftists following the Marxist goal to discredit the Constitution will of course argue otherwise, in spite of the many studies contradicting their lies.

My Second Amendment
NICOLE. We see from Leftists the reason why 2nd Amendment is attacked is its long been Marxist goal to discredit Constitution, as seen in 1958 FBI book "The Naked Communist".

Some other Marxist goals FBI found are:
Infiltrate, control news media, Hollywood, education.
Capture one or both political parties.
Present LGBT, deviancy, etc as normal, healthy.
Use courts to weaken institutions.
Infiltrate, gain control of big business.
Discredit family as institution. Encourage promiscuity, easy divorce.

Dr Ben Carson said it's amazing how fast Marxists have achieved these goals.

AXE. Yet again you deflect from solutions so you can push Marxist goal to discredit Constitution.

My Second Amendment
AXE. I'm not surprised you again deflect from the real issue of the incompetence of US authorities in protecting society from KNOWN dangers.

This reminds of the Boston bombers and how authorities had been warned beforehand by Russia about these Muslim terrorists, but it was ignored.

Protecting society from KNOWN dangers is the priority AXE.

I heard a well known black Sheriff in USA (can't remember his name) advocating for citizens to be armed as a first line of defense from attackers until police arrive.

As for 2nd Amendment, like I said to you before, the Supreme court disagrees with you, and don't forget it's you who are following the Marxist Left's goal to discredit the Constitution.

My Second Amendment
NICOLE. USA, in spite of it's many guns, is only in 111th place for homicide worldwide.
But most homicidal cities in USA are those with strict guns laws, run by DEM's.
If these DEMs homicidal cities were removed from that world comparison, then USA would rate much lower on the world homicide list.

The Left are renowned for creating dysfunctional societies with easy drugs, unvetted immigrants bringing crime, violence, murders, rape, drugs, etc, and in San Fran there's now even human excrement maps available, it's that bad.

Same in Australia. City of Melbourne is dominated by the Left, thus it has most Leftist activists, Muslim terrorism, racist African refugee thugs bashing, robbing people even while they're asleep in bed.

My Second Amendment
AXE. Just like Marxists, you discredit Constitution attacking 2nd Amendment, ignoring it's context and that Supreme court disagrees with you.

FYI, a study by Uni of Liege, Belgium, on link between possession of guns and rate of homicides by gun, examined data from 52 nations with moderate political regimes. They found socio-economic issues play much larger role in gun homicide rates than access or gun laws.

Their findings showed New Zealand (with relaxed gun laws) was found to rank 19th in terms of highest gun ownership and ninth lowest in terms of gun homicide rates.

Instead of deflecting like Leftists do, admit the fact that incompetent US authorities failed in their duty to protect society from a KNOWN danger from Cruz.

My Second Amendment
AXE. Your trademark Leftist routine of deflection, obfuscation, false claims is an annoyance, dishonest, inflammatory, where I offer facts, direct critiques that youre triggered by. I see through your tactics AXE.

You avoid the fact a Marxist goal has long been to discredit the Constitution, which you also do now.

You avoid the fact head of Australias NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research, as well as researchers for British journal of Criminology, also a study at Flinders university, etc, all agree our 1996 gun laws did nothing.

You avoid the fact our neighbor, New Zealand, has same rates of gun violence as Australia in spite of not adopting Australias strict gun laws.

Clearly your aim is pushing Lefts agenda

My Second Amendment
AXE. It's remarkable how you support the Left's agenda on so many issues. Russian KGB Communist defector, Yuri Bezmanov, was so right about the success of the Communists brainwashing.

And now you attack 2nd Amendment in your deflection from the real problem of the systemic failure of authorities to protect society from KNOWN dangers.

BTW, one of the Left's goals listed in 1958 FBI book "The Naked Communist", is consistent with the arguments of Lefties like you.
This goal is:
Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with modern needs

And here we see you doing just that, pushing the Marxist Left's agenda to discredit the Constitution's 2nd Amendment.

My Second Amendment
Really got to wonder why CN failed to post my last 2 posts to Axe.

AXE. Read my post to Samuel again to see why you're incorrect about 1996 congressional ban. We see similar in Australia with corrupt Lefties abusing their positions to use organizations to force Left's agenda onto society.

The Supreme court also disagrees with your Leftist argument about 2nd Amendment.

Note how Lefties always deflect from solutions to problems if those solutions are unhelpful for the Left's agendas and political advantage. This gun debate is just such a case.

The obvious issue that the Left deflect from is the systemic failure of clearly incompetent authorities to protect society from KNOWN dangers, such as Cruz the school shooter.

My Second Amendment
SAMUEL. That 1996 congressional ban was understandable considering the anti gun bias of the likes of CDC's Mark Rosenberg, who oversaw gun research.

But when BO was president, one of his many executive orders was to lift that ban. BO funded a gun study through CDC. CDC concluded that armed citizens are less likely to be injured by an attacker, AND that defensive uses by gun are common, etc.

Of course the Left's Fake News media were disappointed with CDC's findings in 2013, and thus said little to nothing about it.

The 2nd Amendment is clearly one of the aims of the Left, just as abortion on demand, LGBTQI and Islamic agendas, etc, were. Remember the story of the frog being brought to a slow boil in pot.

My Second Amendment
The deceitful Left deflect from real solutions, focusing instead on gun control.

That firearm didnt walk itself into school. An individual with mental health issues, and known by authorities like Broward Sheriff's office, FBI, mental health staff, etc, for being a threat to public safety, was allowed to remain unchecked.

The authorities that are meant to act on the many warnings they received about this dangerous young man, failed badly, through their dereliction of duty, to protect that school. That is even more reason to have guns when such incompetent authorities are given the job to protect society.

Remember that about 80 times more people are saved by defensive use of guns, than are murdered by guns.

My Second Amendment
AXE. You should avoid Left's Fake News media, etc.

Australia's gun laws made no difference, as stated by Don Weatherburn, head of New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. Also confirmed by other researchers too.

Don't forget the facts about the states with strict gun laws having the higher murder rates compared to states without strict gun laws.

Also don't forget the huge numbers of lives saved by defensive use of guns.

When will you acknowledge the fact the Left are renowned for creating dysfunctional societies with high rates of homicide, violence?

And when will you acknowledge the Left deflect, lie and obfuscate on issues such as this school shooting merely for their political gain.

My Second Amendment
AXE. The fable of frogs slow boil in pot describes Left's tactics.

Initially abortion legal in special circumstances, to gradually becoming abortion on demand.

Initially decriminalizing LGBT, to gradually becoming marriage equality with penalties for Christians, etc who refuse to submit. It's even led to LGBTQI agenda forced into schools with no rights for parents.

Initially it was Muslim immigration brings diversity, to now Muslim voting blocks for the Left, as well as terrorism, Sharia no go zones, blasphemy laws, 15 years jail for throwing bacon into Mosque, rapes.

Same with Left's ignorant attack of guns.

They deceitfully, abusively demand "small" concessions, but we know where it really leads.

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